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    1. Naturally, Iwaku's rules apply here.

    2. Knowledge of the previous Murder Games, or the Type-Moon or Raildex franchises, are not required to participate in this.

    3. Depending on how strong your character exactly is in their respective canon, they may have to nerf them so they don't completely own everything in sight and essentially prevent any godmodding. There's no fun if there's no challenge after all. Meta-gaming is also not allowed, though concerning Traitor votes, OOC voting will not be punished.

    4. I'd love for everyone vote every round, but I realize some people might just not have the time. At the very least, I want everyone to post at least once each round. As each round should last a few days at the least, that comes to posting at least once every few days, which is pretty fair I think. If you become inactive and don't post, your character will likely be eliminated in some manner.

    5. Due to the size and speed of the game, it is practically a requirement to seek out other users to be your "posting partners" so that you have some people you can stick with. Using the tagging system is absolutely required.

    6. To traitors, all kills will be done through a special group PM. To agents, all investigations will be done through a similar PM. By extension, duos will act as one character. Thus, when one dies, the other part of the duo will also be killed. Same goes for when they are investigated, and when they vote.

    7. No OOC talk in the IC. Please take all OOC discussion to the General Chat and all roleplay discussion to the group's RP Discussion of the Murder Series group.

    8. Be respectful towards me and the co-GMs, @OrlandoBloomers and @TheSpringwoodSlasher.

    9. There will generally not be any dice rolls for the fights, though there will be actions that may need them. On the topic of fights, do note that you will not be able to use your Noble Phantasm until your character meets the requirement of regaining more of their former strength, due to the nerfing weakening them if need be.







    "The People Who Became the Protagonists By Some Mistake"


    A certain scripture mentions that humans are superior to angels. People know of evil, but do not become evil. It's different from angels, who know only of good since birth. Humans have evil, but can live as good, so they are superior to angels, who know only good.

    As the final moments of my life approach, the rest of it flashes before my eyes. It was as though God looked into my soul to exact judgment upon me by showing me the error of my ways. But I would have none of it.

    I am content with this fate. Even if I die with no one to bury me, just as I have lived, I am content.

    I have fulfilled the ultimate purpose of my life.

    And nothing will ever be the same again.

    - - -

    Two Weeks Ago...


    The blackness swallowed everything in the area up. Well, to be precise, there was no "area" within this plane of existence. Darkness was inherent to it. Darkness was where he was born, and so darkness would be the only thing he would spread across all the lands and worlds that had ever existed.

    His curse was something that would be shared for all to endure.

    Like a human, the concept of all the evils in the world was born from humans. The concept of morality does not weigh as heavily in other life-forms like animals, who are seen as fundamentally innocent. No, it is only humans that carry the weight of sin upon their shoulders.


    He was like a normal human, like everyone else. But when everyone around you begins to believe you as something other than human, one could very well easily go down in history as someone who was indeed something other than human.

    Even if he was no more remarkable or notable than the people by his side, and those against him.

    He hated it at first. He hated it. All the pain that had been inflicted upon him. The misery. The isolation. The torment. He hated it. It wasn't fair. Why must people see him as the ultimate evil of the world? The ultimate source of the wrongdoings and faults of humankind?


    Of course, as time went on, wounds were healed, no matter how grievous they might be. The same could be said for his hatred and resentment towards those who had mindlessly labelled him such things that were false, like the source of all the evils in the world.

    Perhaps he was destined to be this way. Perhaps it was fate that cursed him to be like this. But no matter.

    If history would believe him to be the ultimate evil of the world, then he would become the ultimate evil of the world.


    The shadow's body took shape and form, practically out of nowhere, and came into reality. Into their reality.

    "Hnnnnghhh... haaahaaaa... haaaa... hahaha... hahahahahahahaha..."

    The Fifth Holy Grail War had begun, and he was the star of the show. He wasn't about to miss his grand return. The chance to return... When supplied with as much evil and corruption as he was, it was impossible to remain dormant like that.


    He could not maintain this shape for long, but it was enough. Soon, the seeds of doubt would be planted, and after that, destruction would be the only thing remaining.

    - - -

    A Few Days Ago...


    "So when do you expect the next Murder Game to happen?"

    Motoharu Tsuchimikado was an easily identifiable young man. If not for his spiky bleached blonde hair, then his sunglasses that he kept on, even indoors. If not for his sister complex, then for his general laid-back attitude that annoyed many others.

    On the other hand, the man floating in the tank, Aleister Crowley, was quite a sight for sore eyes. He looked like a man, yet also like a woman. He looked like a saint, but also like a criminal. Like an adult, but like a child. He was a living paradox that existed within both the worlds of magic and science.

    And he was also one of the greatest minds of his world.

    "If my predictions are correct, it should come to fruition in a matter of days."

    "Ehh? That quickly? But didn't we just have Accelerator and Kanzaki return from their own? It's only been a week..."

    "Time does not wait for anyone. In any case... much has happened over these few days. Wouldn't you agree? Acqua of the Back has been dispatched, along with Terra of the Left and Vento of the Front. The only member of God's Right Seat remaining is its head, Fiamma of the Right. And like any other living being, it will finally collapse when the head is dispatched of," Crowley spoke uncaringly, floating like a fish in his life support tank, "The other plans are coming along swimmingly as well. Accelerator may be crucial to my plans, but sometimes... the Spare Plan can be more useful than the Main Plan."

    "The Spare Plan? You're not referring to...?"

    "Teitoku Kakine has far more charisma than Accelerator. That is why SCHOOL existed in the first place, after all. While I normally wouldn't simply give away my precious Hound Dogs so easily... this isn't what was going as I had normally planned either, is it?"

