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  1. Neo-Tokyo:

    Neo-Tokyo from the Ruins of old Tokyo.


    Harbor Approach


    Central Neo-Tokyo


    Neo-Tokyo Corporate District.


    A rebuilt section of Tokyo proper.


    Satellite imagery of Central Neo-Tokyo, and surviving area.


    Neo-Tokyo from Outer Neo-Tokyo


    2040 Neo-Tokyo. A Mega metropolis built in the Ruins of Tokyo and surrounding cities. To some, Neo-Tokyo is fabulous and glamorous. To others, it's a cesspool. Filled with crime, pollution, and crowds. The Corporations run everything, giving the Illusion that the Emperor of Japan has power. Neo-Tokyo is filled with Nightclubs, bars, corporations, and genetically altered people. The rich live in glamour in penthouse suites, while the poor live in cramped apartments in bad districts. Recently, rioting against the Government has increased, leading to the creation of teams to put down the rioting. The United Nations controls these teams, known as the "Neo-Tokyo Defense Force" to control the people.

    Dates Relevant to plot:

    2019: Tokyo destroyed by a terrorist's nuclear weapon; World War III; Reconstruction begins.

    2040: Present; Corporations now nearly omnipotent, considered unstoppable by government. United Nations dealing with random acts of terrorism


    Science... One of humanity's most proud achievements. It has brought us almost everything our lives use. Virtual Reality, cellphones, military equipment, computers, medicine, you name it. In the right hands, Science can be productive, in the wrong ones, Science can cause mass chaos.

    In the year 2019, a nuclear weapon's detonation caused mass hysteria, and caused a global nuclear war. Corporations saw the weaknesses of nations, and took over the nations. Japan came out stronger than ever, and built the biggest city known to man.

    The weapon's detonation woke up powers in some people, and the government began to test these, and the United Nations was notified of these, and allowed the testing of these Psychics.

    When Anti-government sentiment began springing up in Neo-Tokyo, the United Nations formed an organization to deal with the anti-government forces that have cropped up. These forces would come against Corporation forces as well, a force that had been trying

    Meanwhile, using science, the Neo-Tokyo Corporations have drawn people from the Multiverse, and captured them. Using their power to give ultimate power to the Emperor of Japan. This closes off the minds of the people who crossed the bridge, and drains their power. The corporations give them new Identities and histories, and sends them out into the city to do what they will.

    You are one of these people.

    Welcome, to Neo-Tokyo.

    Enjoy your stay.


    (Most of these are made up, one is from Shadowrun.)

    United Omnidyne-Cross Industries:


    CEO: Dr Kim-Li-Chang
    Industries: Biotech, Medicine, Cyberware
    Country of Origin: South Korea



    CEO: Toshiro Shiawase
    Industries: Computers, Envirotech, Atomic Energy
    Country of Origin: Japanese Imperial State



    CEO: Kellyn Ekaterina
    Industries: Aerospace, Weapons development, The Internet.
    Country of Origin: United States of America

    Unitas Dynamics:


    CEO: Annaliesia Adler
    Industries: Automotive, Entertainment, Communications, phones, the Media.
    Country of Origin: Germany

    The United Nations:


    CEO: Secretary-General Kenjiro Yamadera
    Industries: N/A
    Country of Origin: Various

    Japanese imperial State:


    CEO: Emperor Fujimara Togugata
    Industries: N/A
    COuntry of Origin: :/ really? Do I need to say this?


    Original Name:

    New Name:

    Appearance: (Text description, please!)

    System Identification Number: (Make one up. Seven numbers long and ending with a letter.)

    Original Age:

    New Age:





    Original Background:

    New Background (Get Creative!):

    Character Quirks: (optional)

    Anything else I've forgotten:


    The standard Illusion Role. You were once just a normal person with a normal life, and then you were thrust into this chaos. You came from all walks of life, and all ranks of social standing, but now you're all in the same boat. Hunting the streets of Neo-Tokyo for the UN.

