buckets of tears

That's what you'll have after you read this.
  1. Midnight Maiden

    Reaper Squad

    Please see the wiki for more info. The Reaper Squad by @Krieg , @Midnight Maiden, @Klutzy Ninja Kitty, @Yun Lee, @Gummi Bunnies and @Atomyk Sign-ups thread link here Table of Contents Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 ~THE REAPER SQUAD~ Joshua, the Composer of the Reapers, one...
  2. Schnee Corp Lawyer

    Parallel Convergence

    //Parallel Convergence// Prologue: A Quiet Day In our world, there are a hundred million things that are still beyond human understanding. From the Big questions about time, space, our beginning and our end, to the smallest of conundrums like why ice is slippery or how bicycles actually...
  3. A

    St. Eleanor's Orphanage

    NEW PLAYERS ALWAYS WELCOME! AND NO BIO REQUIRED (iwaku isn't letting me make that a tag rn so it'll go here for now) The atmosphere has eroded away and levels of radiation are extremely high on Earth. The results are abnormalities and genetic mutations, some call them powers, in most people...
  4. Atomyk

    The Walking Dead - Among the Ruined [March to Death]

    The Walking Dead Among the Ruined All Iwaku Rules apply Sign-Ups and Discussion --- Stacey - Natchez, Morgantown Plaza In this moment, Stacy was at one with the world. Though the skies above were grey and dull, Stacy felt at ease with her surroundings. She tingled with excitement...
  5. Atomyk

    The Walking Dead - Among the Ruined (Sign-Ups and Info)

    The Walking Dead - Among the Ruined When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth... Season 1 - Into the Catacombs Season 2 - A Civil Dispute Season 3 - New Roads Taken Season 4 - Shadows That Linger Season 5 - March to Death Season 6 - Answers in Blood - Art by QT...
  6. TheColourlessRainbow

    The Metamorphose Sickness

    Prologue: The Hit-list of the Future Rebellion wherever you were the darkness filled your version, It was black for so long, and no matter how far you walked, or how fast you ran, the darkness never left your version. It must have felt like hours, or even days that the darkness was covering...
  7. York

    Murder Tale IV: The Sovionok Camp Incident

    Reminder! Please remember to visit the signups page after each new round/mid-round session! I may have updated the signups to fit new information! Since this roleplay can move really fast past the Prologue and Epilogue stages, it's wise to check the signups every now and then for some possibly...
  8. TheColourlessRainbow

    The Metamorphose Sickness

    Premise: Long before the Reapers wars, a planet sat silenced, due to a deadly sickness. The sickness twisted the forms of the infected, mutating them while giving them incredible abilities. The immune were given incredible mutations, along side weakness, but the infected merged into packs...
  9. York

    Murder Tale IV: The Sovionok Camp Incident

    Please remember to visit this page every now and then after a round/mid-round update, during those times, I may update game-related sections to provide more information on the characters! Dear Pioneer, you are on the verge of wondrous discoveries as the door to our most enthralling camp...
  10. Atomyk

    Murder Game VII: The Ultimate Game

    RULES 1. You must follow in accordance to Iwaku's rules. 2. No OOC talk in the IC. Please take all OOC discussion to the group's General Chat and all roleplay discussion to the group's RP Discussion. 3. Be respectful toward myself and the other GMs, @Verite and @Klutzy Ninja Kitty. 4. No...
  11. Atomyk

    Murder Game VII: The Ultimate Game

    SIGN-UPS CLOSED! Long, long ago, people from across the vast multiverse began to tell tales of a horrendous being known by few. Some believed him to a god or a demon. Others called him the grandson of Lucifer, the Fallen One, son of the twins Malbolgia, the Spawner, or Beelzebub, the...
  12. Sen

    Embers (Hana ✗ Sen)

    EMBERS [slide] [slide] [slide] Original Coding: Hana. Welcome to Phantisamine. Nicknamed the hottest place in Hell, it certainly lives up to it. A place where lava runs free on the dried, seemingly dead plains. All you can see from a glance are a sea of red and tall rocks...
  13. Hana

    Broken Contracts (Hana ✗ Sen)

    BROKEN CONTRACTS [slide] [slide] [slide] Original Coding: Hana.