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The atmosphere has eroded away and levels of radiation are extremely high on Earth. The results are abnormalities and genetic mutations, some call them powers, in most people under 30 years old. St. Eleanor's Orphanage is a government-run facility where "disturbed" children and teenagers are housed, because they're deemed a danger to the public. It's an old converted warehouse in a crime-ridden urban area and outsiders often never leave Ellie's doors after entering. The rooms are cramped and there's a large mess hall and a gymnasium, where government officials train Ellie's Children to prep them for the military. And there's an underground basement where food, equipment, and old furniture are stored away, but some say there is also a strange laboratory...
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Rosa spat on the skinny freak's body. They may as well have been a corpse for the fight they put up.
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A feral grin graced Irene's face as she watched the newcomer get cornered and pummelled to the ground. The skinny boy wouldn't have last long here anyways. Ellie's was survival of the fittest, and the boy was too soft for her tastes. He had cried for his dead mommy every night since his arrival, although that wasn't entirely his fault. She may have influenced his emotions a little bit with sadness, fear, and grief always floating at the forefront of his thoughts. Emotions were her forte. And by her estimations, the young boy would have been driven to suicide later that night. Irene wouldn't have felt bad, it would have been the kid's own fault for being weak .
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"No- Stop, please..." he bawled, shamelessly curling up on the floor as the others tormented him. Could he easily use his powers and get rid of them? Well-- yes. But he really didn't want to. It was a destructive and hard to control ability, and he really, really really didn't want to ever use it again.

(It was, after all, the thing that killed his own mother.)

His mood had been going haywire recently too. It's quite strange, considering how he's usually calm and quiet-- albeit a bit timid. He thought he had decided to stop blaming himself over his mother's death, but he had been feeling so absolutely terrible for the past few days and he couldn't help it. A strange thought had been entering his head too, but he was too afraid to carry it out. But maybe... just maybe.
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Rosa rolled her eye. This freak was boring. Their pleading cries were going to make her ears bleed if she didn't leave soon.

"You stupid newbies need to stop crying for mom. I can hear you from across the hall and it makes me want to wrap my fingers around your skinny throat and squeeze until your eyes pop out." Rosa smiled sweetly. She kicked the newbie once last time. "You better grow up if you don't want to die here."

The one-eyed girl turned around to leave but as she walked away, she felt an odd shiver run down her spine.
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Irene sighed in disappointment. She had thought Rosa would finish the skinny boy off. Oh well, I guess everyone gets at least one chance at survival, she thought. And if he doesn't cut it, well...Irene would finish him off herself. Suddenly she felt as if she was being watched. The girl could feel the eyes boring into the back of her head, but when she whipped around, there was no one there.

"CHECK-IN IN FIVE MINUTES AT THE MESS HALL!" the PA system crackled interrupting her thoughts. These check-ins were pointless, but they were put in place last month after a group of kids escaped into the city, killing dozens of civilians and wreaking havoc. There was a reason why they only let a few of the orphans out of the facility;many of Ellie's occupants were disturbed, and that's just putting it lightly. Either way, check-in times were strict, and if even one person was missing, there was hell to pay.

She stepped out from behind the wall only to find that Rosa had already disappeared, leaving the crying mess to be her problem. She lightly padded over to the boy, leaned down to his bruised and battered face and gave him an eerie grin. Then unable to heave him up due to her short and small stature, Irene grabbed his wrist and proceeded to drag him down the hall. She wondered how was was going to get him down the stairs.
Man. That was graphic. Nora paled and looked down, stiffling his sobs as his tormentor walked away. Flashes of his mother's corpse appeared in his mind. And it was way messier than just eyeballs popping out... but still. He wouldn't risk letting her kill him like that. If he could choose, he would like to die in a more pleasant way-- with his eyes still intact, thank you very much.

He jolted when the announcement was made, but before he could pull himself together and get up, he was grabbed and dragged along. His throat tightened and he started blubbering again, while his mind screamed at him in frustration. This was getting too tiring. Yes, it was hard to kill him, if it was possible at all. So he could afford to be banged up a bit--- but it still hurt.

"I... I can walk-" His wrist suddenly turned into a sticky, foul red liquid, and he easily slipped out of her grip and wobbled to his feet. Clutching that very same wrist to his chest, he gave her bloodstained hand one last glance before running off to the mess hall.
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The guards of the school were shockingly ugly. Their bald heads were riddled with scars and their 7-foot frames were covered in awkwardly large amounts of muscle. The words 'genetic experiment' were sometimes whispered, but those were often the last words heard from their mouths. The brutish creatures grunted out names for roll call, as the school officers watched with blank expressions from one side of the room.

