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Hello! I am looking for a female Characters for Rp and there will be a list of plot. And if your interested message me right way! (Note Discord open as well. I am on my phone most of the time. =) Notes Any OF The BOLD Ideas are Top Ideas That I am Looking For! And The other Italic Ideas Are the most Cravings Ideas And Most Wanted!

Other Important Notes!

All The Ideas will be about A Paragraph to Two Paragraph long with details and Please Note that A little longer Is Ok. I am Not looking for Over too much long post!

Thanks for reading and DO ENJOY The Ideas!

Some Special Ideas for Esmeralda! And Hope you all want in!

Plot one

After being chased after and hunted by the guards. Esmeralda found herself in the house of a recently returned Captain from the military who was on campaign for the last eight long years. He took a liking to her. And he didn't realize that he would be put in charge of searching for her and as well as the sexual interrogation of her if he did get her. But as he would end up in a romance with her. As he kept her one step ahead before they both got caught and he had to save her and get her out. And maybe bring back part of the military that he was with to save the city. But in turn that started a rebellion. But to keep her safe. Now he will promise to protect her and they may become the rulers!

Can they make the epic change and save the world they love and each other?

Plot Two

After the new Commander of the guard was assigned to the city to help keep the peace. And this time the New Judge would still have it out for the Gypsies. As more so after the Festival of Fools. And the girl's name Esmeralda. After the big riot and her getting away. Because the new commander of the guard helped her. He was enlightened by her, after that they started a relationship knowing that if they get caught both of them could be in big trouble, but later Esmeralda would get Captured and be put into the place of pain. And after he makes a rescue attempt he would have to save her. But he end up getting captured too. And they have to plan they escape and start a massive rebellion and maybe take the city back. But the New Judge would still be hunting them. And this time if they get caught he would have them executed in the most harsh way and public.
Now one can hope that they can make a change and will over the City?

Princess Kida Ideas! from the Show Atlantis! Hope you enjoy the Ideas!

Plot One

After nearly 12000 years Atlantis was discovered after a new Warship had trouble and sank, and the crew made it a special pocket that leads them to the city of Atlantis. The Commander Officer, Rua Le Crusade. The Masked man most people call him he hides his identity. And Lieutenant Commander Kira Yamato, have come at odds at uncovering the lost city. And a civil war, Kira and his friends those who follow his lead are on the side of The young Princess Kidagakash or Kida, and the Commander is looking to take the Capital City of Atlantis and its technology back to the world and used it power to seal the world. Kira and Kida have to work together to unlock the seal and secrets of the city to save the Princess world. The Princess life put into danger when capture by Rua Le Crusade and trying to get her to tell him the secrets and power of Atlantis. And Kira must save the Kida without revealing his true family name and his abilities, and his feeling for your princess of Atlantis.

Can they change the fate that may be coming or will Evil have the say?

Plot two

After nearly over 12,000 years missing the world of Atlantis would arrive to the world again. And then before a peaceful alliance or any talks could be put out. The Organization know as Military Alliance ZAFT. Attack and would try and get the advantage and get the technology and weapon. But the Independent Organization Compass group would try and fix things. But the Princess would have been taken captive by the ZAFT Alliance. And they would try and get information out her. As they where planned a full force invasion. The young princess would come in contact with The Lion of Orb, or The Last Knight name Kira. And he would end up saving The Princess Kida and get her back to her people. And before the invasion. He help her set up way to push back and save her world. During this time Kira and Kida would fall in love.

Well the idea is that Atlantis had resurfaced. And then all the main powers has send force to try and clam the power for themselves. during on of the battles Princess Kida will get capture and she will meet my character who was sent to recuse her. but they both capture and they have to escape and get her back to her city.

Kidagakash (Kida) Nedakh
Born: 6586 B.C.E.
She is over 12,000 years old. But her health and looks are of those of 21 to 25 years old.

Kidagakash Nedakh is the daughter of Kashekim Nedakh, the king of Atlantis during its height of power. Kida is a warrior princess, making her strong and very skilled at combat. It is mentioned that several thousand years ago, Kida would have killed outsiders on sight. By the present time, however, Kida has become so curious about Atlantis's past that she is willing to let in outsiders hoping that they could help her rediscover Atlantis's history. She is shown to love her father. Although she can seem quite forceful, violent, and aggressive at times, she has a kind heart and general respect for all creatures.

She is very strong and independent. She will fight. And she has some Dominant personality. And she can be very sexy to one's who fallen in love with. And she would have a strong connection to someone who would save her and try and protect her.

Like all Atlanteans, Kida is a master linguist, with the ability to decipher non-native tongues by simply referring to Atlantean, which is regarded as the root dialect of the ancient world. She has also acquired excellent hunter-gatherer skills, due to millennia of scavenging through the planet's many caverns and catacombs in search of food and resources. A true warrior princess, Kida is among the finest protectors of Atlantis. Using Atlantean martial arts and tactics.

I hope this give you some of the information to work with for Kida.

Plots that been thinking!

Ahsoka was on her first mission alone with Captain Rex as he adviser and helps kept Clones troopers in line. During the planet Assault. A new crash they came across and the pilot was still alive. And Ahsoka will asked them to get him out and treat his wounds. And then Ahsoka and Rex will go and talk to him. Ahsoka will find out more about him he was only a few years older than her. And she would talk to him and then before she could get a chance to really get close to him. His team came to get him and cover the suit.

