Star Wars Roleplay/Mass Effect crossover search(reboot)


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Hello everyone I'm Nomad-22 but please feel free to call me Nomad. Before I get started here are some ground rules from me.
1) To be honest I'm not into smut RPs. However, if there is romance(I prefer MxF) in a thread that we're rping together the relationship can be referenced(fade into black) and such but again no smut. Although I would prefer to focus on character development when it comes to IC relationships especially in friendship/comradeship or family bonds.
2) Adventure/action whether it be set in sci fi or fantasy are fine with me. Like in Star Wars or Dragon Age series. Also don't mind drama and comedy mixed in the stories. In fact I'm in favor for such a combination.
3) Can't do full-scale horror stories just not my cup of tea to be quite honest.
4) As for my pace of posting, if it can vary from fast to slow depending on the situation in rl. If running into extended delays on my end or lost interest I'll let you know. Feel free to do the same.
5) I can write from two to several more paragraphs. Don't worry I'm not grammar elitist that demands complete perfection. Because honestly my writing style has its faults and so I have no right to judge others for it. But please no one liners. A paragraph or two would be more than acceptable.
6) Also I will only roleplay with partners who are in their 20s or up.
Now let's get to the fun part...
The Star Wars setting is more or less an AU of the Sequel Era. In this scenario Emperor Paplatine remains dead, Ben Solo doesn't turn to the Dark Side, thereby Luke's Jedi Order still exists and is growing. However, the Imperium(alternative First Order) will be a factor in addition to other threats. Aside from that there are dark side cults are growing in strength and criminal syndicates running amok in the Outer Rim. I would prefer to RP OCs though canon characters can be npced by us within reason.
The crossover idea I have a Star Wars/Mass Effect crossover where my OC is teleported to the Mass Effect universe sometime after the Reaper War. In that scenario the Reapers are destroyed but without sacrificing the Geth and other allied AIs. You can roleplay a OC from Mass Effect but if you want to RP canon characters we can work something out. Don't worry in either scenario we can share NPCs unless if you just want to focus on your character and in that case I'll try to handle most of the NPCs if that is your preference.
If the crossover idea doesn’t interest you we could roleplay a story set strictly in the Star Wars verse and come up with a plot together.
Here my OC that I will be roleplaying;

Name: Minerva Fhirdiad
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Species: Human
Appearance: Stands at five feet and nine inches and weights one twenty five pounds. As for hair it is dark and short in length with a pixie cut style. She also has brown eyes with olive colored skin. When not wearing her green theme armor and similar gear Minerva puts on a black sleeveless or short sleeves shirt and similar colored pants in warm environments. In winters it is complete with a green jacket.
Backstory: There was an Alderaanian couple, Garvan and Lena Fhirdiad who worked as interstellar scouts, often operating in the Outer Rim. In the midst of one of their travels, they saved a Mandalorian mercenary named Jorel Ordo. Indebted by their compassion the latter became their protector for a long time. Called home on family business, Garvan returned to Alderaan, leaving Lena now pregnant in the care of Jorel. However, he died when the first Death Star destroyed the planet.
Learning the truth soon after Lena was wrecked with grief. She tried to live on yet died two weeks later in childbirth onboard her ship but not before naming her daughter Minevra. Ordo was now left alone with the child. He took the infant Minevra, bringing her in as a founding into one of the surviving Mandalorian enclaves hidden in the galaxy. Minevra grew up in the company of Jorel who adopted her more or less. While raising her in his view of Mandalorian culture the old veteran noted the girl had an adventurous spirit like her deceased parents and encouraged it.
Eventually Minevra became of age and chose to remain as a Mandalorian. Not long after Jorrel was fatally wounded during a mercenary job they both were both hired for. Before his death the aging veteran confided his regrets about the fate of Minevra's parents and the decline of his people's culture. With his last breath Jorrel requested that she burn his body, scatter the ashes on Mandalore and to forge her own path as a Mandalorian.
She strived to do so and on a harrowing journey alone she eventually reached the devastated homeworld. After fulfilling the first half of the promise Minevra made an effort to better understand her adopted heritage and herself by going on a galactic wide pilgrimage.
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Are you still looking for partners for either of your two plots? I would be honored to do either of those with you, my knowledge of both universes is quite extensive. I would need to make an OC for the Mass Effect one but I have a SW character ready to go.
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Hello Raynar Saassin. As a matter of fact yes I’m still looking for partners for either one of those concepts mentioned above. We can dicuss it further on pms.
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