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Shadows Die Twice
Divine Rot

ArcRift: Tale I


It began before humanity first drew breath-- the grazing of the Divine Dragon, settling in from the West, to the land of Ashina.

It was a thing beyond mankind's humanity's wildest imagination. One single entity driving out the influence of Buddha and the Gods themselves, nesting in as a creature of absolute adoration high in the heavens, where one could touch Takaamahara with the tip of their fingers, were they selfish or insane enough to reach for the very heavens in search of the dragon's blood.

... and so, men were as such. They touched something that drifted alongside the Dragon-- his heritage.

Travelers from long beyond the yonder that is Ashina heard of it, of course. This... blood that does not flow. A lineage descending from this very dragon, that men and women would tear themselves apart for it.

The Divine Blood, of the Dragon's Heritage.

... ah, it is so enticing. The legends told of it. Immortality itself-- to never age, to never die. Blood that the land of Ashina tore itself to pieces to achieve to protect themselves from, in the face of total subjugation of the Interior Ministry, seeking to unify Japan-- and do away with their very own land. Their independence. Yet, many others sought it-- many others know what the blood does, beyond simply bring the dead back. They know of Dragonrot, the disease devasting the land whenever the Dragon's Heritage manifests itself-- they know of the suffering it causes, in the face of the war and foreigners seeking it, and seek to do away with it.

Whatever the reason, be it a selfish one or a righteous one-- you are here now. Ashina greets you, the land of Rejuvenating Waters.

What seek you, foreigner?

Do you seek the blood for your own purposes?

Do you seek to do away with the ties of immortality to this land?

Or do you simply seek...

... ah, but that is gazing too closely, isn't it?


1) This is an ArcRift side story. As such, only a limit of 12 players will be allowed in. This isn't first come first serve however, as I have full right to deny a sheet if I feel like it wouldn't work on the setting, or if another is more enticing than the other. I mean no hard feelings, of course. I simply am looking for quality over quantity.
2) Street-level characters only! By that, I mean characters on a maximum power ceiling on the likes of Spider-Man and the like. If you are unsure if a character is street level or not, however, let me know and we can talk something out.
3) No godmodding/metagaming/powergaming yadda yadda, you all know the drill.
4) Characters can either be separated into groups whereas they came along into Ashina with other characters or by themselves. It is not obligatory to have teamed up with other players, however.
5) No one lining, please. Principally on plot-important moments. It undermines the experience and makes things incredibly hard for me to react and reply to.
6) Expect to die. Shadows may Die Twice, but you do not. ... But! I won't be a cruel GM. Remember to always have fun as well!
7) For OOC chatter, join the Discord Server.

Character Sheets

What is the name of your character? Or perhaps, their title?

How old is your character?

What do they look like? A picture or a written description is fine, but for OCs, both are preferable.

OC? Canon?

What do they got under their belt? Please, no wiki links, or Vs Battles link. This isn't a death battle calc fest. Just be sensible.

How much are they carrying and what?

This is incredibly important and doubles as a backstory. What do your characters want with Immortality and why? They don't need to be seeking it for their own needs, any other reason is fine.

Anything... extra?

What group they are on? Or are they on their own?

@Midle1998 as Yasuke (Netflix's Yasuke)
@navihime as Mori Calliope (HoloLive)
@Loveless as Rayda Valence (Non-Fandom OC)
@cloaked as Rei (Pokémon Legends: Arceus)
@thatguyinthestore as Norman Osborn (MCU)
@megar as Mitsuhide (Dragalia Lost)
@TheElenaFisher as Ciri (The Witcher)
@Minerva as Yashamaru Kurama (Samurai Showdown)
@Igloo as Blyeth (Fire Emblem: Three Houses)
@PlumpyNut as Baiken (Guilty Gear)
@marc122 as Yume Moto (Non-Fandom OC)
@udon as The Twelfth Doctor (Doctor Who)
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Reserving a slot rn :)
reserved slot

Unknown (possibly in his 30s or 40s)



Yasuke is an incredibly skilled fighter, as he is able to constantly hold his own against several skilled enemies at once. He often fights with opponents notably more powerful than him such as samurais amplified by Dark Magic. Yasuke has also shown skill in hand-to-hand combat as he was able to successfully disarm an ordinary swordsman with ease, while being barehanded himself.

In addition to his combat prowess, Yasuke has also displayed high tactical intellect as noted by many of his allies and opponents. Yasuke has shown an ability to develop highly effective military tactics and execute them with high precision. Against the large army of the Daimyo, Yasuke was able to successfully stall the opposing army while buying time for his forces to implant several dozen archers hidden in the shadows to strike down the Daimyo's forces.

Yasuke has also shown inhumanly high willpower, as he was able to brutally endure being beaten by brass knuckles and even electrocuted in an attempt to get word on Saki's location out of him for an extended period of time.

A katana
A fishing trident

To revive his old master from the ashes with the Divine Dragon Blood. Having felt guilty for allowing his master to take his own life, he wants to resurrect him the blood so that he may realize his dream of a unified Japan that does away with the traditions of old. Opening it's mind to the newer possibilities the world offers. If he cannot do this, then he will follow one that embodies this dream.


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I might uh... reserve a spot here.




| King Metphies Astrallius | "King Ghidorah" |

2000+ Years Old


Godzilla (OC Incarnation)

- Bio-Electrical Manipulation:
Ghidorah can channel electrical energy through his body and apply to them through his melee attacks and surge them through his weapons for the same affect.
- Gravity Beam Discharge: Ghidorah can shoot yellow lightning out of his hands towards his opponent. It also allows for him to telekinetically move any connected targets. If applied directly for extensive periods of time, they can be used to kill, either by stopping all bodily functions or simply disintegrating opponents to ash (varies from opponent to opponent). They can strike up to multiple opponents at the same time if targets are positioned closely to one other.
- Energy Siphon: Ghidorah can suck the life-force out of certain opponents to regain lost energy or heal from harsh wounds. Opponent must be first weakened or bound to one place first, and for the caster to remain undisturbed for a successful procedure.
- Enhanced Stats: Ghidorah had been hardened by centuries of war and conflicts, adding to his already incredible strength and agility.
- Levitation: Ghidorah can temporarily levitate off the ground and for extended distances or up great heights for a limited time.

- Royal Lance
Ritual Dagger
- Royal Armor


As the supreme ruler of the intergalactic Exilian Empire, Ghidorah wishes to rule over his subjects for eternity. At the same time, however, he is slowly growing sickly due to a rare degenerative disease and his political opponents grow wearily restless, frothing at the thought in usurping his throne. Ghidorah believes that this exquisite dragon blood to not only be the cure to his ailments, but also allow him to take on new powers to destroy his opponents and assume dominance over the universe.

And he will use any means necessary in order to take it for himself...


"Long Live the King"

"Flexible"; Will manipulate others for his own goals.​
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Name: The Twelfth Doctor AKA: https://tardis.fandom.com/wiki/The_Doctor%27s_aliases
Age: Unknown exactly, at least two thousand years old
Media of Origin: Doctor Who expanded universe

Abilities and Powers:
Gallifreyan physiology: As a member of the Dominus Temporis, or Time Lord, species, The Doctor possesses numerous superhuman abilities: These include heightened reflexes, stamina, strength, intelligence and coordination. He can also perceive time differently than humans, and is able to see when points in time are fixed and cannot be altered. When on the verge of death, he is capable of regenerating into an entirely new body to repair the damage—however, he will temporarily disoriented and receive a change in personality, with symptoms being exasperated if the regeneration does not occur in a controlled environment like the TARDIS.

Durability: The Doctor possesses incredible resilience that enables him to survive falls from heights that would shatter the bones of humans, and a respiratory bypass system that allows him to last for extended periods without breathing. He can survive in extreme temperatures, including the vacuum of space. Röntgen radiation has almost no effect on him, and he can even process it into a form harmless to humans and expel it. He can operate on very little sleep, only needing about an hour.
When severely injured without needing to fully regenerate, he can slip into a coma for a period of time and repair the damage fully. His body can also withstand powerful blasts that would normally completely disintegrate a human, even something as powerful as a Dalek ray blast, though something like this will still be fatal eventually—it just won't kill him immediately.

