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The Walking Dead - Among the Ruined

When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth...

Season 1 - Into the Catacombs
Season 2 - A Civil Dispute
Season 3 - New Roads Taken
Season 4 - Shadows That Linger
Season 5 - March to Death

Season 6 - Answers in Blood

  • c3vc8qk.jpg

    - Art by QT

    Welcome to our Walking Dead RP! Like any zombie roleplay, there will be action, gore and zombie killing, but at the heart of any RP within this genre is the twists, the turns, the drama, the heartache, and the joy of moral decisions that have both good and bad consequences.

    Everything you do and say could have consequences down the line. The walker you killed yesterday was actually the mother of the person you met today. That guy you refused to give food? He decided to take it anyway and killed your best friend. That little boy you helped? He came back with a large group to steal your supplies. In this world, each choice can mean the difference between life and death. Don't ever get too comfortable, because you never know when things will all go to hell.

    Of course, it's already there, isn't it?


    The GMs for this RP are @Lady Myst, @-QT-, and @Atomyk.

    A link our OOC Skype chat: Join conversation

    Among the Ruined was a roleplay that went on for a year on another website (Roleplayer Guild) and ended up with four "seasons". Now, we're bringing it to Iwaku with a reboot of sorts. The events of the past RP will be a part of the new RP's lore, but knowledge of the previous RP will not be required for any new RPers joining us!

    So, what's the plot you may ask? It is not quite set in stone, but generally we'll be looking at various communities living their lives amidst the zombie apocalypse. Most of the people of these communities are just trying to survive and have to worry about the hardships that come with that. Of course, there will be conflicts between the survivors.

    New players will start in and around the cities of Natchez, Mississippi and Alexandria, Louisiana, though the plots surrounding Alexandria have yet to really kick off. In Natchez, a community has settled within a fortified school once known as Morgantown Middle School. "Morgantown" will be where characters new and old alike will be colliding and attempting some measure of peace as they all try and coexist together. There is another group in Natchez involving a walled off apartment complex.

    Right now, we're looking for input from past or new players on plots that will run into the future. Any input on plot, characters, or locations is always welcome.

  • Uvdeako.png

    1) Absolutely no fighting in the OOC! You only get one warning, then your character(s) will be killed off and you will be banned from the RP.

    2) No overpowered characters. It's okay to have weaponry, but not everyone is survival trained and can make a rocket launcher with a pocket knife, some string and a potato. Be realistic with your character's skills and their weapons!

    3) An extension of the above rule-- We won't be accepting characters with military backgrounds. Characters with medical backgrounds will likely be asked to change as well. To avoid any conflicts it's best that you plan on your character having just been a regular person before the apocalypse hit. Stray from creating characters that have a particularly firearms-related background (Like someone who grew up hunting and is a skilled marksman).

    4) We don't have many limits when it comes to explicit content. Strong language is fine, and gore is more than likely to come up. However, absolutely no smut should occur. Romance is fine, but anything beyond kissing should fade to black. If you really want to RP that out, take it to PMs or the Libertine section (But make sure you're both of the correct age!).

    5) Killing of characters must be agreed upon, even NPCs. NPCs without a * next to their name are free to be moved around/controlled, required that their written personality/history is adhered to.

    6) All ideas are welcome! If you have any ideas for major plot-related ideas, characters. locations, etc. then please PM either any of the GMs.

    7) Before making any game changing decisions, please PM one of the GMs about it or discuss it in the OOC before posting it. This does not mean we need to make every decision for you, but MAJOR plot twists need to be approved by the GMs.

    8) You can have as many characters as you can handle. Do not ignore anyone and post regularly. If you can't post for a couple of days, let us know so we can move around your character. If you do not post in the IC or OOC or PM us for a significant amount of time, then your character will be made an NPC and likely become a walker/corpse. If you want to return after that, you will have to make another character.

    9) In that same vein, if you've been in the RP for some time and decide you want to go, the option for your character to become an NPC is there in case you ever return. Though NPCs are more likely to be killed off, the character just may be alive when you come back.

    10) People will die. It's a zombie survival RP. We ask that you strongly consider ideas for your character's death eventually, even if you don't really wish for them to die. While we will never kill off your character without your consent, no one is likely to survive forever in zombie fiction. Just keep the idea in mind when making your sheet.

