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SIDE STORY Bloodlines [Non-Canon]

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  1. There are worlds upon worlds in the multiverse. So many worlds that a man could spend his whole life searching for something, and never find it. Most men did, some knowing it, some not, but all searching for something. Meaning. That thing that makes men's minds tick and their hearts beat just a little faster at the thought of it. Some of them could find it in their duty, others their love, others finally in nothing other than themselves. But the journey always takes them to their past, for what is the future but a foundation built on the bones of your memories? On the decisions you, your family, your ancestors had made, sometimes a thousand generations before you were even born. All men are searching for something in their past to free their future. All men must find themselves in their



    It had been a long night for Desmond Miles. His violent introduction to the boy that claimed to be his son had been trying for the young Mentor. Two weeks had passed since the incident, and he had been able to find no closure, no peace. He still didn't know how the boy had gotten here, or why he'd spared him when it seemed all he wanted was his death. All his life had been questions, and becoming a Coalition member, and then the Mentor of the Assassins had changed nothing. In fact, it had only brought more questions.

    So when the chance to answer one of those questions came to him, he took it instantly. This chance came in the form of a comm coded in the usual Assassin frequency. It was an offer to rendezvous with his estranged son in Gatlin, a town that Desmond had recalled Ridley Duchannes talking about once.


    What a girl. She'd killed his novice, and ripped his heart in half, then walked off into the sunset.

    And he was going to her hometown.

    Preparations didn't take long. He'd handed off control to River so many times that he could nearly leave at a word. Which he did, often. Between the memories of Ridley and his unsettling fight with his apparent son there'd been many times he'd just needed the sweet distraction that sneaking aboard a supply shipment of Revans and tracking it to where its course would bring him. But here he was, going back into the lions den so to speak. There was a very good chance that Connor was there, waiting to ambush him, like Desmond had done with so many other people. But, one of his duties as an Assassin was to seek knowledge.


    "Nggggg!" That was the sound of Miles falling from what felt like miles up. It was probably only thirty feet, but it was straight onto his back into the asphalt, and unlike some of his frequent and former allies in the Coalition, he was only human. Basically, it hurt like a son of a bitch.

    "Dammit Aaron." Desmond growled. He had promised to tune the sensitivity after the last time. If the TDE equipment didn't have the unfortunate habit of stripping you of your clothes, he'd still be using it.
    Anyways, Desmond wasn't exactly hurrying to get up either. He just lay there for a minute, enjoying the warmth, so unlike Masayaf at this time of year, and not particularly enjoying the pain lancing up through his newly battered body.


    The fight. Connor had thought of nothing else since the days following it. He'd spared his father, the man that he'd traveled through time and space to eliminate. It had seemed so clear in that moment, but after he had done nothing but berate himself for his weakness. But slowly, he'd realized why he'd done it. Something had changed in this timeline. There was no Templar presence like there was supposed to be. That meant something radical had been changed.

    That was why he'd offered to meet with this father. Not to kill him, and not to meet him as equals, but to take something from him. Desmond Miles's blood was the key. Not the spilling of it, but the blood itself. What was contained in it. His blood, and his mother's.

    Scanning the road, Connor heard a sort of fizzling popping sound, heard a wet crunch as something hit the ground, then heard cursing. Yes. Desmond was on cue. Arc, Aaron, whatever he called himself on a particular day, had never bothered to update his Arcware Software...Connor snorted... even in Connor's time. Give it a wide enough zone, and its occupant would be ejected in the same spot, always. It had been easy enough to guess where Desmond was going to arrive. And so he watched him, as he just lay there, seemingly dazed.

    It'd be so easy to end it still. Just a quick Shadow Step down there and then a quick chop with his Tomahawk. Problem solved. But, that was the easy way out. It was the duty of a Templar to seek knowledge in all its forms.

