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Introductions are always awkward, so where to start?

Hello, hello! It's nice to meet you. I'm Essence a proud keeper of a small zoo, in my home: Two scruffy Dogs, a cucumber obsessed guinea pig, and rabbits that look like my grandmothers carpet. All of which I adore and spoil.

I've been roleplaying for 5+ years, avid worldbuilder with a passion for intricate worlds built on the foundations of detailed lore. I take great pride in all of my work; I go the extra mile to research anything I find of interest or for RP purposes. Right now I am in engrossed with ancient cults and Hellenistic philosophy.

I'm a curious person, anything I find I may at times share that information with people or incorporate my recent findings in to a story. I find the strangest things all the time.

Medieval fantasy one of my favorite genres. Most of my inspiration for that genre I derive from folk lore, legends and a healthy dose of creativity.

Off topic, I read Carol too much. And LOVE the movie. Cate Blanchett, Call me?

I reply on average 3 times a week, sometimes more, sometimes less it depends on how busy I am that week. My posts vary in length, I like detail and content. I never go below 1 paragraph, and will do novel if I feel inspired. Yes, quality over quantity but a girl just can't help herself sometimes. I start, then three hours later, 2AM in the Morning. Black circles around the eyes, pale complexion, looking like a zombie from the living dead. When really it’s just how I look every day of the week. Sad but true.

About the writer
  • I prefer third person past tense
  • The bread and butter of all my RP creations, my passion for worldbuilding/character building
  • Thread or PM format, I have never used discord or Skype etc for in character purposes and I doubt I ever will
  • Open to chatting, if that’s not your thing and you prefer to focus on ideas and story I understand, I do tell some horrendous jokes.
  • Diverse roster! I play anything, male, female, all orientations, mythical to human races
  • I mostly do FxF, rarely any other pairing for my main characters, it's just a preference
  • Open to all genres/tropes a particular favorite medieval fantasy. I like romance, action and character development
  • Chatting over PM or Discord I’m comfortable with both
  • I'm ditch friendly. Life gets hectic, and I won't be offended if someone isn't feeling it anymore or they can't continue.
  • Smut and fade to black, I do both. Erotica is more a topping for added flavor. What is a cake without the icing? I like to write smut, just not as the main focus.

What I am looking for...

Cooperative partner that enjoys brainstorming ideas for the story and characters! All my characters join the rest of my babies as I become quite attached to them and their journey. I would like someone who also enjoys exploring different avenues for their character, and watching them change over the course of the story, good or bad. A tragic character, is just as fun compared to a flawed heroic individual 💜

At the tippedy top! communication, I value an honest opinion, tell me what you want, the ideas you have for the character and the story, discussing the fine details of the plot is important. Nothing turns me off quicker than someone who doesn't contribute. I won't dictate the path, or control your character in anyway but I will throw ideas all over the place until its fun for both parties which is the ultimate goal that I aim for!

I would like someone in the range of adept-advanced. And, replies to be a minimum of one-two paragraph, written in third person past tense. Grammar and spelling I'm not fussy! so long as I understand what's going on. No one is perfect and those pecky 'the the' they do sneak in...

Visuals! I am a sucker for a good face claim or scenery to fully immerse our characters in! I like some visual or description of what they look like, I'm not picky on what type of picture or artwork. I love to use all kinds of things, concept art/celebrities/other. Visuals are candy for my eyeballs, that's what I always say. I would like for my partner to use a face claim but its not a necessity.


I'm open to any genre or idea you have in mind, I can't promise I will accept them all but don't be hesitant to PM or comment in the thread if you do!​

Ancient Civilization
Soulmate Trope
Arranged Marriage
Retribution/Redemption Focused Storyline
Forbidden Romance
Summer/Musical Romance
Crime and Mystery Focused Storyline
High/Low Fantasy
Warhammer 40k
Age of Sigmar
Dragon Age
Elder Scrolls
Drow/High Elf or Woodlands Elf

Reincarnated Lover/Demi-God

Pirate/Sea Witch

Treasure Hunter/Spectral Guardian

High Priestess/Bodyguard

Rune Knight/Sorceress

Battle Mage/Thief



Mythical Creature/Big Game Hunter

Queen/Knight/Commoner - I have a slim plot for this, but it needs the kinks worked out

Assassin/Queen or Princess


Vampire/Werewolf (Classic combo)



Mafia Bosses Daughter/Best Friend

Outlaw/Outlaw (Western or Steampunk)

Rigger/Entrepreneur (Steampunk)



Brothers Girlfriend/Mutual Best Friend

Biker/Diner Co-Owner/College Student/Librarian (Year 1970-1975 preferably)

Mechanic/CEO's Daughter (Uptown girl type deal)
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Short Ideas - Complete plots are at the very bottom of the thread!

