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! Hello and Welcome !
It's a pleasure to meet ya! Call me Hero bb C: So, I know you're all here because you too are incredibly bored during this unfortunate quarantine school season. I'm 22 and a college student who happens to be decently busy but roleplay helps me take the edge off so here I am. Currently, I'm looking for a few things, some specific and some broad, to fill the extra time I have lingering around when I'm supposed to be asleep at night. I've been roleplaying for far too many years so I know what I like and dislike at this point and I know what kind of people I am looking for, not to sound snobby. I want passion, I want drive, and above all else I want contribution. Please don't message me if you know you won't be fully invested in the story like I will be. I will leave what I'm searching for down below and if you're interested please send me a message including a bit about yourself and what you were interested in doing~!

♪ Posts every other day/every few days unless work comes up. My posts can range between 2-8+ paragraphs depending on my muse.
♪ I play female or male characters respectively and I love playing multiple characters.
♪ I love to OOC so expect to either become good friends and receive all kinds of headcanons about our characters and random nonsense or for me to get bored fast.
♪ I'm open to Discord (for OOC/RP) or PMs only. I lose track of threads far too easily.

♫ Consistent posting or at least a heads-up. It's busy season for everyone so I don't expect daily posts or anything of the sort.
♫ You must be able to post at least 2+ solid paragraphs per reply/character. I'll honestly get bored or frustrated with less than that and I'd like to avoid that.
♫ Be able to play both males and females and be willing to at the very least double (if called for).
♫ Please be over the age of 18. No offense to minors but I prefer people my own age/adults. I'd feel bad talking about certain things with someone underage.

[All options are open for M//, F//, or M/F. Cravings are listed by asterisks (*) or italicized (for fandoms). Preferred roles are bolded. Premade ideas will be underlined.]
[Willing to do Canon/Canon, Canon/OC, or OC/OC depending on the fandom. AUs are welcomed and encouraged.]
[Lists will be updated regularly.]

𝄢 Stalker x Killer *****
𝄢 Mythical x Human **
𝄢 Shogun x Shinobi (or any other feudal positions) ***
𝄢 Superhero x Civilian ***

Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) *****

𝄞 OC x OC
𝄞 Shouto Todoroki - Dabi/Touya Todoroki - Kai Chisaki - Tamaki Amajiki - Katsuki Bakugo - Denki Kaminari - Yo Shindo x OC
𝄞 Shouto x Denki *****
𝄞 Shouto x Katsuki ***
𝄞 Katsuki x Izuku (x Shouto) **
𝄞 Todoroki Family Drama *****
𝄞 Miruko/Mirko x Shigaraki *****
𝄞 Keigo x Kai **
𝄞 Keigo x Dabi/Touya **
𝄞 Kai x Momo ***
𝄞 For this show, I can play just about anyone at this point.

Bleach *

𝄞 Ichigo Kurosaki - Sosuke Aizen x OC
𝄞 Ichigo x Grimmjow
𝄞 Ulquiorra x Orihime
𝄞 For characters I can play, it really depends but I can play most.

D. Gray-man *

𝄞 Allen Walker - Lavi Bookman x OC
𝄞 I'm really only confident in playing Kanda, Krory, Kamui, and Allen to be honest.

Avatar: The Last Airbender *****

𝄞 OC x OC
𝄞 Zuko - Azula - Sokka x OC
𝄞 Zuko x Jet *****
𝄞 Zuko x Katara *****
𝄞 I can play a lot of characters so ask away!

Marvel Universe **

𝄞 Peter Parker - Bobby Drake x OC
𝄞 X-Men ****
𝄞 Avengers/MCU
𝄞 There are too many characters in this fandom to list.

DC Universe ***

𝄞 Dick Grayson - Conner Kent - Wally West - Jason Todd - Garfield Logan x OC
𝄞 Justice League
𝄞 Teen Titans/Titans *****
𝄞 The Outlaws ***
𝄞 Batfamily Drama *****

Villain Team Domestics - Parenthood/Pregnancy - Angst - Dark Themes - Horror/Gore - Fluff/Smut - Small/Tall -
Psychological Horror - Action - Romance - Modern - Fantasy - Enemies to Lovers - Science Fiction -
Steampunk - Feudal Era - Apocalypse - Conflict - Supernatural - Survival - Futuristic

Thanks for stopping by~!
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