    So now he waited, perched in the trees, his wolf beneath him in the bushes, hiding as an Assassin, for Desmond to get up, or for something else to intervene.
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  2. Lisa had long since given up on understanding Desmond's past affection for the woman known as Ridley Duchannes. The former vigilante found the woman unpleasant, selfish, and cowardly. It was her memtor's wish that the woman was protected, though, so she did as she was asked. Over the time there, Lisa had finally grown out of her itch for revenge. Killing was seen as a last resort. Torture was almost out of the question. So perhaps this assignment had truly done her some good. At the very least, she'd gotten better at sneaking around.

    This fact was something Connor was about to discover. She had taken care to watch for intruders in this world since the events of the Murder Games. Lisa wished to avoid such an event occurring again. So when Desmond showed up, she wasn't far. She wasn't reckless either, though. She saw Connor in the trees, and her mentor on the ground. It didn't take long to piece the clues together.

    Drawing her silenced P250- being an Assassin didn't change how accustomed to firearms she'd become- she crept around the trees... but, in her still early experience as an Assassin, the white garbed woman snapped a twig... and froze. Panic washed over her mind for a brief second. "Desmond, look out!" She finally shouted after her brief moment of fear. Lisa fired a couple shots Connor's way, intentionally missing so as to suppress rather than injure.
  3. Connor's head snapped towards the twig the instant it broke. Sounds like these set off all his internal alert systems, Assassins typically making them as they launched out of their hiding spots at him. Eventually Desmond had given up on saving him in his own timeline, and had ordered him taken down like any other Templar. It had been a sad day for both men, but they had moved on.

    Connor did the first thing that he thought of, he let himself fall backwards out of the tree. The air shimmered darkly as he fell backwards. Then he was gone. He was stalking in the bushes again.

    "Lisa. Stop!" Desmond pushed himself up from where he lay. "We have parlay."

    We have parlay? Desmond thought to himself. Spending too much time in the middle ages Des.

    "Lisa. Its not what it looks like. The Arc network miscalculated, and I fell, that's all." Yet.

    "You promised you'd come alone." Connor yelled from somewhere, hiding. No doubt he Shadow Stepped directly after speaking, confusing them, keeping them from getting a lock on him.

    Desmond rubbed his face. This wasn't going at all like he'd planned. "I did." He yelled
  4. Lisa frowned at Desmond for a moment. This was making her uneasy. Why was Desmond seeking 'parlay' with this man? "... He did come alone. I was just investigating and I... guess I had the wrong idea." She shifted onto her back foot, gun still in hand.

  5. Suddenly Connor was in the trees directly above them, again thanks to his Shadow Stepping. If he'd had these abilities back in the war, there was a chance he wouldn't have lost. This short range teleporation was deadly enough to even best Desmond, their Mentor. Though, truthfully, he never wanted to test them against River. She'd been one of the deciding factors in the war, a foe no one could defeat in battle, nor anywhere else.


    "So, if you came alone, then why are you here Aunt Lisa?" He addressed the last part to Lisa herself. Connor then settled down on the branch above them, making himself comfortable.

    Desmond gave Connor a quizzical look at him calling Lisa "Aunt", then turned back to the said woman. "Its fine Lis. I'd rather have you watching my back and accidentally potshotting in a truce, than not."

  6. Lisa crossed her arms and gritted her teeth at Connor. The boy was an arrogant ass, and may even have it out for her Mentor, it seemed. "I'm here because not a lot happens in this town that I don't know about, Connor. You don't expect me to follow you, and check out someone crossing dimensions?" Lisa glared at the boy before smiling at Desmond's remark. It was pleasantly surprising to receive such warmth from anyone. The smile quickly faded, however, her glare returning to the boy.

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    It wasn't a feeling Ridley was exactly familiar with. She had her moments; the time she'd spent growing up with Lena as a tot... Lies. The times she'd shared with Link... The cheat. Those were lies, too. That other time that..- Well... No. I got nothing.