    Psychic (Savior): The Savior role. Your whole life, you've had a special ability. You knew you had it, but didn't know when you could use it. You were haunted by memories. Memories of either another life. Now, companies are after your unknown but powerful ability. The companies want you for this ability. You can free the memories of others who are also trapped in the Illusion.

    Corporate Saboteur: You live the Corporation. You do what the corporation tells you, and you follow their orders. Your orders were to keep their 'Memory Suppression Program' from becoming unraveled. You hunt the psychics to bring back to the corporation, and to keep the company running smoothly.


    Biker Gang Member:

    You're a member of one of Neo-Tokyo's many biker gangs led by teenagers. You're dirt poor, and spent a lot of money getting a fancy bike. You get involved frequently in Gang wars against other gangs, and you frequently get injured. The cops and military hate you, but hey, you're just having fun!

    The two you're most likely to be a member of are the Capsules led by Shotaro Kaneda, or their rival The Clowns lead by Joker.

    ((If you choose this, please state if you are joining the Clowns or the Capsules.))

    Corporation CEO:

    Sure, you're not one of The Big Boys with a AAA class, Monopolizing Megacorporation at your fingertips, and governments within your grip, but you make enough money to be rich. You run a large corporation that does business multinationally. You have a board, and shareholders, and all of that. You can get access to any resources you want. You're living the good life. Sure, you could be crushed in business, but for now, everything's good!

    ((For this, just make up a Corporation. I'll put a limit on this group of three people for this job.))


    You may have started at the bottom of the pack, but now you're near the top! You may be an actor or actress, a pop star, or something else entirely. Corporations use you as a face, and perhaps some day, you might even get to own one. People know you, and they love you, and you love the money and fame that flows in from it.

    Public Security Agent:

    While you may not be a member of the technologically enhanced Public Security Section 9, you still have some enhanced abilities. You are strong and well trained to take on the protesters in Tokyo. You assist the United Nations in calming the rioters, and even perform various special operations to get rid of High-profile targets. You know how to get rid of someone, and do it. You also have various resources you can call on to assist you. You could also be a part of the special branch referred to as "Blade Runners" which is a special group formed to take out "Replicants", or Biological androids.

    ((With this, you can also put a subgroup. Public Security Section: *Insert Number that's not 9 here*))


    Also called a "Wageslave." You work your life for the corporation. You're just a faceless cog. You might have a family, and you live a fairly comfortable life. You're not rich, but you're not poor either. You're middle class.


    You work with medicines. Whether it's for the United Nations, a hospital, a corporation, or completely independent. You want to help whether by gaining money by testing things on people, or by good feelings by actually curing people, you wish to help. Or, you may be a scientist, running tests on people to see their reactions, or working with AIs, hacking, and finding out what is human.

    I would like everybody to be a mix of all the jobs, for character interaction during the main RP.

    Example CS:

    ((Thanks, @Atomyk for doing this!))

    New Name
    Makiko Haneyama

    Makiko is considered very attractive, adored by fan girls and boys alike. She often wears makeup to help keep this appearance. She has long, dark blue hair, with several hair clips and blue eyes.

    Her casual attire consists of a white-and-blue schoolgirl uniform with a pink bow on the front, a plaid blue skirt and black socks that end at her thighs with brown, buckled shoes.

    System Identification Number

    New Age

    Pop Idol

    A masterful dancer and singer, recognized for her talents as a pop idol. Trained in proper etiquette, she is able to keep her cool in tough situations.

    A very savvy individual, capable of both great intuition and tenacity when the situation calls for it. She is willing to go to great lengths to secure her desires and to protect those she cares about, willing to pass the point where others might give up.

    She absolutely hates working with others, especially when it comes to her work as a pop idol. She tends to hide her feelings when she is under great pressure by putting on her public persona.

    New Background
    Born to two living and loving parents, Makiko never had to experience a childhood filled with loneliness. Her family grew even bigger when a younger sister of hers, Ayaka, was born. Makiko wasn't inspired by other pop idols like her original self, but encouraged to foster her singing talents by her father and, later, her sister.

