The following is a list of CYOAs I'd be interested in attempting to make a roleplay around with a partner. More will be added as I think of them. Additionally, just so there's no confusion, if I do find any interested parties, we'd probably discuss choices for each of our characters or the setting in general before getting into the roleplay itself.
  • Magician CYOA - Ever wanted to be a wizard whose workings were a little bit more esoteric than throwing a simple fireball? Well, look no further! This CYOA's got you covered, and can also work extremely well for an urban fantasy/masquerade style roleplay or setting.
  • Dream-Quests CYOA - Beyond this world there lies another. A world where dreams are reality, fickle gods reign, and inhuman entities older than humanity itself roam the darker corners of existence... the Oneirosphere some call it. Others, the Dreamscape. Regardless of the name assigned, power and experiences beyond imagining can be found here, for those willing to look anyway. Could make this into an RP with some effort.
  • The Corruption RYOA/CYOA - Okay, so this one's a lot more freeform compared to the ones above, but if you've ever wanted to play something that could end the world just by existing while also warring with others potentially bearing different strains of the Corruption, then this CYOA is the one you're after.
  • Living God: Amaranthea - Obligatory Living God CYOA mention.
  • Ultimate God Redux V2 - Another god CYOA, albeit much more detailed in terms of lore and limits than the previous one. Out of all of these CYOAs, this would be the one I'm craving the most when it comes to making a roleplay from one.
  • Laboratorium - Ever wanted to play an Elder God? Maybe have your gut replaced by a bit of eldritch artifice? Gain the ability to warp spacetime as easily as you breathe perhaps? This one's for you.
  • Paranormal Debt Collector - I'm not entirely sure how we could make this work with more than one person, but I'm willing to give it a shot. Maybe our characters were both investigators hired by the Marchese family to help track down the dead guy they're after or something. Out of all of these, this one actually has a premade plot with different endings and would require the least amount of worldbuilding beforehand.
  • Fading of the Light - Basically The Sun Vanished, but with shadow beasts rather than aliens and weird alternate realities. Hope you brought a spare flashlight.
  • Perpetuance Protocol Pod Program - You wanted this. Came here in search of it for one reason or another. You've made your bed, and now that you've finally woken up? Well... now you'll just have to learn to lay in it.
  • Fury of Hell - Grab a gun, dust off your saddle, and get ready to put the dead back in the grave where they belong.
  • Thaumaturgical America - America's become the new wild west of sorcery and spellcraft. A land where consumerism is king and the stock market plays god in more ways than one. All the while weirder things lurk just beyond the threshold. Try not to lose your sanity yeah? Or your head...
  • The Summoner - Times have changed. Long gone are the days when magicians would officiate in secluded huts deep in the woods, tracing their unholy pentagrams in the moonlight. Their gathering places today are smoky bars, underground gambling dens, deserted parking lots, bus stations and conference rooms in chrome skyscrapers. And yet, magicians have never been as numerous as they are today, nor as powerful. The outdated methods of listing occult forces in thick, dusty books have been forgotten, as contemporary conjurers prefer the new techniques of digital demonological analysis and AI supported spellcasting. There is no need for the modern summoner to memorize the endless goetic tables in order to find the precise formula for calling a major demon. These instructions have long since been stored in digital databases, shared among the initiated. And what about the complex geometric arts of summoning diagrams? In the past, it took days to check and recheck every angle, to draw every segment to perfection, to trace the smallest peripheral rune meticulously. Nowadays, advanced support software allows a magician to draw a fourth-order pentacle in less than an hour.

    Times have changed, and of the old days, only the Masquerade remains.
  • Power Creator Xenon - The apotheosis event has arrived. Since the activation of Icarus I and Icarus II, fractal effigies of unknown origin, certain psychoactive substances have been shown to grant incredible anomalous abilities, namely DMT, LSD, and Psilocybin. Under the auspices of Project MKULTRA and psychotronic projects by the KGB, experiments with various psychoactives produced the first superhumans, and the population at large would follow: near-death experiences, vivid dreams, and the hippy revolution of the late 20th century created the first wave of Supers, and their children made up the next one. The year is 2045. A century has passed since man first donned his cape. It is time to take up that mantle once more.
  • Eldritch Invasion - For this CYOA, I'd really like to do a roleplay wherein we play either as cooperating or rival Elder Gods on a quest to conquer the particular universe we find ourselves in. Been on a bit of a villain protagonist bent lately.
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Another idea I had that was more 1x1 centric was a Fallout/Doctor Who crossover wherein myself and whoever I'm writing with would be playing rival Time Lords hidden away on post-war Earth. May or may not have been heavily inspired by Fallout Who Regenerated. Also not entirely sure what the overarching plot would be, but I could probably manage Gallifrey being a looming threat probably. General issues of the Wasteland and our characters causing problems for one another aside.​