    "I see... So what's become of him?"

    "As you might know, his Dark Matter is a powerful tool. That's why he's the number two strongest Esper within Academy City. Did you know that part of his power also entailed... resurrection?"

    Teitoku Kakine was not dead for good. He did not die when Accelerator sent him off on his way, and he did not die when Frank Castle shot him down. He was still lurking, waiting, preying...

    "Well, in any case... I'd suggest you prepare yourself. You are to go and make contact with that Castle and Tohsaka, under the guise that you're from a different party than the Hound Dogs. And take Accelerator with you. I am sure GROUP won't suffer if Musujime and Etzali remain."


    "Another thing... According to my sources, the original orchestrator of the Murder Games, an ancient Arch Demon, has actually been deceased for some time now. A surprising revelation, even for me."

    "Huuuh? The original mastermind of these games is already dead? Then who's pulling the strings this time? Why are they still going on?"

    "Perhaps that is a mystery we must find out ourselves."

    - - -

    Present Day. Approximately 8:35 AM. Tohsaka Residence.


    The silence was unnerving.

    Almost as much as the sudden disappearances.

    "... Frank? Fraaank? Where are you? Tch... damn. Tsuchimikado? Accelerator?"

    Well. He was suddenly gone now.

    Archer mentioned that he was suddenly missing the instant he noticed. Though it was something he definitely would have done, it didn't seem likely that Frank had left to visit that place by himself. Did that mean...

    "My, what a pain. This phenomenon... That must mean it's already started..." The young woman known only as Ciel said.

    "You don't mean...?"

    "Yes. The Murder Game."

    - - -

    Present Day. Approximately 8:40 AM. Unknown Location.


    You had all awoken in an unfamiliar place, in different, seemingly identical bedrooms, separated into different groups for the time being.

    To some, this phenomenon was a familiar, and more than likely unwelcome one.

    But even so, perhaps one could never really "get used" to this sort of thing. The feeling of dread that came with being a part of a sadistic Murder Game. One thing most of you would feel though, wherever you were, was a sense of... being drained, as though you might be nowhere near as strong as you once were the last time you could recall. The window outside revealed nothing but a sunny sky and a deep forest behind.

    If you would attempt to escape, you would be met with no way out. For some odd reason, the windows, nor the walls or the door, could be broken through. The door itself was, naturally, locked, but who had locked them all in here? And how?

    Well, maybe that's something you'll simply have to wait and find out during a later time. For now, it didn't seem like there was anything to do but to get to know the other strange folk around.

    In the First Room was Frank Castle, Robin Tact, Minato Arisato, Erika Furudo, Battler Ushiromiya, Maxine Caulfield, Mari Kurihara, Cole, Stubbs, Sean Grant, and Edipsu.

    In the Second Room was where Lon'qu, Donny, Jason, Kirby, Daredevil, Elektra, Furiosa, Ryner Lute, Annabel, Ryan Duchannes, Papyrus, Eve, and Ilona remained.

    In the Third Room was where Deoxys, Cinder Fall, Ermac, Ethel, Karin, Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Gunha Sogiita, Saiai Kinuhata, Celty, Mikoto Misaka, Sans the Skeleton, Hector Barbossa, and Mister Negative were located.

    In the Fourth Room, there was Gilgamesh, Kizaru, Pyro, Satsuki Kiryuuin, Ryuuko Matoi, Bee, Raiden, Cameron Phillips, and Silk.

    Have fun.

    @Bomb as Ethel and Karin (Fairy Fencer F)
    @Gibbons as Gunha Sogiita (Raildex)
    @C.T. as Ryuuko Matoi (Kill la Kill)
    @The Silver Paladin as Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase (Percy Jackson)
    @The Tactician as Robin Tact (Fire Emblem) and Minato Arisato (Persona 3)
    @Mighty Roman as Hector Barbossa (Pirates of the Caribbean) and Mister Negative (Marvel Comics)
    @Hospes as Reece "Annabel" Duchannes and Ryan Duchannes (Caster Chronicles)
    @TheSpringwoodSlasher as Edward "Stubbs" Stubblefield (Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without A Pulse)
    @DapperDogman as Ryner Lute (Legend of the Legendary Heroes)
    @Gummi Bunnies as Erika Furudo and Battler Ushiromiya (Umineko no Naku Kori Ni)
    @CrunchyCHEEZIT as Deoxys (Pokemon)
    @BarrenThin as Frank Castle (Marvel Comics)
    @Crimson Spartan as Lon'qu and Donny (Fire Emblem)
    @Krieg as Maxine Caulfield (Life Is Strange)
    @Schnee Corp Lawyer as Cole (Dragon Age)
    @Kaykay as Saiai Kinuhata (Raildex)
    @Gen. Gwazi Senpai as Gilgamesh (Type-Moon)
    @Jeremi as Borsalino "Kizaru" (One Piece)
    @Archwar as Jason (OC)
    @Wedge Antilles as Pyro (Marvel Comics)
    @The Man Without Fear as Daredevil and Elektra (Marvel Comics)
    @Mari as Mari Kurihara (Prison School)
    @Nater Taters as Kirby (Kirby)
    @El Tigre! as Satsuki Kiryuuin (Kill la Kill)
    @Klutzy Ninja Kitty as Eve (Black Cat) and Ilona (OC)
    @CCC Kouhai as Bee (Bee and PuppyCat)
    @ShiroKiyoshi as Sean Grant and Edispu (OC)
    @york as Cinder Fall (RWBY)
    @Shattered♦Secrets™ as Ermac (Mortal Kombat)
    @Josh M as Silk (Marvel Comics)
    @Thuro The Assassin Potato as Cameron Phillips (Terminator) and Raiden (Metal Gear)
    @Saint Guillotine as Furiosa (Mad Max)
    @Atomyk as Mikoto Misaka (Raildex) and Sans the Skeleton (Undertale)
    @coralprime as Papyrus the Skeleton (Undertale)
    @OrlandoBloomers as Celty Sturluson (Durarara!!)

