The Metamorphose Sickness

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    • Premise:

      Long before the Reapers wars, a planet sat silenced, due to a deadly sickness. The sickness twisted the forms of the infected, mutating them while giving them incredible abilities. The immune were given incredible mutations, along side weakness, but the infected merged into packs, looking for new prey to come upon. This sickness was far more then just a virus or fungus, for it rapidly changed based on its environment, for it wished for nothing more then to spread as quickly as it could and kill its host. However, with Elliot's portal device damaged in this universe, the multiverse's walls begun to crack, allowing the shadows to seep through the crack, and for anything else to follow.


      Traitors- The traitors will be working for Elliot for whatever reason, every round the traitors decide on one person to kill.

      Infected- The infected task is simple; spread the sickness to half of the group. Each individual infected chooses one target to infect. The infected will be unaware they are sick to the parasite inside their brain.

      Multiverse Doctor- This role is simple, every round you have a choice of either curing someone's wounds, sickness, or giving them a temporary immunity boost.

      Doppelganger- Doppelganger is a slightly complex role, when targeted by either the traitors or infected, they are able to reflect the attack to someone else. Once this is done, the Doppelganger haves the choice of taking the role of the person they reflected the attack onto.

      Lieven- The Lieven have one simple task; get caught. Once they do, they are able to resuscitate and pick between one of the three secret roles.

      Survivors- The role is simple: survive.

      Surprise Events: These events will randomly happen, and can change and/or make a situation worse for characters.

      Danger rating: Not only will death happen by traitor, but it can also happen by other things. I will give warning consisting of Low, Medium, and high chances of injury or death, these chances will sometimes depend on the number of people with your character. Remember though, just because you died doesn't mean you stop playing! All characters end up in a afterlife part of the plot!

      Choice RP!: Sometimes, in order to move the plot forewords, I will have players vote for a option. These votes will not only change the course of the RP, but the murder game I will be hosting in the future.

      Character Sheet:

      Appearance: [The appearance of your character. It is recommended to have a picture, but, a description works as well]

      Name: [The name and/or nickname(s) your character is referred to by]

      Age: [This should be straight forward]

      Abilities/special traits: [wiki is fine]

      Items/possessions: [any items or possessions that your character would carry on them typically, wiki can also be used]

      Biography: [Wiki is fine]

      Extras: [anything else you wanted to have]

    • Rules:

      1) All iwaku rules apply here of course!

      2) Please respect the GM and Co-GM(s) which are @Hospes @The Silver Paladin and @Gummi Bunnies

      3) No god modding or meta gaming please.

      4) Duos are allowed, but, it's recommended to play as one character, (duos will be killed as one character and votes will count for both of them). If duos happen, please provide a valid reason for them to come together. Two sign-up sheets are required for duos, meaning one for each character.

      5) In order to avoid being eliminated after a round, it is advised to make one post at the bare minimum every round. Also remember to vote every round as well, as votes can help uncover potential traitors and move the game's plot along!

      6) It is recommended to choose canon characters of some sort, but, OC's are allowed.

      7) This RP will last anywhere between 3 weeks to a month.

      8) I have the right to edit these rules as I see fit! I will always inform players of changes.​