    11) An important rule that some may take for granted: NO ONE IS IMMUNE. This is not "The Last of Us", this is a "The Walking Dead" RP. There is no cure and there is no immunity to the zombie virus. Everyone already has it. Your character can be working on a cure, but that is all that is permitted.

    12) Something we refer to as the "posting rule" should be in effect for every IC post. It is extremely helpful in keeping track of where everyone is. At the top of any post you make put in bold the name of the character you are currently playing, their location, and who you are interacting with. For example:

    Kim - Bus Stop - Steven

    If you are playing multiple characters in one post, just add their names in:

    Kim and Stacy - Restaurant - Each Other

    If there are multiple people in the same place and you don't know who you are interacting with at the moment, broaden the terms:

    Kim - Office - Everyone

    This way, no matter who replies, everyone who is currently in the office knows you might be interacting with them or can start an interaction.

    13) We reserve the right to add more rules if needed.​

  • Natchez



    Mississippi/Louisiana Area



  • l2NCqCJ.png

    When making your character, keep in mind that the RP is currently approximately 10 months, since the apocalypse began and that the current general setting is the Louisiana/Mississippi area of America.

    Appearance: (We request that you do not use pictures of an anime style for appearance. Real life images are preferred, but you may also use portraits or art if it's realistic in style. If you have trouble finding these kinds of images, feel free to ask me for assistance.)



    (Is your character good at medicine? Cooking? Electronics? Hunting? Marksman? These can be skills acquired after the outbreak)

    Preferred Weapons (up to three): (Anything they would realistically have. This can be optional if you really have nothing in mind. You could even use it as a sort of character inventory if you want)

    Personality: (Both good and bad points)

    Bio: (Characters generally will not know much about each other at first, so feel free to offer only a brief history, such as what they were doing before the outbreak and what they've generally done since then)​


- Art by QT
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Horror, Modern, Modern Fantasy, Multiverse/Panfandom, Mystery, Paranormal, Scifi, Survival

--- NPCs --- NPC INFO ---
!A * indicates an important NPC!

The Dead
Harrison Jacobson - Death / S1 / [spoili]"Just then, a walker lunged out from the shadows. Jack was fast enough and dived clear, however the boy was not as fast. The walker managed to catch his leg and drag him into the shadows, the sound of screams pierced Jacks ears to be quickly cut out by the biting of the walker."[/spoili]
Jack "Sully" Sullam - Death / S1 / [spoili]"'This is clearly who you are looking for, so slow down. She appears fine, so think about yourself for a second. Think about your baby. Let me at least help you to your friend.'"[/spoili]
Elijah Haywood - Death / S1 / [spoili]"'This is annexation. We as people, as equals, take over Haywood as our own. You no longer rule here Bruce, you are here by banis-' The last word of his speech was cut off as a shot rang out. The guards raised their weapons and pointed them at the 'king'. Eli fell to his knees as blood poured from his appendix, flooding the ground with red."[/spoili]
Bruce Levi - Death / S1 / [spoili]"He felt himself shutting down, his vision declining back to that blur once more. His jaw open as though he were about to say something, but his head dropped before words could be spoken. The cell room was then filled in silence."[/spoili]
Aleck Wyrde - Death / S1 / [spoili]"Let's move out."[/spoili]
Lynn - Death / S1/ [spoili]"'You've lost your empire and your daughter. Which one upsets you more? That you're a failure or that you'll never see your kid again? That another man is going to raise her?' She suddenly lunged towards him, mouth open, snarling as her teeth prepared to sink into his flesh."[/spoili]
Brad - Death / S1 / [spoili]"'What? N-No, boss. I... Tyler. Boss. We'll just... I-I l-' Tyler buried the machete in Brad's skull."[/spoili]
The Bull - Death / S2 / [spoili]"Bull could only shake his head and close his eyes. 'I don't know.'"[/spoili]
Ben - Death / S2 / [spoili]"A bullet punctured Ben's side and sent him sprawling to the ground. Rudy's eyes went wide in shock, and all he could do was stare. 'Someone...!' the boy yelled weakly, but the sound of the truck slamming into the parked car across the road drowned out his voice."[/spoili]
Henry Donnell - Death / S2 / [spoili]"'I'm an old man, Robert. My police days were years ago, but I sure can shoot straight.' The man said in his raspy voice and southern tongue. Before Henry could squeeze the trigger, a shot resounded from behind Robert and blue sprouted from Henry's shirt. The old man fell to his knees, holding himself up with only one arm."[/spoili]
Eric - Death / S2 / [spoili]"'Because, Daniel. You're a little punk who thinks he can rule the world!' His last words fell from his tongue as Daniel fired the last round from the gun into Eric's chest."[/spoili]
Robert Dalton - Death / S2 / [spoili]"'To the afterlife.' BANG! A loud shot cracked the air, piercing Robert's side. The man suddenly tumbled to his right, trying to remain balanced. Unfortunately, his eyes couldn't make of his surroundings and ended up crashing onto his knees. He looked down to where the heat initiated and could only see the color red. Even a monster's blood was the color of a human's."[/spoili]
Polyester Homes - Death / S2 / [spoili]"It only took a few precious seconds for her to spot him, but by then it was already too late. Poly had been grabbed by one of the walkers in the window and was bitten in the neck soon after. He screamed out in anguish, but all Shannon could do was follow the others up the stairwell."[/spoili]
David Johnson - Death / S2 / [spoili]"He shook his head. 'No time to argue.'"[/spoili]
Isidore "Surge" Orson - Death / S2 / [spoili]"'What the hell are you doing?' Surge told Anthony, rushing to him. 'What are you doi-'