Venusian Aikido: As a form of non-lethal self-defense, the Doctor studied, and became quite adept in, Venusian Aikido, a form of martial arts developed by nuns from Venus. It can be used to stun by attacking pressure points, and perform joint locks, throws and kicks.

Short Range Telepathy: The Doctor can use telepathy to transfer, share, or remove memories and information from an individual's mind, and implant secret messages in their subconscious. However, he must make physical contact with their head before he can do this. His heightened mental state also allows him to resist telepathic attacks and hypnosis, and his centuries of life and wealth of memories and information can be difficult for psychics to parse and can often overload them: When implanted into a human, the mental power and memories of a Time Lord was going to kill them unless they had their mind wiped.

Super-intelligence: The Doctor is incredibly intelligent, able to comprehend complex scientific subjects and terms far beyond that of a normal human, and being adept at mental arithmetic, with an incredibly impressive memory to boot.

TARDIS: The Doctor's primary method of transport and humble abode, the TARDIS is a technological marvel, and a dimensionally and chronologically impossible machine. It is, in fact, sentient, and is able to establish a telepathic link with everyone in a certain radius that acts as an automatic translator: You will hear everyone speak the language you are most familiar with. Most notably, it is able to teleport throughout time and space, is almost impervious to all damage, will automatically relocate when attacked, can turn invisible, project a force field, an oxygen bubble, disables the use of all weapons when inside, render itself immobile, create a Sonic Screwdriver from scratch, and perform many other functions. It is also supposed to be able to disguise itself to suit it's surroundings and blend in, however the Chameleon Circuit that controls this function is broken, and the TARDIS is stuck on the form of a 1960's British police box. The TARDIS controls possess an isomorphic security system, which can be activated to allow only the Doctor to pilot and control it. It is also incredibly difficult to break through once it's doors have been locked, with the Doctor once remarking "the hordes of Genghis Khan" were unable to force the doors open.

Sonic Screwdriver: A special tool originally created by the Doctor and improved upon by the TARDIS, the Sonic Screwdriver possesses a vast array of functions, mainly focused around interfacing (and interfering) with technology, opening locks, disarming (it was described as being able to "vibrate the particles" in someone's wrist to burn them in a small area and make them drop their weapon) and scanning entities and energy signals. Though robust in its applications, it cannot work on wood or a spdeadlock mechanism. In a pinch, it can also be used to summon the TARDIS, however 'she finds it demeaning' and gets 'prickly' if this is done too often.

Sonic Sunglasses: Identical to the Sonic Screwdriver, this piece of equipment has one crucial difference: It's a pair of sunglasses. As well as doing everything a Sonic Screwdriver can do, the Sunglasses can also be activated with a thought, record video and audio, and even possess an internet browser.

Psychic Paper:
A blank piece of paper in a leather wallet, with the power to show whoever looks at it exactly what the Doctor wants them to see (ID, credentials, permits etc). The paper can also work on machinery like scanners, however will not work on people that completely lack imagination or are trained to resist it's psionically suggestive effects.

Invisibility Watch: It's a watch that makes the wearer invisible. What do you want from me

Chronodyne Generators: Small devices, similar to explosive mines. They can be attached to any surface and set on a timer: When this timer reaches zero, they will begin to rapidly accelerate time around a target and send them into the future, potentially billions of years ahead. This acceleration is dependent on the time set on the timer: If the Chronodyne Generators are activated early, they may only send the target a few hours into the future.

Nitro-9/Explosives - A powerful explosive similar to nitroglycerin, created by the streetsmart companion Ace. Originally possessing a fuse time of 8 seconds inside deodorant cans, the Doctor has also put it to use for his own purposes, remotely detonating it to destroy a Nestene relay device (and completely engulf a five storey department store in flames in the process). Nitro-9 is stored in the TARDIS, and the Doctor does not normally carry it around.

Epee: Originally used by his Third incarnation, the Doctor became quite proficient with this sword. Using it, he dueled against the dastardly Master and triumphed—and now, he's brought it back to protect himself.
As for how he carries it around...Well, his pockets are bigger on the inside, of course.

Electric Guitar: Oh yeah.

The Doctor seeks immortality so he can synthesise its cure: An antivenom for immortality, to reverse its affects. When the Dalek empire sank into the subterranean graveyard of Skaro, the Daleks were consumed by what remained below—but what remained below was exactly the problem. Unless under specific circumstances, Daleks never truly die. Instead, all of Skaro became a writhing, suffering mass of melting flesh and boiling hate—with Davros in the middle of it all. The Doctor hopes to end the suffering of this conglomerate once and for all, finally putting an end to the empire of Skaro and letting Davros rest.

mp canon

Independent, willing to ally with diplomatic characters or those without bloodlust.
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"Sometimes life...life is like...a piece of snow, it's so beautiful until it melts away."
Calliope Mori
Mori Calliope (Japanese order)

No (yes, I'm serious. that's what's listed as her age.)
Born April 4th


Shinigami/Grim Reaper - Calliope is a permanent part of the Underworld, as in the world of the dead. This means she already has a certain amount of immortality, as she literally has a home down in hell. Her main purpose is to carry souls of the dead to the afterlife; basically, she kills people for a living.
Human-ish Body - After her trip from the Underworld to the land of the living, Calliope has had to inhabit a humanoid body that requires sleep to function. Therefore, during her time in a living body, she does have a certain amount of mortality that comes along with it, but as stated before she can always find her home in hell at any time. Before her music career took off, she had to buy a cheap plane ticket to Japan to enter the mortal realm. This implies that she can always come back at any time (if she has the money, of course). For the sake of RP, let's say she's flat broke after death.
Bilingual - Calliope knows primarily English and can also speak Japanese. However, she is still learning and is actively taking classes to improve herself.

Scythe - Calliope's iconic scythe, nicknamed Ricky, can be summoned and dismissed at will. It's made out of stainless steel, and is her only known tool for her reaping job.

Why does a grim reaper need immortality, you ask? Simple. So nobody else can have it.

  • Calli is very into rap music, especially Japanese rap. She says it's because the genre is dead (it's not lol) and therefore a popular thing in the Underworld. Her EP "Dead Beats" (also the name she's given her fans) got a lot of attention one day and now she's a (pretty much) famous rap star in the living world.
  • She has a habit of making funny gasping noises, like "guh", usually after she takes a drink or something like that.
  • Fellow musical artist Kiara Takanashi (Takanashi Kiara if you wanna be proper) has a crush on Calli, specifically because Kiara is a phoenix and Calliope is death; Kiara would come back no matter how many times Calli would kill her. This is a long running gag between the two, resulting in a ship in the fanbase and people calling Calli the "tsundereaper", since she denies having any feelings for Kiara at every chance.
  • There is no fourth fact. Just look at this. Tiny.

Independent, and will probably act alone unless teamwork is absolutely necessary.

End of file.
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Peter Parker AKA Spider-Man


Screenshot 2022-02-08 9.21.39 PM.png

Canon: Marvel Cinematic Universe ( Taken from the end of No Way Home)/center]

Artificially Enhanced Physiology- He got the physical capabilities of a spider
Superhuman Strength- Spider-man has the ability to lift a car
Superhuman Durability- Spider-Man is resistant to impact forces and blunt force trauma
Superhuman Speed-Spidey is faster than the ordinary human.
Superhuman Agility- He is a super agile boy.
Superhuman Stamina- He's not a man who gets easily tired.
Superhuman Reflexes- He can react faster than the average man
Enhanced Senses- Peter has those super senses
Enhanced Vision- Peter has super sight.
Enhanced hearing- Peter can hear things better than the average man
Spider-Sense- Peter has a sense to know impending doom before it happens, you know, like Spiders do.
Regenerative Healing Factor- Peter can heal faster than the average person
Wall-crawling- Can climb up a wall
Genius Level-Intellect- Peter is a brilliant scientist kid and has been told he's super smart
Master Scientist- Peter has a mastery over science
Expert Engineer- Peter is good at building new tech
Expert Tactician- Pop cutlure is the ultimate strategy maker when it comes to make plans
Investigator- Peter got detective skills and can figure stuff out
Expert Combatant- It's what the label says- he's an expert at combat.
Master Marksman- Peter is good at hitting the mark.
Master Acrobat- Peter can perform amazing acrobatic and gymnastic skills
Multilingualism- Peter knows English and Spanish

Spiderman Suit- Peter has goot a simple spider-man suit
Webs shooters- It's what the label says
Synthenthic webbing- Peter created his own webbing..

