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    Name: Castlevania City
    Population: 10 million people

    Like a European version of Gotham City, Castlevania City stands as an example of the macabre and lies on the mortal foundation ruins of what was once the penultimate site of Dracula's stronghold that the city was named after. After Dracula was purportedly defeated in legend and the fortress destroyed, the castle foundations and its surrounding territories were left alone due to fear, till people came and began to establish towns and such areas, in part defiance against the ancient enemy of their past. From fear and their defiance of the dark, the city grew until it became the ghoulish place the world knows it today.

    Rife with the Supernatural community, their presence warps and taints the already stained grounds and works to create a place where the Night is master and Blood, the currency in which dark deals are made and sealed.

    To the modern world, its known as a place most influenced by its current backers. The Pharmaceutical superpower; Umbrella Inc, The Ventrue-backed Opera House and the Cronqvist-Tepes family line, the oldest family in the city.

    More clandestine factions include the Brotherhood of Light: Monster Hunters dedicated to keeping the city as safe as possible and the Black Dragon Clan: Criminal weapons dealers primarily.


    The Catacombs: Castlevania City Underground remains of Castle Dracula.

    Umbrella Corp. Sector

    Corporation sector in which the famous pharmaceutical company works its experiments without the watchdogs that other cities might have. Its like its own mini-community in which the workers of Umbrella Inc. live out their lives without venturing beyond into the wider city

    The Kennel: Ghetto area, predominantly Roma population here.


    A black skyscraper/hotel under the thumb of Castlevania City's most predominant vampire clan, the Ventrue. The lobby and subsequent first quarter floors are geared towards the party crowd among other pleasures. The higher levels are where the principal bloodsuckers live and conduct their clan business among themselves and their allies.

    The CC Opera House

    In a city so full of the bourgeoisie Ventrue, it was only a matter of time before the Castlevania City Opera House soon became famous throughout the world. Its performances are spoken of in the same tone as Broadway, with many musicals, concertos and other performances held within its halls.

    The Church of Saint Giles: Patron Saint of Lepers and Long-Sufferers, one of the oldest structures in the city.

    Brigid Manor: A mansion located in the gated district of Castlevania City. Local HQ of the Brotherhood of Light, an organization of those who vowed to rid the world of all monsters. Dracula was their greatest foe and upon his defeat, they swore they would not rest till all of his kind was gone from the face of the Earth. The principal enemy of the Ventrue clan in the city.

    Cronqvist-Tepes Manor
    Abandoned by-and-large by the world, its current resident an heir to the family name. Lives largely as a hermit. The manor is located on the outskirts of the city proper, out in the countryside adjacent a forest.​
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  2. Cronqvist-Tepes Manor.


    Ancient, creepy and in need of revitalization but still, in-explicitly limping on through the years. Which said a lot of things about their family in hindsight, but he didn't really care. It had been six years since he had left that metahuman school of heroes. Six years after graduation wandering the world under a false name, mostly with fake contacts to learn various things. All to gain an understanding of who he was and what he could accomplish.

    But he always came back here, to home away from home.

    The old family mansion.

    Setting down the motorcycle bar, Lucifer stepped off and removed his helmet. The years had been kind to him, coupled with his unusual bloodline making for a number of inappropriate stories if he had ever seen them for what they were. He was a bit bulkier, the leather jacket slightly tight- He'd have to replace it. But his eyes remained the same, with that dreamers qualities as he stared thoughtfully at the door and began to rummage for a key. Finally, he threw his hands up and bit his finger tip, using it to drag a line down the door. In a deep, smooth voice like liquid smoke he intoned.

    "A son of my father far I've roamed. A Son of my father, I am home. Let me pass."

    The door clicked open and the finger healed over as he absently licked it, opening the door and taking his only luggage inside.

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  3. [xtable=skin1|bcenter|100%x100%]
    "It's been some time, Cousin. What brings you home after your time away? Me, you can probably guess. Twenty-Five and not married. You can imagine the conversations I've had in the last year or so." At the same time, she did cock a bit of a smile at him as she stepped forward.