    Makiko studied both vocals and dancing for the majority of her childhood, even going to a private school that focused in these areas. Though she was a cheerful and bubbly girl, competition was fiercely encouraged by her peers. Makiko made no friends during her time in school and eventually embraced the idea herself.

    Liking Makiko, a talent agency picked her up straight out of school and helped promote her style and image. At fourteen, the girl was already becoming a hit. She was encouraged to participate in an idol group, but as a result of her time in school, Makiko intensely rejected the idea of working with others. She still prospered as a singer and eventually was signed on to be the Corporation's media icon at sixteen.

    I FINALLY DID IT! Sorry about its length.​

    1. All Iwaku Rules apply.

    2. Due to this being a Murder Games Spin-off, please take all Out of Character discussion to Murder's General Chat and all roleplay discussion to that group's RP Discussion.

    3. Please be respectful to me and my Co-GMs. We don't bite, hell, if you have any suggestions for anything, just let me know! I'll see what I can do! tghe Co-GMs are @Kaykay @Mighty Roman and @Verite

    4. No god-modding or meta-gaming.

    5. If you are a Savior or Saboteur, all discussion will be done in a Group PM I will set up between us all. It's a lot like the Traitor/Agent/whatever conversation in a regular Murder Game.

    6. Yeah, sure, feel free to use an OC. I would just prefer that a regular fandom character outnumbers an OC. Also, due to the nature of the RP, I will only let everybody use one character.

    7. Please post once a chapter and vote once a chapter. Not doing so will result in your character possibly being removed from the game. At the very least, PM me if anything comes up and I'll do my best to keep you around.

    8. Reserves last for 60 hours. Why? We're all busy, and I can get extremely busy. That'll give you two and a half days to clear up your business, and send me a PM with you CS.

    9. All CSes must be sent to me via a PM. This is to keep it secret from the others, the point of the Illusion game. I will then make an edited CS that's your new life, and give it to you. The PM will also be used for if a Savior chooses you to gain your memories back.

    10. You will not retain our old powers in this. You are street level.

    11. We will have 25 slots available for now. i may bump that up.

    12. HAVE FUN!

    @Atomyk as Makiko Haneyama
    @DapperDogman as Tony Grayson
    @Bomb as Ken Fan
    @Kaykay as Karin Hida
    @Gen. Gwazi Senpai as Akio Price
    @Mighty Roman as Miles Duchovsky
    @Verite as Kana Hanazawa
    @Lord of the Sith as Jurikono
    @Gummi Bunnies as Bailey Dansford
    @york as Hanako Musoka
    @Jeremi as Joan Jaffa
    @Mari as Meiko Seo
    @TheSpringwoodSlasher as Abra Jinzonegen
    @CCC Kouhai as Katsuko Nishio


    None right now!

    14/25 Slots filled

    And here is where you Sign-up, folks.

    I'm too tired to make a CS for my character right now, so, uh...


    Also, If you are in a PM with me already, feel free to send your CS to me via that.
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  2. me rn with all the plot stuff

  3. I uh, yeah, i get a bit carried away...

    Sorry. Not all of it is Plot-relevant. (Like the years and stuff.)
  4. New Name: Tony Grayson

    Appearance: Tony has tanned skin, being of spanish/mexican descent, he has short black hair that he spikes backwards, and brown eyes
    He often wears orange and red jackets and a black shirt underneath

    System Identification Number: 0010110B

    New Age: 20

    Job: Public Security Agent: Special Unit

    Skills: Tony's body has been pushed incredibly far with technology, and he's stronger, faster and can react faster than most humans can even think possible, outside of the things he knows he can do, his body can change on a near atomic scale. He can also cure mutant humans

    Strengths: Tony's quite intelligent, and has shown good promise with maths and associated areas. He's also loyal and brave

    Weaknesses: He doesn't know his own limits at times, and can push himself in over his head

    New Background (Get Creative!): Tony's body has been heavily modded by the police, in order to make him near superhuman in all ways, and he is as such a special unit, deployed to quell riots with ease, or to fight terrorist threats when they arise, his body can shield an area from a bomb by simply lying on top of it and allowing it to detonate into the ground below
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  5. New Name:
    Ken Fan

    Wears a black/gray (with a touch of gold) coat with a red vest underneath. Wears black/red armguards and a blue-gemmed necklace. Also wears greaves. His black hair has a golden streak.