Peter Parker is so tired of all the death that is surrounding him at every time. First his mentor, Tony Stark/Iron Man and then his Aunt May. . He wants the immortality so that the city never has to worry about losing him and he can continue to be Spider-man without worrying about being killed. However, a secondary reason is that he wants to ask if the immortality could be used to bring back his Aunt May.

Peter is a sad boy right now.

He's arriving by himself.​
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"What's my strategy?"


Byleth - The Ashen Demon






"Allow me to demonstrate!"

Once, Byleth possessed the power of the goddess Sothis, whose spirit was bound to his own; this granted him phenomenal power including a degree of control over time, allowing him to decide the outcome of a continent-wide war nearly singlehandedly. Unfortunately, this power has since been lost to him: the end of the war also marked the loss of his connection with the goddess, and his subsequent return to humanity.

Of course, his skills as a combatant have not been hindered any by this loss.

On his own merits, Byleth is already a capable swordsman, having honed his skills over the years as a mercenary working under his father Jeralt; indeed, his abilities garnered him considerable renown, to the point of being labeled the 'Ashen Demon' in reference to the ruthlessly stoic manner in which he cut down his foes. Furthermore, he possesses a talent for hand-to-hand combat and a keen tactical, to the point of serving as one of the central strategists of the elite Black Eagle Strike Force during the War for the Unification of Fódlan. He also possesses considerable magical ability, capable of casting both healing magic such as Recover and powerful black magic spells such as Bolganone and Ragnarok -- though each spell can only be cast a certain amount of times per battle before Byleth must rest to replenish them.


A full list of Byleth's spells is given below:

Light Magic:
- Magically heals the wounds of an ally. Can be used ten times per battle.
Nosferatu - A weak offensive spell that saps the vitality of an enemy to restore Byleth's own. Can be used twelve times per battle.
Recover - A more powerful healing spell for use on severely injured allies. Can be used five times per battle.
Aura - A powerful offensive spell which calls a beam of light down upon an enemy. Can be used three times per battle.

Black Magic:
- A basic offensive spell which hurls a fireball at an enemy. Can be used ten times per battle.
Thunder - A more potent spell which casts a bolt of lightning down upon the enemy. Can be used eight times per battle.
Bolganone - A powerful fire spell which summons an eruption of flames at an enemy's feet. Can be used five times per battle.
Ragnarok - The most powerful fire spell, which conjures a massive explosion of fire around an enemy. Can be used three times per battle.


Furthermore, though Byleth no longer has a spiritual connection to Sothis, he does still bear the goddess's blood. As a result, he also possesses the Crest of Flames, which grants him superhuman abilities -- most notably the considerable enhancement of his strength. Though this boon is inherent, the Crest can also activate in the heat of battle for short periods at a time, further enhancing Byleth's strength and allowing his blows to sap the vitality of the enemy similarly to the Nosferatu spell.


"Here is something to believe in!"


Byleth's most notable pieces of equipment in the present day are the Sword and Shield of Seiros, a pair of sacred weapons named for the legendary Saint that wielded them. Both items boast the ability to heal their user; the Shield does so passively (while also being even more resilient to the attacks of monstrous foes), while the sword does so with every blow struck using the weapon, again similar to the Nosferatu spell. The healing granted by each sacred weapon is enhanced if their wielder bears the Crest of Seiros; unfortunately, Byleth does not, and so the amount of healing he receives from either is comparatively limited.

Outside of these legendary weapons, the rest of Byleth's equipment is fairly mundane: he carries with him a forged iron sword as a spare weapon to use for smaller-scale combat (saving the Sword of Seiros for crucial battles), as well as a regular supply of vulneraries and concoctions to act as additional healing for himself and his comrades should he run out of healing spells.


Byleth seeks to atone.

During the War for the Unification of Fódlan, the last Nabateans -- the draconic children of Sothis -- were wiped out in battle, all at Byleth's command. Furthermore, following the war's end he came to be aware of an unsettling truth: Crests such as the Crest of Flames -- the very thing that the war had been fought over -- were not blessings of the goddess as he had believed, but rather forcibly taken by humanity through the slaughter of the Nabateans in centuries past. Knowing this, the whispers about the Dragon's Heritage and its ability to grant immortality have struck an uncomfortable chord with Byleth. He searches for the Dragon's Blood only to destroy it, in the hopes that doing so will save another land from centuries of bloodshed and strife.

Perhaps then he can make peace with himself.


This version of Byleth is taken from five years after the end of the Crimson Flower route.


Byleth is arriving independently, and would prefer to keep working that way; however, if push comes to shove, he will ally with individuals who have earned his trust.
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  • Rayda Valence
  • Details
    Full name: Rayda Ann Valence
    Age: Twenty
    Gender: Female
    Race: Werewolf
    Canon: OC
    Modest, shy and gentle, Rayda stands at a feeble 5' 3'', 107 lbs, a wisp of a girl that despite being cheerful and smiling at others, also seems to be always nervous and fearful of something, actively trying to remain out of sight. A medium golden brown hair that's always seem tied in a single braid and a pair of light blue eyes so soft that they appear grey under certain lighting, only seem to add to the impression of frailty she gives out.

    A country girl through and through, Rayda has a huge liking to long dresses and skirts, with conservative, yet pretty and inviting designs and patterns. She's not very fond of shorter or bolder clothes, preferring to wear something more humble and less showy. You'll never see her in sleeveless shirts, bright colors or fancy fabrics and short sleeves have always to come with a plus, maybe frills, maybe something else that gives them a little more protection.
    If she were to wear something shorter, depending on the attire, people would be able to see a couple of scars, most notably a vicious animal's bite mark by her right shoulder, ever painful and recent-looking as if it had been a current month occurrence, not something from eight years ago.

    During the full moon, Rayda becomes a massive, powerful wolf-creature, capable of standing at its hind legs, with brown and black fur, the same shade of blue eyes from her human form, prominent sharp claws, fangs and a notable lack of a tail.
  • Mundane skills

    Archery: An habit that was never dropped. Rayda grew up to eventually buy a good bow, as opposed to the one she had built as a child. With warm memories of easier times in her heart, the girl never stopped training on it, getting slightly better at handling the bow and holding the arrow steady. It also makes for good intimidation when a normally sweet lady comes at you with a determined expression and a bow and arrow. Trespassers beware.

    Gardening: Everything started the day Rayda decided to stop moving and plant the seed of an apple she had, now what was once just curiosity and fascination has become a well-loved activity that she makes a living from. In the front, arrays of flowers and other plants adorn a little simplistic wooden house and in the back, Rayda tends for fruits and vegetables that she sells in the town, always without a drop of chemicals. To the few people that have become reoccurring clients, Rayda even makes home deliveries.

    Trap-making: A leftover from both her childhood and her life in the woods, Rayda knows an array of different knot techniques and can, for example, craft a net from ropes and/or vines. What was once used to catch animals, store her belongings and ensure her survival, these days are employed as rustic anti-thief alarms and to protect her crops from wild animals or just curious kids, none of which will come to any harm. Probably just get a scare, or two.

    Quarentine Needed: Opposed to the excuses she uses, Rayda has never actually indulged in carpentry work. What she's gotten quite efficient at doing with time, however, it's boarding up an entire house in less than 30 minutes. Guaranteed to be sturdy enough to take a raging bull! ...Or just a huge wolf-creature hitting its body against it. All it requires is some wooden boards, nails, a hammer and we're ready to go!