    And, without another moment's hesitation, spread her arms out, expecting her embrace. Of course she deserved that, from the one who stood by her when the others of the family reacted... far less favorably to the rescued born Damphir.{/td}
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  4. There was no hesitation turn as he dropped his bag in the hall and lifted her up briefly. Letting her go after an apropos moment, he huffed out and spoke.

    "I've been wandering for far too long. I thought it was about time I returned home."

    He went back to sling his backpack over his shoulder.

    "I went to Thailand first. Then a stint in Japan after. From there, I traveled on foot through Nepal and China before making my way through Russia. Afterwards, I thought I should pay a visit to the old manor." His brow furrowed in mild confusion.

    "Honestly, I thought the place deserted."

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  5. "Mainly. Father... visits. To council me. He likes to call it. I'm sort of under house arrest, in a way. I'm to spend at least three months a year in this... reminder of my family obligations. I still live mainly in Japan, as you might have heard. It baffles the minds of most of our family that... that lowly profession is one I choose to pursue. But you know why I do. It makes me feel human. I like feeling human. The alternative... not quite so much." She shrugged after her little explanation, and moved toward one of the couches.

    "But I'm being a horrible host. Being as I was here first I should offer every hospitality. Is there anything I can provide you?"

  6. "Right, your entertainment career. Its nice you found your niche."

    Choosing another couch, he flopped down and sighed out.

    "Right now though, this is pretty much everything I could have imagined. Much more comfy then what I've gotten used to over the years. Rocks, metal....Hay bales weren't so bad, just itchy."

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  7. And then she moved over and sat on the couch he'd chosen. In moments, she was leaning against him. "Hay bales. We did that more than once. Running off to the stables to hide from some family obligation or another as kids. But you still haven't answered my question fully. You just didn't decide to come to this old place out of nostalgia. No, Lucifer Matthias Anghelscu, I know you better than that. You've got another reason."

  8. His slipped his arm around and absently, began to play with her hair before looking wryly at her direct insight.

    "You'll laugh at me. Its....Well, fine."

    He sighed out. "I was off the radar, but I kept my ear to the ground. All our classmates joined up with teams or protect cities of their own. So I thought...Why not do the same? This place has been cursed ground for a long time. Someone should fix it up...Right?"

    He gestured to himself and smirked.

    "So meet the new vigilante of Castlevania City."

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  9. She did laugh, but only for a moment. And it wasn't at his statement but at the awkward way he'd worded it all. "You know, for a charming person you sometimes have an awful way with words. But, it's cute, and maybe it's part of your charm."

    After a moment she looked up at him. "So, would this vigilante be solo, or would he have a partner? Maybe a dashing redhead with a way of becoming one with the night, who wields a mean axe?"

  10. "You want to join me?"

    He asked with a blink, not expecting her to support it entirely. He chuckled ruefully and shook his head.

    "Wow. I wouldn't say no to help honestly- I've no idea whats going on in town or who exactly, the principal powers are."

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  11. "Me neither. I just come here three months a year, binge on watching movies and occasionally go into town for a drink. I keep my head low since I'm not a permanent resident. But... if this works out, I could always just have a recording studio built here in the manor and publish from here and do less live appearances. Maybe Castlevania City needs a good happy singer to liven up their lives too, who knows?" She stood and went to the wet bar that was off of the main parlor.

    "There's red whisky if you want some. It's what I'm having." Scarlette called over to Lucifer.

  12. "Sure!"

    He called back, leaning back on the couch as he closed his eyes in ponderous thought. A moment later, he took out his phone and began to search through....Hmm. Aha.

    There was something planned. A party at the mayors house.

    If he had anything to wear, it might have been fun to crash and check out the scene.

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  13. She sauntered back and sat down next to him after handing him his shot glass. Scarlette set the bottle on the end table beside the couch, then clinked glasses with Lucifer.

    "To working together again." She declared, then tossed back her shot, setting the empty glass beside the bottle with a reach over that brushed her chest across Lucifer's.
  14. He gave a start mid-sip and almost coughed up his drink.

    Dammit Scarlette.

    Thankfully, he blushed a lot less nowadays and would set his glass to the side before he spoke.

