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This RP is a part of ArcRift. Please view our Discord / Wiki for further info.

It had entered the month of February... well, wherever you were from. The month of love... giving... compassion... and of course buying shitty tasting corporate produced candy with messages on them.

That's right, Valentine's Day is coming up! And with Valentine's Day comes sick, off the hook Valentine's Day partays! And luckily for you, you just got invited to the sickest Valentine's Day party around! It was through a mysterious letter that ended up either in your mailbox, at your doorstep... hell, maybe it just floated into your hand from the sky. Like destiny or some shit. Regardless, that letter ended up in your hand through some means or another! And that very letter read,


Hosting a pretty sick Valentine's Day party. Wanna come?"

There was no return address.

What there WAS, however, was a sudden drowsy feeling after reading the letter. Followed by you passing out.

Have fun at the party!

  1. Absolutely God-Modding/Meta-Gaming. If you don't know what those are, then read this thread.​
  2. Due to the intended length of this RP, I will be allowing 14 sign-ups max. No duos.​
  3. Please try and have cohesive grammar throughout. You don't have to be perfect, but at least try a little bit. For help with grammar, read this thread.​
  4. OCs are more than welcome.​
  5. Since this is Valentine's Day themed, shipping and relationships are encouraged. ;)​

Character Sheet


A picture or short description is fine.



What does your character originate from? If they're an OC, simply put "OC".

Just a short summary of who your character is. A wiki link is fine here.

Where does your character excel? What powers do they have? Again, a wiki link is fine here.

Other Info
Any additional information that you feel I, the GM, should know​
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"Victory is ours!"

Sumire Yoshizawa, code-name Violet

19 (Taken 4 years after Persona 5 Royal)



The Potential:


Sumire possesses the power to command a Persona, a magic power that manifests as a form representing the user’s subconscious and inner thoughts. Sumire represents the Faith Arcana, meaning belief and trust in oneself and others, confidence and self-security, and belief in guiding principles such as science or religion. The ultimate Persona Sumire commands is Ella, the midnight princess.


Using her Persona, Sumire can utilise a variety of spells and techniques, such as:

Physical attacks - Vorpal Blade, Sword Dance, Masquerade
Bless attacks - Kougaon, Makougaon
Healing skills - Diaharan

Additionally, she possesses a few special skills:
Brave Step - A Support skill that increases the party's rate of critical hits for three turns.
Evade Curse - A passive skill that triples Sumire's evasion rate against darkness, curse or "evil" attacks.
Ali Dance - A passive skill that halves the accuracy of all incoming attacks.
Apt Pupil
- A passive skill that increases the critical hit rate of Sumire's attacks.
Bless Amp - A passive skill that greatly increases the damage Sumire's Bless attacks can do.
Veil of Sunrise - Ella's Persona trait. Has a high chance of allowing Sumire or an ally to stay standing against an attack that would otherwise knock them down.

Ella's skillset is robust and potent, allowing Sumire to deal colossal amounts of damage while also being able to support her allies with healing and buffing, dodging incoming fire all the while. Ella's resistances allow her to nullify Bless and resist Nuclear, however she is weak to Curse.
The Potential also boosts Sumire's own combat ability, giving her superhuman combat capabilities and greatly increasing his resistance to attacks that would ordinarily kill a person.

Phantom Thief Weaponry:
Using a Persona requires a great deal of mental energy, and is thus inadvisable to employ flippantly. For weaker enemies, Sumire possesses a sword and gun which she can use without the need of a Persona. Due to the effects of cognition, as well as her skill as a gymnast, she is able to use these weapons to great effect.

The Sword of Sinai is an ornate blade created with the soul of the angel Sandalphon. As well as doing high amounts of damage, it also has the chance to Dizzy an enemy, further decreasing their accuracy.


Sahasrara is a flintlock pistol, forged from the dual gendered god Ardha. It greatly boosts all facets of Ella's strength when equipped.


