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What system should I use? (Linked/detailed below.)

  • Magical Burst

    Votes: 2 66.7%
  • Accidental Magical Girl

    Votes: 1 33.3%

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You might need to be patient with me; my schedule went real fucky and I've got a bit before I adjust. However, a(nother) hiatus would be too easy–

Really, I've had this idea that I've wanted to realize for several, several months, whether I actually cracked down on it or was just finding inspiration. I have also wanted to foray into being a game master; I've kind of existed at the crossroad between being too insecure for "advanced" roleplay while not connecting with "casual" roleplay. It's largely affected my forum-RP experience, and I could close the gap by designing and running my own game.


The Game: it's a magical girl warrior tabletop narrative based on one of two RPGs: either Magical Girl Burst or the Accidental Magical Girl modules. I could account for custom spells, so characters could have unique powers.

Overall, I'd be distilling the RPGs to an OOC; you would make characters, and then we'd go monster-busting together. Cue dramatic tale of paragons and friendship.


I'm not under the impression tabletops are especially popular on Iwaku -- why am I going this route instead of the typical "literate" roleplay? The first is a greater focus on what I'd call tactical combat which is harder to roleplay between people without constantly measuring characters' strengths and weaknesses -- this is hard-built into the game; you will know what "strong" means compared to an enemy or other players. The second is convenience! Outside all those spreadsheets and dice rolls, the plot comes automatically. The game will be very character-driven with a random element in play that encourages players to act. I'm very big on active players.

If any of the systems ring as especially daunting, it's my job to distill information as best as I can. And I will be encouraging narrative elements; I want characters I care about and some developed posts. Mechanics are just a backbone for what should be a fun story.


Bare in mind the CYOA image does not include the separate combat system, nor the Patron Module with its additional character customization options and lore bites.

There's a lot on AMG, much of it contradictory, needing to be distilled. While Burst is comparatively more accessible, its lore is more shallow, functioning mostly as a Madoka Magica clone. As a GM, while the AMG gives more more work in the mechanics department, Burst gives me moer work in the narrative department.

Which do you think I should focus on?


Browsing the source material, you'll see a common theme. In the vein of the aforementioned Gay Gratuitous-German Groundhog Day: Rebellion, the magical girls are subject to a system greater than themselves, a (SUBTLE) metaphor allowing for Faustian allusions and girl drama. The majority of magical girl warrior stories pre-Madopocalypse revolved around team dynamics of self-actualized young women kicking ass in weeb trash fashion. I'm willing to incorporate both elements of "new" and "classic" magical girls into this roleplay.

The powers a girl gets come no strings attached: they are peak human fitness, magic, and anonymity packed into one and the package has the potential to benefit her self-image and life. But there is an expectation placed on her. There's a huge responsibility. Being young, she might see this and want to rebel -- many already have. The city is strewn district to district with broken allegiances and outcasts, system-gamers and loophole-finders, then those who truly believe magical girls are beacons of justice. In the meantime, a transcendental evil is bubbling up under the surface of it all, something that a community surely can't confront while apart.

It can be tongue-in-cheek grim or light with some mature subject matter. The tone depends on you! Theme-wise, I'm looking to draw either from fairy tales or from the Ars Goetia brand of spooky demon magic.

There's a lot of "either-or" right now, but I'm always open to alternate directions to take the story. Feel free to voice your ideas here and whenever going forward.


painted roses ● thirteenth strike squad ● witching hour ● mahou a piacere ● any suggestions?


  1. The GM is responsible for plot developments and progression as well as engaging the community around the game. It is also the GM's responsibility to ensure every character is contributing equally, although players are always encouraged to be active about their character's development.
  2. The post length minimum is three sentences. Regardless of length, do something unique in every post.
  3. Players should come in with the following: (a) Prior knowledge of RP etiquette, i.e. what god-modding is and why it sucks; (b) English literacy and a willing to respond to longer posts; (c) be ready to post about once a week; (d) an openness to feedback.
  4. The GM will never be arbitrary in the sheets she chooses, but she is interested in seeing your RP history to get an idea of what to expect -- she's technically new here. Don't be afraid to see her snooping around your profile!
  5. Players should be respectful in-character by responding to and re-incorporating the ideas of others. It is always better to ask than to ignore. If a player regularly disregards others' posts or goes to lengths to distance their character from the plot, it may be grounds for suspension from the game.
  6. Players should be respectful out-of-character by respecting others' boundaries; avoid "back-seating," or speaking for the GM; owning up to if they're called out on unsavory behavior -- ensure it doesn't happen again; telling the GM first and privately if they have a serious issue with another player.
  7. If you or other players are DM'd something, it should be known by you and those other people, no one else; whatever happens in Vegas stays there.
  8. We are in the alpha phase of the roleplay. Therefore, a Discord and collaborative posts are not currently supported. Please consider making a preorder by posting your interest below and later applying as a beta tester to unlock these features for future releases.

✦​ we're only so tough alone, huh? ✩​✧​

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Anything really
Dude this looks super fun. As for which system is better...aaaaagh. Honestly I like Madoka Magica clone but them mechanics OTL


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I’ve got a few magical girl character ideas in mind I’d love to try out.

As far as the balance goes, I’m fine with any of the systems since I’ve used them both (tho Burst was like, 3.0 IIRC last time I touched it), but I’ll vote for Burst since mechanical simplicity is better for PBP in my experience. Also it’s easier to make lore than it is to balance probabilities.

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What did I stumble upon, and why do I want to play in a group right this moment?

I personally would also like to go with burst, as just by looking at them. I like it's storytelling bits more


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Game sounds cool, you sound cool, ping me if it gets going. FWIW I'll cast another vote for going mechanics-light, crunching numbers is the opposite of fun for me and I'm happy to accept whatever the GM rules as long as it makes for good game. I'm big into playing to lose, so I don't mind being the Worf.


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I gotta do the required reading, but god damn am I ready for some anime level weeb trash.

Mega striker love beam mother fucker, lets break some shit.