"Caged" FxF (Romance, Villain, Action, Fantasy)


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Romance, Slice of Life, Horror, Modern, Lesbian-Anything, Murder, and a bit more if they're good plots

I'm looking for a different twist in my roleplays. I'm looking to be the villain of the story.
I normally play the tough characters that end up being the protector and the sweet or nervous characters that are sometimes helpless. I'm looking to be the villain, the evil one, the ruthless character for once and still let them be happy (in their evil ways). The idea is that our characters end up loving each other even if yours is the good one if you don't want to play an evil character. My character will only have a soft spot for whoever and whatever your character is.

I'm also willing to try using chapters. I've never done that before but I saw that somewhere on the site and would like to try it if someone's interested.

Title: Caged

Genre: Romance, Action, Fantasy (implementing magic/witchcraft/demons, etc) (This is not a superhero RP)

Time: Modern (maybe some futuristic elements depends)

Bare Synopsis: A young woman loses the love of her life when she's killed just days after an illegal marriage ceremony between them. She then takes a deal to become immortal along with her lover's life back in exchange for allowing The Grim Reaper to use her embodiment as a host in the Earth Realm. Unfortunately, Grim didn't hold up their end of the deal and now, she's lived many eras taking souls to feed an insatiable hunger within.

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Rinata "Rin" Vargas, Age Unknown/Aslakar "The Grim Reaper", Age Unknown
Soul Collector, Psychologist

(Note: Rin can speak to Aslakar out loud and Aslakar can be spoken to by others)

Feel free to shoot a message with questions or ideas you might have ^_^
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