A Sensational Set of Several Scenarios (Updated Feb 10)

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Still lookin'. ;3 No need to fear, I promise I only bite people who beg ask nicely.
I'd still like a few more RPs, please!
Hm, the Wild World plot scenario seems interesting. If you're willing to take me as a partner, can we do that?
Please PM me if you want to discuss an RP, as is requested multiple times within the first post of the thread.
I added a new plot a few days ago.
Looking anew!
Still looking, but not in a rush, as I still need to finish updating. Progress is slow because Mood is a derp.
Micro edit in place! I'll re-add tags later, once I compile a list of them that makes SENSE. Also, listed summaries are a work in progress.

Currently working through making sure the linked profiles aren't empty.
Not open for further replies.