Murder Game VII: The Ultimate Game

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    Long, long ago, people from across the vast multiverse began to tell tales of a horrendous being known by few. Some believed him to a god or a demon. Others called him the grandson of Lucifer, the Fallen One, son of the twins Malbolgia, the Spawner, or Beelzebub, the Lord of Flies. Regardless of his title, the existence of this deadly monstrosity plagued the universe for over a millennium. It was said that this evil entity kidnapped chosen people to participate in games of horror known as Murder Games. He would then feast on their pain and suffering, increasing his strength. Once he had enough power stored, it was told that this foul beast would rise from his long slumber and bring about the ultimate destruction and turmoil of all life.

    His name was Akibahara.

    But he wasn't just a story; he was real, and he was coming...

    All hope, however, wasn't lost.

    A group rose up in order to oppose the foreseen thread--The Group Opposing Rampant Evil (G.O.R.E.). Eventually, a second group joined them--The Future Foundation, a group opposed to the rampant spread of despair. Combined, these two groups formed a fighting force on the front lines--The Coalition. This great organization did all they could to prepare for the awakening of the beast, and it was finally time to face him.

    Readying yourself for the oncoming threat, you band together with The Coalition for a final showdown against the Arch Demon. Your goal? Survive Akibahara's final Murder Game and stop him at all cost. The future of all life depended on it. This wasn't just any Murder Game, after all, it was The Ultimate Murder Game.


    In this game, characters are tasked with overcoming a number of trials in order to reach their ultimate goal of defeating the Arch Demon. Some characters will be tasked with impeding their progress. The various roles in this game include--


    The average character trying to survive everything that is thrown at them and take down the Arch Demon.


    Four characters will have this role, and every chapter they will choose a character to kill. This kill will succeed without question, but clues can be gathered after every murder.


    Three characters will be given special privilege by the Coalition to investigate a character every chapter. They will be told, without error, whether or not who they chose to investigate is a traitor or not.

    Every chapter, after the traitors have committed their kill and the agents have conducted their investigation, a vote will commence amongst the players, where they will deliberate and decide who they believe is a traitor. The fate of the individual voted is to be revealed in-game.


    1. You must follow in accordance to Iwaku's rules.

    2. No OOC talk in the IC. Please take all OOC discussion to the group's General Chat and all roleplay discussion to the group's RP Discussion.

    3. Be respectful toward myself and the other GMs, @Verite and @Klutzy Ninja Kitty.

    4. No god-modding or meta-gaming. Votes are preferred to be IC, but we won't punish OOC voting.

    5. There will be no dice rolls for fights. Some certain actions and events might require them, but only if a GM says so.

    6. Due to the size and speed of the game, it is practically a requirement to seek out other users to be your 'posting partners' so that you have some people you can stick with. Using the tagging system is absolutely required.

    7. To traitors, all kills will be done through a special group PM. To agents, all investigations will be done through a similar PM.

    8. Duos are allowed, but only if you can provide a VERY good reason for them to come in together. Duos will act as ONE character. They will vote together and die together, no matter the circumstance.

    9. OCs are allowed, but only up to a limit of ten. We would rather fandom characters outnumbered OCs.

    10. Powers will generally not be nerfed in any way, though characters with world destroying abilities won't have that power and characters who are immortal will now be able to die (for obvious reasons).

    11. Please post once a chapter and vote once a chapter. Not doing so will result in your character possibly being removed from the game. At the very least, PM us if anything comes up and we'll do my best to keep you around.



    Character Name:


    [Your strengths/weakness, skills, and abilities are included here. Include any equipment if it relates to your character's abilities]


    [What they're from, basically]

    Other Info: [Optional]




