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The Ball Python Queen
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Fantasy, Romance, Modern, Modern Fantasy, Possibly Sci Fi


Hello to all whom it may concern! My name is IceQueen but you can call me Icey, I'm used to it by now. I am a twenty something college student who is free for the summer and needs some cool plots to fill her time. I am specifically craving
MxM plots, Romantic Focused Stories and Plots based off of Yaoi Mangas.
While I can do other settings my preferences are for
Modern and Modern Fantasy.

I am looking for partners that have a maturity about them, I don't want to be devolving into UWU hug me daddy territory. It's not my thing. I have already tried my hand in Red Star so as stated below I am open to mature themes, and some plots like sub/dom universe may rely on that sort of content. I WILL NOT USE MATURE THEMES WITH THOSE UNDER THE AGE OF 18. Smut is optional based on preference and even if included it is likely to be only 30% of the actual roleplay.

About Me

-I have a sporadic sleep schedule and sometimes stay up all night, usually nap through the day
-I am in the Pacific Time Zone (US)
-I am a sucker for pretty boys, give me the Ikkemen
-I often connect to partners through discord and am much more responsive on there when I can't get to Iwaku
-I prefer rping on Iwaku, no preference for fourms or pms
-I prefer using art face claims but can do realistic if required(They just kind of give me the creeps)

What I'm looking for

-Someone willing to play Males for both MxM and MxF plots (I can double if preferred, but if you are going to focus on only you being the uke/female mostly I will lose interest)
-Open minded and friendly people
-A 70/30 to 90/10 plot to smut ratio
-A paragraph per post at the least. My style flexes to what my partner posts, usually 2 to 3 paragraphs
-A semi literate writer. I don't expect you to be perfect but I'd like it to be legible
-Adult Characters (18 and up)
-A dominant or switch role (I am fine doubling up if needed)

What you can expect

-Fast and reliable posts
-Anywhere from 1 to 10 paragraphs, usual is around 2-3
-Mature take on Omegaverse
-Anime Pictures
-Badass females, omegas, and bottoms
-Discord OOC chatter
-Friendly Messages
-Random Anxiety -Is this rp ok?- Messages

My limits

-No bathroom play
-No incest (I find it creepy)
-No text speech style rps
-No One liners
-No Pure Smut
-No non con
-Anything too gore
-Ask me about anything hardcore/niche

Random Pairings

_NOTE- All plots/Pairings can be changed to MxM_

-PrincessxPrince (ala arranged marriage style)
-Street RacerxStreet Racer
-Cop's daughterx Criminal
-Vessel for a god x Vessel for a god
-Feel free to suggest something!

Plot Bunnies

-Romance Novel Esque Plots/Tropes
-Humanoid ish beasts (vampires, werewolves, etc)
-Enemies to lovers
-Fake Dating
-Cute Fluffy and Angsty Mix


A World at War

Themes-Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Monarchy structure, Arranged Marrige

Two planets amongst a galaxy far away are at war. The prince and princess of each planet, in a deal made beyond their control, are arranged to be married so that both planets may unite underneath a single rule. While this seems like an easy feat the two cultures couldn't be more different. One is based on light and prosperity, valuing intelligence and independence over all. The other is much more dark and gloomy and expects the women of the household to do domestic activities while the men work in the feild, ride horses, etc. They value loyalty and strength above all and are seen as ruthless while the light are seen as stuck up and too stiff. The two aren't even introduced before the preparations begin and the couple, with vastly different outlooks on life, has to figure out how to get along or risk their entire planet's being destroyed by the ensuing war.

Alternative Add on- Both Planets are made up of different species or sub species (Ie light vs dark dragons, elves vs wolves etc.)
The Blood Moon

Themes- Fantasy, Werewolves, Mystery, Conflict

A long time ago werewolves roamed the land without a care in the world. Connected to the earth and the sky their existence was very natural and relied on traditions that connected them to the land. Fast forwards in time and the wolves aren't all so traditional anymore. With the reduction of territory due to humans many werewolves have adjusted to live amongst them and go to school like regular people. Others who are more stuck in their ways refuse and continue to carry out centuries old traditions while staying as far away as possible. Eventually that no longer becomes possible. A modern pack and a wild one, both crammed into a valley in Canada, are suddenly at each other's throats and fighting for the space to live freely. What makes it even worse is that the alpha of the tamed pack had once run away and fallen in love with a wild wolf who now leads the opposing pack. With the threat of humans on the horizon and new threats in their valley will the packs learn to get along or will past flings get in the way and cause more trouble.

A World Unseen

Themes- Slice of Life, Modern, Fame

She's a deaf mute who hides behind her camera, her abrasive and straightforward demeanor putting many people off. He's a high stakes celebrity who is maybe a tad too confident in himself. Somehow the two end up working together and get into a spat. They might as well be oil and water. Still the project gains massive success and soon the agency comes knocking at the mute's door again asking for another assignment. As much as they despise each other the more time they spend together the more small similarities emerge in the way they act and the more they understand each other. Soon the mute is head over heels for the celebrity just like every other girl she had mocked before. Still will that be enough to get over the scandal and exposure of dating a celebrity? Or will he even come to like her?