Okay, this is a bit of an odd way to start a thread, but I'm going to skip all the fancy stuff and just state my concept outright. As is shown in the copied text above (which is just my own idea taken from the discord and transplanted here), I would like to do a crossover between Fallout (4 to be specific, although I'm also down for going back to the Mojave) and Doctor Who in which a partner and I play a pair of rival Time Lord agents who were seeded within the Fallout timeline as part of the Perdition Protocol in order to maintain Gallifreyan supremacy over the multiverse - or at least this particular corner of it anyway. I am more than willing to discuss specifics over what lore is and isn't used, or how granular we want to get detail wise, as well as the direction of the plot overall. I have a few vague ideas for how things could go--beyond our characters, being the equivalent of the Doctor and the Master (or Solace and Solitude respectively when it comes to their general roles within the Protocol), just messing with each other--but nothing concrete.

Beyond that I'm not really looking for pairings here since our characters wouldn't really be on a romantic level with each other, at least not in my mind anyway. I can write multiple paragraphs if necessary, but honestly I'd like to go for something more relaxed this time around if possible. Other than that I ask that any potential partners be 18+, I myself am 23, as not only is Fallout a mature series with quite a lot of dark themes, but I also feel vastly more comfortable writing with other adults. Posting frequency can be once a week as far as I'm concerned, so long as the roleplay doesn't die and I'm given something I can reply to. Other than that all I ask for is decent spelling and grammar.

Can't think of much else that needs to be listed at the moment. If you have any questions, however, feel free to ask and I'll see if I can't come up with an answer.
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Still looking for partners. Might add new ideas to this thread over time as well.
New plot idea. Vampire x vampire pairing, romantic or not I can go either way, but with an emphasis on undead politicking and the monstrous nature of being a bloodsucker. Think along the lines of Vampire the Masquerade or Chronicles of Darkness as opposed to, say, Twilight. In that vein--no pun intended--I am up for medieval or fantasy/modern settings, though I could do a post-apocalyptic one as well given some convincing. And naturally the kinds of vampires we play would shift to fit the setting, so you wouldn't necessarily see a leech in a suit in a full-blown swords & sorcery fantasy world, unless said world is similar to some of the settings shown in the Final Fantasy series or something. On that note, and to help with worldbuilding (or cut down on the sheer amount of it), I do have at least two CYOAs in mind that could be used to design characters if desired.

The first one is Slayer Vampire 3.0 and the second So You Want to Be a Vampire.

Once again, these are completely optional.
Another new idea. God x God or Goddess RP in which we navigate our characters creating their first world or reality together, a venture both of them have usually undertaken alone, if they had ever elected to initiate such a project at all. I am more than willing to help hash out the cosmology and lore of such a setting with my partner, be that as we RP or beforehand, as well as discuss any ideas you might have regarding the idea. I can go either way regarding romance or rivalry, and the same goes for gender. We would be playing deities (though I recommend you look up the Old Gods of Fear and Hunger for a good example of what I'm angling at), so the sky's the limit insofar as your character and their appearance is concerned. Just don't make something that breaks the site's rules.
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Might add some more CYOAs today. Otherwise, still looking for partners to do any of the above plots with.
New CYOA has been added: The Summoner.
Another CYOA has been added: Power Creator Xenon.
Still looking for partners. Been marinating an idea for a fandom roleplay set in the ASIOAF universe, either around the time of the Dance or long after the Targaryen's reign has come to an end, wherein we either make OCs that fit the setting itself or introduce outside context characters that break it entirely for a funner, less serious romp. This latter idea could include anything from Living Gods made via the CYOA above to the most overpowered OCs our imaginations can possibly muster.

We could also play a pair of Valyrians from larger surviving Dragonlord families who seek to restore the Freehold to its former glory. Only this time we might actually succeed where Aurion failed.

And finally, I'd be willing to do a Jumpchain RP for ASIOAF. Think that in particular could be fun. Those who are interested should inquire via PM.

~ Operation Eclipse ~


Saving the human race... one bullet at a time.

The year is 2033, and six months ago society as we once knew it came to an end. No one in the public sphere was sure as to where it came from, but a hitherto unknown virus quickly blazed its way onto the global stage. At first the symptoms were rather mundane. Insomnia, vomiting, and so forth. But, about four months in, the virus began to mutate at a startling rate. Then it began resurrecting the dead. Starting in the US, the major metropolitan areas were the first to fall to the ravenous hordes, though the rest of the world was quick to follow to varying degrees. Military intervention managed to mitigate this somewhat, but it wasn't enough. The virus, nicknamed Necroa on account of its necrotic effects on the human mind and body, continued to spread at an alarming rate, as did the corpses it resuscitated. Fortunately for humanity, there was the faintest glimmer of hope. A light at the end of the tunnel as it were. Pooling their resources together, the various countries of the world--under the auspices of the UN--created a new military collective. One authorized to recruit from and operate in every nation on Earth in order to put an end to the zombie menace and safeguard humanity...