    • ~Cast~

      @Thuro Pendragon as Desmond Miles[Assassin's Creed] & Cameron Phillips[Terminator]
      @Kaykay as Noel Vermillion[BlazBlue]
      @Verite as Joseph Joestar[JoJo's Bizarre Adventures]
      @Jeremi as Penny[RWBY]
      @TheBlueBurch as Nemesis T-Type and Jack Krauser[Resident Evil]
      @Gummi Bunnies as Add[Elsword]
      @york as Marie Korbel[Skullgirls]
      @Mighty Roman as John Connor & T-800[Terminator]
      @Bomb as Xenon & Angelic Buster[Maplestory]
      @BarrenThin as Gregory House[House MD]
      @Klutzy Ninja Kitty as Riley Anderson[Inside Out]
      @ShadowPrime as Heimskr[Skyrim]
      @TheColourlessRainbow as Anna and Regina Mills[Once Upon A Time]
      @Hospes as Ridley Duchannes[The Caster Chronicles]
      @Arcadia Lumina as Booker DeWitt[Bioshock] and Artemis Luna[OC]
      @Atomyk as Ms. "Mom" Lalonde[Homestuck]
      @The Tactician as Shizuo Heiwajima[Durarara!]
      @Schnee Corp Lawyer as Sienna 'Squigly' Contiello/Leviathan[Skullgirls]
      @Velvetclaw as Lapis Lazulli[Steven Universe]
      @DapperDogman as The Rookie[Halo]
      @CCC Kouhai as Ririchiyo Shirakiin[Inu x Boku SS]
      @OrlandoBloomers as Vino[Baccano!]
      @Emperor Palpachu as Dylan[Terminator]
      @CrunchyCHEEZIT as The Predator[Alien vs. Predator]
      @Unlimited RP Works as The Pyro[Team Fortress 2]​
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  6. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I just remembered I'm going on holiday the week after next so I don't think I'll be able to keep up with two RPs at once, sorry :<
  7. I can just give you a free pass for those rounds, and give you an update. If that's what you want.
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  8. Appearance: About 7' 03" tall. Decaying flesh/tentacles and tumors all over the body. He wears a bulletproof trench coat and steel toed boots.

    Name: Nemesis T-Type

    Age: Unknown

    Abilities/special traits:
    Nemesis's Abilities (open)

    Nemesis is characterized by its relentlessness, strength, sheer stamina, and comparatively high intellect. Unlike the various Tyrant models before it, Nemesis shows it is capable of employing weaponry and firearms to achieve its objectives. It demonstrates rational thinking abilities, shooting down a rescue helicopter in order to trap Jill Valentine. It can even be heard speaking at times (though its only utterance is "S.T.A.R.S."). Unlike the other Tyrant models, Nemesis had no mutated claws to attack his targets, relying instead on his sheer power, rocket launcher and tentacles.
    Nemesis' primary objective is to eliminate the remaining S.T.A.R.S. members, causing it to ignore all other potential targets when a S.T.A.R.S. member is present or nearby. It makes exceptions for direct threats to it, and obstacles to its target. Like the Tyrants before it, Nemesis boasts an enormously powerful physique, demonstrating the ability to break through most obstacles, outrun any human, and leap incredible heights. Besides T.A.L.O.S., Nemesis is the most resilient B.O.W. ever created by the Umbrella Corporation, easily withstanding attacks from small-arms weaponry and suffering only incapacitation as a result of explosives. Only the largest industrial grade weaponry can cause it any notable damage. "G" is the only B.O.W. with mutational properties matching those of Nemesis.
    Nemesis possesses a network of tentacles that cover its body; powerful enough to tear through a human body, and capable of infecting victims with the T-Virus. It is also armed with a special Rocket Launcher that is used to target vehicles and potential victims. This rocket launcher was modified specifically for Nemesis, and was too heavy for a human to carry. Its black trenchcoat functions as a power limiter and is bullet/explosion-proof.
    The Nemesis does not posses any true weakness and is even capable of surviving the disposal chemicals used at the Dead Factory for waste processing. However, the damage it sustained here made it incapable of completing its mission, having lost its intelligence and mobil

    Items/possessions: Rocket Launcher designed specifically for Nemesis. Too heavy for humans to wield. In the RE universe anyhow.


    This seems like a pretty neat idea! Eager to play in it, Cody! :)
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  10. Appearance


    "Give it a rest, you Yankee bastard!"

    Name: Joseph "JoJo" Joestar

    Age: 18-19

    Canon: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

    Abilities/Special Traits

    Hamon - Also known as Ripple Energy, Hamon is a mystical energy with many different abilities. Mostly using the power of the sun to fight, the energy grants the users many powers that are limited mostly by one's imagination. These powers include stretching one's limbs, manipulating surface tension to walk on water, reversing and countering wounds & life-threatening conditions like gangrene, and more.