    Reliable: Ask for help and she'll be there! Though while having intentions other than just good ol' altruism, Rayda is almost always up for dropping whatever she's doing at the moment to assist someone in need, even dangerous things she's not that knowledgeable about. She's also quite strict when it comes to promises and plans she's made with others, being extremely punctual with meeting times or deadlines and following up with the promised thing no matter what.​
    Magical abilities

    Killing Machine: Intended to be a predator through and through, werewolves are notably stronger, faster and more resistant than normal humans. With enhanced strength, they're capable of dealing deadly blows that can break through wood and strike down trees, their enhanced speed and senses make them incredibly fast capable of reading a prey's or attacker's movement by the sheer twist of their musculature, predicting what a next move may be, locating them by nothing but the sound of a sheer breath or even their accelerated heartbeats. Nocturnal creatures, they can see, smell and hear like their animal counterparts, yet are smarter than normal wolves and possess stamina enough to go on a rampage for hours without rest, making them just that more dangerous.

    Healing: Though not capable of feats such as regenerating lost limbs, werewolves' have an extremely fast healing factor that will close cuts and fix wounds in a matter of seconds. Their hides are also thick enough to resist low calibre bullets without minding them, needing higher power guns to actually harm them.

    Claws and Fangs: Not much to say about these. They're pointy and deadly and do what you'd expect them to do, bite out and rip apart flesh like a child's play.​

    Longbow: A rustic-looking wooden longbow and a leather quiver just as rustic, handmade looking, though they weren't made by her. It holds about 15 arrows made with easily found in the wild objects, such as sticks, rocks and vines.​
  • Personality
    Tormented by mistakes of the past she's assumed as her fault, Rayda has grown melancholic and overly anxious with time. Deeming herself dangerous, Rayda avoids approaching people too much, looking at them as if they were made of glass and capable of breaking with a touch. Similarly, she's extremely jumpy when approached by others, always trying to keep a certain distance from them, or at last, measuring her every move very carefully. The girl is quick to apologize and take the blame for things, even if the concerned party has already said it's fine. It's never truly fine, it's just flattery.

    Rayda can't tell why she's still alive or what the point of it even is. She's just resigned to living after being unable of following up with multiple attempts to end it. If anything, Rayda takes her life as a punishment, atoning for the terrible things she has done, which makes her a very helpful person. Too helpful, constantly putting herself in deadly situations, secretly hoping to die. The smallest mistake, anything that may cause her to flashback and remember her current 'condition' brings about intense self-deprecation, melancholy and suicidal wishes. Though she'll attempt to hide these from sight, when by herself, Rayda has a propensity to give in to self-harm as a way to alleviate her crushing guilt and regrets.

    Horrified at what people might think of her if she were to let her struggle and broken psyche come to light, Rayda puts a cheerful facade in public, reminiscent of the old her, a gentle, innocent, helpful and generous young woman, upbeat like a ray of sunshine. An act that leaves her heartbroken at every new occurrence, yet that she just can't muster to drop. Any attempts to help her or direct approaches to the subject get ignored and shut down instantly if they're noticed. This is her hell to pay, hers and no one else's. Rayda is determined to pull through it on her own.
    Something that can grant immortality probably can also take it away, right? Rayda just wants to die, but she isn't strong enough to accomplish it herself... So if at least it could take her regeneration away... Then, some other situation could be the final blow. Or maybe she'll die during the journey and finally be allowed to sacrifice herself and end her endless atonement. That'd be good too.
    From a little countryside town of supernatural hunters, kept much like an isolated village somewhere in Lousiana, Rayda lived with her older brother. The pair had been rendered orphans at a young age when their dad didn't return from a hunt and, a couple of years later, their mom had thrown herself in front of the two to shield them from the attack of a creature that had breached the town's security. Growing up in these circumstances, the two siblings were adopted by the townsfolk. The brother, harnessing a strong distaste for the supernatural, cast aside the rest of his childhood insisting on and on and eventually succeeded to become one of the youngest members of the hunters ever.

    Meanwhile, Rayda, being too young to understand much at the time of the happenings and not allowed contact with any 'hunter exclusive knowledge' by being female, just had one wish: to be just like her big brother! In her bright, innocent and naive eyes he was an example to be followed: dedicated, hardworking, kind; always the coolest, the bravest, the fairest, the most generous; incapable of doing anything wrong and good at everything. She truly idolized him, even going as far to bend the rules a bit by making herself bows and arrows from leftover materials from the woods and practising with it in secret from everyone else.
    Instead of playing pretend like the other kids, she'd practice all day hoping to one day be so awesome at archery that the others would have to let her join the hunters too! Once her favorite place behind the barn had been found out, stubborn little Rayda had started dodging the townsfolk to escape deep within the forest, completely out of sight, to practice. Peaceful as it may be, the girl had failed to consider how dangerous straying away from the village could be, which didn't take too long for her to get to experience beforehand.

    The morning had started like any other. Rayda bid her brother goodbye as he left on to join the other hunters in patrol, ate her breakfast, picked a basket filled with pre-made sandwiches, her handmade bow and quill filled with arrows made from sticks and pointy rocks and off she went to practice, making sure not to be seen or followed. To be honest, the only thing out of normal had been the fact that she had been able to hit the makeshift target not just once, but twice! Filled with pride and extremely fired-up at the prospect of getting better at it, the girl had practised even harder, merely taking a break to eat and going back at it as soon as she was done. She had been so focused at the task that Rayda had not noticed when the sun started setting behind her.
    Suddenly it was late, too late to be wandering in the woods all alone...

    Running on her way back had proven unsuccessful as night had caught up to her mid-way.

    ...It all happened too fast.
    The forest had fallen into an untypical silence, a growl and a pair of vicious yellow eyes peeking from the bushes. When Rayda was able to process what had just occurred, she could see an enormous, odd black wolf, illuminated by the moonlight, had her pinned to the ground, her quill had been knocked aside, scattering arrows on the grass. Terrified, the girl just laid there frozen as beastly eyes watched her attentively as if assessing her reactions, it lowered its head, slowly, saliva dripping from its sharp teeth and into her dress. At this point, Rayda was praying to both angels and demons for salvation and apologising for anything she had ever done, convinced that it was the end, but when the animal's teeth sank on her shoulder adrenaline and self-preservation spoke louder. Reaching for an arrow on the floor, the girl jabbed it into the beast's eye without thinking twice, making a run for it once the creature let go, a howl of pain echoing almost instantly.

    Rayda did not look back, assuming that the wolf was also giving chase once she could hear the sound of rustling grass and stomping behind her. Zig-zagging in-between the trees, Rayda had run like never before, only focused on getting to her village alive. Oh, heavens! If she survived she'd never ever ever leave her town again!! NEVER!! And then there was a hole right in front of a trees' roots. Instead of climbing over those, Rayda found herself sliding down an opening, falling face-first into a mound of dirt. The creature had even scurried inside with its big paws, trying to make the entrance wider, but failed to do so as its claws barely chipped away at the rocky underground wall, giving up after a while. The girl had taken a couple of breaths, finally feeling calmer and safer, before she felt her vision blur and passed out due to blood loss.

    She had awakened back at the town and would have believed it all to be a dream if it wasn't for a very worried, yet angry, brother waiting beside the bed. Apparently, he had started a rescue party to search for her once he noticed she was missing and the dogs had found her unconscious in a cold, damp, cavernous hole, dirty, with cuts, bruises and a ragged, bloodstained dress. Maybe it had been the avalanche of lectures that had followed, or the adults acting as if they knew more than her again, or a rebellious streak at the fact that she was grounded until "she learned to be responsible", or even something else, an unconscious fear she wasn't completely aware of, but Rayda had not shared the details of her adventure or made any mentions of her past night encounter. If anyone had been suspicious, they hadn't said a thing and had been just as guilty as her.