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  2. [​IMG]

    "Huh?" A confused Karin would say, being in this room with strangers.

    "Ethel, are you alright?"


    "Ethel is fine..." Ethel said calmly. She turned around and looked at the others.

    "... who are all of you? Ethel doesn't know all of you."

    @room 3 folks​
  3. Percy Jackson twirled Riptide. He looked at Annabeth, who's blonde hair was now matted with mud and blood. He then looked at the manticore in front of him. The monsters had been a lot more active recently. They had defeated Kronos, so he didn't know why. The Manticore lunged at him, it's stinger glanced off of him. Percy swiped Riptide, knocking it back. The Celestial bronze stung the creature's tail. Percy looked at Annabeth, who had drawn her knife. She leaped on it, when Percy had disarmed the Manticore, and stabbed it. She wiped the blood from her face, and sheathed the blade, and Percy capped Riptide.

    "We did it. Do you have any reason why they've been so active lately?" Percy asked Annabeth.

    "Something to do with a prophecy? Maybe something big is about to happen?" Annabeth shrugged. She picked up her backpack. "Anyway, let's go, Seaweed Brain."

    Percy laughed, he picked up his as well.

    The next thing they knew, they were in a room with a bunch of other people.

    "Wake up, Seaweed brain!" Annabeth said. She shook Percy awake.

    "Nngh. Five more minutes, please." Percy groaned. He rolled in his sleep.

    "Percy, get up." She said again. She shook him again.

    Percy sat upright, and blinked. "Wh-where are we?" He said groggily.

    "I don't know, but we should find out."


    @Room 3
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  4. -Erika Furudo & Battler Ushiromiya Prologue-
    "The Opening Movement"


    An eerie silence lingered in the lonely but heavenly world of the Golden Land, a single person was left there.


    "Battler-san... don't be gone for too long..."

    The Golden and Endless Witch sat there, speaking to herself to break the silence that she was left with. Battler told her that she would only have to wait for a little bit, for he had an errand to do with Ange and Erika. Things had finally calmed down in the Metaworld, so she didn't expect anything bad to occur.

    With that in mind, Beatrice stayed in that silence, waiting for her beloved to return to her. She could've sworn that she heard a meow out in the distance.



    "Well, that didn't take too long. I don't know why Ange insisted for you to come along with me. I can definitely take care of myself."


    "Says the person that lost to me and Beato twice in those games. We have a serious thing to look for here, that's why Ange wanted us to go together. This is new for us dwellers of the Metaworld."

    Both the Witch of Truth and the Endless Sorcerer discussed the matter to each other in a vague manner, considering that they were in a new Fragment altogether. Ange worried of a new disturbance that threatened the Metaworld, which was why they were needed here, to eliminate the threat that they were sent to look for.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Both of them looked at each other with a mutual understanding, that they had to work together for this one. While it was more of a chance for Erika to outdo Battler in the field of investigating, Battler knew that they had to take this seriously and not let pure competitiveness get in the way. Ange was counting on him, and so were multiple others in the Metaworld. For all he knew, something may go wrong if Bernkastel or even Lambdadelta got their grasp over this peculiar Fragment.



    "Okayy... that's enough staring at me like that, Erika. We should start taking this matter seriously. This isn't your usual game back in the Metaworld's Gameboard, but knowing you, you were a part of something similar to this... right?"

    Both of them realized that they were in some area with a number of different people. While it was new to Battler, this type of scenario was quite the blast of deja vu for Erika. Both were also able to figure out that there was something off. First of all... they didn't feel as powerful in the terms of magic as they would be in the Metaworld. Was there some strange factor in this Fragment that caused that? They would have to figure that one out later.

    Though.... Erika happened to completely ignore what Battler had told her about "taking this seriously," but it wasn't for showing off or anything like that.

    Someone she knew was here...



    Not even Battler was able to yank her back in time, the cute detective couldn't help herself but tackle the former tactician into a tight hug, regardless if he was just getting up or still asleep.

    @The Tactician @BarrenThin @Krieg @Schnee Corp Lawyer @ShiroKiyoshi @TheSpringwoodSlasher
  5. Minato Arisato



    Minato quietly glanced around the room, taking note of the occupants there with him. He felt lost here, unsure of how he arrived or how he and the others would escape. Yes, the others in here... After the Murder Game he had taken part in, the former highschooler had learned some hard lessons about working with strangers. They would need to work together to escape. That was a simple enough fact, and he hoped the others would understand as well. If not... Well, he had high hopes for the others, so why bother worrying?

    He held a wave up and waved to the others in the room, "I'm Minato," He released a soft yawn, obviously still tired from his unexpected nap, before tilting his head, "Does anyone know how we got here?" Hopefully, someone could provide an answer. Until then, though, he eased himself up to stand before walking over to the door, only to find it to be locked, "I don't think our escape will be easy or on our terms, guys..."

    @Gummi Bunnies @Verite @BarrenThin @Mari @Krieg @ShiroKiyoshi @Klutzy Ninja Kitty
  6. Frank looked up with a grimace at his new surroundings. Bright blue eyes with anger similar to that of a feral animal's flashed at the others... before dimming. He knew what this meant. Waking up somewhere strange with people you didn't know. "...Welcome to Murder." He muttered.