    Many things can conduct Hamon, including scarves, liquids (notably water, soda, and oil), metal, hair, and more. With Hamon, he can turn the most mundane of objects into dangerous weapons, but he cannot cast Hamon if he cannot breathe.

    Intelligent - With great battle experience under his belt, Joseph relies more on intelligence, quick wit, and strategy. Very self-explanatory. He likes to pretend to be stupid most of the time though.


    Clackers - A pair of steel balls that Joseph likes to carry around. As his preferred weapons, he can make many uses of them with his Hamon, including using them as a boomerang, a hard projectile weapon, a shield, and more.

    Conventional weaponry - He also carries around a tommy gun and grenades. Who knows where he keeps 'em though?


    Born in the year 1920, having inherited his Hamon abilities from his late grandfather, Jonathan Joestar, Joseph was raised by his grandmother Erina and friend of the family Robert E. O. Speedwagon. Though he physically resembles his grandfather quite a bit, one would never confuse the two for each other, because of his loud, cocky, and brash personality. By extension, most people would find it difficult to forget Joseph when they come into contact with him.

    In 1938, he fought vampire warrior gods in which he underwent great self-realization. His bizarre adventure was so fierce that it threatened the entire world, though along the way, he did meet a Nazi cyborg and a guy with bubble powers that helped him fight these vampire warriors.

    I can't even make this shit up.

    But he's past that now.

    Extras: He has a prosthetic hand because of his fierce battle with the vampire warrior god Kars.

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  11. Okay Jojo. Like. What. THe. FUCk.
  12. [​IMG]

    he also does magic tricks
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  13. [​IMG]

    "Pathetic... Pathetic! You're so pathetic!"

    Otherwise known as the "Diabolic Esper"


    -Abilities/Special Traits-
    Time and Space Manipulation
    For the sake of being fair, this ability will be heavily nerfed. What he can do with it, however, it revolves more spacial control, using Reverse Stigma to transfer foes to where he wants them to, or transporting himself with Reverse Circle.

    Expertise in Mechanics
    Add is adept in adapting and inventing mechanical weapons and the likes, specifically focusing on Nasod technology. He has his signature weapons, the Nasod Dynamos.

    For more information on Add's skill tree, check the links provided in the 'Biography' section.

    Nasod Dynamos
    His signature weapons that both utilizes physical and ranged attacks through electricity.

    Nasod Armor
    Due to the fact that he doesn't have much of a defense if an opponent does eventually get close to him, Add wears a customized set of Nasod Armor to suffice for the defense weakness.

    (I'm a lazy butt, so have a bunch of links instead)

    When in his "Awakening" mode (or Dynamo Configuration, as that is what it is called specifically for Add), Add's eyes become pitch black while his pupils radiate in a purple color. If it is not activated, his eyes will remain normal.​
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  14. Appearance:

    Name: Marie Korbel (Bloody Marie)

    Age: 14? (age is never stated)

    Abilities/special traits:

    Necromancy - Being a Skullgirl provides the ability to animate the dead, most notably; fallen foes, Marie is often seen using the skulls and bones of various slain creatures as projectiles, snares, and even explosives, utilizing them in many heavy hitting attacks in battle. She often summons undead minions to asssist her when the situation gets dire; the massive fray that ensues often ensures an opponent's demise

    Shadow Figure - If agitated enough, Marie begins to project a "shadow" of sorts that hovers behind her, striking her opponent's from it's current position, or even going mobile, rushing her opponents from their sides, or sometimes striking upwards from the ground, or downwards from the sky. In combination with her skeletal minions, this shadow figure can prove to be a very huge detriment to any opponents Marie faces.

    Immense Strength - When Marie is enraged, she is capable of some unbelievable feats, including lifting and throwing an entire building... Though, it's not common she shows this much hatred towards an individial (well, unless you cound the Medici family).

