1. Diana

    LESSON Chat Roleplay Mini Guide for Players and Game Masters!

    CHARP = CHAT ROLEPLAY. It is a short form, fast paced, improvisational style of roleplay in live time. You try to post quickly and briefly, often focused on quick action and dialogue. It's a great exercise in concise writing and thinking on the fly. TIPS FOR PLAYERS fa-asterisk Try to show up...
  2. firejay1

    Do you have a symbolic "guide" in your life?

    This might be kind of niche, so stay with me here for a second. Generally speaking, I don't believe in shamanism, it's just not my belief, but towards the end of high school, I've noticed this really strange thing that happens to me with spiders. Where I specifically will see an unusual number...
  3. rissa

    MECHANICS The Wasteland Survival Guide

    FALLOUT: REQUIEM Welcome to the Wasteland! The bombs fell. The world burned. Humanity… survived. 227 years after the Great War, mankind, splintered by radiation, thrives in remote settlements across the post-nuclear landscape. Welcome to the Wasteland— where everything and its mother wants...