    @Atomyk as Claire Redfield [Resident Evil]
    @FireDrake150 as Izana [Original Character] and Ace [Final Fantasy]
    @Gummi Bunnies as Red [Pokemon] and Rinato Dormi [Original Character]
    @BarrenThin as Lisa Castle and Frank Castle [Marvel Comics]
    @The Tactician as Kazuya 'Abel' Mineshigi and Naoya 'Cain' Mineshigi [Devil Survivor]
    @Verite as Shiki Tohno [Type-Moon]
    @Krieg as Jon Snow [Game of Thrones]
    @TheBombMan as Plutia [Hyperdimension Neptunia] and Gnar [League of Legends]
    @Emperor Palpachu as Darth Vader [Star Wars]
    @Emperor Palpachu as R2-D2 [Star Wars] and The Doctor [Doctor Who]
    @ShiroKiyoshi as Chung Seiker [Elsword]
    @Mari as Bayonetta [Bayonetta]
    @Klutzy Ninja Kitty as Aqua [Kingdom Hearts]
    @Hospes as Teresa Agnes [Maze Runner] and Ridley Duchannes [The Caster Chronicles]
    @york as Sophie [Cry of Fear] and Ruby Rose [RWBY]
    @TheColourlessRainbow as The Charmed Ones [Charmed]
    @Mtntopview as Frenzy [Transformers]
    @Mighty Roman as Joseph Aniphage [Original Character/The Noble Magi]
    @DapperDogman as Soul 'Eater' Evans [Soul Eater] and Ulysses [Fallout]
    @Proxymoron as Nicki Minaj [Real Life]
    @Nassi as Dante [Devil May Cry]
    @MrDubWubs as Vi [League of Legends]
    @Thuro Pendragon as Ezio Auditore and Desmond Miles [Assassin's Creed]
    @Infinatis as Grail Trigadon [Original Character] and Specter Knight [Shovel Knight]
    @M a r s as Lucy Heartfilia [Fairy Tail]
    @Ryu Keiko as Ryu Keiko [Original Character]
    @Josh M as Travis Touchdown [No More Heroes]
    @Jenny as Margaery Tyrell and Loras Tyrell [Game of Thrones]
    @Xx420BLAZEITxX as Claptrap [Borderlands]
    @Maddeline as Emily "Hunter" Grimes [Original Character/End the Cycle]
    @Librarian Cat as Corvo Attano [Dishonored]
    @Raven as Jake Long [American Dragon] and Stitch [Lilo and Stitch]
    @TheBlueBurch as Chloe Price [Life is Strange]
    @Jeremi as Storm and Crusader [Marvel Comics]
    @SirDerpingtonIV as Nito [Dark Souls]
    @Wedge Antilles as Legolas Greenleaf [The Lord of the Rings]
    @Sandra as Sylveon and Umbreon [Pokemon]
    @Dinoteen as Cell [Dragon Ball Z]
    @OrlandoBloomers as Maxine Caulfield [Life is Strange]
    @Schnee Corp Lawyer as Alice Margatroid [Touhou]
    @ShadowPrime as Felix [Red vs Blue]
    @Banana Soiree as Harry Hart/Galahad [Kingsman: The Secret Service]
    @OrionsHammer as Belphegor [Dark Souls]
    @Unlimited RP Works as Archer [Type-Moon]
    @SPARTAN Bennett as John-117 [Halo] and Merick Rashaud Bennett/SPARTAN-B312 [Original Character/Halo]
    @Chris Lang as Kalifa and Kaku [One Piece]
    @Mirage as Naoto Shirogane [Persona] and Kurumi Tokisaki [Date a Live!]
    @Meira as Revya [Soul Nomad & The World Eaters]
    @Pharozonk as Element Lad [Adventure Comics]
    @FancyForrest as Wander [Shadow of the Colossus]
    @The Silver Paladin as The Lone Wanderer/Riley [Fallout]
    @Nater Taters as Booker DeWitt [Bioshock]
    @ResistingTheEnlightened as Joshua Graham [Fallout]
    @Lizzy as Link and Fi [Legend of Zelda]
    @Black Cat as Sarutobi Hiruzen and Toad Sage Jiriaya [Naruto]
    @Abyssal Knight as Berserker [Type-Moon]
    @Ivazel as Albert Wesker [Resident Evil]
    @Crimson Spartan as Erron Black [Mortal Kombat]
    @CrunchyCHEEZIT as James "Jim" Raynor [StarCraft]
    @Kaykay as Sakuya Izayoi [Touhou]​
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  2. [​IMG]

    • "Power is born within the heart. When the time is right you just need to look inside yourself and you'll find it there."


      Presenting: Aqua, making her return from Murder II and The Celebrity Island Casual RP.
    • [​IMG]
      Physically, Aqua is 19 years old. She was trapped in the dark realm, however, for 10 years, but didn't age.
    • [​IMG]
      Aqua is famous for her balanced speed and strength with her keyblade--a weapon which can open any door and posessed great power. Aqua is also a skilled mage.
    • [​IMG]
      Will add more to this soon. :)
    • [​IMG]
      Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep
    • Aqua's Theme Song:
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  3. Character Name:
    Claire Redfield


    Resident Evil​

    Attributes/Powers: Through Chris, Claire received training and lectures in firearm usage and knife combat, making her a highly accurate shot and fairly skilled in close quarters combat. In addition to this, her manual dexterity is on a par with Jill Valentine, and she was an expert at lock picking. Her upbringing allows her to be a tenacious individual, but Claire can't always control her actions and emotions. She can be quick to anger or annoyance under the right circumstances and is sometimes selfless to a fault.

    Personality/History: Claire is quite a compassionate and kind girl. She looks out for her friends and family, even going to extreme lengths if necessary. She does what she can to help those in need and has a soft spot for children in particular. She's got a whole lot of patience when it comes to dealing with kids. She's also sensible girl and a bit mature for her age, even though she is sometimes prone to rash decisions. She has no tolerance for arrogance, and callous people are likely to receive her ire.