    @Room 1​
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  7. Robin Tact



    Robin let out a cry of surprise as a blue haired mass in a dress tackled him straight in the chest. He had just been shaking the sleep away from his head and standing up when Erika had collided with him, nearly knocking him back to the ground. Thankfully, his feet held firm and his eyes darted down to the girl who was hugging him.

    "E-Erika!?" He was shocked that she was also here, apparently trapped with them as well, "What are you doing here? Actually, do you have any idea how we got here...?"


    "I don't remember anything of what I was doing before ending up here," Unconsciously, his arms wrapped around the girl in return for her hug, confusion evident in his expression.

    "Oh... Mister Castle..." The tactician was on guard now, remembering how he and the soldier had been before the end of the game with Monokuma, "You're not here to kill me and Erika, are you? I doubt it would be wise to do so if this is a Murder Game like you say it is." Paranoid? Perhaps. Justified? In Robin's eyes, most definitely.

    @Gummi Bunnies @Verite @BarrenThin @Mari @Krieg @ShiroKiyoshi @Klutzy Ninja Kitty
  8. -Deoxys Prologue-

    The shrill, cold wind brushes along an endless sea of snow, kicking up tufts of the white fluff into the air. The night sky is absent of stars, only a solid black staring over the polar region. Spheals, Sealos and Walreins scurry across the snow hurriedly, huddling together in crowds for the extra warmth not already provided by their thick blubbery bodies. The sound of ominous whistling and dead air is only interrupted by the faint sounds far off in the distance. Two silhouettes dance across the night, one of a vaguely humanoid form and another of a long, sleek serpentine form. A beautiful light show they perform, with vibrant orange lasers and multicolored orbs zoom past each other in a wonderful display.

    Yet, on closer examination, this is no dance.

    Rather, it is combat.


    Deoxys darts through the air, searing lasers of energy following right behind. The alien stares straight ahead, its strange eyes unblinking and absent of any emotion; only focus. Beams of light trail the strike the earth below it, creating sizzling craters of extreme heat among the freezing weather. Deoxys occasionally dots its small pupils down at the scorched ground in between its midair turn, rolls and spins to dodge the unseen enemy. A wayward glance would be a bad choice for the creature, however, as a Hyper Beam strikes Deoxys in the right shoulder, blowing off an entire portion of its right side. Deoxys halts in midair, glancing down at its luminescent wound. After a moment of focus the wound sparks and quickly regenerates the missing chunk of Deoxys' body.


    The crystal on Deoxys chest hums quietly in response, and the outsiders eyes sharpen with focus. The orange-blue organic material coating Deoxys shifts, two pairs of long gangling tentacles on its sides shooting out and sharpening into fine tips. Recognizable as its Attack Form, Deoxys spins around to face its pursuing adversary.


    The Sky High Pokemon itself, Rayquaza, charges head on at the trespasser with an enraged roar, its gaping green maw opening and releasing another vibrant Hyper Beam. The nimble Deoxys twirls to the side with a fantastic dodge as the Hyper Beam zooms past and obliterates a large section of the polar wasteland. Deoxys stares briefly at the charred earth before looking back to its attacker. "Your rage is uncalled for, beast. You will end this fight immediately." Deoxys says with a commanding telepathic voice, supported with a distinctive flanging effect. A mighty Pokemon like Rayquaza has no reason to surrender to an invader like this, however.

    "YOU INVADE ON MY TERRITORY, INVADER! YOU WILL BE ANNIHILATED!" Rayquaza responds, followed by an enraged Air Slash. Deoxys does another aerial twirl, the slash almost taking off its head. "My objective is of higher importance than your pointless show of power. Leave." it attempts to command the legendary pokemon once more. Rayquaza would have none of it. "YOU CANNOT COMMAND RAYQUAZA, FOR I AM BEYOND YOUR COMMAND! DIE BY MY MAW!" Rayquaza would bellow, roaring and charging forward for a chomp at Deoxys' body. Deoxys dodges once more, jutting out its appendages and forming a Psycho Boost. "Your choices are forfeit, then. You will fall with your ignorance." was the final word given by Deoxys before the shining multicolored ball of energy forming in its center goes flying at the maw of Rayquaza.


    Rayquazas eyes could only shorten in regret and surprise as the projectile attack strikes it dead in the center of its serpentine body. The so-called mighty pokemon screeches in pain as its body flails to the ground like a wet noodle, splashing right into the chilling sea. Deoxys stares keenly at the freezing water, expecting an immediate return. No response happens, and the green figure fades away as it sinks to the bottom of the trench. Unsatisfied, it hovers down and lands neatly on the icy surface, stepping over to the edge and leaning over to look at the water. The only thing Deoxys greets is its reflection, completely unmoving.


    Then, the reflection suddenly gets greener. And greener. And greener.

    Deoxys could only make a surprised alien cry before the giant, roaring head of Rayquaza shoots out of the water with a charged Hyper Beam sizzling with power.


    Everything flashes to white.​
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  9. [​IMG]

    By this time Lon'qu was beginning to wake up. Shaking his head as it throbbed in pain and getting up Lon'qu glanced around the room. It seemed quiet so far which he liked but tried to keep his eyes away from any females in the room. He glanced over and saw Donny next to him who appeared to be out still.

    "...Wake up Donny.. Something isn't right..."


    Donny shook his gad in clear confusion as he recovered. He stood up putting his pot back on his head while trying to get an idea of just what was going on.


    "...Lon'qu.....This don't look like camp....What the hell happened...?" Donny spoke his southern like accent showing as he glanced around the room.

    "I don't know but stay close.....I don't like the look of this.." Lon'qu spoke not trusting those around him..... He did just unexpectedly wake up after all.