    Possibly risque maybe (open)

    Point was, Ridley Duchannes didn't exactly know what peace felt like. She was always stuck in some sort of ditch; be it in dealing with her family, trying to keep from letting her inner and ever-growing darkness devour her from the inside, or- rare as it was -even trying to deal with emotions. Albeit, the blonde in question's emotions were mostly negative. Things such as pain, fear, hate, sadness, rejection, and.. Maybe, just maybe, buried deep down? Remorse. The girl had done countless horrible things in her lifetime, and she very well knew that she would do many more. It was her nature, after all.. Something the tribal tattoo around her navel reminded her of.

    Right now, in the safe haven of hers tucked right out of sight of any Mortal, the girl had a lot of time on her hands to think all of this over. Not to mention, to think over the most recent misadventure- and massive mistakes -she'd been involved in. As if the event itself weren't traumatizing enough, the girl had done something horrific; Killed people. She had her reasons.. Namely, in hopes of earning her very own ticket to death... And from there? To hell. she only got one of those tickets; to death. Thing was? She got revived. That little plan of hers backfired majorly.

    You see, Ridley wasn't exactly what you could call.. 'Suicidal'. In fact, she took pride in calling herself what she really was; a Survivor. Sure, there were plenty stupid Sirens, but in her mind, there were no stupid survivors. It was a little philosophy of hers. But, the thing was... Surviving through all the things she had wasn't exactly a good thing. The blonde had many an enemy; in this universe, to the next. Enemies made by betraying others, in every case. Of course, in the majority of the cases? Those betrayals were good things.

    Yeah, she'd killed a person during the Akibahara incident.. But the same Siren had also worked for one of the Darkest Casters in her world, gotten closer to her, and used that to betray her every time. Not to mention, she did the same thing with the Darkest Caster in her world.. Albeit, it cost her her freedom for a good portion of time. She'd been kidnapped and tormented.. But in the end, it was worth it to see that monster killed off.

    ...That didn't change that Ridley Duchannes had a massive price to pay.

    Maybe that's why she was currently hiding away, seeking solace in the Caster Tunnels beneath the town. The passages into it were more or less invisible to the human eye, and the tunnels were virtually endless... Even the infamous Macon Ravenwood himself didn't know the full extent of the tunnels. Hell, he couldn't even map a small portion of it. That thought alone managed to make the girl snicker. Macon isn't as perfect as he tries to act. What a thought, she mused to herself, idly.

    Suddenly, though, a thought occurred to Ridley: she hadn't been home since the Akibahara incident. A frown crossed her cherry-red lips, and a soft sigh escaped her, making the small wolf pup she'd had given to her by Desmond tilt it's head.. Something that made it a little hard for Ridley to resist letting a smile tug at her lips. Lightly, she pet the wolf, slowly climbing to her feet. As much as she loved the quiet down here.. She couldn't hide forever - whether she hated her family and vice versa or not.

    So, her feet heavy with reluctance, the blonde made her way out of the tunnel via the passage in Ravenwood Manor, silently re-entering the place she'd long since called home. She wasn't exactly welcome here...-

    ...Well, aside from by the young blonde girl that was sitting in the living room of the Manor. For whatever reason, the place was oddly dark and gloomy.. Something that completely threw Ridley off. Weren't they happy I was gone..? she pondered, shimmering golden eyes filled with faint confusion. The fact that she was barked and growled at viciously by the family pet- Boo Radley -when she walked near his location made her relax just slightly. Ah. Some things never change, eh?



    What Ridley wasn't expecting.. Was the young girl on the couch quite suddenly leaping up and approaching her, pulling her into a tight embrace. This was something that her little sister had used to do, often, but had begun to stop doing after she began to mature.. Which was probably why Rid was so caught off guard. "You're alright," the twelve-year-old girl murmured, relief showing through her typically calm features.

    "...No need to act so surprised, Sis," Ridley muttered in response, feeling extremely awkward with the situation at hand. "You know I could never leave you too long," Ridley added, starting to gradually relax in her sister's embrace. "What is the deal, anyways? You know your favorite sister can take care of herself just fine," Rid finished confidently, offering Ryan a grin and ruffling her hair.

