DC: World of Tomorrow (A DC Comics Universe Roleplay)


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You know them. You love them. Probably. This thread exists to solve that question. I have far too many ideas for fandom RPs I’d love to pitch, but there are few things in this world I love more than DC Comics. Action Comics, the handful of imprints that are now officially under their umbrella, Jack Kirby’s Fourth World, Doom Patrol, and of course the Detective Comics that started it all, and so many other books that I don’t know where I’d be without them. I could gush about these characters and stories for days, but the bottom line is that I’d like to conduct an immersive roleplay project set in the DC Universe. More than that, though, with the timely news of DC’s movie universe (whatever that may be called), as well as my past experience with cape roleplays that try to emulate the MCU/live-action cape universe format, I would like to attempt an iteration of that with DC that stands out from the norm. With that said, this roleplay would not attempt to follow how upcoming DC movies may portray the characters, even if they end up feeling similar. This is 100% a passion project that I would like to share with as many people as possible. As much of a control freak I can be sometimes, I love nothing more than building worlds and stories with a group of like-minded people (and un-like minded people too! Diversity of thought is key in these spaces).

So, how would this work? Open-ended cape roleplays are very difficult to maintain, given the sheer scope of the setting and depth of the characters and stories that can be pulled from. Ideally, World of Tomorrow would feature a dedicated group of roleplayers (including myself) who would decide on a theme or aspect of the DC Universe that we would like to flesh out for our version of said universe, and then set up storylines around that central topic for the length of an "arc" or "chapter", or however we would like to define that period of the roleplay. Ideally ideally, these chapters could build to big events that encompass multiple parts of DC at once, but I don’t want to mandate anything like the MCU does, or worse, short-change the smaller-scale stories that make [DC] comics so impactful. The priority would be enjoying writing about these characters that we love so much, and building a community around that love. Is it cheesy? Abso-freaking-lutely. That’s our World of Tomorrow.

As with my Original Group RP pitch, this is just an Interest Check for now. Given how big of a commitment this would be, I want to make sure enough people would be onboard before I go any further with it. This may even turn into an rp plotting thread, who knows! I have no idea if superhero fandoms are appealing in Iwaku, but this is how I find out! Let me know what you think!​