    Levitation - While Marie can't exactly fly, she can hover a good distance from the ground providing an aerial advantage over grounded opponents.

    Maid Skills - During her time working as a maid, she has developed a relative mastery over the "art" of cleaning.


    Skull Heart - The ultimate source of Marie's power, this dreaded item is sought after by a variety of individuals due to it's unique ability to grant any wish to a woman every 7 years, however, a great price is payed if the wish is deemed impure... This Skull Heart seems to have a will of it's own though, so, the whole story may not be all there... However, it only seems to speak when the current Skullgirl (which would be Marie) is slain.

    Bone Vacuum - Despite using this somewhat animate thing as a weapon, it's true purpose is rumored to be to vacuum up the corpses of her fallen enemies, increasing her own power.

    Marie was once a resident of No Mans Land, a country that fell during a war with Canopy Kingdom, along with a friend named Patricia, she was Orphaned during the war, working as a maid for a good portion of life. That was until she was forced into slavery by a group funded by the Medici Mafia, and during these rough years, after enduring the loss of Patricia, she had kindled an immense hatred for the Medici's and her slavers, fostering this hatred for many years. Then, approximately 7 years after the war, she acquired the Skull Heart through unknown means, using it to punish the slavers who had once tormented her, becoming a Skullgirl in the process. Her strong will allowed her to resist the Skull Heart's influence to let her continue her quest for vengeance, however, upon eradicating the slavers that had tormented her for so many years, she turned her attention to their funders; the Medici Mafia.

    Marie is fighting a possibly losing battle against the Skull Heart's influence, it's unknown how long it will take (if ever), for the Skull Heart to assert it's control over her.​
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  16. I'm signing up as a duo.

    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Name: John Connor

    Age: 10?

    Abilities/special traits: Will become a great leader. One day. Can also control the T-800.

    Items/possessions: Basic provisions in his backpack-food, money, etc.

    Biography: Young delinquent who will apparently one day become a great leader in the war against The Machines. (This is John circa Terminator 2).

    Canon: Terminator 2: Judgement Day
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Name: T-800 Cyberdyne Systems 101

    Age: N/A-But is fully operational.

    Abilities/special traits:
    Great with all manner of firearms.
    Mostly indestructable.
    Scanners means that he can recognise an object/person in a matter of seconds.
    Flesh-like Endo-Skeleton

    Items/possessions: His guns. And other weaponry. He doesn't need anything else.
    Biography: An unstoppable Terminator sent from the future to protect young John Connor. (Circa Terminator 2)

    Canon: Terminator 2: Judgement Day

    Extras: Hasta la Vista, Baby. I'll be back.
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    • [​IMG]

      Sarah Connor

      There Is No Fate But What We Make

    • [​IMG]

      Name: Sarah Connor

      Age: 33

      Abilities/special traits: An experienced combatent and survivor, she is merely a human woman, although incredibly experienced in guerrilla warfare and tactics. You really gonna get in her face and tell her her cooking sucks though?

      Items/possessions: Guns. Expect lots of guns. And explosives. And other things that cause lots of damage.

      Biography: Sarah Connor is the mother of future Resistance leader, John Connor. While living "off the grid", Sarah and her son encounteredCameron, a machine sent back to protect John from Skynet's assassins. Cameron lead them to time displacement equipmenthidden in a bank vault and transported the three of them from the year 1999 to 2007. The time jump gave them a chance to stop Skynet from being created, while also skipping over Sarah's death (from cancer, on December 4, 2005).

      Extras: "One bag, plus the guns. I'll make pancakes."


Name: Cameron Phillips

Age: Unknown. Not even a ballpark guess.

Abilities/special traits: Standard T-800 series abilities. She can mimic voices, perform an unknown amount of medical scans through touch, and is incrediably durable and tough. She is an infiltrator however, and not designed to fight other machines. She is quite damaged in both programming and mechanics, suffering from countless bullet wounds, fights against standard T-888 series Terminators (which are stronger and more durable than her), and was caught in a car explosion.