'Creating a diversion,' Anthony whispered into the man's ear as he pulled the tactile dagger from the man's liver."
Samantha Baxter - Death / S2 / [spoili]"'Wai--!' her cry for help was ended by Enrique's gloved hand covering her mouth, he held his hand there as he positioned himself behind her, he grunted as he dug the knife into one side of her throat slowly tearing through to the other side."[/spoili]
Simon - Death / S2 / [spoili]"'For Ben!' But then someone screamed. Reggie saw the grenade before Simon did. He tried to yell out, but the blast forced him to duck down and lose sight of Simon."[/spoili]
Marcus Booker - Death / S2 / [spoili]"Ah, so that's how it was. 'I'm sorry to hear that, but--' Marcus would die here, he knew. It had been a long enough life, if not a terribly happy one. 'That's the way of things now. If it was not us who killed your friend, it would have been something else eventually.'"[/spoili]
Reggie - Death / S2 / [spoili]"'What is it, Thom-' He turned around with little fanfare. As far as Tyler could tell, Reggie wasn't surprised by these developments, as he wasted no time in raising his own gun. A valiant effort, but too slow to stop the inevitable. Tyler's pistol fired a bullet into Reggie's head, killing him instantly."[/spoili]
Lauren - Death / S2 / [spoili]"Lauren visibly shook and her eyes went wide. 'I would never! He's tricking all of you! Katie couldn't be left around this monster--!'"[/spoili]
Hector "Hex" Bradshaw - Death / S2 / [spoili]"'Sorry Becky boy, but I'm gonna need to take her off your hands. You okay...? Ya look like you're fadin'.' Hex grinned devilishly. While Hex stared straight at Bex, Emma lunged forward and delivered a heavy kick to his groin. She reached to Bex's hand and took the gun from him and quickly fired a shot into Hex's chest."[/spoili]
Beckett "Bex" Everett - Death / S2 / [spoili]"He hadn't even been able to stay sober, to maintain the promise he made to Terra. Perhaps he'd see her soon, if she even wanted to see him. 'At least... baby girl...' Beckett died thinking of her."[/spoili]
Daniel Crowe - Death / S2 / [spoili]"'You... You take care of her, Abe... I swear I'll haunt you of she gets hurt...' Master Sergeant Daniel Emmett Crowe, US Army Special forces, died moments later, his sister crying on his chest."[/spoili]
Amanda - Death / S3 / [spoili]"I'm putting my life in your hands, Ricky, and if you mess this up, I will kill you. You watch the door, I'm going to rest on the bed. If anyone comes in you had better use that pistol like never before."[/spoili]
Meghan Cordon - Death / S3 / [spoili]"'Sylar...' She grimaced. 'It hurts...' Tears rolled down her face as she heaved an enormous sob. "[/spoili]
Aoife Madra - Death / S3 / [spoili]"'You... Why would you tell me this?' A single gunshot rang through the air, truly disguised through the sounds of moaning and other... louder guns."[/spoili]
Joe - Death / S3 / [spoili]"'You're going to get someone killed one day, and then everyone will stop with this fucking PC bullshit.' Free from the man's grasp, Elliot stumbled over himself to get away from them and turned around a few feet away to find Aoife on the ground biting into Joe's neck."[/spoili]
Berk - Death / S3 / [spoili]"'That's no good. He has to see this.'"[/spoili]
Sylar Macey - Death / S3 / [spoili]"'Fuck you!' Sylar said, pushing himself up and putting a knee in the right side Enrique's ribs. Enrique coughed up some vomit and swore in Spanish. He brought himself so that he was up on his knees and then dropped a hard elbow into the side of Sylar's left knee cap. The joint bent inwards and Sylar fell over clutching his leg, Enrique stood and stomped the joint several times hearing bone splinter as the area around the joint began to bleed through the pants."[/spoili]
Aaliyah Rivera - Death / S4 / [spoili]"Aaliyah was gone. And the mourning wife of his best friend was killed before his eyes as well. All three were shot directly in the back of the head with no remorse. The sight of their blood gushing through the front of their skull could not be described in words."[/spoili]
Seth Nguyen - Death / S4 / [spoili]"'We don't have a choice! If we don't join them, they'll kill all of us! There's no other choice, Hank...'"[/spoili]
Brianna - Death / S5 / [spoili]"Then, she saw it-- Brianna was already pinned by a group of the undead."[/spoili]
Audrey Castle - Death / S5 / [spoili]"Audrey didn't care. She was so done. She was done with this dead world. Wherever Brianna was going-- wherever Henry was, Audrey wanted to go there. 'I'm almost there,' she whispered. 'I'm almost there.'"[/spoili]
Samantha "Sam" Watson - Death / S5 / [spoili]"Please sir, my sister is in there. Don't do this, you don't have to."[/spoili]
Alison - Death / S5 / [spoili]"Squirming around the others, Jon managed to get on to his knees and take Alison's outstretched hand. The light of her eyes seemed to be dimming, the woman quickly choking on the blood filling her lungs. He pulled Alison down into a hug and whispered her name, feeling her go limp as he held her."[/spoili]
Jon Evans - Death / S5 / [spoili]"'You think you're better than the rest of us, huh? Just fucking admit it already!'