    System Identification Number:

    New Age:

    Biker Gang Member (Capsules)

    Strong & never gives up.

    - Quick
    - Strong

    - Rushes into things.
    - A loner.

    New Background:
    Ken Fan was born without knowing his parents, and lived through tough times in Neo-Tokyo. Ken joined the Capsules to help himself get through his struggles... and stuff...​
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  6. New Name:
    Karin Hida


    Small and lithe, with long black hair. Wears loose blue clothing, usually.

    System Identification Number: 6472662A

    New Age: 18

    Biker Gang Member (Capsules)


    Trained in martial arts and spy work.


    - Friendly
    -Fairly skilled in what she does


    -Acts before thinking often
    - Isn't a master in her skills by any means

    New Background (Get Creative!):

    Born to poor parents and promptly abandoned, Karin didn't have any real place to call home. Being picked up by the Capsules, she treated them as her new family, managing to get a bike and join them in their reckless activities.​
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  7. New Name
    Akio Price


    Akio is a rather giant and muscular man, sporting scruffy red hair and a beard. He has brown eyes and is usually wearing a white t-shirt along with blue jeans... usually.

    System Identification Number


    New Age



    Biker Gang Member - The Capsules


    Skilled with riding any kind of vehicle or animal, a skilled tactician and warrior, and also has an Iron Liver.


    A loud and powerful Charisma, great physical strength and the ability to stay positive, and even get inspired in the face of impossible odds.


    A lack of agility and is usually too confident for his own good, causing him to become reckless.

    New Background
    Akio grew up on the street's, often having to fight just to survive. Though he quickly learned how to get out of the street's, by winning the hearts and possessions of other's he rapidly acquired the wealth and respect to live rather comfortably, and his own wealth and popularity is still growing as he works for the biker gang Capsules.

    Having had grown up on the Street's he didn't really know his mother or father well, having lost them rather early. Instead of grew bonds with comrades, those friends of his that he would run around with and eventually serve in the same biker gang as.​
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  8. Alright.

    Remember to PM me your CS.
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  9. *reserving a spot, will start constructing a CS sooner or later x.x*
  10. *reserving spot! Working on Cs now*
  11. New Name: Miles Duchovksy

    Appearance: Miles has floppy hair, and 3 scars across his left eye. He wears a grey leather jacket. He wears faded blue combat jeans, he has numerous scars down his hands and arms as well.

    System Identification Number: 1982207T

    New Age: 17

    Job: Clowns Gang Member

    Skills: Miles is a skilled street fighter, and great with all forms of cars, transport and engineering. He's a skilled getaway driver, and knows how to fix up most wounds.

    Strengths: Good in a fight, and good with engines. Quick thinking.

    Weaknesses: Angry, hot-headed, not a team player.

    New Background:
    Miles Duchovsky always had a difficult life. His father was a technician, his mother was a lowly employee for a corporation. After his father's death, his family received no compensation. After this, the 'white knight' Miles fell in with a bad crowd-The Clowns. He became an angry young man obsessed with destroying the corporations, obsessed with the idea of anarchy, completely free of any control, and will do anything to pursue that goal.

    After joining The Clowns, Miles had a new platform to achieve his goals. Being a bit of a rogue, he'll occasionally disobey orders from his superiors to follow his own desires.
  12. New Name

    Kana Hanazawa


    Somewhat pale skin, short brown hair, with a rather soft face. Stands at around only 5'4. Usually sports a white blouse with a dark gray blazer and medium length skirt.

