Yay the selling of one's self via post...

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  1. Okay here we go...

    Female looking for male partner for role playing. I'm not afraid of libertine but also don't mind not playing it. I like playing characters that are close to my age than father from my age unless the plot calls for it. Most of my characters are in their 20's and redheaded cause I am.

    I like fantasy, dark or light. Science fiction, horror, slice of life, pretty much throw it at me I promise to roll with it.

    If you're not over 18 don't start a libertine scene with me I will stop writing you. It isn't fair to me since I have to worry about the consequences not you.

    Look forward to hearing back from someone.

    Much love,
  2. I am extremely interested. I am female in real life but I love playing male characters. I actually play more male characters than female due to me having so many MxF partners. I love Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural, really anything I can really get involved with. If you are interested just shoot me a pm.

  3. Want to make a fantasy or SciFi plot with me.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.