Shoving passed Abram, Hank raised his pistol and quickly fired at will. The hammering bang of the bullet escaping the weapon sent Abram into momentary deafness. Between blinks, Hank saw Jon's head clunk backwards and his knees give way for him to crash against the van. As his body slid to the ground, a stain of fresh blood stained the white gloss of their vehicle."[/spoili]
Carlos - Death / S5 / [spoili]"'Are you okay?!' The man sounded panicked and frustrated, but Scarlett took little time in acknowledging anything else as she shoved him as hard as she could, forcing him to step back and trip on some of the fallen items. He was the distraction she needed so that she could pull out her pistol while the walkers bent down and began to bite pieces of flesh off of Carlos."[/spoili]
Morgantown Residents

Abram's Group

Fan's Group/Apartment Group

Kingdom of Alexandria Residents

Damien's Group

Fayette Community

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Horror, Modern, Modern Fantasy, Multiverse/Panfandom, Mystery, Paranormal, Scifi, Survival
!A * indicates an important NPC!

Plot-Relevant NPCs

Morgantown Survivors

Adam Evans
- A survivor dealing with drug addiction. Looked up to Reggie as a hero. When Reggie died and the scouts voted Tyler to take his place, Adam grew angry and left Outpost. Adam began to travel North, where he first met up with an older woman, and then found himself among a new group of survivors. This new group traded supplies with a group who ran Baton Rouge called Tremblay. Some of these supplies included drugs, and Adam couldn't resist stealing some of these for his own personal use. Tina discovered what Adam was doing eventually and grew disgusted with him, but never had time to confront him over the issue. Now that the two have parted ways, it's unlikely Adam will be confronted with this any time soon.

