Post-Apocaypse-Madness (P.A.M) Sign Ups and Discussion


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Welcome to Post-Apocalyptic Madness or P.A.M for short. The first and probably last multi-fandom RP that focuses on the end of the world, or worlds for short. To put a longer story short the premise of this story is that the entire multiverse has collapsed and been assimilated into a single but dreadfully broken world! Your characters are the survivors of the collapse and must survive this new desolate world devoid of civilization or common luxuries! All the while facing down other survivors and numerous threats.​

That's it, keeping. it brief and simple.

Also keep in mind, this would be my first time GMing an RP of this caliber so expect mistakes.

(Considering no one has joined yet. I will say this. I am looking for a small easily managable group as well as co-GMs. Since this is my first game I would feel more comfortable with collaborating with someone else.)
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This sounds really cool. I'm definitely interested!
Thanks for the interest! For the sake of time this thread will count as both the OOC and sign ups. Thanks for your interest everyone!!