    @Room 2 peeps (best room ever)
  10. [​IMG]

    "Well, I'm not so sure myself... but I'm glad that I get to see you again~! Yay!" Erika seemed to be enjoying this reunion a tad too much. Who knew that some person in her life could actually make her act like this? It was... really surprising to see from Battler's perspective. Someone who took the enjoyment out of ruining relationships like this... was in a relationship that was the sole target of her "investigating."


    "Oh, hey Frank. I wouldn't want to call this a coincidence, because usually when things happen like this... it's rare to be seeing people from a past experience..." Erika didn't seem to be on edge like Robin was, but she did calm down from her fit of excitement from seeing her love again.


    "Sooo... let me get this straight, Erika. You know these two?" Battler managed to inquire her about this, wanting to be on the same page as her. For all he knew, these were completely two new people that he hasn't met before, and Erika knew them as if they were long-time acquaintances... or more than acquaintances if you put the connection that Erika and Robin together.

    @The Tactician @BarrenThin @room 1 peeps​
  11. [BCOLOR=transparent]Prologue: Love for the Lost[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]It was a rather average day, in Ravenwood Manor.. Or, rather, as average as it got in the place. For the first time in quite a while, the interior of the Manor was quite bright and pleasant, the decor and general feel of the place reflecting that of it’s residents within. Inside, a young girl with blonde hair and stunning bright blue eyes was curled up against a large black wolf. The two were garbed in matching capes, the latter not seeming too happy about this. The young girl, however... "Hey, Reece?" she asked, not looking up from adjusting the cape on her canine companion. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]A heavy sigh was the response, followed by the sound of a book shutting. "Yes, Ryan?" a new voice asked right back, though she very much lacked the enthusiasm the child did. Rather cheerily, the younger girl spoke up again. "When are Lena-beana, Ethan, and Jules going to be home?" she queried idly, continuing to fiddle with the dark blue cape. This question caused a long silence to fill the air, the older of the two females pinching the bridge of her nose with annoyance. "I don't know. Why don't you try to Kelt with her and find out yourself? You really ought to practice more," the other voice chided, shaking her head with disappointment.[/BCOLOR]

    Now, the ten-year-old child paused in messing with the cape, seeming to consider this.. Before she looked up at the other girl in her presence. The other girl had similar blonde hair- though it was much longer, and in a neat updo -, with pale features and abnormally radiant green eyes. "..You know, Jules says you never do anything but read," she finally commented to her older sibling, rather calmly. The reaction that came from the green-eyed young woman... Wasn't quite so calm. "I do more than read and study," she snapped, defensively. "Ridley hasn't got the slightest clue what she's talking about. You shouldn't listen to a word that comes from that girl's empty head."


    "..That's not a nice thing to say, Reece," finally came a response from the little girl, a new matter-of-fact tone in her voice. This just earned a scoff from Reece, who looked at the younger girl like that was the single most ridiculous thing she'd ever heard. "Real cute, Ryan. Real cute. But I think that..-"

    And suddenly, before the sisters had time to react.. Everything began to fade to black. To an empty.. Nothingness. Void of any feeling, senses, or anything else.


    Ryan had no idea how long she'd been out for, where she was, or- most of all -who she was with. She stirred in an unfamiliar room, filled with unfamiliar faces. Her expression was that of a disoriented confusion, and yet, despite this, the little girl was perfectly calm, in all of her caped glory. However, she seemed rather uncertain, lying there on the floor where she'd awoken, of whether she should speak up or not. To most, this situation was probably terrifying.. But to little Healer Ryan? Well, all it did was pique curiosity. After all, considering she'd never been allowed to leave Ravenwood Manor... Well, the idea of getting to meet new people was exciting. So, almost shyly, she tried speaking up.. Of course, this was only after subconsciously gripping at the Lon'qu's sleeve, whoever that lucky(or unlucky) person was to be.

    "..Where are we? Who are you people?"

    @Crimson Spartan @Klutzy Ninja Kitty @Archwar @The Man Without Fear @EVERYONE IN ROOM TWO<3
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  12. A small, shiny purple crystal lies flat on a random seat in the Third Room.

    @Bomb @The Silver Paladin @ROOM 3 HYPE
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  13. "You're a monster, nothing but a monster, you kill everyone around you!"
    "You're not human!"
    "He's a demon, get away from him, run!"

    "I offer up this contract, to bear the wicked spirit beast that sl-"
    "I offer up this contract, to bear the wicked spirit beast that sleeps within the earth!"
    Within moments the male's feet began to glow, and he'd flown toward the group, leaping high into the air
    "What I seek is thunder, Izuchi!"
    A bolt of lightning shot down, exploding against the ground with enough force to scatter the group, as he landed, readying another spell "Flare burst!" the following burst of flame destroyed the pair who'd managed to scramble to their feet, and started trying to flee, the others raised their hands, and started chanting, but they were cut short by the sound of feet and the slashing of a blade
    "For a pervert, you're managing quite well without the help of a beautiful maiden"
    "Silence, tempter of young girls, or I'll kill you here and now"

    Ryner didn't dare to argue, who knew what Ferris would do if he did? Probably call him a pervert and hit him with the sword's hilt, he could do without it, honestly

    "B-But of course, I wasn't talking back, of course not"

    "Good, let's get some dango...I'm hungry"​

    "When are you not hungry for dango?"

    "Did you say something, wicked beast?"

    "N-No, of course not"

    "Good, you're paying for the dango, as per usual"

    "Right, let me get my money ready..."