    She really didn't know any better, she couldn't have known-

    A month later Rayda would transform for the first time, making a festive occasion into a massacre, the town who had been ready to defend from an outside attack, utterly powerless and taken by surprise when the enemy came from inside instead. The girl would wake up deeper in the woods, a couple of feet away from the town, a chunk of time between sunset and now seemingly lost, not to mention unusually fatigued after a supposed night of sleep. In her still rather drowsy state, Rayda made her way back, appalled at the sheer destruction and gore of the whole thing. not even the kids had been spared and that which was once a celebratory bonfire seemed to have escaped its boundaries and consumed some houses. Carefully stepping through the rubble of wood, broken glass and god knows what else, the girl eventually found her brother, also the rest of the hunter's party. Apparently, they had come back from their 3-day incursion a bit earlier and Liam had driven their attacker away, though not without harm.

    For the next days, Rayda had watched as the remaining townspeople (mostly those that had been away on other duties) started the cleanup after a first day filled with mourning. Rayda herself even helped a bit before her odd lack of energy caught up to her again and she felt forced to stay in her bed. From both her brother and overhearing conversations, she came to learn what a werewolf was and whatever little information they had gathered about them on the hunter's tome. Rayda's mind had travelled back to her night on the woods and the enormous black wolf that had almost killed her, however bits of sounds and images, like lost, scattered memories kept popping here and there, panicked, horrified screams, animal sound and- terrible, terrible things, always from a point of view that could not be hers... could it? The more time passed, the more doubts pilled up on her, with the girl ultimately deciding that if there was any possibility that she had been the perpetrator of the incident, that her village and more importantly, her brother would be better without her.

    In a solitary, extreme plan of action, Rayda left her home behind, talking no more than a few changes of clothes and a rustic necklace, with a blue stone carved in a drop shape that had once been her mom's. Living by herself in the forest was difficult at first, yet always the crafty one, Rayda had grown to use the natural materials at her disposal to craft traps, weapons and the like. As the memory gap and broken bits of records kept occurring, Rayda became more and more aware of how dangerous she could possibly be, moving ever so frequent that no one could locate her and that in case the beast, or whatever it emerged she would not cause problems to nearby cities. At least she had tried it, yet the creature had managed to find its way into civilization one or another time, forcing her to move quite abruptly. The dead count kept raising and with the ever-haunting presence of the curse, Rayda's tomboyish, courageous personality withered into anxiety and fear as she came to learn more about her new state. She's tried to end it too, so so many times, but to no avail...

    Aldenburg was at the start meant to be just one more stop, a temporary visit, but Rayda came to fall in love with the place and its people, that had taken her in oh so warmly, becoming attached to it enough that she made everything in her power to get to stay. The cottage where she lives? Afforded with a mix of money acquired from poor souls that had fallen victim to the beast and a small loan that the girl is yet to pay. With the constant help of neighbours and kind townspeople, Rayda has come this far, no longer a starving, wandering child in the woods, but the owner of her own small, if not satisfactory and pleasant business.

    She could almost, almost forget how much of her presence is a danger to these people and enjoy herself, almost; Though the cruel full moon would never allow such a thing, coming back month after month, always a looming reminder of sins past and new possible mistakes future, keeping the poor girl always on edge.
  • Other Information

    Rayda is at first, solo, but will soon enough have an encounter with her brother, Liam. Also, while the bow and arrow may be her weapon of choice, she's actually not great at aiming and there's more chance for her to completely miss the shot than to hit the actual target; Sometimes even hurt herself with it instead.
    --Theme Song--

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See Above


  • By himself, Rei is little more than an athletic human. The only superhuman trait he possesses is his insane durability, which allows him to shrug off powerful attacks, whether they be plumes of lava or jolts of electricity, in mere seconds. While he is still harmed by these things, they typically don't bother him for long, and he usually just needs to walk them off.​
  • While not supernatural in any way, Rei is very acrobatic. Being trained by the Survey Corps to travel the land, Rei needed to be able to dodge the unrelenting attacks of wild Pokemon, and so picked up a variety of advanced movement techniques along his journey.​

Of course, Rei isn't alone. Rei is known as a Pokemon Trainer, meaning he excels in taming mythical creatures with elemental abilities, of course, called Pokemon. While Rei has many powerful allies, he made the decision to only bring three with him for this adventure, the offspring of his strongest team members.
  • Rowlet is a Pokemon resembling a small owl, and is classified as a Grass/Flying Type, meaning it excels in moves involving wind and plant life. At the moment, he hasn't had much training, and only knows two moves. Gust has Rowlet flap its tiny wings furiously, creating a miniature whirlwind powerful enough to knock a grown man off his feet, while Leafage is a small, yet sharp, leaf-shaped dart.
  • Cyndaquil is a Fire Type that resembles some kind of small rodent. On top of being able to ignite flames on its back, this Pokemon knows the moves Quick Attack, which involves Cyndaquil rocketing towards a target at high speeds, and Ember, where he spits a small flame towards his foe.
  • Finally, Oshawott, a Water Type with the appearance of an otter. This little guy is highly skilled at swimming, and is able to use both Tackle and Aqua Jet, both of which involve Oshawott charging towards an enemy, with Aqua Jet having him surround himself with a watery aura and gain the ability to soar off the ground.
  • All three of these, although small, are just as durable, if not even more durable than their trainer and definitely pack a more devastating punch.

  • Pokeballs- Small, high-tech devices that contain his Pokemon. With the press of a button, his three companions can be called out, and later recalled, into these tiny contraptions by shrinking themselves to fit inside.​
  • Oran Berries- Large, blue berries with minor healing properties. While not very effective on humans, Pokemon will find themselves healed after just a few bites.​
  • Scatterbang- A bag of marbles. When thrown against a solid surface, these marbles will pop, making a loud noise upon doing so. Great for diverting attention.​
  • Smoke Bomb- Balls that, when thrown, release a fine powder that will obscure the vision of those in an area for a short time.​
  • Spoiled Apricorn- A rotten berry who's spores can stun an opponent, assuming they're thrown and hit their mark, ideally the target's face.​

Rei is on a mission. The Almighty Sinnoh himself has shined favor onto this young trainer, and Rei isn't about to reject this. Rei knows that immortality is a prize that many people have their eyes set on, and now, it's right in their grasp. While he, himself, isn't quite sure if immortality is what he desires, he is more than intrigued on the nature of this force. He wants to understand it, to document it, to be able to explain it. Maybe, along the way, he will need to ask himself if immortality is what he needs, or if it will only lead to tragedy. His main goal is documentation, but he's more than willing to assist good-hearted people he meets along the way, and to make sure such a precious gift doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

  • Taken from the post-game of Legends: Arceus.​
  • Rei has stronger Pokemon, but much like the various protagonists in Pokemon Masters, he's taking this as an opportunity to train young Pokemon who are descended from his main teammates. Only Rowlet, Cyndaquil, and Oshawott are with him. The various Nobles cannot be called.​
  • Rei is Lucas from Pokemon Platinum, after becoming Champion of Sinnoh, having been sent back in time without memories or his team.​

Rei will be independent when starting out, but will be happy to help those he can trust to do the right thing.​
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Ashe, Mega Man Model A, "The Copy Mega Man"



Ashe on her own is an athletic young girl with a talent for shooting things.

However, her arsenal improves when she Megamerges with Biometal Model A, where her firepower improves and gains another blaster that locks onto a target and shoots homing bolts of plasma at said targets.

Model A also gains the ability to copy any DNA of the enemies she defeats. However, this would only be applicable to particularly strong enemies(like say, Boss Characters). Model A doesn't automatically obtain those DNA however. She must attain a sample of said DNA. If she fails to get a sample, she won't get a new form to A-Trans to.


Ashe only carries around a few things. Her Buster Pistol. Her Bullets. And of course, Biometal Model A--her transformation device and companion. However, only Ashe can speak to Model A as they share a Biolink together.

What treasure could be greater than Immortality itself? If she manages to obtain a few bottles of Immortality juice, she could be richer than rich AND have a reputation as the greatest Bounty Hunter to exist!


Independent. Though she will join anyone she trusts.

"Peter, Peter, Peter... no good deed goes unpunished..."