    System Identification Number


    New Age



    Public Security Agent - Section 2


    Able marksman - Self-explanatory. She has good aim with most types of firearms, most notably pistols.

    Athletic - Though she might have relatively low durability and endurance due to her somewhat small body, she is agile enough to go toe to toe with experienced fighters, and is even fairly skilled in close quarters combat as well.

    Strong mental health - One of her more unique, yet subtle, traits, she is able to stay calm and keep functioning with a cool head, even in situations where other people would break down from the mental strain, from daily, banal work to traumatic events like the deaths of loved ones.


    As mentioned above, she is cool headed, and remains so even in the worst of situations.

    She is also an experienced officer, able in firefights, fistfights, but is also good at the option that she prefers; negotiation and charisma, good with her words and mind when it comes to handling people as well.

    Knowledgeable detective and psychologist, having a Major in Psychology.


    Can come off as somewhat naive at times, though that's mostly gone for her now.

    More of a jack-of-all-trades in her skills than anything else.

    New Background

    Mentored by an experienced psychologist and growing up with a protective, adoptive older brother with a strong sense of justice, Kana was strongly influenced by the two of them, becoming determined to study psychology and take up a career in law enforcement.

    Character Quirks

    She is not very good at cooking, and can't swim. Her hobbies used to be video gaming, net surfing, and chatting with friends, though nowadays, she dedicates her spare time to reading investigation material, learning the art of self-defense and arrest training. Her favorite food is any kind of mushrooms; she has something of a distaste for noodles.​
  13. So, would anyone like to guess who someone else's character is?
  14. Oh I was able to tell who Gwazi's character was from the get go, lol.
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  15. I'm not surprised in the slightest. XD
  16. New

    New Name:

    Appearance: Jurikono is a scrawny pencil of a man, constantly picked on by those in his office. With flakey, dry, straw-like hair sticking out at every angle, Jurikono earned the nickname "Scarecrow" within good reason. The Salaryman usually dresses in work ready attire, (you know, shirt, bow tie, vest etc), alongside a pair of foggy spectacles that sit rather cumbersomely upon the end of his long nose, to misty for anyone aside from himself too see through.

    System Identification Number:

    New Age:


    An overworked accountant, Jurikono's skills lie mainly within his way with numbers rather than his way with people. Unable to assert any authority, Jurikono wouldn't last

    Weaknesses: Jurikono has an abnormally short temper, however, is lacking the strength to back it up, resulting in near comedic fits of rage, filled with flailing arms, a red face and nothing norw. Unable to last more than a moment in hand to hand combat, and even less a weapon based warfare, the Salaryman relies on his words to writhe his way out if trouble, at times simply giving his opponent what he wants to remain alive.
    Another one of Jurikono's weaknesses is his bleeding heart; smitten at the first signs of affection, J is behind easily distracted by anyone who is willing to look beyond his 3 inch lenses.

    New Background (Get Creative!):

    Forced into a dead end job the moment he left colledge, (or equivalent of) Jurikono hates the life he leads. Long hours down at the office (or equivilant of ), wearing the same itchy tie and shirt day in and day out, constantly being picked on by his colleagues, he has very little reason to stay in town at all. Jurikono lives alone and always has, unless you can couldn't the Uncle whom abandoned him the moment he entered the work force, which he never does. Despite his disjunctional existamce, J gets by, hoping that one day his beautiful princess in shining armour (or whatever) will sweep him off his feet to safety. Until then, it's accounting, accounting, self deprecation and more accounting; what he wouldn't give to be someone, (or something) else....

    Character Quirks: (optional)

    Sweats easily
    Enjoys (bad) poetry and (Opera) music, bursting out into both (poor) song and verse when in contact (or trying to woo women)
    Adjusts glasses when nervous, removing them to clean when confornted or embarrassed
  17. New Name: Bailey Dansford

    Appearance: She has raven black hair that is shoulder length, and long bangs that cover her bronze yellow eyes. She is always seen wearing a hoodie of some kind. Despite her apparent age, she has a youthful appearance.

