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I'm open to a wide range of genres. Obscenely wide. It's harder for me to list all I do like than all I don't like.

My favorite settings are fantasy combined with something else, multiverse, post-apoc, historical (mixed with something else), and futuristic. I'm not limited to those, but it's a good start.

My favorite genres include mystery, adventure, action, drama, tragedy (must be mixed with something else and kept balanced), romance (again must be mixed, and more.

I'm happy to include elements of slice-of-life and romance, but doing them on their own doesn't hold my interest indefinitely.
The Call of the Wordbinder

Hello! I'm Moody, but you can also call me Modwri, if you prefer. I am twenty-seven years old and have spent roughly the past dozen years independently studying writing and roleplaying. I live at home with my mother, and during the day I babysit for a family friend, supervise our blind dog, and play video and computer games when I'm not writing posts or working on character information. I'm picky about my wants, but I've learned many skills that help me find a middle ground. I look forward to hearing from prospective partners!

For any confusion about my terminology, please see this thread, which includes a small dictionary of my commonly-used terms.

"Suns" (☼) to the left of a plot's name indicate that sexual scenes are very likely, or that the RP involves sexual themes as part of the backstory.

Nibs (✑) indicate favoritism.

To answer this partner request, please send a PM! Do not post in the thread, please.

  • Preferences
    Availability and Frequency
    • I am online from 2PM to 2AM EST daily. Matching my online time is optional.
    • I try to post twice a week minimum per RP. I have been known to take as few as thirty minutes at the shortest to one week at the longest. Patience is required, and I give as much as I expect.
    • Reminders once every three days are welcome.
    • Advanced, adept, or prestige partners who appreciate flexible post lengths (eight sentences minimum) are preferred.
    • Third person and past tense are required. I am easily confused by other tenses and POVs in an RP.
    • My partner should be willing to play multiple characters, if the need arises. I am willing to do the same.
    • Excitement and willingness to help drive the story forward are expected. A roleplay where only one partner is excited and driven does not to last.
    • I am interested in accepting new ideas at this time, provided they involve my characters as they are listed, or my Hunter canon.
    • I am twenty-seven years old. I play best with partners of similar or higher age, with 21 as my typical lowest limit, but I have made exceptions, and likely will again.
    • All plays will be moved to the Red Star subforum if sexual scenes begin.
    • I am willing to play any gender, and either male or female sex, provided it fits the story, though my main character listed for a plot is my main role.
    • My partner can play any gender and either male or female characters as long as the portrayals are not sexist (though the characters may be), and the character fits into the plot in an interesting manner.
    • For the hybrid sexes (intersex, futanari, hermaphrodite, etc), inclusion can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.
    • I do not expect to spend days in discussion, though I absolutely do not object. I will not plan every aspect of the RP, but I will gladly throw ideas around for what could happen, in an effort to stir additional interest and excitement.
    • Similarly, if my partner and I become 'stuck', I will happily communicate with them to get past the sticking point so we can continue to enjoy our story together.
    • My partner and I are not in competition. When we craft a story together, we must work together and be willing share information freely, with some exceptions. Complete character information is not required, but summaries and some profile information may be helpful for the planning process.
    • I will ask first if something confuses me, or if I feel the need to time-skip or take (usually minor) control of my partner's character. I would like the same courtesy given to me.
    • I will alert my partner quickly if I lose interest in a roleplay. I expect to be given the same courtesy. No reasoning is needed, and I will not take any offense.
    • Players who want to contact me should send a PM and preferably keep open communication throughout the roleplay's duration.
    • In the event that I cannot post or think I may be unable to post for more than a week, I will post a blog entry, so that anyone following me can learn why and how long I will be absent.
  • Displacement
    My female characters that can be inserted into a setting of my partner's creation through use of portals and other means.

    Misguided Miss
    • Once upon a time, Faida had a crush on a member of the Council who was a known abuser and pervert of young girls, though he refused to touch Faida. Despite this, they remained friends until the Great Devouring took his life and left no remains. Since then, Faida takes missions without a partner in order to protect others' loves and keep those romances from harm.

    Unique Situations
    {Rare (future)}
    • Finally freed of Crow's bonds entirely, Rare continues to serve Lady Jade, this time entirely by choice. She retains her status as an infiltrator and intelligence officer, and although she goes with 'her' Brock on most missions, she is still sent solo on special request from either the head of intelligence or Lady Jade.

    • A long time ago, this Hunter was captured and brainwashed by an opposing organization. Ever since, she has served them faithfully toward their goal of merging all universes and realities into one. Despite her faithful service, she seems uncertain lately, and prone to sneaking behind their backs.

