realistic physics

Real world physics are strictly adhered to within this roleplay.
  1. M

    Law Enforcement/Special Crime Unit RP Search

    Hey guys! I'm really wanting to do a law enforcement/special crime unit (or a Hawaii Five-O (canon x OC; need Steve McGarrett!)) rolelplay with someone! Specifically I'm looking for someone to play a former Navy Seal who runs the task force for me. I am open to either doing a realistic or a...
  2. Nahellion

    Warriors: Prophecy for Three (Warriors & Apprentices of Thunderclan Wanted)

    GM: Nahele Co-GMs: Prince Charming, Akashi Character Profiles Based on the Classic Story about the Four clans that live together in the forest under Starclan's paws. These four clans: Thunderclan, Shadowclan, Windclan, and Riverclan had been living peaceful lives; following the Warrior code...

    Hollow Lake

    Hollow Lake [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide]
  4. L

    Are you the one?

    Hi there, my name is L (no, not a death note reference). I am a 21 year old student looking for a specific kind of someone to do a long-term RP with in my spare time. I am looking for an aggressive, plot driven, adept writer who can write realistic characters in a variety of settings...
  5. K

    Mother/Daughter - Any Setting & Plot

    Hi. I'd like to roleplay any setting and plot with a mother x daughter pairing. My desire here is to play the mother role to your character. I have no preference when it comes to setting and plot, so it's very open to brainstorming and your ideas. I reply when I can. It won't be every day...
  6. M

    Space The Final Frontier - Need Dr. McCoy! [18+ Only]

    As you can tell by the title, I'm on the search for someone who can play Bones for me from the new films! And in return, I will gladly double up and play any of the male canons for you (Pike, Kirk, Spock, Sulu, Chekov, or Scotty!) so just let me know! :) Rules & Requirements: - I'm only...
  7. O

    Dyson - OOC

    WHAT WE KNOW: 2016. A meteorite was detected in New Zealand-Australian airspace that was not detected by any known man made satellites, radars, or technology. Not until it entered Earth's atmosphere in solid form. Upon landing outside of New Zealand, a black sanctioned task force was sent to...
  8. Astaroth


    Dirt Creek is a quaint little campground at the base of the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. It is a popular spot for camping, hiking, and fly fishing... or was, until the past five years. Until sightings of the Devil began. Children playing in the creek saw it first. It came at them, ferocious...
  9. B

    Fear of the [REDACTED] - (SCP Foundation) (OPEN)

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- " Yesterday, I watched the world burn in a thousand...
  10. Jinx

    Jinx's Partner Search

    Hello everyone, my name is Jinx! For a bit of background about me, here are a couple of facts about me! I’ve been roleplaying for seven years. I’ve been writing for twelve years. I first roleplayed on Chatzy! It was a town roleplay that I can no longer remember the name of! But I learned a...
  11. Apollyon

    The Dark Zone

    "The Dark Zone" On December 31st, 2016 at exactly 11.59 P.M, the history of this country changed forever. While many watched with bated breath, cram packed into Times Square, as a lit sphere dropped counting down the seconds to a new year--a new beginning--several improvised explosive...
  12. J

    New member here!

    I have been roleplaying for a while. I was on another site and also did them through email for years. I wasn't actually good at them until about five years ago. I consider myself decent but I am not the best by any means. I am pretty literate, at least I think so, and I do write good in length...
  13. Pahn

    A Season for Snakes (IC)

    Discord | | OOC Table of Contents: The Queen's Invitation History & Lore Houses & Regions Laws of the Realm & Characters The White Book & Current Events A Song of Ice and Fire divergence roleplay, GMed by @Jorick and @Pahn
  14. M

    Black Sheep

    Setting Modern time. Any country but I'm leaning towards Canada/America. If you're from a specific country that you want to roleplay in then I'm going to have to do some additional research (or you can teach me!) :J It's going to be relatively realistic in tone. You can't just shoot someone in...
  15. IntrusivePenDesperateSword

    Mariology forums

    Home | Mariology Forums Do you like realism in your works, whether you're the one writing or reading? Do you perhaps even, in pursuit of realism, try to rationalize otherwise silly or weird mechanics? Do you fancy the Mario franchise? Then the Mariology forum is for you! Please join. It's...
  16. B

    Fear of the [DATA EXPUNGED] (SCP Foundation) (OPEN)

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- " Yesterday, I watched the world burn in a thousand...
  17. C

    Stay Alive: A Survival Story

    Stay Alive It's Us Against the World 12 People are brought together. Some day it was fate. Some say it was chance. Most can agree that it was jury duty. May 27th 2022. A terror threat was made against the Boston Court House; either they wipe their records clean, or they wise the slate clean...
  18. Pahn

    A Season for Snakes (OOC)

    Discord | | IC Table of Contents: The Queen's Invitation History & Lore Houses & Regions Laws of the Realm & Characters The White Book & Current Events A Song of Ice and Fire divergence roleplay, GMed by @Jorick and @Pahn
  19. X

    Anyone here post daily?

    I post daily or even hourly. I like some logic in my fantasy roleplay. I like to think that I'm creative in the plot and the world. But my writing is not so good. My grammar is weak and I know little english words. I write maybe a couple of paragraphs per post. I check into the thread that I'm...
  20. M

    Midnight's Partner Search [MxF/Doubling]

    Hey guys! I'm once again on the hunt for some partners to roleplay with! Let me know which pairing(s) piques your interest by letting me know here or via PMs. Have a pleasant morning/afternoon/evening! :D Rules & Requirements: - I need my partner(s) to be at least semi-literate/advanced in...