    "Yeah. Hang on, one sec." He winced and moved his hand to rub the side of his neck as he spoke. "Its been a very long drive. I only stopped for gas and the occasional sleep break, but otherwise I kept on and never stopped till I came here."

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  15. "Aww. I could make up your old room if you want. There's no servants here anymore. Just us two in this lonely old place. Of course my bed is made. And huge enough to where we could share it without coming into contact. Your choice though." She stood up and stretched.

    "I haven't cooked in ages, but I did stock the kitchen. I could put a goulash on, if you're hungry."
  16. "Rest sounds good. I'd rather not put you through any trouble. And then tomorrow, you can give me a grand tour of the town."

    Because as of now, he was starting to get tired.

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  17. "Then the least trouble version of this is you staying in my room with me, cause you're not sleeping on a couch and I am pretty sure you won't let me sleep on one either. Tomorrow we'll find the sheets and stuff for your room and get it settled." She reached across him again to grab the bottle and her shot glass, then stood and stretched.

    "Come on cousin, we've got some Z's to catch."

  18. He was out the moment he hit the pillow and the last thing he remembered was a sense of infusing warmth all around him.

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  19. [​IMG]

    The ghettos of Castlevania City or rather the 'Kennel' as it was referred to by the locals wasn't the best place around. Parts of it were in disrepair and discontent swelled among some of the folks living here. But as they stood around a barrel with a fire coming out of it to keep warm they had to wonder. Would their prayers ever really be coming true? Would they ever make a living while down on their luck in the slums of all places? Well, perhaps not out in the streets? But in the deeper scum-filled sections of the Kennels was a place where one could earn great deals of money.

    The only catch was that they'd have to earn it in blood. Either by spilling the blood of their opponents or losing some of their own. The underground fighting circuit was known by most of the people who lived in these parts. It generally went ignored however as most cops who might have given the place a second look over were bribed into looking the other way. Which meant that the fights continued and got even bloodier and rougher. People came from all over the world as a matter of fact to compete in these events!

    That's where seventeen year old Tomo Aizawa comes into the picture. Having been given money by her parents to take a trip wherever she pleased, her childhood friend Juunichirou Kubota suggested Castlevania City! Sure, it wasn't exactly Shangri-La but he had heard from a few people at the Judo club that the fighting circuit there was on fire! You could even win cash if you proved your stuff. Tomo didn't mind fighting one bit. She was hailed as the best on the Judo Team able to take down both the men and the women and even the teacher! But she had been planning to vacation somewhere nice and peaceful with Jun so that he'd hopefully see the more womanly side to her!

    But noting how enthused Jun was over the idea, Tomo relented and so the two were off. As the students from Japan touched down in the city, they headed towards the ghettos with Jun leading the way.


    "Jun? Do you even know if those guys weren't just pulling your leg? I'm up for fighting as much as the next girl but I don't know if I'd want to spend my whole vacation-"

    Too caught up in his own excitement, Jun grabbed his friend's hand and raced towards the nearest building. Didn't seem to be attracting too much attention and the door seemed to have been made out of steel! Well, she guessed that a shady place like this might have needed protection. As Jun thumped on the door however and no one seemed to respond, Tomo pulled on Jun's wrist.

    "H-Hey, I think they're gone, Jun. Why don't we go on and get out of here?"

    Before they could however, a slit in the door opened and two eyes leered out and stared Jun and Tomo down. "Pretty young to be hanging around a place like this aren't ya?"


    "We may be young but we're excited for what you got in there! C'mon let us in already! I don't want to miss a bit of this action! You can only see so much through a livestream, sometimes you gotta be able to see it for yourself!"

    Jun exclaimed as he continued to knock on the door only for the man behind it to narrow his eyes. It was always amusing to see fans of all types gather here at the Bruised Knuckle and the almost-child like enthusiasm this guy had was off the walls. "Alright kid, I'll let you and your friend in. But first you gotta answer the password. What's the name of God?"

    The question took Tomo for a complete loop. What was the name of God?? Was that some kind of riddle or something? Was 'God' referring to the one who helped sponsor/run this whole thing? Yeah, it had to have been that but what an ego, sheesh. Jun was quick to answer however, perhaps a bit too quick to answer.