    Watery Woman
    • A water-based Hunter, she can turn into water, breathe water, and communicate with very basic water-dwelling life forms. She's incredibly lazy and very quiet, but does enjoy making friends, and may follow her chosen 'new friend' incessantly, on a mission or not. When she goes out to other worlds, it isn't always for the sake of a mission.

    Pathetic Bug
    • Although Valen is officially a Hunter, she almost never goes on missions. When she does, it's typically alongside another Hunter (can be created later), or she goes somewhere on accident.

    Runaway Leader
    {Lady Jade} (may also include Hunters from above)
    • The leader of the Hunters after overthrowing the Council, Jade is not a Hunter, but something else. Most often, her travel to other universes comes from her attempts to run from a frightening or uncomfortable situation, usually caused by her tendency to forget that she vomits after sex.

    Tiny Bird
    {Princess Jade}
    • The child version of Jade (above), she has not yet come into any of her later abilities, save her healing factor. If she is not in her own world, her father sent her either to learn a lesson or because he was drunk and thought it would be funny.

    Feline Good
    {Elizabeth Leauge}
    • Time for a well-earned vacation, or perhaps Elizabeth wants to recruit a new local agent somewhere—either way, watch out! Elizabeth has high expectations, and if they aren't met, she will make her needs known.

    {Poppy Leauge}
    • Poppy has taken to following only the most titillating people around: skipping from world to world or popping in for a visit of her own volition. She leads them off into whirlwind adventures. Poppy is known to all as an adorable long-haired white cat, but when something happens...​
  • Displacement
    My male characters that can be inserted into a setting of my partner's creation through use of portals and other means.

    Redhead Relic
    • Jikei has Hopped between universes for the past too many years, often to find himself in a situation where someone or someones require help. Also available in 'unwed' flavor.

    • A long time ago, this Hunter was captured and brainwashed by an opposing organization. Ever since, he has served them faithfully toward their goal of merging all universes and realities into one. Despite his faithful service, he seems uncertain.

    Useless Hunter
    • Nobody is quite certain where Twiggy comes from, but he's the only Hunter with tattoos. His unique Gift of foresight (and his blindness) have given him the position of the only Hunter not sent on missions, though he often finds himself in another world regardless, sent by his Gift to protect the first person who stumbles upon him: friend or foe.

    Caw Caw, Motherfuckers
    • The top-voted for most hated among the Council, here is your chance to meet him! He often visits worlds where humans are common for a couple years at a time to refamiliarize himself with the humans he is sworn to protect.​
  • Displacement
    My nongendered or grouped characters that can be inserted into a setting of my partner's creation through use of portals and other means.

    Unlikely Duo
    {Aspa} {Violi}
    • These two do best working together, though one or the other may take a more dominant role in the story due to personal interests. They are Hunters, most often used for cases that require investigation, if they are freed from their underground prison, or they will be used as a destination for injured and endangered people of importance, to protect them on a world hidden from Jade's enemies.

    Out of Hell
    • K's incredible ineptitude is only matched by his high IQ. He's walked into hell, and now his story continues after he walks out into a different world.​
  • Multiverse
    Characters and plots for which my partner's characters will travel away from their native universe.

    Currently none.​
  • BC Corps
    Characters from my self-made canon that involves world conquest in the modern world, where fictional events changed the future. This is most closely similar to a low-powered version of a superheroes setting.

    Precocious Terrorist
    {Julie} ({Morticea})
    • This mysterious girl was first seen in Florida in 1995, and grew visibly more feral and criminal as she traveled north. Throughout her journey, she stole from gas stations and convenience stores and kidnapped younger children from child care facilities. She arrived in Detroit in 1996, and now in 1997, she continues her crime spree throughout Michigan.

    BC Corp Founding
    {Biocybera} {Psiblast} {Obsidian} ({Morticea})
    • Julie (above) disappeared suddenly in 1999, only to reappear with a new name in 2002 in Norway. She used an army of children to conquer much of Scandinavia, and gained two new generals. By 2005, she's started to fortify her conquests and expand, and the USA has begun to intervene more seriously.

    Burned Ward
    • Formerly a general under Biocybera, Obsidian survived the United States' bombing in 2005, and gave a false name to the American soldiers that came to rescue the members of the child army. Unable to find parents that didn't exist, he was placed into foster care, and has been moving from home to home for the past eight years. Currently, it's January 2015, the and the first day back to school after Christmas break.

