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Goddess 6 - An original magical girl story


Legend tells that when the flames of ocean, heaven, sky, sun, love, and spirit have been extinguished that new fires will spark in worthy souls to take their place. As the souls of the Goddess 6 are always drawn to each other, they never spawn more than 100 miles apart.

The warriors will appear when needed most as stunning, heroic idols wielding powerful weapons and dressed in exquisite fashions...

Decades had passed without any new sighting of the ancient warriors known as the Goddess 6, when they were forced to unite once more for a threat against humanity. The women engaged in years long cosmic battles, and finally combined their strengths and abilities to form a protective barrier around their planet, effectively concealing the planetary energy from far reaching enemies in exchange for their powers.

Now, A century later in modern day Europe, the barrier around Earth is weakening. Allowing the energy to seep out into the universe once more and drawing the attention of enemies old, and new.

Distant galaxies and neighboring planets hide their own threats, as well as warriors who act on behalf of their own needs. The planetary energy, as well as the rich resources found on Earth, make it unique and highly sought after by its enemies.

The newly awakened warriors will have to struggle with new memories and their strange powers. How will they live up to their predecessors? And which path will they choose to protect their planet from evil forces?

Simple info about the Roleplay & GMs desires

The Goddess 6 is a roleplay about six individual women whose lives are drastically changed when they develop strange new abilities, and slowly begin to recall vivid memories of fighting cosmic battles, unfamiliar faces, and falling in love. Each woman, or magical girl, will thematically be based around one of the six choices down below. Some of the descriptions may seem obscure, but truthfully, I’m willing to give A LOT of creative freedom to the right player, which is why it’s like that. They will be expected to have their own magical girl alias, which you name. All I've done is give you the themes to draw inspiration from. This will be made more clear when the CS goes up in the OOC.

Who is the right player, you might ask?

Ideally, someone who can post well thought out multi-paragraph, story progressing posts, at least twice a week. More importantly, those comfortable and happiest writing stories with FxF themes. Lesbians, yuri, femmeslash, whatever you want to call it!

I stated above that the souls of the Goddess 6 are drawn to each other, which means ideally I want this roleplay to end up with three pairs of two, two pairs of three, or one group of six.

Just kidding. I do want there to be romance though, as well as elements of slice of life for downtime when they aren’t in battle. On top of that, adventure, for when I leave little breadcrumbs for the characters to discover hidden God Tears, which may or may not lead to upgrades in transformations, special abilities, etc. Sounds like there may be some RPG elements to this as well?!

The Goddess Idols/Magical Girls will all have their awakening around the same time as a new a threat appears nearby, but I’m allowing the age range to be between 18-25.

For now, that is all I have. If you have questions ask below. There is a lot more information missing from this, but I will have everything in one neat, tidy place before the roleplay is ready to begin. Right now, I want to gauge interest??? :3

Goddess 6/Goddess Idols


Sun: Phoenix flames, solar flares, creation. The sun is both deadly and dangerous, yet may restore life to the dull when its full potential is reached. (Associated Colors: Yellow, Orange)

Ocean/Sea: Moon, siren songs, and stormy seas. The ocean is feared for her song, and her powerful waves. (Associated Colors: Teal, Aqua, Dark Teal)

Heaven: Paradise, golden light, and white feathers. There isn’t a soul alive who hasn’t dreamed of what their heaven might look like. (Associated Colors: White, Gold) (Reserved)

Love: Healing, support, passion. Love lends her support with powerful healing magic, and energy that may influence those who were originally against her, to aid her. (Pink, red)

Spirit: Guidance, death, and soul. Spirit neither controls or predicts death. However, she can use the knowledge from beyond to assist her both on and off the battlefield. (Associated colors: Purple, black, white.)

Sky: Wind, weather, and clouds. Sky is often depicted as the leader of the group, with the fearsome winds and electricity at her fingertips. (Associated colors: Light blue, silver, dark blue.)
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So excited to see interest, which themes were you two eyeing? If anyone else shows interest, please say which theme interests you as well.
This might be the craziest thing i'm going to take interest in. I do want to try and expand my horizons a bit, if it's something out of my comfort zone. Consider me interested for now.

Ocean or spirit theme i'm eyeing for, but i'll confirm my final choice tomorrow.
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Now that I’ve gotten some hits I’ll work on the OOC tomorrow and keep those who’ve shown interest up to date. CS may be up tomorrow as well, for those who want to work on their characters.
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Yayyyy! Will have some things going up today. Though, OOC may come later this week. :>
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Ooooh, this is interesting, I love magical girl stories! Not sure which to choose though lol XD
Oh my gosh, I'm absolutely in love!!!! The Sky goddess gives me sooo many ideas, and I would love to take part if you'll have me!! <3
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Character sheet template will be finished today after werk. OOC should be done by Friday. I thought I had more time than I did yesterday, so sorry.’:o
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I am unsure if the limit is reached but im interested in sun
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It isn’t reached, though some people have shown interest in the goddess idols, nothing is set in stone until characters are accepted! :)
Sets interest down here

magical girl rp? sign me UP
Looking to take sky but if Bunny hasn't changed their mind or someone else takes it I don't mind taking what's left
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Wow! I’m so excited and kind of shocked at the interest. I’m trying to be a great GM and get all this stuff together before I post it. :( Hopefully everything will be done by tonight, but if not, I do apologize!
Wow! I’m so excited and kind of shocked at the interest. I’m trying to be a great GM and get all this stuff together before I post it. :( Hopefully everything will be done by tonight, but if not, I do apologize!
Take your time!
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No rush at all! :)
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