    Ryner couldn't remember much after that, he bought the dango, and fell asleep on the table as Ferris began devouring it like the dango fiend she was, and then...he woke up in this strange place

    "Where...Where am I?" he murmurs as he sits up, his eyes scanning the room lazily, before lies back and yawns "Maybe I should just keep napping...solving a mystery like this is best left to a detective...not a sleepy mage like myself...Maybe another nap will do me good, perhaps this is all some weird dream...who knows...I'm not figuring it out though...too much work..."

    He shuts his eyes for a long moment and sighs quietly, seemingly perfectly happy to nap in this entirely unknown place

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  14. [BCOLOR=#000000]Prologue: R.I.P[/BCOLOR]​
    Sean and Edispu sat in their dorm this evening waiting to be deployed. When they were called, the pair reported to the briefing room and listened to the mission detail while simultaneously getting suited up. Sean stood next to a locker puling out a pistol and some gloves, while Edispu sits and listens to the mission being given.

    "Alright, there's been reports of large demon activity near a town round this unclaimed sector. We haven't been here, but there have been recent pushes from the higher ups toward this area, so we're being sent to investigate recent killing, etc., etc. We'll send three groups and we'll have Edispu and Sean using Soul Eyes for recon. We don't want to miss something in uncharted land. Any questions?"

    Edispu rose his hand the instructor only gave a glare. Edispu spoke anyway. "Why hasn't military been sent in?"

    "Glad you asked. Our school is a special one that deals with killing demons, so what better way than to put you out there on the field. So, we ask military not to interfere."

    Sean had finished saddling up by this point and walked to the group tying boxing tape around his hands. "Seems reasonable."

    "Good, you'll be leaving in an hour. Be ready or face consequences."

    A loud "Sir" echoed the room coming from everyone, but the recon group. The room slowly filed out and Edispu looked to Sean angrily. "Why do you let this go on? We never are on the main groups."

    "I don't mind. I just want to hone my skill." Sean finished wrapping the tape around his hand and then walked over to his locker and wrestled with a bag before pulling it on and closing the locker. "No reason to fight with administration, unless you wanna try your hand against the council."

    "There are many things I wish to do to the council, but talking is not one."

    "I would imagine." Sean started to head out the room and out onto campus grounds, Edispu followed behind and they waited the hour out playing baseball.
    Mission Zone 10:23 PM
    Sean and Edispu did as they were told and rode around on a bike, using Soul Eyes to spot enemies. They didn't find much at first, but it couldn't have been thirty minutes since their arrival and warning smoke popped into the air. It took Edispu a moment, but he soon could feel the presence and violently shook Sean to warn him. "Kid, turn around! Turn around!"

    Sean ignored Edispu like usual, but soon found one of the transports that had taken a group into the forest was flying at him. He dodged it by the hairs of his neck, but stopped the bike to watch the truck roll. Not long after it stopped rolling, what appeared to be a giant wooden hand slammed down behind them and knocked Sean along with Edispu off course. Edispu saved Sean by bringing him into the Astral Plane, but the demon who was larger than life invaded casting a spell on the both of them. Sean and Edispu were then unconcious, probably left on Gaia to rot.

    Sean and Edispu were asleep against the edge of the bed. Their snoring echoed throughout the room. All was peaceful until the confusion of those around him woke Edispu with a devilish grin. "This isn't the academy..." Edispu sat up rubbing his head with a paw. "...How'd I get here?" The demon looked around and noticed he was in Sean's lap, his Soul Reaper next to him. Edispu hopped up on the boy shaking, rustling him, and slapping him, but nothing woke him. Edispu was invisible to those who did not posses magic or access to the Astral Plane. To those that did not meet this requirements it would look like Sean was simply having a seizure while a ghost voice came from his lap. Edispu sighed and walked out of Sean's lap on all fours, his skull already on his head. He pulled the skull off and chucked it staring at the group around him. The negative energy their confusion created only served to piss Edispu off, but he would do nothing as there'd be no point in killing them, Sean would only reap a demon's soul. "Kid, wake up." Edispu said with a sigh as he sat down on his hind legs a few feet in front of Sean facing the people around him. The simple command woke Sean up and he sat up rubbing his head.

    "What? It's too early to get-" Sean paused and instinctively grabbed his bat when he saw the others in the room. "Who are they?"

    "Calm down kid. From what I can tell they're not here to hurt us. Most of 'em anyway."


    "Normally I'd refuse to answer, but something's interfering with Soul Eyes. I can only read moods as of now. I'll let you know if I can collect more personal information later."

    "Think it's a demon?"

    "It's have to be one higher than me, but I doubt they'd be the ones to have thrown us here."

    "Where is here?"

    "No idea, but it looks like the objective is to get out right now. Try a swing at the door why don't ya'?"

    "Sure." Sean stood up and eyed everyone around him carefully before bending over to pick up his bat. "Move away from the door." The bat then suddenly ignited into blue flames. Regardless if someone moved or not Sean would walk over to the door and stare at it. "Soul Fire!" Sean grasped the bat in both hands and stood back like he was about to hit a ball. "Gaian Slam!" The fire seemed to shoot the bat forward adding to Sean's already unbelievable swing. The attack had no affect. "It didn't work?"

    "Wh-what? That's impossible! Nothing can handle my Soul Reaper!" Edispu shouted in rage turning to the door, obviously just scared and flaunting it. The sudden burst of emotion made the small dog and his floating skull visible to all. "Try again!"

    "No point. They'll open eventually." Sean swung the bat over his shoulder and stuffed a hand in the pocket of his hoodie facing the group that was gathered. Simultaneously Edispu would sit there arguing with Sean and the boy would continuously ignore him. "Look I don't understand what's going on, but name's Sean."

