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  1. L

    ALWAYS OPEN PARTNER REQUEST F x M Partner Search - Fandoms and Fun Pairings~!

    Why hello there! :) My name is Laur. I'm a 31 year old single mom that uses she/her pronouns. Because of my age, I don't feel comfortable rolelpaying with someone under 18, I'm sorry. I completely remember being that age and fully support your roleplaying and writing journey, I just also have...
  2. NoodleGoat


    Hello everyone! Here is the out of character chat for The Library RP channel~ You can use this to talk to each and all that jazz out of character! Here is the in character thread link!
  3. NoodleGoat

    ALWAYS OPEN NO SIGNUPS REQUIRED The Library (Open RP for everyone~)

    { In the middle of nowhere, some where one can come across a library that has no rhyme or reason to be there. The stony exterior of this two stories building is assuming; it looks like any other rustic building ever built. Any traveler entering through the arched, wooden front door will be...
  4. CanaryCry

    Fun with OCs (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

    Hello and welcome! Some ideas have been rolling around in my head so I thought I'd put them out there and see if anyone's interested! About Me: 30 y/o, female, West Coast US. Prefer to Rp in PMs, but can do threads as well. Looking for M/F or platonic pairings, can play either gender or double...
  5. The Hulk

    Forum Explorers - Explore the forums and have fun!

    Welcome to Forum Explorers. Explore the forums and have fun! We are a chilled community where making friends is our number one goal. Register today to open the portal to fun, friendship and more! The Lounge Animals & Wildlife Food & Drink Sports World News Life & Health
  6. Demon Eye Bambi

    What's your Hallowe'en Name!

    FOR FUN! What's yours from this, and if you can find a better one, link it! Let's got ham! Currently my name is: Cursed Pumpkin Crafter.. I think I made Headless Horseman's head then!