George Townsen
- A survivor who found himself in the Baton Rouge area. He found a bingo hall containing supplies before encountering Tyler and his daughter Katie. George offered to travel with them before their group added Jacob and Liam as well. Their group eventually fell in with Tina's group, though George never became very well-liked with the others. Despite this, he stuck with them through and through.

- A 37 year old who once ran an auto shop. He's a friendly guy who people turn to due to his knack for being pragmatic. Though he holds certain prejudices, he's been working on looking past them in the face of the apocalypse. His friendship with both Tina and Caleb was unbreakable, at least until circumstances forced Tina to part ways with the group. Jace is still happy to at least have Caleb around.

- A 25 year old originally from Texas who grew up primarily farming and hunting. He went to college for some time but found himself unsure of what to do with himself. He drifted rather aimlessly through life and found that the apocalypse hit before he even figured himself out. He's extremely down-to-earth and soft-spoken. It takes a whole lot to make him turn to anger. As he is best friends with Jace, the pair of them are often seen together.

Ryder Answell
- Was taking care of his friend Shanelle when they encountered a Haywood scouting party. They went back to Haywood and decided to live there. Managed to survive the battle between Robert and Daniel by being in the infirmary group. He, along with the other citizens of Haywood, ended up joining Abram in his rescue attempt of Jessalyn. As Shan became more sick as a result of this move, Ryder has come to strongly resent Abram and the former Haywood citizens.

Shanelle "Shan" Horner
- Was being taken care of by her friend Ryder when they encountered a Haywood scouting party. They went back to Haywood and decided to live there. Managed to survive the battle between Robert and Daniel by being in the infirmary group. She, along with the other citizens of Haywood, ended up joining Abram in his rescue attempt of Jessalyn. Unfortunately, due to the strain put on her body, Shannon has become bedridden ever since settling into the new community.

Anthony Kendrick
- Escaped from a group of walkers with his father and found himself at Haywood. Missed the attack by Tyler as he was out on a run with Noah at the time. He, along with the other citizens of Haywood, ended up joining Abram in his rescue attempt of Jessalyn.

Noah Kendrick
- Escaped from a group of walkers with his son and found himself at Haywood. Missed the attack by Tyler as he was out on a run with Anthony at the time. He, along with the other citizens of Haywood, ended up joining Abram in his rescue attempt of Jessalyn. It was largely due to Noah's influence that Anthony decided to go along with the move. Noah had called Haywood "suffocating".

- A no-nonsense woman who was once a member of Tremblay's group. She often took care of the younger members of the group, and ran a daycare of sorts in tandem with the mothers around the community. KK has a tough and strict exterior, but she cares greatly for the youth under her supervision.

- Once hoping to train as a veterinarian, Becca spends her days now tending to humans. An easygoing girl, Becca can easily keep a conversation going and tends to be someone people feel comfortable around. Becca has her moments of deep reflection, like when she laments on the girlfriend she lost at the start of all this mess, but she tries her best to appear upbeat in front of others.

- A scout of Morgantown who has lived in Natchez all her young life. She was one of the initial members of the Morgantown community and has become content with the fact that scouting within Natchez is usually a quiet affair. She is usually upbeat and gets along with most of the people of Morgantown, but she seems to have a rivalry with Carley, another Morgantown resident.

Hank's/Floyd's Group

- Jessalyn's son, born a few months ago in Haywood.

Apartment Survivors

- A deaf boy uncomfortable with speaking. Communicates through sign language but is frustrated with Outpost's community and their unwillingness to associate with him. Aside from his brother, Richard, the only people to try and learn sign language to communicate with Elliot are Myriah and Rudy. Was given a role as a watcher on the wall for being a part of the group that found the journal that implicated Reggie in mutiny and murder. After Myriah's murder and the resulting chaos, Elliot decided to leave the community. He later joined Danny's group in rescuing Emma from Enrique. He, along with the other members of the group trying to rescue Emma, ended up captured by Magnus. Elliot managed to be one of the few that escaped, though he ended up taking the loss of his brother's life very hard. Later, Elliot travelled with Danny's group to Natchez, where they eventually became a part of Fan's apartments community.