Other Info
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Kyria Pennyworth


God Eater 3 OC(FeMC)

An Adaptive God Eater belonging to the Hounds.
Position: Captain of the Counter Aragami Unit. The team's ace, the Devil of the Hounds name is spoken of with awe throughout Europe. Mainly contracted to combat calamity-class Aragami (Ashborn, Ashwrought, Ash Storm Aragami), so many requests asking for this AGE by name have piled up that a long waiting list has formed. Because of this, the Hounds are currently considering recruiting additional squad members.

Kyria was born from a family of God Eaters. Her Father was the former Captain of the Far East's First Unit and her Mother is the current Captain of Blood Special Forces. She was born in the Far East, but was forced to flee towards Europe due to the Calamity that brought upon the ash to the already Aragami ridden world.

She befriended a young Hugo, surviving with the young boy until they were captured by Port Pennyworth, where they were subjected to the Adaptive God Eater initiative and forcibly recruited them into the Port. Kyria managed to score a decent grade in most of the tests she was subjected to before she was given a God Arc, most notably, her Resonance was high.

Years later, Kyria was feeling rather content with her life at the prison-like port with Hugo, doing missions, doing maintenance tests--anything they could do to survive another day. Kyria was supportive of Hugo's dream of a Port by AGEs for AGEs, wishing that she, herself, would be free from the cage they've come to call home.

Their wish would be granted when an Ash Storm ravaged Port Pennyworth, narrowly saved by an Ash Crawler belonging to the Chrysanthenum. There, the Captain of the vessel, Port Master Hilda Henriquez employed the Hounds from Pennyworth, and from then on, they worked towards a dream of freedom, which they managed to achieve thanks to their efforts, along with a miracle caused by their now adopted, Humanoid Aragami, Phym.

AGE Physiology- As an Adaptive God Eater or AGE for short, Kyria functions a bit differently than normal humans. For one, they're made to survive incredibly tough conditions, especially in the Ashlands. As a God Eater, she is required to have her regular intake of a P73 Bias Factor, which prevents her Oracle Cells from going berserk and eat her from the inside out and mutate her into a mindless Aragami. Only a few have managed to survive long without a Bias Factor, even then they're rare. And the best we got out of it is a man with an Aragami Arm.

God Arc - A standard issue weapon for all God Eaters. A massive biomechanical weapon comprised of synthetic Aragami Oracle Cells constructed to slay Aragami. It has multiple modes that allow for both ranged and melee combat. A God Eater cannot lend anyone else their God Arcs due to the God Arc being assigned to them the day they are initiated as a God Eater--meaning the God Arc will respond to its own user via a symbiotic, DNA lock. Anyone else, and the Aragami that comprises the God Arc will infect that person, either mutating them into an Aragami. Usually a Susano'o.​

  • unknown.png

    Buster Sword Type Blade
    A large, heavy duty blade that makes this already giant weapon even more bigger. It can gather Oracle Cells around the blade for a heavy crush and extend its range of attack. A shield can be deployed from this mode. It can also conjure a maw-like construct out of the God Arc's Oracle Cells to devour an Aragmi's skin, causing a Burst of energy that improves Kyria's overall performance as a God Eater.

  • unknown.png

    Ray Type Gun
    A Railgun-like cannon module that shoots a long and continuous stream of Oracle charged laser beam that drills through its target, dealing steady damage to an Aragami's Skin. It burns through its ammunition quickly, though, requiring multiple Oracle Reserves to effectively use. Which can only be obtained by abusing O Ampule Pills or by hitting something in Blade mode.

  • unknown.png

    Shield Type...Shield?
    A rather small and decently sized Shield built for quick deployment and dispels decent amount of damage to protect its wielder.
    It's practically the least impressive part of the thing, really.