"You can thank me later."

Norman Osborn



And, of course...


"Strong enough to have it all..."


When it comes to powers, The Goblin's main draw is his strength. He's on par with Spider-Man himself with both that and reflexes. He's been shown to break down walls with his bare hands, as well as outright shattering furniture by just blocking it with his arm. He can block attacks from Spider-Man himself with ease, often never coming out even mildly unscathed after a fight with the renowned webhead. That is, unless Spider-Man decides to go all out. By the end of that fight, both are often left with plenty of broken bones, nasty cuts, and obscene bruises.



What the Goblin has in brawn, Norman has in brains. He's one of the world's most renowned scientists, having started Oscorp from the ground up with very little. He made a name for himself in the scientific community thanks to his various milestones in genetic research. The Goblin was supposed to be his ultimate achievement, but after rushing due to budget cuts, it soon became his worst mistake bar none.

"Can the Spider-Man come out to play?"


Perhaps the most iconic piece of Gobby's equipment would be his infamous glider. Clocking in at a smooth 90 miles per hour, this high tech piece of military grade equipment is both deadly and speedy. The Green Goblin uses it to soar through the air with ease, and is able to call it too him at any point - no matter where he is. It even works indoors! There's also two large blades on the front end of this glider, making it quite lethal for anyone who happens to be struck by one of them.


Another iconic piece of Goblin's equipment would be his pumpkin bombs. There's not much to these - aside from being stylish. They're small, circular bombs that vaguely resemble that of a pumpkin. You activate one by simply pressing down on the big glowing green part, and then chuck it toward your desired target! A massive explosion will ensue, sometimes powerful enough to turn people to literal skeletons immediately following the explosion.

His suit is also fitted with two massive blades on the arms that will slide out on command. So like, that's pretty cool.

"Gods don't have to choose. We take."

Green Goblin's motivation is simple. He wants to have true power. True unrestricted, ever-lasting power. And what better way to do that than to achieve true immortality?

Norman doesn't even wanna be here however.

"We are who we choose to be... now CHOOSE!"


Goblin will be taken from the end of No Way Home - specifically from before his true final confrontation with Peter, so that way he isn't cured and his glider isn't broken. I'm also gonna do a good balance of Norman and Goblin here. My aim is to leave you all questioning on whether or not it's really Norman behind the wheel, or just the Goblin faking it.

But both will get their screen time, trust me. :)

"No more darker half? Did you really think I'd let that happen?"

Norman will try and keep as far away from other people as possible - especially Peter - out of fear of hurting them.

The Goblin, however, will ally himself with whoever he best sees fit. But they're really just a means to an end, of course.

Anything for true power.​
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"I'm not too fast about being some amazing leader. I've got my own path, and I'm taking it at a nice leisurely pace."
ミツヒデ - Mitsuhide, Leader of the Mouse Clan




"Insurrection successful! Heehee."

Mitsuhide thrives best in the art of diplomacy. She isn't necessarily manipulative by default, though given the opportunity, she certainly won't say no to applying some honeyed words. Her aim in any situation is to defuse it with the least amount of physical effort possible; and it is in this she is very experienced indeed. Her intellect is where she shines brightest, and it is there she can compete with even the best of the best.

Though she much prefers to take control of situations with this incredible prowess with words, and loathes ever having to get up to fight for herself, Mitsuhide is not necessarily defenseless in a fight. She is reasonably adept and swift with a dagger -- definitely to something a little beyond normal human levels -- and her mice friends are more than willing to back her up at a moment's notice. Don't underestimate them just on their size, either: as a swarm, they're no less capable than her, and they also have an electrifying or burning touch.

But if push really comes to shove, she has one last resort: the ability to shift into the form and personality of her soulpacted dragon Daikokuten, a truly mousey boy with a big hammer and mastery over light magic. In this form, she also takes on Daikokuten's eagerness, and hence along with incredible destructive power, also has no qualms at all with having to act at all.

She can also temporarily summon Daikokuten's hammer on her own in the form of the Calamity Drop, a devastating blow that brings much more pain depending on how much momentum she has before dropping it down.

Talking to rodents is also in her skillset. Apparently. She has to tell Bonnie what to do somehow.

Mitsuhide travels light to spare her the trouble of having to carry it all, but she'll never be seen without a set of daggers by her side.

"We've all only got one chance at this life. It was then that I decided to forge my own path."

As the leader of the Mouse clan, Mitsuhide bears the soulpact with Daikokuten. This comes with a downside: to hold a soulpact is to invite death at a far younger age. It is this consequence that causes Hinomoto to be fractured, forcing a whole twelve clans to be in conflict with each other when the time comes to decide on a new shogun; they all die so soon that replacements, so happy they are to compete, are in line.

With her knowledge of worlds beyond her own -- and no interest in ruling Hinomoto herself besides -- Mitsuhide finds herself as the only one equipped to put an end to the eternal clashes by achieving immortality. A dragon will always take its due, however she suspects that the combination of the Divine Blood and a soulpact will at least allow for those with both to achieve a longer life, hence ending the need for such a long and constant war for succession.

If that doesn't work out as she calculated, well... At least she can stop any nefarious characters from getting their hands on it. Last time she dealt with an immortal... was a pain.

also mp canon

Mitsuhide isn't at all afraid to buddy up with anyone and everyone she sees fit: she'll even play the bad guy if it means she can bend the most malicious to her will... plus it gets them out of her hair.​
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"Hello, Peter."
Name: Dr. Otto Octavius

Canon: Spider-Man


"The power of the sun, in the palm of my hands.."


As Doctor Octopus, Octavius' mind was corrupted by the possession of his tentacles; turning him into a bitter and hostile man with a stubborn temper. Whoever interfered against his goals and morals were deemed an enemy, evident through his grudge against Spider-Man at the beginning.

But once he was freed from control, Otto reverted back to his usual self; a hard-working and ambitious scientist with a heart of compassion. He believes firmly that knowledge is a gift and should be used for the greater good rather than the other way around, which leads to his eventual respect for Peter Parker, who helped free Otto of his tentacles. Although compassionate and caring of his friends, he would not hesitate fighting them if it meant defending for the greater good.


"Being brilliant is not enough, young man. You have to work hard."

Although Otto is human, he is not to be underestimated. Much like the majority of Peter's villains, he can match and survive against Spider-Man in direct combat; even to the extent of dominating the Iron Spider in a 1v1:-

His primary way of attacking is the use of his four tentacles, which help him attack opponents from all sides. This method is incredibly flexible, allowing Otto to target several targets at the same time, pick up/throw objects larger than his size, reach long distances, scale buildings, etc.
Otto's arms are very durable, able to effectively block blows from Spider-Man and even Green Goblin's bombs. But the Goblin's glider was still strong enough to pierce through it's tough hide.

Being a scientist with a PHD, it's no surprise to say that Otto is a man of genius. He was capable of building his tentacles and even a protostar nuclear reactor. His intellect even extends to his creative uses of his arms, and even cooperation when teamwork is necessary for the situation.

As stated prior, Otto's set of mechanical arms attached to his back are his disposal and control; each equipped with a red camera lens and claws. Though strong on their own right, they even possess the ability to sap technology; evident by the Iron-Spider's Nanotechnology stolen and integrated into Otto's arms.


"Intelligence is not a privilege, it's a gift. And you should use it for the greater of mankind."

Having regained control, Octavius gained a new understanding of Power and how much of a toll is given to those who inherit it. Immortality is of no exception and he wants to warn anyone of it's potential consequences through his studying of such a phenomenon.

Whether he wants to inherit such power for himself.. is up for debate.

Dr. Octavius will be taken from the end of No Way Home after he was cured.

Other than his tentacles, Otto will be independent, though is willing to team-up with anyone he desires.
Perhaps even accompanying Peter and potentially Osborn, so long as things don't go downhill..



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yume outfits 2.png
Outfit 1: Casual
Outfit 2: Light combat
Outfit 3: Heavy combat

"Yume Moto, Sterling Adventurer"
(AKA. Hiroyuki Abe)

(Hiroyuki is 26.)