    "Don't ignore me!" Sean pointed to where Edispu stood and the demon turned slowly back to the crowd with a death stare. "I hate you all."

    "That's Edispu." Sean then saw a chair and knocked whoever and whatever was in it off of it and sat down. "Anybody know how we got here?" Sean said stabbing his bat into the ground and shrugging his shoulders.

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  15. [​IMG]

    Robin couldn't help but smile at her reaction, "Well, I won't deny that it's quite wonderful to see you again as well... But shouldn't we focus on the task at hand? If this is anything like Monokuma's game, then we need to find a way to leave this room," However, before he could begin looking around the room, Battler's question caught him off-guard, "Huh?"

    He unwrapped himself from Erika's arms before nodding to the man, "Ah, well, yes. Erika-chan and myself do know each other... quite well in fact," He gently rubbed the back of his neck before tilting his head. It felt strange meeting someone that Erika knew from outside the Murder Games, as though he was disembarking onto a foreign land. "My name is Robin, Robin Tact, good sir. Would you mind telling me yours? A friend of Erika is a friend of me."


    "Excuse me..." Minato carefully approached Robin, Erika, and Battler, announcing his approach to keep them from being frightened, "But would you mind if I join your group? I've been in one of these before, at least, something similar, and it's best we work together."

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  16. [​IMG]

    Mari Kurihara looked at the others in this room. She knew none of them, and most of them had strange appearances to them. She looked around the room, and it seemed to afford no means to exit or escape. Finding a means to escape, even from a well guarded prison, was not a new thing to Mari... but it was not something that could usually be done instantly. This situation seemed to be no different.

    She looked at the two males conversing with each other. The older one and the younger one, both seemed... okay. For males. For now. She then decided to introduce herself.


    "I know none of you, and I assume that means none of you know me. Mari Kurihara."

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  17. Her dreams had been pleasant. Her waking up...less so. Her eyes had opened to a different view than she had last seen when she drifted off to sleep. "What the hell?" She exclaimed, snapping up from her sleep and giving a brief glance around. It looked like the lap of luxury in here. Fancy ornate mirrors, satin gold sheets, fine mahogany wood...the kind of lifestyle the rich and famous would be used to. Almost like a Kiryuin--her eyes widened in momentary surprise before they just continued off with an eye roll. Of course it was like a Kiryuin, because it was a damn Kiryuin.

    "Satsuki." She growled, leaping up into standing. The rest of the people here didn't factor in nearly as much as she did. At least as far as Ryuko was concerned, the rest could shove off for the time being.

    "I don't know what the hell kind of game you're playing now but it's over now. Right Senketsu?" She began reaching for her glove...and paused halfway through when she realized there was no affirmative reply.


    Still nothing. She glanced down to make sure she was wearing him and she was. He was not asleep from what she could see but...he didn't seem able to reply back. She glanced back up at Kiryuin, eyebrows furrowed in tranquil fury before she shouted out:



    "Alright, what the hell kind of game are you really playing here, Satsuki?! Messing with my kamui and bringing me to this place?? Explain!" She bellowed, pointing right at the target of her ire with her red scissor blade.

    "Or will I have to beat it out of you? That always sounds good to me, ya know." She stowed her sword away and cracked her knuckles, putting on a good front. In truth, she was more than a bit concerned. Senketsu was off and more than that, she felt like she'd gone 12 rounds in the ring with her hands tied behind her back. The usual feeling of power was drained, weak...another thing that Satsuki might be responsible for. Her and her twisted ass school. Still, displaying weakness in front of the bitch was absolutely out of the question.

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  18. [​IMG]

    Minato waved at the woman dressed in a uniform, "Minato Arisato, Miss Kurihara. It seems except for a few of us, your assumption is correct..." After a moment's hesitation, he held out a hand to her, "I know this is sudden, but you wouldn't mind working with me and the others, would you? It's best we all work as a group to escape this place, and you seem fairly reliable..."


    "It seems you have a good idea, Mister Arisato," The tactician nodded along with his suggestion, fine with the idea, "And I'm Robin Tact, Mari, tactician by trade."

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  19. [​IMG]

    Having escaped with his beloved Maggie in a small rowboat, Stubbs ignored the massive explosion going off nearby as Punchbowl was tactically firebombed to prevent the zombie menace from spreading any further. Which would have been a great plan. That is if Stubbs hadn't planned on treating his lovely new zombified lover to a night to remember. Grasping her hands, Stubbs looked up and stared Maggie straight in the eyes and began to speak as only he could.

    "Brains. Brains? Braaaaaaains. Braaains!"

    Maggie couldn't have been more flustered at Stubb's words if she tried. It was evident that death hadn't ruined the former salesman's charm one bit. Yanking him in for a quick smooch, she'd pull back once they both felt satisfied and she'd fold her hands neatly on her lap as Stubbs took off his hat and pulled out two tickets to Coney Island that he had nabbed off an unfortunate victim. There had been occasions during his war against the living in Punchbowl where he didn't think he'd get a chance to see Maggie. Once he finally got a chance to, they had to hurry up and escape the city before it was razed to the ground. But now that they were all alone? He couldn't think of a more perfect time.

    "Aaaaah!" Maggie groaned in joy as she gleefully grasped one of the tickets and gave Stubbs a small peck on the cheek. If Stubbs was still capable of blushing, it would have been in full force at the moment. Pleased that he could treat Maggie to the joys in death that he couldn't offer in life, he slipped his ticket back under his hat and resumed rowing.

    Unknown to the two undead lovers however, their arrival to the island wouldn't exactly be with cries of acceptance and friendship. One young teen in particular had taken his own girlfriend out to the amusement park to try and propose to her. Bringing her out near the docks so it'd just be the two of them, he'd cough to clear his throat.