Rosa glanced down at Irene's blood-stained hand with curiosity. What the hell had happened? Rosa moved her attention to the skinny new boy, who was lined up in the row in front of her. He was standing normally, as if nothing had happened. Usually the newbies would cower under a table or make the mistake of talking to the school officers, whose voices were like ice and whose eyes were completely black. This kid was different. He was rather... unsettling.

"Rosa Gamez," the guard barked. Rosa answered and scowled. Gamez. She wished she could tear off her surname like how Dom had torn out her eye. Her family was just a bunch of useless cowards. She had no desire to be identified with them.
Nichole sighed and stood at attention while in line. She adjusted her skirt and shirt. Nichole eyed the new guy out of the corner of her eyes and pushed her glasses back onto her hazel eyes. She sighed softly looking at her peridot heart shaped necklace, it had two smaller gems around it. A sapphire and a ruby. Nichole moved her short black hair from her face looking at the guards.
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Irene felt the warm blood dripping down her hand as she stood in line beside Rosa. This new kid now interested her, perhaps he wasn't as pathetic as she originally thought. She would be keeping her eyes on him. A new toy for her to play with, yes, that did sound nice didn't it. Too bad that she always broke her toys. The unconscious grin that crept onto her lips seem to unsettle the two kids on her left, and they shivered trying to inch away from her.

"Irene Watanabe," Grin still on her face, she answered. Irene remembered the Watanabe's, she liked them very much, although they were awfully scared of her. Still, she liked to think that they had enjoyed her company; they even gave her an affectionate nickname, Akuma or Demon.

While the guards were still doing role call, the matron walked to the centre of the room climbing up onto a platform so that we could all see her. The old woman was tiny, with stringy grey hair that she always wore pulled up in a tight bun and beady, beady little eyes. She referred to herself as Ms. Felicia and had the habit of wearing the most hideous of dresses. Today she was sporting a number in the colour of puke, with puffy sleeves that were larger than her face. As she stood at the front her beady eyes scanning the crowd, the two kids on her left began to quietly snicker.

"L-look! Its an old crone! Hehehe,"

"What a witch! I wonder if she could make a potion to make herself less ugly!" The girl slapped her friends arm, and the two broke out in a fit of giggles.

Irene turned her neck to the side, making eye contact with young boy before breaking out in an eerie smile. The two stopped laughing immediately only to realize that the whole room was deathly silent and all eyes were on them.

"Tsk tsk! What naughty, naughty children we have," the matron drawled. She gestured to the two guards beside her and they began making their way through the isles in perfect synchronization. The two kids seemed confused at first, they were obviously new here. However when the guards pulled out cattle prods, they began to panic. The girl started to cry grabbing onto the arm of the girl beside her that Irene only knew as Nichole. The boy had a little more fight to him, he tried to run. Trying to break through the rows of kids proved futile as every single one of them held their ground. Even the newbies, who might have just been frozen out of fear.

By then, the guards had made their way through the rows of children, cattle prods sparkling ominously between the two of them. In a flash, the two were cornered and beaten down, before being shocked and dragged away. To where? No one knows, but to question it would be suicide, as you ran the risk of being dragged their yourself.

Then as soon as the two limp bodies were out of sight, the atmosphere lightened and roll call continued as if nothing had happened at all.
Nichole glared at the guards and her necklace glew lightly. She looked at the floor and gave a slight smirk before water pooled onto the floor before quickly turning into ice. Nichole looked away innocently as the guards slipped falling onto the rods themselves.

She hopped the new kids were alright. Nichole looked at the old woman and said nothing a gleam on her glasses. She pushed them back onto her nose and sighed in her head. They had to find a way out of this hell hole and fast.
Leigh waited for her name to be called as she stood in line like the rest of the kids in Ellie's orphanage. She hated this place just like she hated the woman that tossed her here when she "accidentally" killed the pig of a man she was with. Not her fault the pig had it coming to him and she didn't care if the bitch couldn't afford his funeral costs or not. Looking at her hands, she summoned up a small purple ball of energy before dispelling it before anyone caught her and put her back in solitary confinement.

"Leigh Astra!" One of the guards call out her name and she answered. She hated being here and hated that there was no way she could ever leave and live in the outside world. She was a newbie once like that boy Rosa and Irene were picking on but she proved she can be just as dangerous as they were and after the right incentive, maybe at the cost of a once tormentors leg, they left her be. Irene still messes with her mind from time to time, but she has found a way to dance around her little games and carry on with her miserable life here in the orphanage.