Spirit Ties

Themes- Fantasy, Modern, Slice of Life, Fame, Arranged Marrige

On earth there are two species, not that the humans would ever know. There are the humans, and then the spirits. Living amongst humans and carrying out their lives each spirit who is sent into the world of the living has their own powers and abilities. Of course they couldn't just let everyone go out and run rampant, thus there is the spirit committee. For the betterment off all spirits they deem who is worthy or unworthy to live amongst humans, police the use of spirit powers to change the course of fate, and pair up spirits in marriages so they don't risk crossing with humans. In this world each marriage must last for 2 years, where by if both parties agree they can become amicably divorced, however regular check ups on couples prevent them from plowing through a marriage by simply not living together. She is a low level spirit who still needs training, thus her powers are not fully developed, but she is also a young aspiring actress/model/singer. He is at the top of the business and loved by many, and secretly also a very powerful spirit. The one thing they have in common? Both of them would rather die than get married. After a few unsuccessful pairings from the Spirit Committee the two are paired together and put under strict surveillance. Suddenly the 'drama free' life of the top star is full of chaos as the aspiring young actress is brought forcefully into his life, and closer than he might like. What feelings will bloom in this unwilling marriage?

As my God Commands

Themes- Gods, Vessels, Powers, Modern Fantasy, Enemies, MxF, MxM

The world is much different than the one we see today. Amongst the humans walk vessels, beings designated by gods to be their living actors on earth. The vessels, while possesing a mind of their own, share their body with the diet that chose them. Whether or not they get along is another matter. Each god chooses a vessel to act out their desires on earth and accordingly humans have become enamored with the lives of those vessels. While each vessel has its own powers many are seen as priests or direct links to the gods and are revered as such. For some that means leading an entirety of people and them respecting you as such, for others it means living like a celebrity. On top of that vessels have their own ways of communicating and dealing with each other. Its not uncommon for vessels to form sex contracts, exchanging regular intimacy for the return of something else. Some delve into woes of pleasure, others stay celibate asside from their official partners.

Who we play in this scenario is up for grabs, but I have four pre prepared female vessels

Airi- Vessel of Spring (both the water source and the season). Rules over the lower half of Japan, Idol
Silvia- Vessel of Moon, The Tides, and Snow. Rules over the upper half of Japan, Airi's 'older sister' of sorts. Model and Actress
Anastasia- Vessel of Pain, Suffering, Grief, And Shadows. No designated rule yet. At odds with the spirit of the goddess, suffers from headaches, insomnia, and the goddess' wrath
Naomi- Vessel of the Hunt, Prosperity, and Predators. Very standoffish to men, rules over a group of people that stay out of modern society. Will fight you.

I Will Never Kneel for You

Themes- Dom/Sub Dynamics Universe, Slice of Life, Modern or Modern Fantasy, Enemies to Lovers, MxM

In this world everyone lives in one of three categories regardless of gender. Doms, who crave to control, praise, and spoil their partners, subs, who crave being spoiled, ordered, and punished, and normals who exist outside the system. For those who are in dom/sub roles the misconception is that this is all some sort of choice. In reality a dom and a sub's instincts are tied into their nerve system. Without a suitable partner or play to release the tension their body craves their partners slowly go haywire, loosing sleep, becoming hostile, and suffering chronic pain or headaches. Suppressants can subside these issues but they are at most a temporary measure. Eventually everyone must find a partner or suffer and die alone.

This sub is one that lives inside this system, a man who would rather just ignore the fact that he was born this way. Dom and Sub dynamics should have nothing to do with him. Its only when he visits his doctor that the sub is told if he doesn't find a partner he will be dead within the year. Reluctantly the sub goes to a matchmaking service, touted as the best with pairing subs to doms with genetic testing and personality quizes. He's just here not to die, so when a fellow work colleague and the subs most hated enemy appears in the same room as him the sub is forced to either make a deal or suffer the consequences.
Switching Tides

Themes- Dom/Sub Dynamics Universe, Slice of Life, Modern or Modern Fantasy, Enemies to Lovers, MxM, Dynamic Switch

In the world of dynamics its commonly known that there are three categories, sub, dom, and normal. There is, however, a fourth category that isn't talked about nearly as much, one that often springs up without notice. That is the switch. While rare they do exist, and have the ability to switch between dom and sub dynamics depending on their partner. This often leads to confusion.