Fighting ability
Yume, through various adventures and training, has developed -- not one -- two modes of combat. One is of the offensive, faster kind focused on speed, where she leverages the pressure placed on her weaponry to boost around her enemies and flank within seconds. Another is focused on power, where she instead leverages the sheer strength of her weaponry as she takes on a defensive position. Changing outfits, particularly to #3 however, will put an heavier emphasis towards the second, more defensive approach.

Inventory system
Yume has a video game-esque inventory system that allows her to change weapons and clothes on the fly, as well as store a rather large amount of items. She also does not have to deal with encumberment. However, she cannot change her outfit, only between weapons in a hostile engagement.

Digital body
Yume possesses a digital body typical of every other character in the MMORPG her player created her in. As a result, she does not follow the usual laws of physics; she has very little weight, instead relying more on momentum. While this enables her to pull off her seemingly impossible feats of athleticism during combat, she is also bound to the objects not built with the same building blocks as her. Although she can put on weight with her clothes, she would still weigh within the low double digits for a 5'9 woman.

A rather large weapon for her size, Yume carries around a great axe with a hammer face on the opposite side of the blade as her main weapon. Blade side is three-sided to allow for vertical slicing, while the hammer side has a wide, milled face. Can be used to either cut through her opponents, or knock them to the side, depending on which half of the hammer-axe she uses.

War scythe
An old farmer's scythe that she started off with due to her background as a farmer. Modified into a makeshift war scythe later on for better effectiveness in combat. Currently serves as the backup weapon in the case her hammer-axe either breaks, or is otherwise stolen/lost.

"I...do not actually want immortality. I would not know what to do with it. Instead, I want to leave a few messages for myself so as to prevent the mistakes that have landed me in my current situation.

Those are:

'Get with your age. It isn't kindergarten anymore. I've been called too immature for high school and honestly, I should have listened had I known it was gonna prevent me from achieving a longtime goal of mine.'

'If you're looking for a place to work, make sure it isn't unfriendly to work at. I made the mistake of entering a hostile workplace, and it had sapped me of my joy to the point where I went down a dark path that would've eventually made me a social recluse.'

'Listen to your friends. You don't have to listen to just about everything, but you should at least learn the easy way from them instead of learning the hard way, like I did.'

That is all."

"I am not actually Yume. What you are seeing right now is the freak result of me being taken out of the MMORPG game I was playing in my sleep. I hope you can understand."

Yume will start off independent, although she is willing to join a group.​
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"This is my story, not yours. You must let me finish telling it."


ℭ𝔦𝔯𝔦𝔩𝔩𝔞 "ℭ𝔦𝔯𝔦" 𝔉𝔦𝔬𝔫𝔞 𝔈𝔩𝔢𝔫 ℜ𝔦𝔞𝔫𝔫𝔬𝔫



The Witcher 3

Elder Blood

Being born with the Elder Blood gene and being a Source, this granted her powerful magic, but the extent of it, even she's not aware of. Due to how her powers go haywire when in an emotional state, new powers can sometimes manifest.

Outside of battle this grants her two powers:​

  • Travel to different universes and worlds
  • Piercing Scream

Note: universe and world travel is only used as a last resort and Piercing Scream is only used when either extremely angry or experiences something traumatic, the following video is shown what happens if it's triggered by trauma

Example of Piercing Scream
In combat however, she comes with three powers:

Blink lets her use time to essentially teleport a short range on the battlefield.

Charge is a special attack that let her strike at multiple opponents or from multiple direction, if focused on one opponent, with Blink

Rage is a state she can go in where she has complete control with her powers and attack power amplified, Blink's distance also being extended in the process during this state. In this state, she is surrounded by green energy.

Rage example
Really, the first two minutes are what is needed to demonstrate this

While she has a hunting knife on her right hip, her real weapon comes in the form of a silver sword called ℨ𝔦𝔯𝔢𝔞𝔢𝔩.

Due to Witchers and Sorceresses living longer lives than regular humans, you'd think that Ciri wouldn't need to seek out immortality. Then again, if she had taken the Trial of the Grasses to become an actual Witcher, then she wouldn't be here. She's a human and humans can't live as long as Witchers and Sorceress can, but with immortality, she can still be around and not leave Geralt, Yennefer, and Triss behind.

They're her real family, at least in her world, and she wouldn't want something like death to keep her apart from her Destiny after all.


Or if you want the actual one from the game

- despite her not looking like it, Ciri has royal blood in her, with four being her birthright and four currently being taken by her double, False Ciri. She has no intentions of claiming any of these thrones.

- Ciri is taken from the Witcheress ending of The Witcher 3.

Starting out on her own​


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???, rather prefers to go by the title of The Shinobi (or Shino) by others and shall refer to such.

28 years old


Standing at the height of 5'6', covered head to toe in a series of black cloth and a some pieces of Karuta covering his body, Shino looks more athletic with his muscular shape along with having barely any skin showing other than for his eyes and fingers which is slightly tanned in color. His gear screams out the name of 'Ninja' to others, especially with all the gear he is carrying around with him. Underneath said gear is an individual with a shaved head covered in small black strands of hair paired with

Media of Origin:
While hailing from an canon source of Darkest Dungeon, being a modded class within a game (along with the Sunward Isles and the Raiju being rather impressive mods to Darkest Dungeon), it will be considered something along the lines of 'Oc' in the context of this rp, especially with many heroes often not being named and instead there being more than one type and mostly go by their title instead of name (like the Highwayman)


As expected of someone going by the title of Shinobi, his sneaking skills are rather impressive than most other individuals, being able to sneak past guards and those with lesser perception without as so much as a creek upon a wooden floor along with maneuvering past possible traps. Even then, his sneaking has its limits, with it providing not much to combat advantage unless he is able to maneuver around his opponent and strike them while distracted (which requires breaking line of sight, and that is far easier said than done if it's a more empty area) or those more perceptive of their surroundings having an easier time detecting him, but combined with his agility, hitting him will be the harder part now.

Enhanced Physical capabilities:
Like many others within the realm of Darkest Dungeon, those within such often fight at a higher physical level than normal human beings. After all, facing Eldritch beasts and unholy abominations requires more than just a simple blade and some sword lessons. And while he is not as physically strong as most others strength wise (still rather decent, as he still has the strength to be able to cut through the flesh of foes rather nicely) or durability (incorporating a sort of glass cannon build, he is definitely not one that is meant to take hits, especially powerful ones capable of slicing men in half), when it comes to his speed, this is where he truly specializes within. Striking at speeds the average human eye can barely keep up with, the Shinobi utilizes such speed for their 'lightning fast' slashes meant to take down foes quickly with its speed, along with being able to dodge attacks easier than most others shall aid in keeping him alive for the meantime (unfortunately, this doesn't relate to things such as being able to casually dodge gunfire like nothing, as well as still being caught off guard by attacks not seen coming). There is only so much that speed can keep one alive for so long before eventually failing him…

Lightning manipulation:
As part of following under the teachings of his clan and worshipping the mighty Raiju, he has been blessed with the capability to enhance his attacks with electricity and cover himself with an electric charge in order to do such. By either covering his fists in said electricity or his blade, his attacks become more powerful, along with shocking foes and allowing for a sort of pseudo ranged option with his blade instead of having to sheath it and grab a different weapon, allowing for more versatility within a combat situation. But at the cost of wasting more stamina from him as to keep up his attacks, and so, rather performs such in small bursts instead of going all out. Some resistance to lightening also comes with such.

Him, like any other human being, can become stressed out that sometimes, 'his resolve is tested'. To which, can lead to two things if his stress bar reaches 10/10, he will either be 'Afflicted', it being a bad personality effect that is generally harmful for both him and his team, or 'Virtue', it being a good personality effect that helps out in combat, with 'Afflicted' being the higher chance personality effect. But no matter which one is chosen, his personality will change to what personality effect he has gotten. Stress is gained by witnessing certain events or having attacks that specially stress out both mind and body or receiving critical attacks done upon him instead of the other way around (which heals stress). He has a 25% chance of gaining a virtue and a 75% chance of gaining an affliction (which would be decided upon a dice roll as to keep things interesting), and gaining or healing stress would depend on the events he witnesses with his own two eyes. The effects of the afflictions and virtues will be explained when gaining either one... and what's to expect from them.

