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Aachen Rizen Compile - Ken No Matsuri



A long time ago...

A young woman is given an immensely important task. To embark upon the Pilgrimage to Demon Crown Mountain in order to rejuvenate the land. If she was successful, the generations of misfortune that her family and people had suffered would be reversed. Barren and desolate fields would again bear bountiful harvests. Lively game would again roam free and numerous, promising good hunts. Harsh winters would become more bearable, sparing the lives that were normally lost to the cold each year.

The Pilgrimage meant so much to the people. They placed all of their hopes unto the young woman and her guardians that they may be able to make the dangerous trek safely.

But, before she could do anything in this quest. She was murdered. With it, the hope of the land returning to normal.
In desperation, the three great tribes of the land turned against each other, beginning an armed conflict that lasted for decades.
All of that was ended however, the day Demon Crown Mountain erupted. It blanketed all with a layer of hot and choking ash and soot.

The survivors who escaped the calamity fled far, far south to a foreign land called Shang.
In this new land the embers of a new war were lit.
The fearful Kingdom of Shang, and the desperate bands of Migrants fleeing the disaster of the eruption began a desperate war for survival.

Seemingly detached from this grand tale is a band of allies by circumstance. In the battle tournament of the 'Festival of Swords', they are all betrayed, and seemingly put out of the tourney. Instead of admitting defeat, one girl unites the group in order to turn around their misfortunes. However, after being ambushed, the group is forced to flee to a cemetery on tournament grounds. The travelers are immediately caught by strange forces. Cursed by spirits of the dead they are trapped in the realm of the deceased. Now they seek to solve the mystery of this curse in the hopes of returning back to the real world, and in order to continue the Festival of Swords.

But you.... you don't know anything about the festival at all, do you?

You've been trapped in this void longer than those fools have been. Various reasons. Sleeping in cemeteries. Spiting unknown forces, or even experiencing your very own death. Whatever the reason, it can be said that you know the true nature of this void, The Neithare very well. Intimately even.

Cold and Isolated.
Desolate and Depleted of Hope.

But these travelers, and the curse they awakened manifested a world of the past that should no longer exist. It Plays the tale of that ill fated young woman the season before she died. It replays that tale over and over again. Revolving around that tragedy.
These people, and the curse they're afflicted with is the key. A chance to escape the Neithare and return to the living world is possible!



Aachen Rizen Compile is a 'Group Party RPG' RP that takes most of it's structural and storytelling inspiration from the Tales of Series of games. It follows a group of individuals who unite and are ultimately destined to somehow save the world. Through their adventure they are confronted by their own personal demons and are faced with situations that will challenge the core of their characters. Will they grow from these hardships? Or will it be through their bonds of friendship that they persevere?

The Main Goals of the RP is to foster bonds between the party with the backdrop of the story giving opportunities for everyone's character's to develop and grow together. The other secondary goal of the RP is to have an ongoing world forged by the actions of the party. Ultimately, the endgame of this RP is to save the world. But before any of that happens it is the GM's goal to see every active party member experience some form of development or growth.

If you are looking for a dedicated RP where interesting and meaningful character interactions are encouraged, and an experience with a distinct JRPG flavor then please consider joining us.

This is the RP
where Links and Convictions Will Change the World!



+ Join Connected!

Part of this wave's sign up process involves working to have your character already have a tie in with someone on the cast. Those volunteering for this 'sponsorship' system are super friendly and will ensure you won't feel out of place when you start!

+ Combo Your Way Through Difficulty!

Aachen Rizen implements an RPG like battle system where characters perform 'Combo Trees'. As the RP progresses, these can be upgraded to do more damage. Fight together with your allies to defeat many a difficult foe!

+ Flesh out Characters with Skits!
A direct staple borrowed from the tales series. Optional skits allow for informal and entertaining asides that allow for a volume of character intreaction that would normally be impossible in a comparable RP.

+ Stronger through Participation!
Characters become stronger through Upgrade Points. Used to increase their damage threshold and attack potential. These can be gained from making posts and doing other extra activities available through the Discord Channel!

+ Bonds Become Power!
Foster character relationships with 'Private Action' Collabs to unlock support abilities that can be used in battle!

+ Echo Unto History!
Stick with the RP until it reaches an end and decide your character's legacy. This along with the nature of the RP's ending will shape another adventure in the far off future!


In a Nutshell:

Aachen Rizen Compile - Ken no Matsuri
After being betrayed at the start of the sword festival, journey with Tsubaha Mori as the party braves the dangerous and cutthroat Festival of Swords. Beyond that, face a world of two peoples on the brink of annihilating one another, and beyond that, challenge a force that threatens to destroy Migrants, Non-Migrants, and all living beings in between. Embark upon this journey to find the answer to save both the Shang Kingdom and the Tousawa Migrants as your party faces off against many foes and conflicting agendas that are marching the world to destruction.

Strengthen your skills and your bonds with your party members to perform better in battle. See this tale through and you may find your place of honor in history!

  • Summary
    • Format: Group RP
    • RP Type: Fantasy World, RPG Party Adventure, Incentivized Character Development
    • Expected Post Rate: 1 Per Week or more
    • Target Cast Size: 8, Active. (People with Peculiar Posting Rates Notwithstanding)
    • Character Limit: 1
    • Mandatory Secondary Communication: Discord Server
    • Signups Status: Open ( By Sponsorship )
    • Signup Thread: Here


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Group Roleplays, One on One Roleplays, Chat Roleplays, Private Convo Roleplays
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Yes Hello, I'm one of the sponsors who offered to help with the signups. As you probably have read on the OOC/Signup Thread, I play the Runaway Doven Princess Runara Blazeheart. I'm always open to help you on creating a character that will have ties with my character and perhaps create a story to last until it meets it's ending. I can always be found on Discord to help you.

So if you took interest in taking me up as your sponsor, strike me a PM or reply here~

Of course I'm not the only sponsor here, you can read the list of sponsors on the OOC/Signup thread.