  • unknown.png

    In Melee, Kyria is able to command the God Arc to manifest its Predator Mode. Essentially tapping into the God Arc's Aragami origins, growing a massive beast-like jaw, bearing sharp black teeth, glowing eyes, and snarling saliva. It's common practice for God Eaters to use a God Arc's Predator Mode to bite a chunk off of an Aragami to restore the Arc's ability to produce its own bullets via Oracle Cells

    It has quite the reach too, look at that boy go

Swordsmanship - She swing bustersword good
Marksmanship - She aim raygun good

Other Info
Switching Whisper to someone more...Legal.​
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Star Butterfly


Star vs the Forces of Evil


Magic in general, there are no clear rules either as apparently they can just say whatever and it manifests. She also has an alternate Butterfly form that makes her stronger.

Other Info
I might, might be playing an AU here but I will try to be as accurate as possible.​
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Mag Agent: Torture​


Madness Combat​

Being one of the first Mag Agents ever produced by the AAHW, Torture is a surprisingly intelligent specimen while many of his siblings have their IQ reduced. He was tasked with killing Hank J. Wimbleton, and - surprise, surprise! Torture failed and instead took a chainsaw to the face. Of course, in a place like Nevada, death seems to only be temporary if given enough time. The AAHW chose to revive Torture once again, eventually leading him here./center]


Other Info
I fugged yo mom lmao​
“Yes, yes I do like you. And that’s why I’m giving you a head start.. RUN!
Lethal Protector: Eddie Brock

Age: Unknown (for both), likely late-40s for Eddie

Canon: Marvel Comics

Biography: Eddie Brock is an unstable man bearing questionable antics born from a rough upbringing. But even so, he constantly tries his best to change for the better, often helping innocents and actively preventing crime. Though stubborn and reckless at times, he does possess a soft spot and occasionally enjoys one’s company if needed so.

His “Other" - born from the alien planet of Klyntar - was first exposed as a creature used for mass cosmic genocide. Fortunately, it's experiences on Earth whilst bonding with a multitude of hosts as led it into a more heroic antic, leading to it’s eventual relationship with Eddie. Contrary to it”s host, the symbiote is a wise-cracking alien with a knack for action and especially chocolate. Despite so, it possesses the same empathy for others and is always reluctant on learning more about the world it lives in.

Together, both individuals formed a special bond together; thus creating the symbiotic entity known as Venom.



Much like previously, Venom will be taken from the events of MP and before the events where he knows of his Dylan’s existence.

I will fight under the Kirijo name."


Mitsuru Kirijo



Persona 3 FES

Mitsuru Kirijo is a playable character originating from Persona 3. She is heir to the Kirijo Group and a student at Gekkoukan High School during Persona 3.

No really that's all that's there on the Wiki but for more information, look here: Mitsuru Kirijo

- Using her Evoker, she can summon her Persona, Artemisia. This allows her to use ice-based abilities, healing abilities, abilities to help boost teammates, and able to charm, reduce ice resistance, and inflict panic on enemies.

- able to analyze enemies weaknesses, immunites, and any information about them using Artemisia. Also able to scan the area with her Persona.

- as a Persona user and a capable fighter, she has enhanced strength, speed, and durability, making Mitsuru able to shatter a large amount of ice with one thrust, dodge natural lightning, and is able to survive an exploding bridge.

- Mitsuru is a very capable fencer, able to handle herself in a duel.

Other Info:

- Mitsuru is taken after The Answer

- Mitsuru's preferred breakfast is a fruit salad and she is fond of financier cakes.

- able to drive a motorcycle.

- she's never ordered food at a fast food place and has no idea how to order it. Also has never eaten food regular people eat


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Name: Rosemarie Holtzer
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Canon: OC (Fate ChaRP storyline)

Personality: Rosemarie is overly confident, stubborn and sounds like she's always bored or annoyed by something. To say that she acts spoiled like a princess would not be wrong, actually. With her high standards and efforts to be the best, most responsible and organized at everything she does, Rosemarie's demeanor is incredibly nobility-like despite not being from a noble family at all. It also infuriates her when her efforts aren't acknowledged and the girl dislikes any displays of lack of discipline.