    "Rid.. You were gone for over three months." That was.. Surprising. Ridley could've sworn it hadn't been that long. Maybe time passed faster in her world than it did where the Archdemon War took place? "Even Link and Lena didn't know where you'd gone," the child explained, a serious expression returning to her face. "Momma and the others were starting to say you-" This made Ridley flinch.. Before trying to laugh it off, cutting her little sibling off mid-sentence.

    "Sis, I will not be dying for a long time. Loosen up. I promise I will live to be at least two hundred and fifty, alright?" she remarked, sending her younger sibling a wink. This seemed to reassure her, but she refused to release her death grip on Rid.. Before her face lit up upon seeing the wolf pup at Rid's feet. "Aw.. Who's this?" she asked, smiling widely.

    Briefly, Ridley seemed to tense. It was.. Hard, to talk about the wolf. Not because she didn't like it.. But because it was her last tie to Desmond. "Ahh.. That's Achilles."​
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  8. Connor looked down on the two Assassins below, perched comfortably in his tree. A blink of shadows and he was standing face to face with them. He then lowered his hood to ally the pair their first real good look at him. His skin was lighter than Desmond's, likely balanced out by his mother, with dark hair that was cut unevenly as if by a tomahawk or some other rounded edge, and piercing blue eyes that seemed cold as ice, at least when he wanted them to. That's the look that was inside them right now.

    "I am not here to kill people, or create chaos." Connor paused for the briefest of moments, eyeing the two of them. "I am not an Assassin."

    Then he boldly turned and walked away, exposing his weak side to the enemy and calling out. "Coming?"

    He was heading to Gatlin library to see if he could glean anything from the texts there. And maybe give him a chance to get away from the Assassins for a minute, just long enough to regain his composure after being shot at. You'd have thought he'd have gotten used to it after all this time, but he never really had for some reason. His back was still itching, still expecting a bullet or a knife there any second moment. Desmond was his father, and he'd grown up with Lisa, but that hadn't mattered to them after...

    No. He'd find Ridley, take what he needed, and get out of here before the Assassins turned on him.

    Desmond looked at Lisa, and subtly motioned to find the trees. It looked like they were walking to Gatlin, and there were a lot of places for an ambush, supposed "Parley" or not. Trust was something that was hard earned from Desmond after Lucy and Ridley, and so far the boy hadn't even tried to achieve it.

    Great father son bonding guys ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  9. Ah, the Gatlin County Library. It wasn't the most grand building ever, but if you were to ask it's proud owner, Marian Ashcroft? "A library is the delivery room for the birth of ideas, a place where history comes to life." But, in Gatlin, there were only three people that ever bothered to go to the library, aside from Marian and her assistant. ..Or, well, two still-living ones. Lena Duchannes and Ethan Wate.


    But, as Connor walked through the nice and polished doors, he would find that the place seemed totally empty. This was proven to be incorrect, though, by the faint footsteps that could be heard down one of the aisles. If one were to look, they'd find a woman of a medium stature dressed as though she could be teaching college courses with a massive stack of books in her arms. With how many there were, it was a miracle that she hadn't yet toppled over. But, if one were to look at the library itself, rather than the neatly dressed woman who looked rather exotic.. They'd find the place was cozy. The shelves were all piled high, and there were countless books all over. Yet, the place kept a homey air, despite it's size.

    The group could either approach the woman, explore the place itself to see if anyone else was around, or simply browse books.

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  10. Lisa nodded in answer to Desmond's silent warning. She stayed on the lookout as they moved, holstering the gun under her clothes as they moved. Somewhat petite in height and width, if not in musculature, she found she didn't stand out too terribly much, usually. When they entered the library, the former vigilante stayed back warily. ​
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  11. The inside of the library was cozy. Maybe just a little cramped. It certainly didn't compare to the grand library of Alexandria, the resting place of the legendary Altair's wisdom. When the Templars had sent him to crack the seal and uncover its secrets, they had been disappointed with what they had reaped. There was no Apple there, but there had been a greater treasure. Treatise on the nature of the conflict between the Assassins and the Templars, and even possible routes to peace. The knowledge that even the Mentors past had theorized on such a possible peace was one of the things that had fueled his desire to end the conflict between the two groups.

