OPEN SIGNUPS [OPEN] Slipped Through the Cracks: Genshin Inspired Isekai RP


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Teaser ─────────────

Entering the Paideia was an arduous process, not only for its exclusivity—the school allowed none but the staff and students upon its grounds—but also for its journey.

Built upon the cradle of the World Tree, the Paideia, the college you were admitted to, resided, not with rolling hills of sand, but with the celestial bodies itself. It made its home in the zenith and, in stature, had no match outside of the mountains where God had slumbered.

Every single student that attended was expected to trek their way up. That meant you had to trek your way up, whether through pure effort alone or through cleverer methods.

Ascending through those woven branches was impossible without letting your mind wonder. Questions wandered along your mind, of your future there, of the friends you might make, but the most pertinent of them all was this:

Why had you been accepted?

You weren’t necessarily without wit or talent. You were adequate, perhaps above the everyman, even. The Paideia, however, demanded more. Usually demanded more. That your admission was without a hitch, when even those of higher status and means could not bypass its barriers, made you suspect.

What if an invisible hand had puppeteered your entrance? Pulled at the strings of the world to accommodate your existence. Ensured that you were present, as if you had to be. What of yourself? Are you, too, a puppet in its play?

Or is this merely the exhaustion thinking for you?

The latter would certainly make sense. All that had come before? Merely speculation, your insecurities coming into play. It would make no sense for the world to yield, you think to yourself. No sense, whatsoever.

And yet, relief doesn’t arrive. Not even after entering Paideia. All you can feel, be allowed to understand, is that you had to be here.

───────────── Premise
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Salutations, oh strange yet respectable traveler!

I've been missing this roleplay bad ever since Sumeru came out, so I thought, why not reboot it?

Welcome to Slipped Through The Cracks! Here, you will play as someone isekai’d into a romance visual novel! The catch? They don’t know it. Yet. Life in Theosmati, as far as they knew, was the only one they've ever had.

That all changes at the Paideia. Memories slowly unearth itself, permitting peeks into a different life, and with it, the truth of the world they once thought to be their only one.

Only the most talented (or most affluent) are allowed within the halls of the college. Fortunately, your character doesn't particularly need either. After all, they're inhabiting a role in the novel; it might be that you're the brooding love interest or the villainess set on bullying the protagonist away from her fiancé.

While there, your character is expected to undertake higher education and to form a contract with an element. This contract of theirs will come into play soon, with sections of the roleplay dedicated to surviving attacks from strange creatures and to solving the problems that come with it. Aside from that, there'll be snippets of classes and full-time school festivals, but most of the roleplay will be focused on what happens out of class.

To allow for more frequent interactions between the whole cast, the whole group will be included into the college's archaeology club. The why can be left up to you! They might have a genuine interest in the subject, been forced into it by their guardian or friend, or thought the club would have been low-key enough that they could slack off. (But, if it doesn't make any sense why they'd join the archaeology club, you can also leave it to me, because I've got a little surprise planned!)

I plan for this roleplay to be more character-centric, with bits of plot to move things along. And while this will generally be light-hearted, I'd like it if there were moments of seriousness and contemplation interspersed in between. For transparency, I'm also a little on the slower side when it comes to writing, so watch out! 😠 (Jokes aside, I really am a slow writer, so please take that information into account in deciding whether you'll put your bid in on this roleplay.)

I heavily took inspiration from everything I’m addicted to—isekai villainesses, Genshin, school role-plays—so you’re likely to see a few things that are familiar, and some that are practically ripped off of the media itself. 😅 (Also, to those that saw my first run of this before Sumeru, I totally predicted it !! >:3 School in tree !!) Credits to @Risotoo , as well, whose roleplay, Demetia, inspired this; and bigger thank yous for giving me permission to be inspired!

Expect monster attacks, classic anime-high-school shenanigans, existential crises over their sense of selves, a setting shift from schoolgrounds to the whole continent itself, and reality being rent before their eyes!

If all of that sounds like a ride you’d like to go on, get your tickets and sign on in! Maybe even ask away!

Rules ─────────────

I'm hoping to get the IC thread started by either next week or on the first week of November. (This week is a little busy for me since I need to work on school projects huhu)

For full transparency, this roleplay won't be completely comfy. There will be descriptions of gore and the like. If I am ever too gratuitous with any sensitive topics, please let me know and I'll do my best to abide to your wishes.

— ○ ○ ○ FACE CLAIM
Illustrated or anime face claims only please. 😊

— ○ ○ ○ PLOTTING
Plotting is highly encouraged, as the interwoven relationships and the strength of these bonds might play a part later on! You get extra kudos if you start out with established friendships/rivalships/relationships.

I’m not particular about word-count. Write as long or as short as you want. All I need from that post is legibility and content, enough for your fellow players to easily respond to. What matters most to me is that we keep the story going !!

I would like for everyone to post once a week. (As previously stated, the length of said post doesn't matter.) This standard will be changed once we've all settled on a rhythm. In individual cases, the standard can be extended, so long as you inform me or your current writing partner about it. **In truth, this rule exists only to keep the flow steady-going for the early stages. ^w^

— ○ ○ ○ HIATUSES
If you need to be gone for a long period of time, but are still interested and plan to jump back in later, please let me know. Breaks are great and necessary, but I would still appreciate knowing beforehand or during that you won’t be able to join in for a while. It helps me plan things out and keep things organized and on-track.

If no one hears from you in the OOC or IC for more than a week, I’ll unfortunately have to puppet your character away to move things along. This is to prevent players from getting stuck in a scene. If you’re gone for three weeks or more without any prior notice, I’ll assume that you lost interest or have gotten inexplicably busy. In both cases, I wish you well.

— ○ ○ ○ DISCORD
Discord is a must-have. Of the role-plays I’ve been in, the longest-lasting ones tend to be ones that had their OOC chats on discord. Once you’re accepted, please join in and get comfy!


───────────── Roles

— ○ ○ ○ Limit of 5 - 7 players. I'm hoping to chat with each and everyone of you about your characters and your plans for them, so I'll be limiting it that number.

— ○ ○ ○ There are essentially four types of characters: the Protagonist, the Love Interests, the Rivals, and Side Characters. I'm hoping for at least one of each. (The gender of any of these roles don't matter. Create your characters as you see fit !!)

— ○ ○ ○ Each role should loosely be a stereotype found in dating sims or visual novels. (i.e. villainess, saintess, yandere, ara-ara onee-san, etc.)

— ○ ○ ○ 2 of those spots will be reserved for characters who didn’t transmigrate into Theosmati. Those spots will be true residents of the novel, characters firmly set into their programmed roles. They, in particular, should plot heavily as to allow for a better involvement into the story.

— ○ ○ ○ 2 roles will be allowed to contract with a King, the most sentient and omniscient of their kind. This is not mutually exclusive with the roles above. Please consult me if you’re interested in that ^w^

— ○ ○ ○ Taken Roles: Tsundere, Yandere

Directory ─────────────

— ○ ○ ○ LORE [xxx]

— ○ ○ ○ CHARACTER SHEETS [xxx]

— ○ ○ ○ OUT-OF-CHARACTER [xxx]


i have no idea what's the difference between a sign-up and an interest check :')

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Hello! I will attempt to write something up if you'll have me!

(And pardon my forwardness but is the protagonist taken? If not I have a wealth of side characters or love interests to throw in the ring)
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Hello! I will attempt to write something up if you'll have me!

(And pardon my forwardness but is the protagonist taken? If not I have a wealth of side characters or love interests to throw in the ring)
Heavily in need of a protagonist !! If you've an idea, send it over <3