On social events, the Holtzer's daughter knows exactly how to carry herself with grace and manners, doing her best to be the most pleasant guest ever, paying the utmost attention to whatever is being said.
Internally, Rosemarie really doesn't want to be there at all and wants no more than to go back home and finally play some games. These kind of events are boring.

The day her father decided to try politics and won was Rosemarie's doomsday.

Robbed of her privacy at an early age, the young Holtzer was quickly thrown into the life of image keeping and paparazzi, coming to learn that once her cuteness factor of being a toddler was gone, the opposition would use her behavior to paint her father in a bad light. The daughter of the mayor couldn't be brash, the daughter of the mayor couldn't be mean or the news people would talk. On her accord and no one else's, Rosemarie took it upon herself to be an exemplary human being, a true princess out of fairytales. Gentle, helpful, the possessor of impeccable manners and grace. She had hoped that the act wouldn't last long, that the bad rumors would stop and everything could go back to normality soon, but that wasn't what happened.
Guilbert Holtzer was re-elected, kept climbing the political hierarchy and even when he wasn't actively a part of politics, had clearly become quite the influential man.

Now stuck in a cage of her own making, Rosemarie was forced to play along, acting on the role for long enough that her original personality started fading away, blending with this character she had constructed. The tomboyish toddler that had once been was overwritten into a charismatic, feminine and properly educated lady. The kind of queen bee that ruled the school by being the epitome of perfection and responsibility. Eventually said 'title' had begun going over her head, the new Rosemarie had high standards, was incredibly demanding and way too confident. But at the same time, nurtured big amounts of frustration and regret, giving birth to a volatile, explosive temper that was becoming harder and harder to keep in check.

That's when she met MMO RPGs. Not having tried a game yet for deeming it too barbaric and a waste of time, Rosemarie had bought a PC game in curiosity. The ad for the game, claiming the experience to be like living as a different person had caught her interest. It was love at first sight and exactly what she needed. In the world of the game, the girl had been free to act as she wanted, using the experience to unwind and release all of the pent-up destructive energy she had been building up! Killing things was fun! Completing quests gave her a sense of accomplishment that her life had long been drained of.

To say that she was hooked would be an understatement.

From there on, Rosemarie would go on to try all sorts of similar games, hopping from a title to the next one the moment the experience got any dull to her. The thrill and the excitement were a must!
With her father now taking the role of Senator, Rosemarie is more than never living a double life: The perfect example of a daughter to the outside world and an unstoppable, insatiable, impulsive player in the gaming world.
Recent Happenings: Having to attend the Campbell's Christmas party as a stand-in for her very busy dad, Rosemarie found herself making quick acquaintances with the host's son, Jaxob who turns out was just as bored over having to attend as she was. Unfortunately, their conversation in the kitchen and far from any adults so they could act as themselves got interrupted when the lights in the house all went out, plunging the whole group into darkness, enough for somebody to murder the event's host.

Failing to understand that Jaxob had two dads and one of them had just been killed in front of them, Rosemarie was mostly unaffected by the events at the start, playing detective with the invitations and guest list but otherwise not making huge progress on the investigations as both the remaining dad and son turned to be extremely unhelpful on the matter. Tensions rose as the murders continued happening, the young lady eventually hitting her limit as it seemed that all of them had just as much risk as being the next-
Or so she had thought as the culprit announced he was letting the survivors escape and everyone that was supposed to be dead had already been dealt with. Such, not good but acceptable news were then subverted by a member of their own group deciding that none of them could make it alive, which was wrongly interpreted as him having been an accomplice the entire time and not just a nut-job.