Looking back at the guards who were taking the two rebels away fall on their own cattle prods, a small smile crept up on her face at seeing them in pain. She felt a bit bad for the two kids but they should have kept their mouths shut if they knew what was good for them. Now it was less likely to see them again.

"Poor sods..." She muttered under her breath and waited for check in to be over with.
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Once check-in was over, Rosa was about to leave mess hall when one of the guards caught her eye. He was equally brutish and as bald as the others but there was something familiar about the way he walked and the way his fingers twitched.

"Irene, I have a really bad idea right now," Rosa muttered to her... companion of sorts? "That guy reminds me Dom. I'm gonna follow him."
Nichole sighed heading to the kitchen after the check in. She got started on cooking for the others who lived in the orphanage. Nichole rubbed her chin looking at her handy cook book she brought with her into the orphanage. She had kept it hidden from the old lady and her groonies.

The teen nodded to herself and began cooking dinner for the large group. She hummed lightly to herself cutting up carrots, celery and onions. Nichole slow cooked some beef tips, made some brown gravy and mashed potatoes as well. She rolled her eyes seeing some of the guards watching her as always. Nichole fake stretched and pointed her fingers at the two water wrapping around them before freezing them into place. She smiled her caramel ran skin glowing some under the dim light."ok dinner's finished. Time for the plates to get fixed before the hag gets back."(she's the cook and she'll kick butt X3)
Irene looked at Rosa, not bothered by the emptiness of her eye socket and slowly smiled, "I love bad ideas," She followed Rosa, sidestepping a particularly icy bit of ground and made her way to the door. As the door closed behind them, she turned and for a quick second her eyes met a curious gaze.

Following the guard through the first floor was easy enough, as it wasn't uncommon to see the orphans wandering there. Then he turned into the stairwell and headed down. The only thing in the basement was storage supplies and the guards quarters, so the kids typically weren't allowed in there. Before the pair could could follow the guard, they heard footsteps walk up behind them, and someone clearing their throat.
Before he could even report his attendance, two kids were already taken away. His heart thumped and he looked around, only to find that nobody was paying attention the children. They were only kids! Idiotic kids, but still--

"Oh... gosh," he mumbled under his breath, wanting to help. Why was nobody helping them? Why did he want to help them? Was it because he was still new here?

He watched as ice appeared on the floor, and a sliver of hope appeared within him. A quick scan around found his previous tormentor and the girl who messed with his feelings (he figured that she was some sort of empath) going after another guard. Maybe they do want to help the kids? But it's not working. The kids were already god-knows-where and he couldn't help it but ran after them and sneaked out of the mess hall before his name was called.

"Nora Sienntig!!" was met with silence, and all hell was going to break loose.


Meanwhile, Nora managed to follow the two kids and the guards down to... some sort of basement?
Nichole turned off the fire and walked past the frozen guards. The new guy was already causing trouble! She sighed annoyed and the ice on the floor turned back into water before evaporating. Nichole backed out of the mess hall and went to find him.

"NICHOLE KUDO GET BACK HERE NOW!" The guard shouted as a few followed her. Nichole gritted her teeth and hid under the staircase waiting. As soon as she saw the guards she froze them where they stood. Nichole then ran down the hall."Nora?" She called quietly looking around being careful with her steps. Who knows what traps could be near the basement.
The basement... reeked. Of human waste. So much that even he cringed as he walked around. It was dark, and he didn't pay any heed to his surroundings. Traps? They didn't bother him for the most part. As long as they didn't lock him up in an air tight container, he would be fine. His attention was more focused on the things around him.

All he could see was small, little human-like silhouettes inside of cells so small they could be called cages. He neared one of them, only to find that whatever it was, it was very much dead.
Nichole dodged the traps and bit her lip walking down the stairs."Nora?" She called again and covered her mouth and nose from the smell. It was horrible!

Nichole continued walking and looked around holding her breath her eyes widening seeing the lifeless forms in cages. She slowly walked over to them and teared up. Nichole swallowed her saliva and shook some with anger and sadness.
Leigh followed Nichole down to the basement and saw all the lifeless forms in their cages and her gut wrenched but her face was passive. These poor people did nothing wrong except wish to leave this hell hole and they wouldn't let them. Turning away from them, Leigh muttered a short prayer and continued on looking for Nora.
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