The newly formed organization wasted very little time and took to its task with downright ruthless efficiency, recruiting first from existing militaries and command structures that had managed to survive the army of the dead, before eventually inducting eligible civilians into their ranks as well. Both groups were drilled in anti-zombie combat techniques and put through a rigorous training regimen. Once that was done the fortresses were built. Generally situated in areas that the dead have not completely overrun, these massive facilities sport the latest and greatest in defensive technologies, as well as host the entirety of Z-Com's command for that region behind reinforced walls and blast-proof doors. It is from these strongholds that all Z-Com squads operate, coordinating with other teams and cells around the world to systemically eliminate the zombie threat, and yours is no different.

The base you and the other members of your team operate from, however, just so happens to be located smack dab in the middle of New York City. One of largest hotspots for infected activity in the world thanks to its high population density. Your missions up to this point have been as varied as they are difficult, but the one you've just received will undoubtedly be the most challenging and dangerous one yet. For you've been tasked with retrieving the rogue DarkWater geneticist who unleashed the virus on the world to begin with. A man by the name of Raymond Hubbard. Due to the global manhunt declared by his erstwhile employer and interest from the global community at large, he's gone completely underground somewhere in the city, as it is the one place even your brothers and sisters in arms cannot easily tread, let alone a group as unscrupulous and reviled as DarkWater. The reason for all of this is to allow Z-Com to pick Hubbard's brain, as the knowledge he holds of the virus' structure is of vital importance when it comes to immunizing against future outbreaks of the non-cytopathic strain.

It might, if we're very lucky, also lead to a breakthrough in combating the cytopathic strain as well.


Are you ready to bring him in?

Z-Com is a UN sanctioned international military organization, and among the most well-armed and well-fortified groups in the fight against the zombies created by the NC-17 (or Necroa) virus. Their primary enemy--after the hordes of walking dead naturally--is the private military contractor DarkWater, due not only to the latter's creation and accidental release of the aforementioned virus, but the major human right's violations and crimes they have committed in their efforts to contain it and retrieve viable samples as well. Although Z-Com protocol specifies that field teams are to eliminate all zombies and capture any DarkWater personnel they come across, this ROE is flexible to say the least. Sometimes teams are tasked with capturing zombies in order to bring them back for study so more effective weapons might be developed to destroy them, and at others they are cleared to terminate any DarkWater personnel they encounter outright.

It all depends on the specifics of the mission a team has been assigned really.

More info on Z-Com can be found here.

DarkWater is a private military contractor who specializes in bioweapon development. Being the primary rival of Z-Com, they are more than willing to do whatever it takes to hinder their operations as they continue their global manhunt for their missing geneticist. The same geneticist that had been heading their NC-17 bioweapon project, and someone that'd had complete access to all viral samples the group possessed. Their contracts with the US military have been all but burned at this point as a result, and DarkWater as a whole has been branded a terrorist organization due to the cavalcade of crimes they have committed during their many attempts to recover samples of the virus, as well as their missing geneticist. Not that there's much the governments of the world can do to prosecute them at the moment, what with all the infected running about.

More info on DarkWater can be found here.

The Necroa virus is a bioweapon turned plague that has aggressive metabolic demands, and "extreme regenerative capabilities." Notably, it has the ability to create mindless, hostile zombies from deceased hosts using a mutation Z-Com and DarkWater alike have taken to calling Cytopathic Reanimation. The Necroa virus itself is very easy to cure in its earliest stages due to lacking certain vital countermeasures and having relatively lower genetic complexity when compared to most viruses humanity has encountered already. This apparent weakness is hard countered by Cytopathic Reanimation, however, which causes any dead infected thereafter to have the chance to reanimate as a zombie. Zombies cannot be cured, but are able to continue the fight directly by killing the remaining population, possibly converting them into even more zombies should their victims survive the initial assault. This mutation leads to several additional abilities and symptoms that will increase the effectiveness of the virus as a whole, or the severity of the zombies, improving the odds of its victory even should a cure be synthesized.

A full list of symptoms can be found here.

New plot idea added. I'd be willing to do this with a partner or even a small group of people. I'd also be willing to do a Dead Island or Resident Evil roleplay, so long as we can play military operatives being sent into various zombie-ridden hot zones.
New CYOA added: Eldritch Invasion.
Looking for partners to do the Operation Eclipse roleplay or a Living God roleplay with.