Spires of Lochmodan

(Fantasy/Biopunk - Vampire/Other)
An expedition into the lost ruins of Locmodan, an ancient civilization that left its mark on the world with peculiar statuses and strange writings. Now with biotechnology called Arcadian used to combined with lost DNA of the last soldier found in Locmodan, they have gained access to what was left behind. And with the grand scholars of the imperial library recently finding the entrance location of a hidden city below the great city of Duramar, the high elf capital. The university of scholars had raised funds to venture into Lochmodan. With a group of relic hunters, scholars, mercenaries and more began their decent in to the the recent catacomb discovered by Tsarik Gor, a High Elf scholar. How he came about this knowledge was rumored he had connections to a shadow advisor, that would journey with them on this expedition. But no one has seen the advisor only heard through Tsarik's thin tent, of quiet conversations...

What I am looking for: Someone to play the other character. She can be anything from mythical to human: High/Common Elf, Orc, Demon, Beast Kin, Human, Mythic (A custom, unique race you would like to play)

Threads of the Heart

(Medieval Low Fantasy/Romance/Politics - Empress/Elven Knight)
After the conflict of Roan, an uninhabited land rich in rare metals was discovered to be stronger than any manmade or elven steel. Years later ownership was claimed on both sides, resulting in a bloody battle to claim Roan and harvest the precious metal. In between two Kingdoms, the conflict raged over 200 years. Until the prince from the Elven Kingdom slain in combat, the Elven King demanded his body returned; in exchange, they would consider a treaty of peace, one that benefits both Kingdoms. It was then a meeting between both kingdoms arranged and the Elven King soon arrived at the Human Kingdom. The peace talks began but a young elven Knight caught the eye of the Empress. There was no love shown from the Elven woman, as relations between humans and elves in both kingdoms forbid any romantic entanglements. One elven knight had discovered she was falling in love with the Empress; she hid her emotions well, covered by contempt and thin veiled insults. Their feelings manifested on the night of celebrating the final signature on the treaty and the end of centuries of conflict. The Jade Gardens hold many secrets, now a single kiss was among them...

What I am looking for: Someone to play the Empress


(Medieval High Fantasy - Druid/Demon)
A betrayal of brothers rooted in blood and chaos, scarred the world. The skies turned jet black, and a portal tore open the world, what came through were the followers of Kral, demons from another dimension, devourers of worlds had come to claim Eorthe. Humans, elves, dwarves and mystical races fought to survive until all that remained was a single kingdom full of refugees fighting against an endless enemy. The King approached the druids of the everglade, peacekeepers who refused to involve themselves in all matters. The Everglade Vision was their home world, a realm protected by the body of Etherial, the living avatar of the everglade vision an aspect of nature. The avatar is a voiceless overseer that speaks through 'the voice' she refused once again to involve the druids. However, a collective of young and elder secretly took to helping the mortal realm of Eorthe, going against the avatars wishes and potentially risking exile from the everglade. In their aid, they had a vision involving a demon, captured and used to repel the abyssal horde. The demon a high-ranking general, powerful and difficult to control. The humans captured the demon and the druids replaced all its memories, with it giving the demon a mortal form, which helped to suppress its powers. They sacrificed their lives in order to manifest a mortal soul inside of the demon and give it the emotions of a human. A druid of the first elder, his daughter would volunteer when no one else dared to oversee the demons progress, and ensure she does not remember her past. The demon aided in the efforts to fight against the horde, what became of its memories assisted in fortifying the remaining kingdom against abyssal magic.​

What I am looking for: Someone to play the demon, at the beginning she would have no memories or understanding of what her full powers can potentially do. The memories would be replaced with ones that benefit the druids, and explain why she has demonic powers. When the demon eventually remembers who she is, the path could be one of redemption or revenge! I'm looking for someone who really wants to explore their character.

Complete ideas below, if you are interested or have any questions, get to typing and send me that message 💜

  • Character A (Daughter of Ferela) a young, and ambitious hunter sent to earth 20 years since the beasts were set free on King Lyicius's lands, many were unaware of the Daughters of Ferela but soon came to recognize their markings of the Goddess. The news of their capturing the creatures plaguing the land soon spread. The hunters would arrive in a village, and find tribute or praise from the people. Character A begins her journey west and finds the tracks of beast. Stories of ravaged cattle, families and caravans were common when surrounding the beast’s location. However, the journey would lead character A into the mountains, wyvern territory. Character B (Werewolf, child of Lyicius) would have been gifted the ability to be human during the day but come full moon there would be an uncontrollable urge to kill. Before the gift of the Goddess, she would have been under the influence of the beast. All manner of unspeakable acts would have been committed during that time, all of which remembered by Character B.