A few years would go by Ahsoka would meet him again. And this time she would be escort him to Capital. That way he could conclude business and Alliance. And then he and Ahsoka would have to fight to get out alive. And then they would end up on a colonies of Togruta. And Ahsoka would be able to get them a place to stay until they could be recuse. She know that she couldn't go back and she want to start a new life with him. And things would have changed alot back at his home and they would both have to fight again this time to change things for good… and Ahsoka would be by his side.

Other plot!

After a few years and Ahsoka was finally promoted to Jedi Knight. And she was given a special force team. Under Lieutenant Commander Kira Yamato, The 9th Special Operation Legion. And Ahsoka would meet Kira. And she won't have seen his face. Because of his armor. And well as the Lion of Orb. And know as Last Knight. And after months of fighting together and seeing how skilled Kira was and his ability with his special forces. Then after a very costly victory. Ahsoka would see a bit of Kira emotional side. And she would be able to reveal his face. And she was shocked to see how young he was really. And she would fall in love with him. And after a little while and order 66 and Kira would save her and both clones and Kira teams would have been killed. Kira and Ahsoka would be the only ones who get out. And they would go and hide for a while. Before Kira's country called again. And Ahsoka would go with him.

Hope you like the Ahsoka Ideas!

More plot!

Wonder Woman would be get a mission to locate a Bio Lab that was illegal creation of weapons that could destroy human kind. But this was a trap to get Wonder Woman out of the way and hold her captive. And during her time being held she would meet some one who would kept her from getting hurt and there was something very different about him. And before recuse would come she learn the truth and who was behind the start of this world wide conflict. As would find out the curse of the one who save her and one she had feel in love with. Now they had a new mission was stop this conflict and stop the ones who are behind it. And at all cost find a way to stop this curse from taking the one she had fallen in love with before the visions would come true.

Hope you like this idea?

Plot One!

After five long years (YC Neko) was her third year in college. As a lawyer, she would get a rare chance to work in the military court. Known as Court Marshal. And she gets to help clear the name of a young up coming officer in a special operation team. During the time working and learning about him. She would develop some feelings for him. And she would start a relationship with him. And then she would end up knowing about his rough past and the PTSD that he was dealing with from many different hard choices that he had to make. And then she ends up getting kidnapped and held. And he goes after her to try and save her.

Hope you like this idea?

Plot Two

Neko was a 4 year college student and she was about 22 years old. And she majored in Writing, News, and Articles. She had a minor in Law. She was very active in sports at the college. In her last year of college. She would get a very unique experience. She would get a inside look and several months Writing about a special operation group known as Archangel. Here she would meet the command of the group and she would get his story and all that he went through. And before she would know it she fall in love with him. She would end up going on a tour that would end up being Six months. And getting all the close to the others and Writing about they stories. As events would unfold she would find some dark things behind the last war that happened one that changes a lot.

Hope you like this idea?

Plot Three

(YC Neko) is a very sexy Neko. Who is into a lots of different things and she is 18 year old freshmen at a college. And when she not doing the sport. She is a cheerleader. And several guys where always after her. But she didn't like them at all. And then she will meet one of the older college guys who is into a lot of the other sports. He had a liking to her. But he also knew that she is very nervous about guys. But do to his past and things that had happened he was still in the military and doing his officer courses from college. He can romance her and did trips. And many new things. And new friends who are like him. So he know that she would be happy and safe around them for all the other fun they would do. And she would be open up more when she fined out that he was willing to do a lot for Her.

Hope you like this idea?

Plot Four

YC was going to a college, and she was studying to be a medical pro, as well as a minor in law. She was in her third year. But this year something different will happen. She and her friends would get trapped in a terrorist plot and there were several big threats. And when the team was sent in to rescue them she and the team leader get cut off by a bomb and he would end up saving her. But they would get taken hostage and out of the country. He would continue to protect her and soon they would plan an escape and then have to find a safe way home and she would have fallen in love with him over this time period.

Hope you like it?

Plot Five

Its been close to 7 long years and she hadn't heard anything from her close friend. Who she was very close to. Then when he had to leave with his parents. And now she was in college. This would be her second year. And being a very sexy female and a Neko. She would have a lot of guys who would be after her. She was the Captain of the Cheerleaders. And she play other sports, like Volleyball, and she ran track. And stuff. She had several close friends who also live in they same very nice floor apartment. They came from money. But it wasn't a big deal they didn't make a deal about it. But that same second year of college. Her close friend returned. And he was a lot different from what she remembered. And he was more then willing to fight off the guys who was after her. She want to try and win him over and to have him stay with her. And she didn't really want him to go back. Or at the very least just have him work a special operation training center. So she could have him around more. Of course she was hiding some very special sexy kinky things from him that she want to share with him and well her close friend know about this side of her.

Hope you like this plotline?


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Hey I am still looking for someone to play Kida! Please message me!
Updating OF New Ideas! And New Character! And Please Message ME!!! ( Discord IS Open)
I AM LOOKING For Someone to Be My Esmeralda! For ONE Of MY Idea!!


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Is looking for a writer for Esmeralda and Princess Kida!! And discord is location for writing!


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