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It all started with the messages. Students at Highland Academy would receive cryptic notes from a group known as the Congregation of the Black Hand. At first, it was considered a prank from a few students that shouldn't be taken too seriously. That was until the disappearances began. It all started with Clayton Elliot, a member of the bowling league who was last walking back to his dorm the night he disappeared. At first, many assumed that it was part of the joke and that Elliot would eventually reappear. However, more students began disappearing at a shocking rate. Many still assumed that this was a prank gone too far until Eliana Price would be declared dead by the school. No one knows what might've lead to Price's demise, however, theories ranged from an accident to a murder caused by the Congregation.

Wanting to settle the case, detective Jill Lawton would go undercover as transfer student Alyssa Green to uncover the truth behind the rumors. However, Jill would soon learn that blood runs thicker than water.


  1. All Iwaku rules apply
  2. Characters must be 13+
  3. Permission must be granted before a character can die, either from the character or GM
  4. Please be aware that this will contain mentions of religion, which may or may not be offensive to some
  5. Have fun!


Name: Jill Lawton aka "Alyssa Green"

Age: 31 (16 as Alyssa Green)

Personality: INTP (Reserved, logical, independent)

Backstory: Jill was born to Isaac and Constance Lawton. Jill looked after her older sister, Sydney for guidance and wanted to follow her example to be a school teacher, until her father had died unexpectedly when she was thirteen. Wanting answers, she had decided to look into the case with the help of her sister, which unfortunately yielded little closure. Feeling unsatisfied with the lack of closure, Jill had decided to become a detective so she can bring closure to others.

Eventually, she was hired by the police department of Strapford-Upon-Avon as a detective. When she was contacted by the police chief to investigate the occurances at Highland Academy, she had gladly accepted the case, and thus, her alias as Alyssa Green was born. Under this alias, she was a sixteen year old transfer student from Scotland (Jill had a noticeable hint of a Scottish accent due to spending time with her uncle, Cooper) that was taking a course on criminal justice, thus giving her a reason to have frequent contact with the police.

Other notable features: pale skin, a baby face, high-pitched laugh