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An urgent call was sent out, received across the dimensions at New York's famed Baxter building. A call has gone out on this world, to extend it's long arm to another world, another dimension where things have gone terribly wrong.

This rp is about the DC injustice series with a twist. Primary characters will be from the Marvel Universe.


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Hercules, from his mortal home in Queens, felt the summons from his sister Athena. It had an urgent note to it. Of course, he went at once. It was rare in these days to travel to the home of his family, Mt. Olympus. Long ago he had been granted the ability to travel home at will. Naturally, his father could take this from him at any time. That being said, things had been going well lately and he wasn't expecting trouble.

Arriving at the magnificence of Olympus, he went to the home of the Goddess of Wisdom. Present there also was Hades, Aphrodite and Poseidon.

" Greetings to you all, my family"

Of those present only Athena spoke. Greetings to you my brother, God of Heroes. It is a terrible thing that brings you here. You are aware of course of the great number of alternate dimensions in the multiverse ? It has come to our attention that in one of these, a tragedy of unique and horrible. "

She turns to a space between two intricately decorated columns, waving her hand to reveal a scene.

" You can see in these scenes, the Ares of this universe is more clever than most of his counterparts. He tricks the young Olympian heroine Wonder Woman into hunting down several of the gods of this place. That and their greatest Hero has been driven mad. They have convinced a majority of their fellow heroes to clamp down and control the people of their Earth. There are a precious few who oppose them. *

The scene now shows Bruce Wayne, the Batman and some of his allies.

"Even now brother, your friend Reed Richards is about to make contact with this man. Follow me… "

She takes him into another room where the dark Goddess Nix sits next to a sleeping Ares. She seems to be concentrating. Zeus too is there watching.

Athena continues…

"My sister Aphrodite tricked that one through a portal, where our Uncles restrained him until Nyx could put him into an enchanted sleep.

Zeuss now takes his sons hand and places his other hand on the sleeping head of Ares.

"He has taken the energies of other Gods Herakles, for now I give these to you, to help you right things at this place. "

It is with this in mind that we find our hero in the laboratory of one of his world's greatest scientific minds, Reed Richards, aka Mister Fantastic.

"Well, Hercules, I believe I have located the dimension you are talking about. Someone there has opened a portal. I have now sent through a device to scout around and verify some of what you've said.

"I've taken a few moments and have sent out some feelers to friends and other heroes who I believe will be willing to go there and can be of help
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shehulk.jpg"What's this about, Reed? Did Ben quit again? I'm really pretty busy right... Oh? Well, I'm actually really busy with my practice right now and I really don't want to screw it up... again... but don't worry I won't leave you hanging. I have a lot of friends, you know, and I have the perfect fit for your team..."

"Friend Jennifer told me that you needed to save a universe. Being a universe, I feel compelled to save my own."

She was there mere moments after Reed had gotten off of the phone with Walters. Fast movement was apparently in her power set. As well as being able to teleport into the Baxter Building, something Reed thought impossible after he'd proofed the place after the last time that Victor had managed the deed.

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Eon teleported into the room with a flash. He was not expecting to be meeting with the world's greatest minds. He worked alone for the most part, mostly because most people hated him. The man wasn't exactly morally sound. "What?" He questioned impatiently, not wanting to be around heroes any longer than necessary
The sky darkened for a moment, and rain lashed across the building, though the surrounding area was clear. It stopped after a short time and hovering outside the window near where Reed and the others were was Ororo Monroe, aka Storm. A couple of eyeblinks later, she disappeared, and she arrived inside in a less dramatic fashion.

"Richards. I have not seen you since last we were both in the Savage Lands. What sort of summons do you send that demands the attention of so many powerful souls?"

Bobby Drake/Iceman

For a brief moment, it would get a little chilly after the storm. It would be noticeable that outside of the window there was a path of ice, despite it being a nice day earlier. A man made mostly of ice would slide down through the window and smiled at the rest of the party established there.


"Sorry I'm late, I was on a date when you called, this seemed slightly more important though," he replied, de-icing himself when he got there.

Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer would arrive a little after Ice Man, watching the others quietly. " It seems it would be a good idea to help, plus from my understanding, some of your enemies are a little weaker than my own foes.
Reed Richards looked around at the assembled heroes.

"Greetings and thank you for answering my call. It has come to my attention that an alternate dimension with it's own superheroes has come to a bad situation. One of it's most powerful heroes has gone mad, taking over world governments and recruiting most of that world's Meta Human's to work for his side."

"With the help of a couple of trusted allies, I have confirmed this information. This will be extremely dangerous, so if you don't want to go, I will understand. Mister Eon, your mastery of several technological fields will be... quite helpful if you decide to help. That and Mister Stark has recommended you. The rest of you I am familiar with aside from this young woman. ( He gestures to the female living universe. He checks his computer file for a moment and nods, ) Jennifer was right Miss, I think you're power set will be quite helpful."

He pulls out a box of fancy looking thumb drives and a few files with actual paper... He hands them out to everyone.

" You have 24 hours to prepare, meet back here tomorrow at this time, the portal will be back up at that time. "
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It is at this time, Herakles speaks up.

" There is one other thing. Many of the gods of this other world have been dispatched, chased away or are in hiding. Some of them have had their powers stripped away. One of the reasons I am coming is to help stop this and reverse it if possible. I will see you tomorrow! "
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Singularity looked at the papers, then back to Reed. "Words are on these. I haven't learned that, but I am sure someone I ask has." The sheaf of paper simply disappeared into her body. "They will read them to me."