    What I am looking for: Someone to play the werewolf role! and doesn't mind being hunted by a demi-god huntress with a hatred for her kind! She's a softy underneath it all, you just gotta chip away at the armour. WITH A BIG JACK HAMMER 😂

    A grave punishment dealt by the hand of the King of the Gods Eos. After a betrayal to poison the god, through trickery at a grand meal set by one of his noblest and most generous followers Lyicius King of Dal. The unspeakable act forced Eos to sentence Lyicius and turn him into a beast. His children would suffer on earth as further punishment. His children turned into savage wolves. Roaming the land, listless without care for the lives they did not take nor the destruction left behind. Lyicius forced to witness the destruction of his kingdom and his children ravage his lands from deep in the fiery prison at the heart of the underworld. However, his children received the gift of humanity. The Goddess Iris pitied the children as they suffered the sins of the father unjustly, so she gifted them a return of their human half. By day, they would be human, and by Moonlight, they would return to the beast. Ferela took insult to Iris meddling in her Husband’s judgement. Therefore, the Great Hunt was her answer.

    The Great Hunt initiated by Ferela Goddess of Beasts, spring and the Hunt. She sent word to hunters of all races, offering the opportunity to join and reap the spoils. Many kept the pelts of the werewolves empowering them with the strength of the beast. Others preferred gifts of their choosing, wealth, land, and women, anything their heart desired. For some they may have the chance, should they prove themselves, to be elevated and join Ferela's Daughters in the Celestial Hunts. They would become Demi-gods. However, Ferela's youngest daughters were granted a place in the great hunt. Their reward would be a higher rank among their sisters, to stand by Ferela's side at every Hunt beside the gods. It was a rite of passage, a moment to show true loyalty to Ferela by hunting down the beasts and claiming a pelt to offer as tribute at the Temple of Ferela; where the life of the prey, sacrificed and then their body consumed by flames once stripped of their flesh.

  • A Good Woman
    In the Old west, where outlaws plagued the countryside and corrupt officers reigned as kings. A young woman had fallen short of recent misfortunes. The steam train hijacked by notorious outlaws, one a woman dressed like a man. To all eyes, it was a man before them. In those days it was safer to dress as a man than a young woman. How the pair engage on that day becomes written in history as the outlaw and the righteous woman disappear with a fair bundle of jewelry and cash tucked away in a saddlebag. The pair team up and continue to rob, steal, racketing, blackmail, and murder to gain a fortune. Their bounty raised dramatically with each new crime and bounty hunters will come to collect. The law is also actively searching for them. There will be many gunfights.

    How this story begins around the train being hijacked, and robbed single-handedly or in a group of wanted criminals lead by the female outlaw cross-dressing as a man. My first idea behind this was the pair knew each other from childhood, as friends. Alternatively, they take the civilian hostage to escape the train with their loot.

    Character types can be anything. I had in mind the good woman character has an element of the Robin Hood complex. I base the outlaw on the female outlaws of that time, maybe even a female version of Billy the kid; quick on the draw, ruthless, etc. However, we can discuss this, how the characters are as individuals is flexible. I see the story ends with the last heist, and then they disappear from history, never found or heard of again. Or a morbid ending where we hang them for their crimes as part of the epilogue where people discover what happened after they fled.

    What I will play: The civilian character and some additional npc’s relevant to the story
    What I am looking for: Someone to play the outlaw

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Fantasy, Scifi and related material.
’Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
All mimsy were the borogoves,

And the mome raths outgrabe."

I feel drawn to the Mythical Creature/Big Game Hunter pairing. Given I'm all into playing critters, creatures and alien things. I also have some mythical critters of my own device, and aliens I can use as mythical critters. If you don't mind the completely new. Swiftcats. Aerosquirrels. Various draggonish creatures. Depends on what story we want to tell. Haven't been writing for a bit... my mother came down with metastatic lung cancer, and recently died. But I really need to write again! Thanks...


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Fantasy; medieval or modern, romance, plain ol’ modern.
Ooh I’m super interested in Threads of the Heart! Medieval fantasy is like my bread and butter. Never written an empress before but I do have some ideas!