Things proceeded to get even weirder as Jaxob somehow bent the laws of well, everything and had the dead pin the crazy man down, to which Rosemarie responded with a knife to his chest in desperation for remaining alive. Then everything went back to normal, no one was dead and she was left wondering whether it had actually happened or maybe she had been playing too many games and hallucinated the whole thing. One thing was certain though, maybe she should start carrying a weapon with herself from now on, just in case she needed to defend herself again.

The historical tunnel trip turned out to be similarly a disaster, with Jaxob messing with things and causing it to collapse, to apparently being against some cultists, stopping Ricky from killing somebody and more having to run away because the tunnel was rumbling and falling apart again. Having to be rescued by the murderer of all people was the last thing that Rosemarie wanted to be indebted with, but here we are. There's something definitely up with the people, she is pretty sure of it, but what was still to be determined. Jaxob was weird, but she'd be lying if she said it was a super bad kind of weird, aaaand the thrill was kinda fun too. Talking about fun, an escape room! Now we're talking, it was going to truly be like a game come to life!! This time she is already anticipating everything going wrong though as this seems to be the pattern in the making...

Kyaaa~! It's here! She loves iiit! It's so similar to the ones she has in game! It's a bit on the heavier side though... Oh well, you can't feel the actual weight of weapons through VR, but still eeeee, so excited! Weirdly excited, she should definitely tone it down a tad, tehe~ Mary bought just one of them for now though, for testing purposes, and to not make the expense too suspicious on her family's budget. Aaah, but it's already soooo worth it!! Something definitely told her that she shouldn't be looking forward to needing it this much, though...
Beeeecause skeletons invaded their escape room near the end and then Jack decided to toy with their fears during the Easter/April fool's party. Of course. At least there was some satisfaction to be gained seeing the trickster god getting thrown around the place by Jaxob, but ever since, her schedule has been too packed to meet up again. ...Is this what missing someone feels like?


Abilities: MMO RPGs are Rosemarie's escape route and vent place and as a result of this separation, when an emergency pops up that demands action, Marie tends to slip into Brunhildr's character to properly handle the situation. Brunhildr is, the embodiment of all the anger and frustration she holds in, brute, harsh, impulsive and violent, with no regard to others if it means getting matters settled. It especially shows in her weapon of choice being clawed gauntlets which Rosemarie eventually 'brought to life' in the form of clawed brass knuckles, a pair at this point in time. ...You know, just for self defense.

Gamer logic has saved her a lot of trouble when it comes to puzzle/problem-solving skills, stepping into a position of confidence and being able to completely wave situations aside for their weirdness, focusing on how to get out of them more than what's happening and thus, making her more efficient. A huge example of this was right away in the first Fate event, where Rosemarie had the insight to fold her dress into a shorter more combat-ready way in case the first murder didn't end there. It was good-thinking.
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Short undercut, brown eyes (:

Thomas Kelly


The Umbrella Academy OC

Grew up in Australia, foster care system mostly. Never stayed in one home for long. Eventually learned his skill of growing plants and became a Botanist of sorts and lives in a house connected to a greenhouse. (HE went to college)

Chlorokinesis: He can communicate with plants and feel their emotions- they can also feel his emotions without him actively trying. Leading to annoying situations sometimes- He broke his leg once because a plant grabbed him to comfort him when a dog was chasing him and he tripped and broke his leg. Oops.
~~Character Sheet~~

"You may call it stupid, but I'm calling it genius!" ~ Daichi


Daichi Ringer


Umbrella Academy OC


The special ability to create anything he draws to life! Kinda like a Scribblenauts power, but with super realistic drawings rather than words. As long as he can draw it, and actually has enough energy to do it, he can make it happen! Though, drawing people is currently off the table right now. That has never ended well for him.

Daichi grew up in the United States with his foster family of 4. His two parents and his older brother Yuuto. They're half American-Half Japanese. With his mother being from New York and his Dad from Okinawa. He also treasures his orange tabby named Lisa. A little feline friend he drew up who is able to talk! A little too much at that.

