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This is the story of two worlds. The Light and the Dark. The World of Light was filled with life, peace, love, and harmony. The Dark World was full of death, hate, and destruction. The two worlds were opposed to each other, both wanted the other to be like them. They would have fought over it, so to separate these two worlds, an Ancient Sorcerer of Unknown origin put up a magic barrier. A few centuries have passed since then. The leaders of both sides still despised each other, but they let their people forget about the other side's existence.

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A young girl named Rose, and her older brother, Taeral, were hunters born of the World of Light. They were deep in the woods when they saw a deer up ahead of them. They quietly went towards it, as it would be that night's dinner. At that moment the sound of a twig snapping startles the deer causing him to run off. As they follow the deer's trail they noticed he quickly turned right and they soon ran into something. As they looked to see what it was, there was nothing in front of them.
Taeral: "What was that?"
Rose walked forward reaching her hand out. That's when her hand hit it. The magic barrier she was always told about in stories from when she was younger. She couldn't believe she was actually at the barrier. She soon noticed the deer was somehow on the other side. She followed along the barrier in the direction the deer went until she found what seemed to be an opening.

Rose: "Taeral, come here."
She called for her brother as she went through the hole.
Taeral: "Why are you going over there? There could be some dangerous beast waiting to get you!"
Rose: "Well we won't know unless we go over there."
Taeral hesitantly followed after her through the hole in the barrier. Once they were on the other side they noticed that it felt completely different from their side. The world felt cold and empty. The woods were almost pitch black compared to where they were before the went through the barrier. They continued to go after the deer. After a few minutes, they lost track of the deer and were now lost in the woods. They looked around trying to see if they could find their way back to the barrier. Suddenly they heard growling coming not far from where they were and ghostly, white, glowing eyes appeared in the bushes as they were being watched by the beasts hiding in the overgrowth. Taeral and Rose both got their bows ready, aiming them at the beasts. They slowly came out of the bushes towards them, surrounding them. The beasts then jumped at them. Taeral shot three arrows into the beasts coming towards Rose as she was trying to shoot the one closest to her. All of the beasts were dead except for one. The last beast jumped at him biting into his arm.
Rose: "Taeral!"
Rose quickly shot the arrow into the beast's eye killing it to release it from her brother's arm. Taeral held his arm as it was bleeding quite a bit.
Rose: "Don't worry, I'll get us out of here.."
? ??: "Are you so sure of that?"
Rose turned to see a tall man standing behind them. He was wearing all black, but it looked to be the clothing of someone of a high standing. She then noticed the black crown he was wearing. He was royalty.
Rose: "Who are you?"
???: "You don't know who I am? I'm the Prince of this kingdom."
He smirked before snapping his fingers. Rose and Taeral no longer had control of their bodies and the Prince made them follow him out of the forest towards his castle. Once they reached the castle the Prince ordered one of his servants to take Taeral to a Healer for his wound. He then...


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-Rose Theron
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-Taeral Theron

-The Prince


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