    But for a little thing that probably didn't get a lot of funding from the state, it wasn't that bad. And besides, unlike the Alexandrian library, this one had actually been opened sometime in the last fifteen hundreds years. And there were no traps here. And people, well, person running around, though truth be told Connor could barely tell that there was a person behind the massive stack of books in her...her?... hands, practically demanding her to topple over.

    Reaching about halfway down the stack he took part of the pile, taking over part of the oh so massive duty of carrying them.

    "Where do you want them?"

    Then he realized how he probably looked, a random beaked hoodie wearing a vaguely biker-esque jacket with a scarred up face. Shaking his head he managed to toss the hood back and gave her his best winning smile.


    Desmond meanwhile, wasn't having any part of Connor's attempts to chat up the librarian, or really any part of Connor anyways. "Lis. You ever do any research in the army?"
    Man, Desmond was missing Shaun now. Great historian, horrible conversationalist.


    Going through the aisles, he saw one of the books lying on the floor. He picked it up, flipping through it randomly without even really looking at what it was. Hopefully it wasn't an erotic romance novel or something. He was mainly focusing on eavesdropping on Connor. He still didn't know anything about the boy, except for a few random smattering of facts that he had yelled at him before their duel.
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  12. Upon Connor's approach, he may've managed to catch the woman quoting something. To those that didn't know Marian, it would probably seem rather insignificant and unimportant.. But to those that did? Well, let's just say that Marian had a quote for everything.. And oftentimes, her quotations were more than a little foreshadowing. Almost as though specifically suited to each person's situation; before or after the events they applied to. "'You forget what you want to remember, and you remember what you want to forget." But.. What could the one she was using apply to?

    Regardless, now, she offered Connor a bright smile of her own as he lightened the load of books she was carrying.


    "Ah, Young Adult Science-Fiction and Fantasy.. Thank you," she answered simply. She tilted her head at him slightly, almost as though surprised.. But she didn't quite seem it. "New in town, eh?" she asked, rhetorically. "You should be careful... Your friends there, too. I simply adore the few guests that come around, but unfortunately, not many on this town are as keen on new faces as I," she warned him. It wasn't exactly a lie; most folk in Gatlin didn't really like newcomers. While she was explaining this, she continued carefully placing the remaining books in her arms back on the shelves with a large amount of care.

    If anything, it didn't seem like the book was anything special. It just seemed to be some sort of modern fantasy novel with all kinds of random magical bullshi..- Oh, wait.

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  13. Connor matched her stacking as best he could. Surprisingly though, he didn't know much about librarian work cause y'know, being a counter Assassin for a living didn't really provide those options. The Templars hadn't been keen on teaching him things that they didn't deem essential to his hunting skills. His math skills were stuck at a twelfth grade level, only his reading skills being college level. Books tended to be the only companions he had when he was stuck in the field, other than Achilles of course. But the wolf wasn't much good for conversation despite it's incredibly loving nature. "I heard that from Ridley a long time back. She said Gatlin was something of an old society, and didn't really care for new people."

    "Oh, and those aren't my friends. More like pieces of gum stuck to my shoe. Or, insurance salesmen." Even at the Templar mansions those parasites found their way there. Nowhere in the multiverse could you be free of them.

    "Hey? Do you happen to know where she is? I'm a relative from out of town, and I was hoping to surprise her." Well, hell, it wasn't even a lie. He was a Duchannes, he just wasn't born in Gatlin. Or in this dimension. Or in this time. But it still counted. Blood was stronger than dimension seams.
    "Although," He added. "You probably haven't heard of me. I was born out of town."