Ororo accepted the thumb drive. "I'll get this information disseminated to whomever you feel should have access to it. I take it my team and mentors have a need to know?"

Singularity clapped. "There are so many words. I look forward to learning them all."

Storm looked at the other girl incredulously. "I'm doing the same thing you did, sharing the words with others."

"Oh, that makes a lot more sense. Thank you!"

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Eon inserts the drive into a compartment on his wrist and reads the information through his helmet's hud. "I shall return with stronger firepower, who knows how powerful these otherwordly metas are," He said before examinng the other individuals in the room. He had heard of Iceman, but not this "Living Universe" girl that arrived. Such a concept intrigued him but at the same time scared them. If this girl is indeed a sentient universe, then who's to say that their own universe isn't alive as well?
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Bobby Drake/Iceman and Silver Surfer

Well, it's not too often that you call me for help. I have seen you ask Johnny and other X-men to do things, but not me. Figured it was worth hearing what was going on. Well, that certainly does sound like an uncool situation for that world to be in. I imagine that meta-humans are people similar to either mutants or inhumans we have. Would it be too much to ask which one they are closer too?" He asked.

He was surprised that he was on the list of trusted allies. Storm, the new guy, Reed, Hercules, Silver Surfer all made sense. He expected someone iike Spiderman to be there. He took a deep breath. "
Well, I have nothing better to do, my date wasn't too fond of me leaving him out in the cold. So yeah, I'm in. Hopefully, those files tell us what we are dealing with," he replied back to him with a wide smile on his face, taking the flash drive and the files. " Catch you guys later, I got stuff to look over. Hopefully, my computer doesn't freeze. Well, that does make sense, see you all tomorrow."

Surfer would look over as Bobby left. " There were significantly less ice puns than I expected. He's getting better. They were about one every other sentence. Well, this flash drive is .... great. Reed, will you also be providing some form of looking at this documents? Being out in space, I have not had much time to procure technology that allows me to look at it. My surfboard might be able to read it, but I would rather not break your flash drive and lose all the information that you have on it," he replied, waiting if he would have access to a computer to read the files before he would leave.

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Reed nods at Surfer and produces another gizmo, setting it up at a table at the far end of the room. He inserts the files into the gizmo and gives it a command on a small keyboard. It produces an image of page one of the documents for anyone who would like to view them. He hands Surfer the remote for the gizmo, giving him the directions for it. The pages could be turned as fast or as slowly as you need.

"Return here tomorrow morning at eight folks. We'll have the portal open and ready to go. Anyone who needs to can stay here the night if the'd like. "

He goes over by the gizmo, sitting by Surfer, answering questions for him and anyone else who stays.

Herakles stays too, watching the display and asking the occasional question.

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Storm shakes her head. "I shall return in the morning, Richards. I have loose ends to tie up this eve." She rises into the air and flies out of the room and off into the distance.

Singularity blinks. "This one has nowhere to go, so she will stay here." She just hovers there and watches the rest of them curiously.

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Silver Surfer

Surfer would look over at the Gizmo that Reed had produced and had to wonder how Reed did that, but he had learned that the man was too smart for his own good. There seemed to be an image of the document and he would look over at them, taking the remote for the Gizmo and looking at the directions that he was giving him. He would go slowly, making sure to absorb every last detail, even the most minor one.

It seemed that Iceman had already left before he could get the message, but the Surfer had a feeling he would arrive on time somehow. He seemed smart enough.

" So, there is a resistance of some sort. Is there anyone within the ranks of the mad men who seem like they can changed?" He asked

It seemed to be an important question that was worth asking to the other man.

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Giving a mock salute to the others, he disappeared in a flash. He would use the data to construct powerful weaponry for the others to use. Even if they had powers, it didn't mean they could injure their enemies without knowing their weakness.
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The next morning.. Our heroes assembled...

They all either have some basic understanding of what and who is involved. Some have worked on new weapons, while others spent time with loved ones.

At the appointed time. A portal is opened by famed scientist Reed Richards. On the other side however, is the ominous figure of the resistance leader the Batman

As you all step through, there is a gut wrenching feeling. The voice of Dr Stephen Strange present in your minds.

"I have discovered something that needs to be stopped. The tyrant former heroes are trying to bully an ocean community into joining.. Or remove them. This must be stopped. I have hidden the presence of your portal. Good Luck. "

As you all emerge. You are all for the moment floating at the edge of a cload bank, far above the Ocean. The peerless senses of the Surfer and the incredible technology of Eon, most of our heroes can tell, that this is the Atlantic Ocean.

Nearby, facing away, there is a man floating in mid air with a bright red suit and white Cape facing away from you all. .
Silver Surfer and Iceman

The surfer wasn't intimidated by the Batman, though he was less than happy when Strange decided to deliver a message in his way. God, it always felt so invasive of his privacy and his thoughts. Thankfully, it would seem that they had managed to do one thing right as he had cloaked them. He was able to tell that this was the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, something the worlds seem to have in common. He looked over and had to wonder if the bright suited man was friend or foe.

Iceman would take a moment to use his powers to get a gauge on the guy's facial features while trying to stay out of his view. "
I hope this guy is chill and not a sociopath," he mumbled lowly.

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