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Based on or borrowing elements from an existing book/book series.
  1. Blackfyre

    plots & cravings [asoiaf m/f]

    Craving: a Song of Ice and Fire Pairings: M/F Looking for: M Willing to play: F Plots: •the Dragon and the Doe• Imagine a Targaryen Prince, living his whole life in exile as a beggar or as a pitiful as a commoner, hunted by the new King's men and considered as false by half the Kingdom...
  2. Pahn

    A Season for Snakes (IC)

    Discord | | OOC Table of Contents: The Queen's Invitation History & Lore Houses & Regions Laws of the Realm & Characters The White Book & Current Events A Song of Ice and Fire divergence roleplay, GMed by @Jorick and @Pahn
  3. Blackfyre

    a Song of Ice and Fire [F seeking M, mainly]

    ello everyone! I am back from the dead and once again I am looking for a Song of Ice and Fire role plays. Despite the fact that the books are my main interest, I will still accept a few Game of Thrones (show based) RPs. So, here are my 'rules' and 'requirements' I'd like my RP partner to be...
  4. Stray Cat

    sᴇᴇᴋɪɴɢ ʟᴏɴɢ ᴛᴇʀᴍ ᴘᴀʀᴛɴᴇʀ [ ͏ғᴀɴᴅᴏᴍs ɪɴsɪᴅᴇ ]

    roleplay request: 09.13.17 memo: I have returned after a long and unforeseen hiatus, long story short some real-life issues emerged [ one in particular being of the health variety, that had me back and forth at the doctor ] thus keeping me away from the roleplay world. So, I apologise to...
  5. ~Dark Disney~

    Prophecy of the Dark Ones

    A swirling green mist seemed to leak around the attic of the big house. One of the satyrs sat there watching it seep from under the attic door. A female voice spoke slowly. "A group shall go south to find the turned God, Two shall come from darkness, 1 from the God of wars partner...
  6. JavaGypsy

    Shiny New Interest Check - Fandoms and Originals my over-caffeinated interest check where everything is delightfully garish and pink.Greetings fellow roleplayer! I've got 15+ years of experience. I am over the age of majority and require that my partners be as well. I anticipate pretty much all stories will contain those things which...
  7. Pahn

    A Season for Snakes (OOC)

    Discord | | IC Table of Contents: The Queen's Invitation History & Lore Houses & Regions Laws of the Realm & Characters The White Book & Current Events A Song of Ice and Fire divergence roleplay, GMed by @Jorick and @Pahn
  8. C

    The tyrants blade

    in the future, a nuclear holocaust is averted by a computer named ARDNEH (Automatic Restoration Director – National Executive Headquarters), part of a former American nuclear response system, initiated a physical change to the structure of the world. Unintentionally combined with a similar...
  9. Wing

    I'm going to show you something beautiful {Roleplay with me?}

    I go by Wing around here. Please PM me. Don't post on the thread. (It keeps it neater and I'm more likely to see it) I am always open and willing to take on a good roleplay. When it comes to originals I never post pairings. If you want to send me your list of pairings through a PM that is...
  10. Vixenn

    Roleplay Ideas

    Hello! I'm here to share a few plot ideas for yuri Roleplay! Or it can even be MxF I want to play the female of course but I could be flexible! Here are some ideas below: 1.Is my pet really a pet? You have just bought yourself a new cat/dog/fox and have brought it home. At first you thought...
  11. Resoan

    Looking for Fandoms

    Hi there! I'm looking for RPs set exclusively in fandom universes, but before we get to them, here are some details for you to see if we'd mesh as partners. I only RP over e-mail. I don't mind chatting OOC or plotting over IMs, though; initial contact must be over email. I won't respond to...
  12. V

    Back to Searching

    Hey there, first of all and thank you for clicking on this. Now that I've found myself with more time, I'm trying to occupy myself with as much writing as possible. I have a few ideas but I'm open to any other suggestions. But first...let me tell you a little about myself and my preferences: 1)...
  13. Nanashi

    Halo: Kingdom Fall

    February 15, 2554 a newly formed Insurrectionist group bombed the URNA in New York and many several other military, and government installations in search of intelligence. What they found was more than they could hope for: secret projects, armory locations, information vital to the UNSC's...
  14. Astaroth

    LUMOS SOLEM: Plotting and Additional Content [PAHNSTAR]

    A Harry/Luna/Draco Potterverse RP by Astaroth and Pahn IC This thread is a plotting/fansqueeing/additional content hub for a private roleplay between @Astaroth and @Pahn. Please don't post here! AU mid-DH, starting in Malfoy Manor. Harry ends up separated from Ron and Hermione, with Draco and...
  15. Nanashi

    Halo: Kingdom Fall

    February 15, 2558 and unnamed Insurrectionist group bombed the New York, URNA in an attempted to eliminate all personnel within the facility. This resulted in mass civilian casualties; half the security and staff killed in action, and the kidnapping and murder of former UNSC Army Major Hayden R...
  16. Book Hoarding Dragon

    Warning: Dragon Searching For a New FxF Hoard...

    The normal and obligatory *ABOUT ME* blurb... *I work full-time and have a very adorable Siamese cat *Because I live in the stone-age, in the country, down a gravel road ... I do not have internet or cable c: (Therefore, I will be strictly mobile at times so my replies wouldn't be as frequent...
  17. PatchStitch

    Looking for a rp buddy :3

    Hi there everyone I am currently looking for a rp buddy. I am very easy going and nice to be around. I am a student and currently looking for a job as well making plushies on the side. When it comes to rping because its fun and able to be creative with others. If you are still interested after...
  18. Waffur

    Waffur's 1x1 Search

    I'm Alive! Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet Also I have no idea how to post gifs After a rather long hiatus i've returned and I've decided to revive my roleplay search. Now On To The Fun Things
  19. Violet

    Hogwarts New Era

    Hogwarts: New Era OOC IC Character Index HOGWARTS SCHOOL of WITCHCRAFT and WIZARDRY Headmistress: Minerva McGonagall Dear Mr/Ms. [Surname], We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all...
  20. Bees

    Open for Business

    Yo. I'm new as you may be able to tell. Not new to writing and roleplaying though. Because this is the case I have no ideas off the top of my head but would be more than willing to hear others/bounce them off one another. I very much like to write and if this interests you please let me know...