    System Identification Number: 8924043F

    New Age: 21

    Job: Salaryman (Corporate Data Analyst, United Omnidyne-Cross Industries)

    Skills: She takes notice of the smallest details, and doesn't seem to slack off from her work, being somewhat of a workaholic. She can be rather convincing to people that she needs to persuade, making good use of what she can get in terms of evidence.

    Strengths: While being able to be convincing to people she needs to persuade, she also is quick to get to where she needs to be.

    Weaknesses: She has a distinct fear towards animals. She also doesn't seem to take criticism that well. She is also prone to caffeine withdrawals if she skips one day.

    New Background : Bailey usually keeps to herself, and doesn't speak out on her own accord. Only when she is told to, she will speak out, but then afterwards, she would go back to silence. It's more like she works as a Data Analyst because her family wanted her to have that type of job for her future.

    Character Quirks: Shy but can be persuasive when told to, needs her caffeine intakes, she can be sneaky too.

    Anything else I've forgotten: N/A
  18. New Name: Hanako Musoka

    Hanako is incredibly pale, though, such a pigment of skin appears to be common in the Musoka family line, he possesses white hair, with a few streaks of black mixed within, and dark brown eyes, nearly black really. His body build is in general, a rather slim, but yet sturdy looking one, but, of course, still developing as he's in his teens and all, standing at a moderate height for his age, a bit taller than most people the same age as him really.

    System Identification Number:

    New Age: 15 (nearing 16)

    Corporate CEO of the "Yuki Yume" Corps. "Home to your wildest dreams.", or so goes their tagline... They're a company responsible for enlisting and funding experienced, or even novice Celebrities. In other words, an "Celebrity Tycoon" of sorts.

    - "Slick Talker"; Hanako is a rather charismatic individual at times, able to talk himself out of various situations, and even befriend the most unlikely of people...

    - Tycoon Offspring; Being the future predecessor of a "Celebrity Tycoon", he's got a few connections here and there, enough to get himself out of situations words alone simply won't...

    - Mixed Martial Arts; Despite how he may seem, Hanako has been trained in a strange mixture of self defense moves, incase things got dicey.... He's actually quite good with his moves, though, there are times where he may take a little more time than neccesary to pull off a particularly "flashy" moves.

    Hanako is strangely kind-hearted, though he's unlikely to show this around his relatives, for obvious reasons, not to mention fiercely loyal to people he's become close to... Even when he is unable to express this when his family is around. He's also a rather exceptional fighter, however, he isn't exactly Jackie Chan or anything.

    While Hanako is a very good fighter, he's a bit childish at heart, and will sometimes favor looks over actual combat efficiency, leading to some major flaws in his "fighting style" at times. He's also easily peer pressured into doing things he'd not otehrwise do at times, and is able to be manipulated somewhat that way.

    New Background:
    Hanako is an adopted son of the Father of "Yuki Yume" Corps, whom is only 5 years away from his retirement at this point... His father taught him everything he knows right now about the Corporate life of an CEO, and how one would manage funds in a large scale Company like this. Not just that, but, he also helped establish some contacts for Hanako, incase he were to need some discreet assistance. All in all, Hanako is expected to follow closely in his father's footsteps when he retires, and/or should anything happen to him before then.

    While Hanako lives a luxurious life, and seems rather pampered, he seems a little distant at times, sometimes sneaking out on his own to make friends he would otherwise not meet at all... In a way, he's a sort of "rebel", like people tend to be at around his age, but, at the same time, he holds a deep respect for his father, despite his pompous behavior at times. The rest of his family is a different story though; after all, not everyone took kindly to his status as a "foster child".

    Character Quirks:
    Hanako sometimes "projects" his kindness onto others he meets, even if they may not neccesarily deserve it, or, care for it for that matter... There are also cases where he mistakes new friends for previous ones, due to them dressing alike, acting similarly, or just looking like old friends...
  19. Not sure if I need to reserve, as I had sent CS in PM.

    But reserving then :)
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  20. Reserving because why not.
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