    Claire traveled to Raccoon City in search of her brother, Chris Redfield. She found the city under siege by zombies, but managed to receive confirmation of her brother's death amidst the chaos. Distraught and depressed, Claire was led to Silent Hill, where she was pulled into one of the many Murder Games. Due to a universal paradox, Claire began taking on the memories of an alternate universe version of herself. Through this, Claire learned she killed her brother in this other life. Driven to the brink, the girl became one of the game's traitors and worked against the survivors to ultimately become the sole survivor of the game. Claire was awarded with her very own Utopia, where her brother was alive and the planet was free of bioterrorism.

    As years went on, Claire couldn't entirely get over her actions in Silent Hill, even though she didn't quite regret them. Chris eventually clued into his sister's regret and forced a confession out of her. Chris was horrified to learn what Claire had done, but he still loved his sister. To make up for his sister's actions, Chris joined the Coalition, much to Claire's worry.
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  4. Can I basically Copy-Paste bits from my other one?
  5. Appearance:
    Character Name: Soul 'Eater' Evans

    Age: Teens, approx 16-17

    Attributes/Powers: Loyal to a fault, able to resist temptation repeatedly (Just look at Blair...Like damn, how did he not?) Can become a Death Scythe, ability to consume souls of supernatural beings to grow more powerful, Can synchronize his soul's wavelength with his wielder's to grant them both immense power

    Personality/History: Soul is often seen as a hardheaded, foolhardy character, known to rush into situations without thinking and figure things out as he goes, a rebel with pointed teeth and a sense of humor, he's a nice guy to be around if you can stand him

    Canon: Soul Eater
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  6. *Steals a spot.*
  7. Yes, but keep in mind the new sheet is changed a bit.
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  9. Reserving for a duo, Kazuya (Abel) and Naoya Mineshigi from Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor.
  10. Steals a spot. I think I've got a duo in mind. These two worked together as undercover agents in a certain show. Do I introduce them here or do I do setup in the related Casual RP about the Coalition?
  11. I'd love to reserve a spot... But I'm trying to think of who the hell I should play, or should I just be my typical Ryu....
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  12. Hoooo boy, Teresa might flip. ;) XD
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  13. I'll get my CS up soon.


    LET'S GO.
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  15. Who in the Flying ballsacks of doom is Teresa?! Hahaha I'm not good with all of your names...
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  16. Reserving...


  17. Izana (Fire) (open)



    Character Name: FireDrake (Or Izana)

    Age: Unknown / Unimportant. (in relevant Human Years: 20)

    Attributes/Powers: [Your strengths/weakness, skills, and abilities are included here. Include any equipment if it relates to your character's abilities]

    Control over Fire and slight ability to adjest wind. Able to fly. Weak to water, Weak to almost every steel Weapon in the book. Great friend, but has a bit of a Depressive side.

    Personality/History: After witnessing the destruction of his family, friends, And home, Fire set out to do what he could for the world. after getting sucked into Eden, and watching people die, getting Framed, and then proven innocent, he alligned with the coalition to help fight this menace.

    Canon: [What they're from, basically] OC

    Other Info: [Optional] Uhm, What else do you wanna know?


    Ace (open)



    Character Name: Ace

    Age: In canon: 16 In UMG: We'll say 20

    Attributes/Powers: [Your strengths/weakness, skills, and abilities are included here. Include any equipment if it relates to your character's abilities]

    Magical card weaponry and the ability to wield different spells from lightning, Blizzard and Fire, to Cure and wall type spells. Weak at close quarters combat, his dodge is like a half roll, half several foot teleport. Has a few potions to restore health and Magic, but most are rendered inert from the trip here.

    Personality/History: While he maintains a cool exterior, he has a tendency to act recklessly. He is a kind and gentle boy at heart.

    After the Events of the game, Ace became alligned with the Coalition, wishing to get rid of this Aki menace. Not to be confused with Cadet Aki, though, for all anyone knows, they are actually the evil Aki in disguise........ DUN DUN DUUUUUNNNNNN *click*

    Canon: [What they're from, basically] Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and Final Fantasy Agito

    Other Info: [Optional] Cannot remember the dead thanks to the vermilion perystilia removing the memories so they arent tied down to the fallen and dont feel sorrow. One of 14 Elite Class 0 Cadets of Rubrum.

    Reason for Duo: Fire can give Ace a ride and make him more like horesback knights. BOTH are members of the coalition, so both are fighting for the same cause. Ace thinks of Fire as being a rare Concordian creature that can speak and reason, while he is only your average small dragon.

    I accept the rules.
  18. *Steals Spot*
    *Gets Caught*
    Could I please have a reservation?

    Anyway, I'll be signing up as an OC-maybe one if my Multiversal characters.
  19. Can you give me a good reason why these two are paired?