Witch Cafe: Season of the Witch

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  1. Please be sure to read this entire post before asking questions, thank you.

    A simple flyer hangs on a bulletin board in a busy town square. Upon closer inspection you find it to be... an out-dated poster for the band 'Broken Toes'... hm.

    Of course, anyone with a bit of magic ability would see a very different message on the enchanted piece of paper: An advertisement for Witch Cafe, and where to find it.

    Witch Cafe: Season of the Witch
    An Autumnal Charp Event

    What is Witch Cafe?
    It's a safe haven for witches and other magical beings, a place they can relax and be themselves without drawing human attention. Because humans aren't allowed inside! You can't even see the building unless you have some magic in your veins. Speaking of the building, it's interior is much wider than it would appear to be from the outside. And it's always changing, as if the building has a mind of its own (and is an excellent interior designer).

    • NO NON-MAGICAL HUMANS. Your character doesn't have to be a witch, but they have to be some kind of magical creature. Fairies, demons, other supernaturals, whatever. Just keep in mind that wicked behavior won't be tolerated for long.
    • No godmoddy powers, of course. Perfect characters are no fun.
    • Most people should be playing customers, but if you'd like to be an employee, please PM me. (Please note this won't guarantee anything, I can only have so many employee characters.)
    • Character Bios are optional.
    You can find this in the chatroom titled Witch Cafe

    Not familiar with Chat?
    You can find rooms by hitting the Plus tab at the top of the Chatbox
    [​IMG](that one there)

    Never been in a Charp here?

    Use the /char command for IC posts
    ex: /char Character Name

    I'd recommend copying it (ctrl C) and pasting it before typing posts (ctrl V)

    Learn about other Cbox commands here.

    NEXT EVENT: Thursday, Oct. 20th 6pm Central Time
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  2. Witch Cafe owner and baker

    Vivian Song (open)
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  3. this is such a cutesy idea. i'll be sure to keep an eye out!​
  4. this definitely seems like something i'd have fun writing for.
    sign me up.
  5. This seems fun, but when will it be?
  6. @Silver The date and time will be announced soon, as seen in the opening post. (:
  7. Is that what it meant by the Next Event to be Announced? I thought it was talking about another roleplay entirely. Iwaku used to host Masquerade charp's throughout the year. I can't remember if they where monthly or only around certain dates though. but those where fun and didn't require Bio's either, and Shiny's been around longer than I have. So I thought that's what this was and they were going to have another event.

    So I thought it was like the signs they have at gas stations and rest stops where its like: you can do this one. OR wait until ____ to do the next one.
  8. I will do my best to make this time and date. I can't wait to chat with you guys and roleplay!
  9. Sounds interesting, I've been wanting to to something with one of my characters who I applied magical twist to.
  10. I want to use a time converter to see at what time this would be in my place. What places use the central time zone?
  11. Would it be possible to play an employee on her day off?
  12. Oh good, I'm out of class by that time n.n
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  13. I'm slapping a Watch on this one, so I don't forget!
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  14. So exciting! All my characters are magical but I'm sort of new to rping. At least out of practice. Keeping a watch on this!
  15. definitely sounds like a fun idea. Mind if I join in?
  16. This sounds like a lovely idea, I'm definitely interested!
  17. Well then, it's a good thing that i'm off tomorrow.
  18. the wait is slowly killing me
  19. how do you change the text color in the ChaRP
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