    "You think I'm some kind of novice or something? His name is Enel, God's name is Enel!"


    The man paused for a moment before chuckling as he slid open the door and motioned for the two to come on in. The inside was about what you'd expect a seedy place like this to look. Broken bottles laying around, knocked over trashcans, holes punched straight into the walls. Grafitti as far as the eye could see. It put Tomo off but Jun wasn't interested in any of that! He wanted to get right down to the nitty gritty!

    "When do we get to see the fights??"

    "Hey, hey cool your jets kid. We gotta take a little ride first." The doorman explained as he walked towards the door which lead to the elevator which would be what took the two to their destination.


    "One of the bad things about this business is that it attracts a whole lot of riff-raff. Basically, the kind of jagoffs that we don't need lurking around the place. Course you still get bums who think this is a good place to sleep since the cops don't usually don't come snooping around here. But God puts those guys right in their place, yes sir." The doorman muttered as he unlocked the padlock and pulled the chains off the door. Opening the door for Jun and Tomo, he gestured to the elevator.

    "Take it down to the fourth floor and just walk right in. That's where you can see the fun stuff, kid." He'd say with a grin which Jun matched before running forward with Tomo following behind. "Jun! Damn it, don't go on ahead like that!"

    As the two of them shuffled into the elevator, the music that played wasn't your typical elevator music. But rather some kind of music that wouldn't seem unfitting in well, a fight club.

    Well, it wasn't exactly the romantic getaway that she'd been hoping for but at least her and Jun were together. As a blush crept up to Tomo's face, she clung to Jun's forearm as she spoke up. "Jun? I know this isn't the greatest place but..I'm happy to be here as long as you're here with me."

    "Huh? Oh yeah, same dude! Two best buds kicking it and watching pro fighters tear into eachother!"


    Moment. Ruined.


    "Damn it, Jun! Why don't you just sign me up for one of these fights if you want to see them so badly?!" Tomo snapped loudly before turning away from her friend. How could he have been so stupid?! Sure, this probably wasn't where most guys took their dates but she had agreed to spend her money coming to this creepy town just for him! The least he could do was pretend to show her some affection instead of that usual 'buddy-buddy' shtick! But in her anger, Tomo failed to notice the growing smirk on Jun's face.

    As the elevator finally touched down, Jun made his way off leaving Tomo behind. "Hey Jun! Where the heck are you going?! The seats are on the right, you're heading left!" She yelled as Jun simply waved off her concerns. "Grab our seats, I'll be right back man!"

    There he went again calling her man! It wasn't as bad as dude or guy but he'd seen her plenty of times to know she was the furthest thing from a guy! Or well it's what Tomo would have liked to see! Everyone else could see her as a girl, sure a monstrously strong girl but still a girl damn it! Slumping into a seat, Tomo glanced down at the ring. Maybe she'd get some entertainment out of this while she waited for Jun to finish up whatever he was doing. The ring itself felt a bit too medieval for her tastes. But she supposed that it was a cool enough aesthetic for the kind of people who liked that sorta thing.


    What caught her interest more was the pink water surrounding the ring itself. Design wise she guessed it was a cool look but what was the point of it? If it just served as where you go to get a ring out then why even bother changing the color? Before Tomo could think any further on it, she felt a hand clasp her shoulder. It didn't exactly feel like Jun's hand whatsoever. The skin felt too rough as if these hands had gone through quite the number of scuffles. Which meant that whoever was propping their hand on her figured they could get away with it. Well, they had another thing coming!

    "Hey buster, I don't know where you get off-aah!"


    Bravest reaction ever given between two women. Though in Tomo's eyes while the person who had put their hand on her shoulder looked very much like a woman, there still was this incredible sense of uneasiness around her! Maybe it was the way this woman wore a leather jacket with no bra on whatsoever or the dials on either side of her head. Or maybe it was the fact that she had razor sharp fangs! Normal humans weren't supposed to have those, she was preeeeeeeety sure about that!

    Noticing the reaction her appearance had earned her, the other woman cackled as she pulled her hand back and leaned back in her seat which seemed to strain itself under the woman.