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  14. This.. Seemed to catch the librarian's attention. She didn't react like her assistant likely would've, but she wasn't too terribly enthusiastic. "Ah, well, she wasn't wrong; 'Nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change'," she replied, smile not falling from her lips. Her pile was slowly thinning down, while her hands continued organizing away with precision.. Though she noticed that his pile seemed to be going a bit slower. As for his declaration about Lisa and Desmond just being an annoyance, the librarian simply nodded. "I see. Well, in any case, they seem quite keen to hear what you have to say," she mused with a small, knowing glance in the pair's direction.

    Connor's question, on the other hand.. Just made her purse her lips in thought. "Unfortunately, no, I don't. That girl comes and goes like a fall breeze," the librarian explained, finally finishing up with her stack. "Oh, I assumed so. If you weren't, I would've recognized you."

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  15. Connor glanced back at where Desmond was pretending to read his novel, trying not to give away his surprise at Marian's observations. She would have made a dangerous guard with that level of astuteness. Honestly, Desmond was trying not to have flashbacks at the number of times he'd been desynchronized from the Animus because of the system's crappy integration of the Assassin stealth skills. Move out of the crowd for two seconds and...


    Connor still whittled away the books, though it was kind of depressing how long it was taking compared to Marian's much smaller pile. But he was distracted so sue him. Finding Ridley wasn't like finding an Assassin. They were way easier. Assassins had the same training for the large part. Same base problems and weaknesses. Connor was in the dark trying to find a Caster. Back to square one. "Do you think she might be with her family? I know they're kind on the rocks, but maybe she went home? Or, is there anywhere else she hangs out?"

    Connor stopped for a minute, realizing how his digging probably came off. "I just need to find her fast. I know someone that's in trouble, and could really use her help." Yeah. The whole damn future.

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  16. It was safe to say that the woman was more than she seemed.

    She seemed to consider the question for a good minute or two, tapping her chin rhythmically in thought. "..I'm not quite sure. She's been gone for a month or so. But, if you and the 'gum on your shoes' desire to check.. Ravenwood Manor is just out of town. Take a right at the fork in the road and it'll get you there," she told Connor. "But you didn't hear it from me," she added, throwing in a wink.

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  17. "I appreciate the help uh..." Connor realized he didn't actually know her name. He held out his hand to shake, making sure to use his right hand so she couldn't glimpse the blade hidden on his left. It wasn't always hidden that well, sometimes catching the light if he waved his arm wrong.

    "I never introduced myself, did I? My name is Connor. These are my two companions Lisa Castle," He pointed at the ex vigilante, "And-..."

    "Warren Vidic." Desmond cut in, looking up from the book he was totes reading. "Sorry, I couldn't help hearing you."

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  18. This earned that bright, brilliant white smile again, and the woman chuckled lightly. "Ah, where are my manners? Marian. Marian Ashcroft," she introduced, gladly shaking his hand. "Pleasure to be of acquaintance, Connor," she replied to his introduction, her red reading glasses glinting slightly in the light.. Before she glanced in Desmond and Lisa's direction, offering the same smile to them.


    "Ah, of course. Pleasure to meet you as well, Mr. Vidic. Ms. Castle."

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  19. Lisa smiled a little awkwardly, then gave Desmond a concerned look. She had no idea what this boy's inventions were. ​
  20. "It was a nice change of pace, meeting you." He replied, meaning it. He was incredibly hunted man in the future, and hadn't had a much better experience in his time in the past. The situation with the pandemic, and then his mother's death. Well. His sort of his mother. Hadn't made it hurt any less at the time, though he had rationalized it since then. She wasn't real. She was a fake. He hadn't had her blood stained on his hands.

    "Marian." He added belatedly, snapping out of his trainwreck of thought

    "I need to be going. Finding Rid is fairly important. But first," Connor held up the book that was clasped in his hands. A copy of Ender's Game. "Can I check this out? I haven't gotten to read it since I was nine."

    Desmond just gave her a nod, then flashed his eyes gold for a brief moment with Eagle Vision, the world turning into shades of black, gold, red and blue. It was a code that they'd developed, him and his students, basically amounting to everything was okay. Everything was within operational parameters for the moment. For some odd reason he didn't get to use it a lot.

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