The Virtues he can gain are:

"Many fall in the face of chaos.... but not this one... not today."

"Adversity can foster hope, and resilience."

"A moment of clarity in the eye of the storm."

"Anger is power. Unleash it!"

"A moment of valor shines brightest agains the backdrop of despair."

The Afflictions being :
1. Fearful:

"Fear and frailty finally claim their due...."

2. Paranoid:
"The walls close in, the shadows whisper of conspiracy!"

3. Masochistic:
"Those who covert injury find it in no short supply."

4. Abusive:
"Frustration and Fury, more destructive than a hundred cannons."

5. Selfish:
"Self-preservation is paramount- at any cost!"

6. Hopeless:
"There can be no hope in this hell..... no hope at all."

7. Irrational:

"Reeling, gasping, taken over the edge into madness!"

Combat skills:
Combat skills are a series of powerful attacks that are far different than normal attacks such as simple slashing, often dealing more damage at the cost of only being able to performed one per turn (within combat), but even then, such skills can turn the order of combat around if used wisely. Here is the current list of combat skills he can use:

Ascending Cut;
Dashing forward in order to let forth a powerful slice with his katana, it has extra accuracy against marked opponents within combat, making it a decent combat skill to be used by him.

Shuriken Toss;
Sending forth a storm of poison covered shurikens at a group of opponents, he is capable of applying a hefty blight that can allow for damage dealt over time as well as being able to combo it with other moves.

3 turn cooldown
By covering himself in a series of smoke, he can teleport to a different location that is nearby in conjunction with also being able to deal an attack as well. Combining such… it is used mostly to attack an opponent directly from behind, slashing at them from their weakest angle, which deals extra damage when he is stealthed, and especially more damage if the opponent has low vitality

Binding Jutsu;
Sending forth a series of chained kunais directly at his opponent, he utilizes such a move in order to immobilize/stun an opponent for a single turn, along with adding a medium sized bleed as well onto his opponent. If paired especially well with his other moves, it can be a matter of changing the battlefield to his favor.

Coupe de Grace;
Jumping forth into the air and releasing forth a small burst of electricity when slashing at an opponent, it deals extra damage to more weaker opponents (such as those that are either marked, stunned, or have bleed/blight) and comes with the shocking aftermath from the lightning of his blade, allowing for more damage to be done at the cost of wasting more stamina.

Grappling Chain;
Throwing forth a single kunai chain instead of multiple, it is intended to be used in order to pull himself closer to his opponent (can be used to dodge around as well or swing like a particular spider individual now) along with marking his opponent, allowing his own attacks to be easier to hit and pair nicely with some of his other abilities.

Throwing forth a smoke bomb that either envelops his form or someone else's, he or someone else becomes stealthed for 3 turns (including the turn it's done on), making them invisible to the human eye and as such, harder to fight them as a result… has a cool down of 5 turns as to make up for its rather large potential in combat. When stealthed, it buffs an individual's damage and speed temporarily for the same duration.

"Raijū no shukufuku";
1 Use per battle
By using up some of his stored stamina and energy, he lets out a powerful strike of lighting to the ground, creating an decent sized explosion that knocks those closest to him away from him, throwing debris and bolts of lighting everywhere around him. Devastating if used correctly, but physically damages him greatly when performing such a technique and as such, becomes weaker.

As for the equipment side of things, other than the obvious katana and Shinobi garb he is wearing, he also has access to smoke bombs, shurikens & kunais, a jagged Wakizashi, chained kunais, along with having a backpack like covered basket in order to store his items. He also brings with him a pair of civilian clothing as to walk around normally and a good ole straw hat as to wear when walking around without his gear.

The Raiju Clan… a group of followers found within the yokai infested lands of the Sunward Isles in the East that are dedicated to worshipping and serving under a powerful crab like beast named the Raiju, which is capable of harnessing the power of electricity at its side with ease. Having lasting for many years, the Eldest and Wisest members of the clan grow weary of those outside of their clan… travelers and warriors from the land to the West hailing from some forsaken Estate seeking to rid their land of their uniqueness, and after a particular encounter that almost led to the death of their icon and deity, they had decided to put an end to this and find a way as to ensure the safety of the Raiju. After years spent searching for something, they had finally gotten it… rumors of immortality, tales of those living far longer and are practically immortal, words that even a killing blow would not end one's life.

With these rumors being spread around, the Elders of the clan had sent forth a group of their finest warriors to confirm the rumors and come back with the secret to immortality itself to make sure not only the Raiju but themselves survive any future encounters with the outsiders. However, said journey was dangerous… only one remains of the expedition force. Shall he return with the gift of immortality? Or shall he wither away and die unremembered for his failures.

-Shino will start out wearing his civilian clothing as to not be held under suspicion when traveling around, but can change said gear if given time

-Here is Shino' theme:

While not initially starting out within a group, Shino is just as fine with temporarily working with allies in the meantime as to make the journey to receiving the 'gift' far easier. But when the time comes, only him and him alone shall take what is rightfully his… as to ensure that he does not come back to his clan empty handed. After all, one cannot betray the orders of the Elders and forget his teachings unless he were to suffer a fate worse than death.
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I'll be choosing the sheets the next Thursday. So for those who want to get in working. If need be I'll extend the deadline.


Yashamaru Kurama, known to Tokugawa Authorities as the "Karasu Tengu"


Unknown, however, I would assume he's in his 20's.






While he looks like an ordinary person, Yashamaru carries the Bloodline of the Tengu within him. As a result, he has gained several powers of supernatural origin, though most of his strength comes from his training as a thief and vigilante. However, his blood gives him the power of:

- Heightened Speed: Allowing him to be swift of foot and dexterous of hand.
- Heightened Reflexes: Related to the above, he can react quickly, able to react quickly to perceived threats and actions against his self.
- Heightened Senses: Similar to those of a bird of prey, he is able to sense things much clearer than a normal human

He also has manipulation of the wind in some form, also owing to his bloodline. This has resulted in manifestation of strange powers, strengthening his attack. These include:

A Double Jump: Undetermined if this is from bird heritage or natural training, he can take an extra leap in the air, allowing him to gain extra height to reach places that might be unreachable.
Ebony Tengu Feathers: Yashamaru spreads his arms out and a collection of almost feather-like energy forms around him, then is directed towards an opponent.
Wintry Gust: He is given a quick burst of energy, where he dashes forward and impales what's in front of him. This also launches him upwards slightly, using force and wind in his favor.
Azure Gale: When fighting, he throws the sword at his opponent, and then uses a great burst of speed (or short-range teleportation) to pick it up again, slashing upwards as he grabs it, and hopefully launching his opponent.
Arctic Slash: He jumps into the air and rolls at the same time, all while slashing his blade. In the end, he does one final upwards slash, propelling himself into the air.

Being a former samurai himself, Yashamaru is equipped with standard Tosei-Gusoku samurai armor. His armor is covered with feather motifs, befitting his tengu heritage.

He wields a Nagamaki Sword, a family heirloom, allowing him to fight from further back than those wielding a standard sword due to its extra length, making it almost more of a pole-arm than a sword.


Being of Tengu blood, Yashamaru will already live longer than the standard human. However, he won't live forever, especially since he's more human than Tengu. Due to his sense of honor and past experience, Yashamaru despises criminals who force upon the people, as well as government corruption, especially the corruption within the Tokugawa Shogunate that saw his father executed. Being a Robin Hood-esque thief and vigilante, Yashamaru seeks immortality so that he can prevent corruption from taking hold forever.


Instead of having black hair that turns white, Yashamaru is such an edgy boy that his hair is white and turns black. Also being from a fighting game and only having one appearance, I may need to make some guesses.


On his own, I suppose​
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