MC is a dom, or at the least he thinks he is. He's powerful and most other people stay out of his way because his strict nature scares them. He's seen as sort of a nightmare but gets shit done fast and well. MC was all convinced that he was the top dog alpha, until someone new shows up. Suddenly when MC overhears him joking around with commands he finds himself kneeling on the bathroom floor, unable to control the strength in his legs. MC has unknowingly run into an alpha more powerful than him, one strong enough to flip his switch. What's even worse is when he walks in and realizes what happened. How will the dynamics between these two blossom as MC tries to figure out what the hell is going on.
Be My Forever

Themes- Beast AU, MxM, Possible M-Preg dynamics, Heats, Fantasy
Based off the world of Ookami-kun Wa Kowakunai

In this world there are a few types of people, herbivores, and carnivores. Originally the world was split into two, carnivores hunting herbivores, but as time went on things settled down. Now society is still divided in two but for entirely different reasons. Herbivores are often forced into submission when a carnivore goes into heat, so lots of things are kept separate, even classrooms in school. Moreover there is another type of hierarchy, pure breeding. Purebred species are often touted as better than others for their pure lineage, regardless of if they are carnivores or herbivores.

For the plotline, well whatever goes! We can have an herbivore and a carnivore, enemies or friends, any pairing or ideas goes! This one is a bit more open ended so come with ideas a plenty~
Bite Me if You Dare

Themes- Omegaverse, M-preg, Show Biz, Heats, Modern, Enemies to Lovers
Based off of Ore daek no Senzoku Alpha

The world has come a long way since the discovery of secondary genders. Despite first backlash against them Omegas have slowly become a more regular part of every day life. Now its not uncommon to see more prominent figures out as omegas and living their best life. MC is that kind of guy, a well known omega model that does a lot of modeling for collar companies. While his image online and in interviews is graceful and elegant his real temper is quite nasty. He has a deep hatred for alphas of all kinds and has trouble working with any of them. Sometimes he smokes just so he doesn't have to smell their pheromones. Everything changes when a certain alpha enters his life, and everything is turned upside down.

Your character in this could be a fellow model, his personal assistant, or something else, its up for discussion.




Lunaris Aladendra Tritis

8th Enchanter- Disciple of Chronis

Unknow- Appears in mid 20's






Luna appears around her mid 20's but she does not have an age like typical humans do. In her disguised
form Luna has long white hair and greenish blue eyes. She often wears casual clothes but
always keeps a weapon on hand to defend herself. In angel form Luna sprouts
8 pairs of wings and her robes change into long flowing white
robes. A crown of golden olive branches crowns her head.
The ends of her hair turn slightly pale blue.
She can summon a golden spear
and a golden sword.

Luna has little to no care for regular humans, though she doesn't like angels much either. She's in an odd limbo
state of being mad at the world and can't quite figure out why everything is happening to her. She tries to
deal with no emotions which has been ingrained in her for years. When she's comfortable
around others Luna has a sarcastic personality that likes to make jokes when reasonable. When not making
jokes she seems lost in thought, other ideas plaguing her mind.


Maxamillion Rose Queen

Stage Name


Male Pole Dancer/ Stripper

Max usually wears things in galaxy colors. When working he's always going for things that make him feel sexy. Usually airs on the side
of androgynous fashion. Outside of work he's a very lazy dresser and prefers baggy and comfy clothing. His hair is white on
top and rainbow for the bangs. He sometimes wears a headband. Always wears a choker around his neck, often connected
to his clothing. He likes to paint his nails and change his earrings often. Has no tattoo's but does have a birthmark on
the inside of his right thigh.

Max puts on a persona of a put together man with all the confidence in the universe. He is flirtatious and playful, always looking
for future customers in others he meets even outside of work. Is a master of seduction and does more 'after hours'
work than his boss probably knows about. Has a bad habit of sleeping with customers for extra cash. He is
extremely closed off and dislikes talking about his feelings, his past, or anything too personal. Refuses
to settle down and date one person mostly due to longstanding fears of being abandoned
after falling too hard. Really soft and squishy on the inside and very clingy.


Deanu Rose Mistwood


Half Goat

Model or Idol


Somewhat apathetic and generally bored with most things Deanu spends most of her time on her phone. She is known for her mature and cool looks and sultry and inviting voice. She dedicates most of her life to her job so she has little time or patience for other things. She is sweet as pie to her fans but do not mistake her for some dainty little doll. She can, and will, beat the absolute shit out of you if you dare try and touch her without permission. She feigns being sort of uncaring about her looks but she puts lots of time and effort into making sure her skin is clear and she has zero mistakes. Has a strong dislike for anyone who is too care free about everything. Is Vegitarian.



A Blade in the Dark
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Fantasy, Magipunk, Steampunk, Science Fantasy, Scifi, Urban Fantasy, Ancient World Fantasy, Historical Fantasy, Samurai, Fandoms (ATLA, BNHA, GoT, etc)
I'd like to play something with you! I like the Worlds at War idea with onis x whatever you please.
I'd throw a prophecy around the Blood Moon idea