    Muzzled Beast
    {Psiblast the Pet}
    • Formerly a general under Biocybera, Obsidian survived the United States' bombing in 2005, but instead of being found by American Soldiers, he was found by looters and sold to the highest bidder. For eight years, he has gone through harsh and degrading treatment, and deprived of his mental abilities. Now, in January 2015, he wants nothing more than vengeance against America and all who have ever touched him since the bombing.

    Warehouse Kid
    • Twenty years after the 2005 bombing, strangers appeared among the world's population and interbred. These strangers were later discovered to be descendants of Biocybera, and as people learned to identify them and their offspring, hate crimes grew in popularity. Now in 2219, these people called "demis" have grown in population to one in thirty. Vinnie's story is one of a child who was abused by his father when the man discovered his wife and child were demis. Vinnie lives alone in a warehouse.

    Grown and Adopted
    • At 21, Vinnie has grown into a strong young man, and though he was adopted by two demis only a few years older than him, he still struggles to survive. Between his catfishing as a preteen girl and his lack of filter, he gets into trouble often.

    Hidden Empress
    {Invisible Woman}
    • An alternate future to Biocybera's timeline, the world-spanning empire ended in 2076, and corporations took over. Now in 2301, on New Year's Day, a popular site called BiocyberaFinder picked up a blip in northern Norway, on one of Biocybera's old bases. The blip wasn't uncommon, but the strength of the signal was. Now, it's a race to investigate.​
  • Fantasy
    Characters from standard or near-standard fantasy settings.

    Virgin Wife
    • Married to many-time widower, Baron Treebreaker two years ago, Silyn lives with her husband and his many children, but her husband refuses to touch her, and her stepchildren do not respect her, as most are older than her.​
  • Modern
    Characters from standard or near-standard modern settings.

    Into Hell
    • K's incredible ineptitude is only matched by his high IQ. During his walk to hell, he's nearly killed himself by pushing past his body's limitations: dehydration, starvation, and exhaustion.

    Dog Boy
    • It's summer break before his senior year, and Benjamin Yitch-Bates still has no friends except for a few online. However, after overhearing a rumor about the nearby "haunted house", he decides to go take a look.

    Expensive Trash
    • A retired whore in a big west-coast city, she loves making friends, having fun, and fondly remembers the days people used to molest her on the subway—but perhaps it's time for her to grow up a little.

    Red Song
    • Originally intended for use as a living infiltration weapon, Scarlet was a classified failure on the brink of termination because she had no control over who she targeted with her pheromones. Since being freed, she saw a state-assigned psychologist until a breakdown forced her to remember why she was created, and she became a shut-in. Now, she's a mystery to her neighbors, who think her apartment is haunted.

    Shammiest Sham
    {Mike Shelton}
    • New Age Shamans are the newest form of supernatural mediums among humanity. Entirely untrained, they rely only on the power of their will, and among them, Mike is something of an urban legend. He rides in his beloved car up and down the East coast and occasionally detours into Michigan or even as far as the Mississipi River, and as he rides around, he stops and helps people, often in exchange for money, a meal, or car repairs.​
  • Science Fiction
    Characters and plots set in either modern or futuristic settings that include advanced technologies.

    Currently none.​
  • Miscellaneous
    Characters and plots that fit a variety of settings or genres.

    Currently none.​
  • Retired
    Characters and stories that I am no longer actively seeking. This section is made to preserve their coding. Partners are free to ask if I'm willing to take an idea out of retirement for them.

    Shark Attack
    • An aquatic Hunter, Tooth can breathe in water and on land. His biggest weakness is heat. He's often used as brawn on missions, and usually has a female partner (to be created during discussions).

    Monster Savior
    {Sharo Zul} {Albion Lordchild}
    • Sixty years ago, the orc hero named Sharo Zul disappeared suddenly along with most of the slaves she had freed, and her monster-bred wolves. A year ago today, she reappeared alone in the tower from which she disappeared and began her raids once more to free the slaves from their human masters, and within six weeks, the humans took the tower. Currently, the fate of Sharo Zul is unknown to all but those who took the tower back from her.

    Match.com Creep
    • The ugliest man he knows of is seeking love... but not entirely for himself. He made an impulsive decision to adopt a child, despite his very limited lifespan, and now he wants to find a husband or wife to take care of the child once he's gone. He's trying online dating, speed dating, and going to bars and clubs to meet people.

    Haunted Manor
    • A manor on a hill stares down morosely. Deadly secrets hide behind its rotting doors. Dare you plunge into its dust-covered depths?

    Lady of Secrets
    {Kina} ({Drake})
    • Kina is a Huntress who tells nothing about herself, but still seeks connections with others. With a specialty in espionage, she often goes on missions alone to check the veracity of a mission on the board, and in some cases, to complete the mission herself. Sometimes, she is accompanied by Drake.