    "Judy? Would you marry me?"

    "O-Oh,Ted! This is all so sudden. I mean I'm still getting over what happened to Punchbowl. My brother had moved out there.."

    "Juuuudy, that was hours ago! You gotta stop living in the past and looking towards the future. Like marrying me!" The jock exclaimed as Judy sighed and looked as if she was going to accept the ring only to break out in a cry of sheer terror instead. "Whoa, whoa what's the problem, Judy???"


    "Judy, what are you-AAAAAAH! IT IS!"
    Ted screeched as he turned to face Stubbs who had made the effort of climbing up here only to get insulted for his tie once again. He never understood how it was a key point when people had to describe him. It didn't look that bad. But that wasn't what caught Stubbs's attention, it was the bright and shiny ring in Ted's hand. Figuring that asking wouldn't get him too far if anywhere due to his very limited vocabularly, his hands lashed out to grip Ted by the neck. The jock was head quarterback of his team but Stubbs's strength was in a whole other league.



    The sound of the skull being smashed through by a zombie's teeth was the most glorious sound Stubbs could think of. Tearing into the juicy grey matter, he'd seek to shove Ted away from him and then pick up the ring from his cold lifeless hands. Ted would soon be joining the league of the undead in a short time. Ignoring Judy's pleas, Stubbs moved on to follow after wherever Maggie had gone to surprise her with the ring. Kneeling down by Ted's corpse, Tears spewed from Judy's eyes like a fountain as she tried to comprehend the sudden loss of her boyfriend and possibly future fiance. But she wouldn't have to mourn him for long as Ted's head slowly rose up. Only his skin was a darkish green like Stubbs's and his eyes were a bright orange with no pupils and saliva dripped from his teeth.

    "Brains!" He moaned as he wrestled Judy to the ground and well you can imagine the rest. As for Maggie and Stubbs, the undead salesman had found his lover munching on some unfortunate folks who had tried taking a stand against the zombie. Which was something that Stubbs simply could not tolerate. Attacking him was one thing. But when you attacked his gal, then your brain was dinner. Or well it would have been anyway but he was gonna eat it nice and slow.

    Gorging themselves on the brains of anyone who crossed their path, Stubbs glanced around at the small army of zombies that the two of them had made in their wake. Gosh, three was a crowd but sixteen was a bit too much. Shoving any and all zombies who weren't Maggie aside or even into the water below, Stubbs knelt down before Maggie and held the box out to her.

    "Brains? Braaaaaaains."


    Flicking open the box and showing off the bright and shinny ring for his beloved, the lovey dovey proceedings would have to be put on hold as a loud clatter of gunfire broke the mood and bullets tore through Stubbs's torso as he dropped the box and collapsed to the ground. "Aaggghh..." As Maggie reached down and wrapped her arms around Stubbs in a defensive measure, Stubbs glanced back to see just who or what had shot him. What he saw actually surprised him. They looked like immigrants judging by their clothing. But their accents made them sound like Russian accents??


    "Do not even think of getting up, Zombie! We are recently arrived Ukrainians who have had heard of your escapades in Punchbowl! The government isn't fond of your kind. So we've been tasked with tracking you down and making sure you are dealt with!" The younger-looking female of the group proclaimed as Stubbs couldn't help but let out a groan of annoyance. The government had tried everything to stop him. From scientists, to rednecks run by his killer, to the army and none of them had prevailed. Reaching into his gut, he'd yank out his stomach after some strain. The organ was pulsating and seemed like it'd explode at any moment. Which was the intention if only so Maggie could escape. He had fought worse. But he couldn't risk Maggie getting hurt in the crossfire.

    "STOMACH INCOMING!" The leader shouted as all four of the Ukrainians leaped out of the range of the stomach as it touched down and exploded sending all kinds of debris flying. But it also succeeded in disorienting the enemy which Stubbs was hoping for as he tucked the ringbox away in his innards. Grasping Maggie by the shoulders, he gestured back towards where they had docked the boat. "Brains, brains, braaains! Brains!"

    Maggie's lip trembled at the thought of abandoning Stubbs but she knew he had good intentions about it. She knew that no one would care if a couple of Ukrainians went missing or got killed by Stubbs. But if they won and brought Stubbs down? Then there was no doubt they'd be rewarded greatly. Giving Stubbs one last kiss, she hurried off as fast as her shambling would take her.

    "The woman zombie! She is fleeing!" "Let her! We only came for the one with the ugly tie."

    As they levied their guns towards Stubbs, he closed his eyes. He doubted that they'd be able to outright kill him with their gunfire but he knew it was gonna sting like heck to heal it all back up. But the shots never came as everything went white for Stubbs. Had he died yet again? No, he had been down the path of death before and this didn't seem anything like it.

    This didn't seem like any place he had seen before. He thought that perhaps the Ukrainians had knocked him out and taken him somewhere. But then why would there be so many humans in here with him? Wouldn't they have been concerned he'd eat their brains and turn them? Or maybe he wasn't supposed to eat these ones? What had happened to Maggie? Ugh, there were so many questions.


    Reaching into his pocket, Stubbs pulled out a lighter and a cigarette. Lighting it, he'd pop it into his mouth and then let loose a puff of smoke as he tried to figure out exactly where he was.


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  20. Percy and Annabeth acknowledged it, but didn't touch it, because horrible things always happen to them when they touch shit like that.

    Annabeth looked around the room. "Percy? Do you know any of these people? Some of them seem like they may be monsters or something, but..."

    Percy nodded. "We should be a bit cautious in our dealings with people here, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't make friends. Maybe this is part of our quest."

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