Other Info
None as of right now
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.Screenshot 2022-02-02 8.23.30 PM.png
(Faceclam: Young Segio Carvajal)
Jaxob Campbell


OC [Fated Charp storyline) .

Personality: Jaxob has the personality of most teenage boys who have fathers who has a lot of power,a bit of a rebel and not afraid to cause some trouble. He is also a nice kid who enjoys going places, but he also hates surprises. He also tends to pick up the personality ( and sometimes) abilities of people around him.

Jaxob was a "gift" to his fathers, being "borrn" as a baby to be their "son" and has grown up for the past sixteen years thinking he was normal. ( I mean, don't most kids look exactly their two parents perfectly combined as teens? Nothing weird here) He also has been a participant in a host of weird parties ( Loveless has them beautifully described in Rosemarie's summary, it's pretty much the same).


Necromancy- Jax can bring people back from the dead. ( He got this from his dad. Eyes become grey when using this power)

Magic- Jaxob picked up how to cast spells from his other dad. ( Eyes become blue when using this power)

Power Mimicry- The closer he gets to a person, the more of their powers he can use. This however also works in the same way that if he is around a human, the more human like he is. (Eyes remain normal color)

Realty Manipulation- Jaxob doesn't realize that, but whenever he is extremely upset or scared, he is able to use powers that he doesn't understand.. (Eyes become red. THIS POWER WILL NOT BE WORKING DURING THIS RP)

Other Info
Jaxob is a doppelganger of his two fathers. :)​
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elphelt profile smaller.png

Elphelt Valentine

Age: Unknown - Possibly Ageless




Created as a Valentine designed to infiltrate human society - able to perfectly mimic human emotion and simulate human foibles - Elphelt quickly became the fiancée of a death metal singer. But on the day of her wedding, her sleeper programming malfunctioned and she awakened to her old memories, and - in an act of rebellion against the one who created her - crashed her own wedding. But after a long and tumultuous adventure, Elphelt is eager to return to a simple life of her own volition, and find a romantic partner to settle down with.


Originally being created in the Backyard, Elphelt possesses an intrinsic ability to wield magic in a variety of ways, primarily using the bouquet of roses she carries on her hip as her magical focus. Not only does she use it to store a variety of weapons:


She can also use it for limited flight, and as a blunt weapon:


Otherwise, Elphelt is capable of fairly powerful summoning magic, able to summon anything from explosives, to beverages, to marriage certificates, but is limited to one at a time:


But Elphelt's most impressive feat of magic is the ability to craft a bullet which captures the heart of anyone it pierces:

Other Info:

Play Guilty Gear

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Unconfirmed (Likely in his early 20s)




Other Info
I'm too lazy to fill in anything myself lol


Chrystie Moon appears to be a young Korean woman with ebony black hair in a neat bob cut. Chrystie is tall but hardly lanky. Her body is extremely physically fit and curvaceous and she often flaunts it with every outfit she wears. Her skin is eerily clear and pale, like milk, with the only blemishes being a fake mole under her lip and a large scar down the middle of her chest. Being a Royal, Chrystie’s scarlet red irises have flecks of gold to indicate her status and immortality.

For this event, Chrystie is wearing a personnally tailored form-fitting suit made from midnight black silk with gray floral patterns on top (Pattern) Under her blazer, she wears a black blouse with a red tie and gold tie clip. Her footwear of choice is a pair of four-inch black, red-bottom stiletto heels. To round out her outfit, she wearsthree earrings on her right ear, two earrings on her left ear, an ornate ring on her left hand, and a magic pendant around her neck.

