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Hello and welcome to the thread! Thank you for taking the time to check it out.

I am Badda Mobs, RPer of a couple of years now and lover of light-hearted writing. Some important info on myself:

- I can guarantee at least one reply of couple of paragraphs length a week, sometimes more if the muse is flowing (and work is kind)
- I only write in third person
- I’m in GMT for time scale; depending on time zone differences my replies may come at odd hours, for which I apologise.
- I’m open to write the RP in threads or PM or Discord, whatever your preference would be.
- I am much more comfortable/confident in non-smut writing as compared to smut writing; while I am not against including any such scenes in ideas listed below, I do ask that the balance of content at least leans more on non-explicit. Fluffy romance/fade to blacks preferred.
- I lean very heavily to slow-burn or more steady plots.

I don’t have too many preferences for potential partners, just three kind of ‘overall’ points:

- I love plotting and brainstorming in OOC; it definitely doesn’t have to be all the time, but some pre-planning (especially to major points in the RP) is much preferred.
- Please let me know if there’s anything you’re not enjoying about the RP at any point, or if you’re really not enjoying it all. If you want to drop out, please do say: I won’t question why or try and talk you out of it, I just don’t want to be ghost’d.
- I prefer more of a ‘quality over quantity’ approach, so please feel free to take your time with posts; I would only start checking in on you if it’s been a week or more of radio silence.

With that over with, let’s get on to the plots! Apart from the fact that all are FxF related, all plots listed below are open to change, and unless explicitly stated in the description, I don’t mind playing either side of the pairings. Also just clarification on what I mean by 'light-hearted' writing; I don't mean that all the writing will be farcical or that there can't be tension/drama in the writing (indeed that's often the best way to write), just that I acknowledge that ideas listed are lean on being a little 'out there,' and that it should focus on the fun side of the scenarios. And that, usually, most of what I write ends up with a happy ending one way or another.

Title: Screw it, I’m joining the villainess.
Focus: Sidekick to the world’s greatest hero x the hero’s main villain/rival
Description: Being the sidekick to the world’s greatest hero is, to be blunt, a pretty crappy job. Your life is constantly at threat due to how many villains and rivals are gunning for them, you usually get crummy jobs while your hero is off kicking butt, and you don’t ever receive nearly as much recognition for all your hard work because said hero is soaking it all up. Perhaps therefore it isn’t too much of a surprise that when Character-A (who just so happens to be one such sidekick) is kidnapped and held captive by her hero’s most long-running villain Character-B in order to draw the hero out, she can barely muster up the energy to be too annoyed at the situation. Character-B, all but certain THIS is the time one of her grand schemes will work, breaks into a long spiel about how it isn’t too late for Character-A to be on the winning side; if she forsook all that truth and justice nonsense, there was still time for them to rule the world together. Now, naturally, this wasn’t the first time Character-B had given such a speech, and honestly she had expected Character-A to refuse – which is why it’s a shock when Character-A actually accepts.
Misc: While the idea comes from more western comics, the exact setting and genre-type is pretty loose. If you’ve got an idea, don’t be afraid to throw it my way!

Title: A god-like vacation
Focus: Goddess x Goddess
Description: It may sound odd, but even divine beings need a vacation every once in a while. Being in sore need of a break from the pantheon she is a part of, the goddess Character-A takes a mortal guise and slips off to human world, determined to take some much-deserved rest and to not have to even look at another god-being until she was good and ready to return. Which is slightly awkward because Character-B, a different goddess, had the exact same idea and indeed picked the exact same spot to have her own vacation. Despite this hiccup, both decide to simply make the best of things, and to try and enjoy some R&R on earth. Of course, one can’t expect two divine beings to be in the same spot and for things to go simply.
Misc: The exact nature of the two goddess relationship before meeting on earth is pretty open. Perhaps they are rival gods and hate each other’s guts, and have to learn to try and get along. Perhaps they’ve never actually met before due to the size of the pantheon, or maybe even had been lovers in the past. Let’s plot out something fun!

Title: The consequences of a rescue
Focus: Common-born serf x Kingdom’s Princess
Description: The very worst has happened, the kingdom’s princess has been kidnapped! As knights scramble to mount up and search the realm from top to bottom to rescue her, a common-born serf manages to catch wind of a suspicious activity near her small home town that sounds like it could be related. Being so far out of the way, she’s forced to go alone to rescue the princess and against all odds succeeds despite over-whelming opposition (though it helped the princess was part-way through rescuing herself anyway). With the princess besides her, the serf rides to the prestigious capital now as a hero, sure that she will finally achieve her dream of becoming a full-fledged knight. What she hears when she’s before the king, however, is much more than she bargained for: it turns out the King had set out a declaration, a mere day after the commoner had set out for her rescue attempt, that any who could safely return his daughter would have the princess’ hand in marriage. Somehow, the shocked serf had indeed achieved her dream…and had leapt immediately past it straight to royal-consort.
Misc: This could go a lot of different ways, from a lighter idea of the squire attempting to make the best of things despite her complete lack of social-graces for such high society, and attempting to figure out how to make a marriage with a person you’ve just met work. Or could be played for some more action/drama, since there would naturally be opposition to both a commoner and a woman suddenly gaining the position over the many men vying for the position. Also, the exact starting point of the RP is pretty open to change; it could be from the moment of the princess’ kidnapping and we could work through the rescue, or we could start from the moment they arrive back in the capital if we wanted to get straight to the wacky hijinks.

Title: My battle harem is made up of monster girls!?
Focus: human (or ab-human) x her ENTIRE monster-girl harem
Description: In a world where humans and monster-species have grown and evolved together, forming into one cohesive people, there is an event called the Sun-Darkening. Every seven hundred years or so, the sun will begin to fade, losing its light and power. If allowed to fade entirely, the world will be enshrouded by eternal dark, and all life would fade with it. The only way for this calamity to be averted is for a human, chosen by the High Goddess herself, to overcome seven trials, gathering seven items of power, and bringing them to the apex of the world. This cycle has repeated since time eternal, though each and every time (seemingly almost by design) the world forgets, and only on the eve of the end does the Goddess descend into the dreams of her chosen champion in order to warn of the coming end. Such is the situation of one particular human girl, who is told in a grand dream that she is the world’s only hope, the one who can prevent the sun from setting for eternity. It is in this dream she also finds out two other facts about the journey that, if she’s being honest, are both equally unbelievable: the first is that her reward for saving the world is one pure wish, with no limitations or concessions, will be hers to make at the end it. The second, and much more concerning, is the prophecy that by the end of her journey she will be joined by ‘six great loves, joined to you forever.’
Misc: This one is definitely on the more ‘out there’ ideas, and also one of the few were I would prefer to call a role ahead of time, namely as the monster ensemble. Naturally, given the nature of the whole story, this is definitely a polygamous situation. As with all other ideas, a lot of this is loose and open to change and tweaking, especially about the exact number of trials and such. I’ll warn ahead of time I REALLY want to do something with less commonly seen monster-types, such as Cerberi and Sphinxes etc. If we go for this idea, you might have to be prepared for some odd characters.
Also, while the ‘harem’ part of the title is no lie, I don’t really intend this to be smut focused; inquire within and we can hash out exacting details.

That’s all the plots and ideas for now; I’ll be updating the thread with more stuff (including maybe open-themes and fandom focused stuff) as time goes on, but if anything caught your eye in the meantime send me a PM with some details about what caught your attention. Thanks for your time!
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Your plots are all so fun and interesting! I'm sending you a pm right now :3