    Uncommon Circumstance
    {Rare (past)}
    • A 'rare' specimen among the Hunters, Rare serves one member of the Council rather than all of them. She is treated and used as a puppet or doll, and her youth, beauty, and mastery of defensive and non-aggressive forms of blood magic sees her used to investigate, infiltrate, and occasionally assassinate.

    Rare Privilege
    {Rare (present)}
    • As a Hunter under Jade, Rare's typical mission partner is a man named Brock, but sometimes circumstance or a personal request sends Rare alone on a mission to either find and eliminate dangers or to investigate them—though sometimes she returns the places she went as a youth, to seek aid and closure.

    {Drake} ({Kina})
    • Drake takes only the most dangerous missions to protect the denizens of the places he visits. He doesn't often share why he takes such dangerous missions alone, but may open up to someone persistent. He's sometimes accompanied by Kina.

    Wayward Son
    • Returned to the ranks of the Hunters by Jade, Faust has kept to himself for the past few years, and now seeks to regain the trust of the other Hunters by pursuing missions, by himself if need be.

    Presumed Dead
    • Three hundred years ago, Graham fled from the Council's rule suddenly at the end of a mission. He faked his own death and went into hiding, and now a strange scent is taking him back to the city where his last mission took him—or perhaps he's just found something interesting where he wanders.

    Proving Himself
    • Often babied by the leader of the Hunters for his youth and familial relations, Kinny secretly seeks missions of moderate difficulty to prove that he no longer requires 'easy' jobs, and that his scars from the war aren't a reason to treat him delicately.

    Unlikely Duo
    {Aspa} {Violi}
    • These two do best working together, though one or the other may take a more dominant role in the story due to personal interests. They are Hunters, most often used for cases that require investigation, if they are freed from their underground prison, or they will be used as a destination for injured and endangered people of importance, to protect them on a world hidden from Jade's enemies.

    Flushed Mysteries
    {Ianna} {Mossfox}
    • Long ago, a pink woman conquered the lands, and ever since, she has ruled immortal and ensured prosperity for her people, despite the slowly-encroaching wastelands that surround her lands on three sides, and the ocean on the last. Perhaps it's time someone learned the secret behind her immortality.

    Ghost in the Dormitories
    {Lilevilen Dhumgilt}
    • The topmost medical university in this realm has a strange rumor: a ghost lurks in the male dormitories: usually Rosesabre, where the non-paying medical students live, however it sometimes has been seen ranging as far as the wealthiest of dormitories. The ghost takes the form of a girl, and when she crawls onto your bed, the story goes that she'll eat your soul and rip out your throat with her jagged claws. Comes in both lewd and non-lewd flavors.

    Black Crown
    {Dzhed} ({Hegga}) ({Faust})
    • Kidnapped as a child, Dzhed has been handed to various heroes around the world by mysterious men in teal for three thousand years, experiencing abuse and re-education in turn. Torn between seeking rebellion and accepting her fate as the hated monster known around the world and kept on a tight leash, she tries to find relief from the nagging sense that she should have been more.

    Yellow Woman
    • A secret member of a well-known whores' guild, Katharine seeks to live as normally as she can during the day before going to meet her clients late at night. Her goals are to someday learn the local language, and to own her own store to sell flowers and other nice things.

    Dead Farm
    • The pursuit of knowledge is often considered the noblest motive, but most who approach the elderly farmer's home seek instead riches or the man's life. And has not found a single one suitable for teaching what he's learned, and he is running out of time before his death. He must either take a local youth as a student or take advantage of one of the scoundrels who try to rob him of life or rumored wealth.

    Failure Farm
    • Morgan moved into a decrepit farm recently, and through her struggle to make it livable and productive, she's bound to meet new people through a variety of methods. A character with a strong personality works best alongside Morgan.

    End Times
    {Lady Luck} {Micheal} {Natalie}
    • A war that lasted 20 years ended, with Unifiers as the victors. Twelve years after the Hunters were sent into hiding and sealed away, they began to merge the universes together. Something went awry, and instead of merging smoothly, the universes crashed together violently. During this shattering, a woman's voice screamed, audible everywhere, for a week, after which the surviving Hunter and the entirety of the Unifiers began the search for Jade.​

More are incoming as they are formatted. To answer this partner request, please send a PM! Do not post in the thread, please!

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I'm still looking! For those that would rather not start something before the coming downtime, we can at least start discussions! =)
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The above question was answered in PM, where questions should be directed.
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