(Refer to image above, but significantly angrier)

Chrystie Moon



Crimson Chrysanthemum Astereae, Hei-Ran Moon was born as the sole child of the founder of Moon Interdimensional and Azami’s Bloodied Queen. Her existence was for the sole purpose of producing an heir for both groups, so she has been placed under extreme pressure to succeed since a child. The only shred of freedom granted to her was training under the tutelage of Azami’s Order’s greatest warriors, one of the few activities not mandated by her parents. She went through the motions and eventually inherited Moon Interdimensional at the age of 578 when her father retired. Even as CEO, Chrystie was stifled by her board of directors and needlessly restricted from doing anything that would endanger the good and proper image of the company.

This all changed when Kaiser Shah, CEO of the up-and-coming KING LLC, offered Chrystie her hand in marriage. He promised her freedom from her situation if she agreed to help KING LLC to acquire Moon Interdimensional. Chrystie jumped on board with the plan, and within a year, the company was restructured and under a brand new board of directors. Chrystie now had the freedom to run her company however she wanted.

However, her first act was not to do paperwork or sort out company matters, it was to indulge in her newly acquired freedom. She spent the next couple of decades traveling with her husband and his friends. While she fought monsters, explored ruins, and learned how to live a life, her company was slowly declining from mismanagement and the lack of a leader.

Eventually, Chrystie was forced to return to her life of leading Moon Interdimensional when she suffered a near-fatal wound. With plenty of controversy surrounding her years of neglecting the company and around her injury, Chrystie finally found the inspiration to be a businesswoman. She thrived off of the controversy and made bold expansions that shook up the economic landscape of Ventus, turning Moon Interdimensional into one of the most successful interdimensional businesses.

Azami's Flowering Fist
A martial art created by Azami’s followers and developed by Family Leaders of Azami’s Order. It has three paths that each emphasize a different fighting style. Masters of this art can combine this with their powers from the Azami’s Efflorescent Ether to deadly effect. The Path of Amaryllis’s Petal focuses on fast, aggressive, and ceaseless combos to weardown and overwhelm the opponent. The Path of Rosaceae’s Thorn focuses on defense and grappling to restrain opponents. The Path of Astereae’s Sap focuses on distracting the opponent to expose and exploit weakpoints.

Azami’s Efflorescent Ether
Half of the blood that runs through Chrystie’s veins has been passed down through the generations of her Family, granting them the hybrid ability of florakinesis and hemokinesis. She is capable of manipulating both plants and blood to create and end life.

Azami’s Ruddy Reform
This ability allows descendants of the Royal Family to grow stronger by consuming the blood of people they kill. Doing so allows them to inherit any abilities and enhancements inherent to the blood of their victims. The amount of blood consumed affects the potency of the inheritance when it is later on recalled and mixed into the blood of its user. Descendents of Azami are able to mix different types of blood, but the greater the number of types of blood are mixed in, the more diluted the effects, Chrystie, being the Azami’s Bloodied Princess, has the luxury of being able to gain the full power of a person’s blood with only a drop and she is able to mix her blood without diminishing returns.

Azami’s Iridescent Ichor
Azami’s Iridescent Ichor is a special ability granted to the Azami’s Bloodied Princess and Azami’s Bloodied Queen. It allows their blood to be treated as multiple types of blood at any given moment and possess their characteristics. This is an ability that allows the Princess and Queen to use Azami’s Ruddy Reform with multiple types of blood with each at full power. Each type of blood used is treated as completely filling Chrystie’s veins and is considered to be the exclusive type of blood in her system to prevent conflicting characteristics or incompatible blood types from causing damage.

Royal Physiology
Royals are like gods to humans, wielding godly strength, durability, and agility that scale with the universe they are in. Chrystie, in particular, is exceptionally strong, even for a Royal. Royals are loosely considered immortal, not aging once they reach maturity and being impossible to kill with mortal weapons. While they are vulnerable to magical weapons, Chrystie is exceptionally resistant even to those weapons. As with all Royals, Chrystie possesses a supernatural charisma that naturally creates polarized opinions regarding her.

Other Info
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