Items/possessions: Guns. Expect lots of guns. And explosives. And other things that cause lots of damage.

Biography: Cameron Phillips is a reprogrammed Terminator sent from the year 2027 to protect John Connor and his mother, Sarah Connor. It is unclear which Terminator Series Cameron is a member of; however, there are references to her being a Series 900 unit and also references to her Series being TOK715.[3] Camerons isn advanced model and is admittedly different than all others.[4]Cameron's living tissue model template was based on Allison Young, a human Resistance fighter close to John Connor; this allowed her to replace Allison in an attempt to infiltrate John's camp.[5] Cameron is the most realistic cyborg yet encountered, with detailed programming of social behavior.

Extras: Executive Producer Josh Freidman never confirmed Cameron's model number. I personally believe she has a modified T-888 chassis and a prototype T-1000 programming Matrix.​

  • [​IMG]

    Cameron Phillips

    Perfect Creatures

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  • [​IMG]

    Maplestory Duo time :)



    I would assume 14 or so.

    Abilities/special traits:
    Xenon is a Mix of the Thief and Pirate class, which allows him to wear more variety of equipment then usual.

    Along with the whip blade he uses for attacking and skills, he also has a system called Energy Surplus, which is required for some skills.

    Xenon has many skills due to Multi Mode Linker, which allows him to change the aspects of some skills. For example: The skill "Combat Switching" Can be used as a aerial spread attack, a giant whip attack, or an explosive electricity attack.

    Whip Blade
    Roo-D (His cyborg kitty)
    Assorted Potions and Consumables.

    A young boy once disappeared from Edelstein while walking home after playing Mesorangers with his friends. Abducted by Gelimer, the chief scientist of the Black Wings, the boy's memories were seemingly erased and he was made into a test subject for advanced cyberization.
    Several years later, the leaders of the Resistance broke into one of Gelimer's labs, but one of them - Claudine - was captured. The kidnapped boy, now a superhuman cyborg named Xenon, was disturbed and confused. A memory started coming back to him: Claudine was one of his childhood friends. Puzzled by this revelation and wanting to unlock more of his memories, he freed Claudine and they fought their way out of the lab along with Xenon's cyborg friend Roo-D.
    Freed from captivity, Xenon sets out on a journey to regain his humanity.



    Angelic Buster (Tear)

    I would assume 10.

    Abilities/special traits:
    Angelic Buster can only used her abilities when she is transformed.

    While transformed, she uses Soul Battery Skills to deal massive amounts of damage (before she was nerfed anyways) such as her Soul Seeker, which homes onto nearby enemies and delivers a smackdown.

    Soul Recharge happens when an attack triggers it. If triggered, it recharges all Soul Battery Skills, allowing them to be used again.


    Soul Shooter
    Soul Ring (used to transform)
    Assorted Potions and Consumables.

    Born without a tail or magic, Tear endured disappointment from Nova elders and flat-out torment from her peers. Her only friends were two kind boys, Kyle and Velderoth, who watched over her from the get-go. Together, they formed the Heliseum Force, dreaming of one day recapturing the homeland that was stolen from them.
    When Magnus' nefarious priests attempt to seize Pantheon's east ancient relic, Tear accidentally touches it, causing her to become "cursed". After unconsciously using Finale Ribbon and defeating the priests, Tear is taken to an infirmary where Fenelle, Cartalion, and Kylan reveal that the relic has taken the form of a gauntlet that is permanently attached to her right arm. Shocked and terrified, she tries to take it off until the voice of Eskalade, an ancient dragon who lays inside the relic, speaks to her and offers her power. Tear reluctantly agrees and becomes Angelic Buster, a superheroine who saves Pantheon from Magnus' grasp.



    They are both from Maplestory, and I would assume they are in the Maple Alliance. When this illness was spreading towards Mapleworld, they were sent to deal with it, however they can.​
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