    "Hahahaha! I think that's the quickest anyone has ever seen me and lost their shit! Nice job!"

    The woman mocked as Tomo quickly caught her bearings and glared. "Hey! Just because you surprised me didn't mean I lost my shit!" But despite Tomo's protests, the mocking laughter continued. As a matter of fact it only seemed to have increased as the woman pulled out a cell-phone and pulled up a picture as she held it out to Tomo.

    "I saw you lookin at the ring. Newcomers to these parts tend to wonder 'what the hell is the water for?' Makes you think and think, don't it? Sure, seems simple enough to suspect that it may just be where your opponent falls and gets a ringout. But their ain't any ring outs in this place. What lurks in those waters are some of the scariest things the ocean has to offer. Here's one I managed to snap a picture of."

    Tomo honestly expected this woman to be talking out of her ass. What kind of fight club had 'monsters' in them? Like real life actual monsters? Wasn't that kind of stuff reserved for sci-fi and horror movies? But as the woman showed her the phone, Tomo's face paled.


    "They let that thing swim near the fighters!? Isn't that like a major problem?! What if one of them gets eaten or one of the creatures jumps out and attacks the crowd?" There were so many questions that left Tomo absolutely dumbfounded how this place hadn't been shut down by lawsuits up the ass! But her genuinely serious concerns may as well have been jokes for as much as they seemed to matter to this strange woman. Closing up her phone and slipping it away, the woman shrugged her shoulders.

    "You gotta understand the kind of folks that come here. Fighters with something to prove no matter the risks. Fighters that are washed up old fuckbags in the public eye who want one last shot at glory. Or people who just love spilling blood. Whether it's their own or the guy they're fighting, doesn't matter. They're addicted to the scent of battle. None of them care about getting munched on by some beastie that lives under the ring. As for the audience, anytime one of these things rise up too much and start heading towards the audience? 'God' gives em a good zap. Now, as for me? I'm just here killing time. What about you, chica?"

    Well, Tomo supposed that made some sense. But still, she may have had some skill when it came to fighting, she sure as heck wasn't in it to risk getting eaten by a giant monster! But for as annoying as this woman had been, she had been honest so would have been rude if she refused to tell her. But she couldn't tell her that she was here on a date! That'd just sound so...wrong!

    "I'm here with a friend...Who likes watching this kinda stuff. I'm indifferent myself, really. I'd prefer fighting one on one without it needing to become a spectacle y'know? I just wish he understood that." Well, she also wished that he'd stop treating her like one of his guy friends but maybe she was hoping for too much. The woman listened to Tomo's response and nodded in understanding. "I getcha, don't worry if he ain't a complete fucking idiot then he ought to come around. Don't sweat it too much."

    Huh. Maybe Tomo had gotten the wrong impression of this woman all along. She may have been vulgar and didn't seem to care about baring it all but other than that? She seemed pretty approachable. "Thanks. I'm-"


    "W-What?! Why are they calling my name?!"

    "Eh? You mean you didn't sign up?"

    Tomo had no interest in getting mixed up fighting guys when there was the risk of getting eaten by giant sea monsters or something. More so when this place seemed pretty scummy altogether. But then she heard her name called and she didn't know what the hell was going on! She would never signed up for this herself!



    "Jun, you idiot you killed me!"

    Snickering at Tomo's reaction to being called to the ring, the other woman stood up on her feet. Cracking her neck from side to side, she'd pick up Tomo by the collar of her shirt and easily picked her up off her feet. Wondering what the hell was going on, Tomo noticed the saliva dripping down her fangs as the other name was announced by the ringmaster.


    "Would Gavril Madaraki and Tomo Aizawa report to the center ring? Your match will begin immediately as you get into the ring!"


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  20. [​IMG]

    "Mr. Black and company, please follow me."

    The man who walked in, wrapped against the cold was a ponderous figure. With features that could have been carved from stone and eyes that burned as he walked. By his side, the similarly dressed bodyguards(for show of course) kept back the masses allowing him to walk unhindered. The master of the Black Dragon Cartel never missed a fight after all.

    It was one of life's little pleasures.

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