Myriah Bay*
- A friendly and warm woman. Was previously Outpost's leader simply by being trusted and friends with many of the other members of the community. After a failed mutiny and an attempt on her life, Myriah stepped down as Outpost's sole leader and established a council in her place. When Matt framed Reggie for the murder of Samantha and the mutiny, Myriah knew it was a lie, as she had been the one to orchestrate the mutiny. It was to be a fake mutiny so give Myriah an excuse to step down as leader, a role she never wanted, but the plan went wrong and she was almost killed. She wracked her brain trying to figure out how to reveal the truth about Matt and Enrique, but Myriah ended up acting too hastily and people learned of her role in the mutiny. Fearing for her life, Myriah ended up faking her own death and leaving Outpost, but her actions ended up in the death of others in the community. She eventually travelled North, choosing to tail Danny's group as they chased after Enrique. She came across Emma and used a fake name, but the two eventually split up. She later ended up in Natchez and became a part of Fan's community, where she was forced to reveal to Danny and Elliot that she had not only faked her death, but faked the mutiny back in Outpost. Danny and Elliot have refused to speak with her since then.

- Was a construction worker and lived in the area of Natchez before the outbreak. It was Greg who was the muscle behind the walls surrounding the apartments community. Is currently dating Fan.

- Greg's mother who was once a teacher. She currently is suffering through cancer.

- Was a college student at the Ohio State University with her boyfriend, Rick. When the outbreak started, she and Rick travelled South, Rick starting to suffer from signs of schizophrenia. Is a great cook and knows all kinds of worldly recipes. Is tougher than she thinks she is.

Adeline Cielo
- A woman ran into Danny's group in Natchez. She was initially hostile, thinking them to be enemies, but an incoming horde forced her to stick with them, where she eventually became a part of Fan's apartments community.

- Carter's dog, a Golden Retriever.

- Lia's dog, a German Shepherd.

Not Currently Plot-Relevant NPCs

Citizens of Outpost

- A 29 year old of Taiwanese descent. On her mother's side, her family moved to America only two generations ago, though her father's family has lived in America for quite a few generations. She went to school to study financing, but found it wasn't what she wanted out of life. After spending a few years out of school and living alone, Tina went back to school as an art student to cultivate her growing ability to paint. While her group in Baton Rouge had no official leader, Tina was often seen as the decision maker, something she never quite understood. She was like the glue that held the group together, at least until she was forced to part ways with them. Tina has since taken Elyse and Leah to Outpost.

- A 68 year old who's found herself to be the only survivor of her immediate family. She had a simple life of bartending and waitressing jobs until she couldn't keep up with it any more at the age of 60. Her husband died a few years later, and it's the one death Elyse has come to terms with. She is a kind soul, but tends to be very forgetful. So forgetful, in fact, that she has believed it to be a sign of a medical condition she has never gotten diagnosed. When danger was upon her group and fighting was imminent, Tina took Elyse and Leah to a community in the New Orleans area called Outpost.

- A young girl originally found by Abram's group as they made their way toward Baton Rouge. Leah fell in easily with the group, traveling with them for the rest of their trip. When Jessalyn was kidnapped and Abram devised a plan to rescue her, Leah went with Tina and Elyse to live in Outpost.

- An older man who was previously on the council, but stepped down when he found he didn't like it. He oversees the wall and is in charge of the watchers.

- A roughly 10-year old girl who's friends with Alex Clark.

George M.
- A 20something year old who's quite short for his age and is largely self-conscious. A member of the sign language class and part of the group that found the journal that implicated Reggie in mutiny and murder.

Nicolas Sarkozy
- Found himself at The Pub but was being tracked by a gang at the time. The Pub ended up being attacked while Outpost's scouts were staying there and a shootout occurred. Nicolas survived the encounter and was brought to Outpost afterwards.

Nelson Jenkins
- After crashing his car and going unconscious, Nelson was rescued by the scouts and brought to Outpost with only a broken nose. He has been staying there ever since.

Outpost Council

- A woman said to be beautiful by many. Lived in France with her family for most of her childhood before moving to Canada after the death of her father. Has found herself in Outpost since the outbreak and is currently teaching French language classes in addition to being on the council.

- Usually a quiet man and the director of Outpost's builders.

- An older tattooed woman. Is known for her warm demeanor. When she learned that Enrique was possibly behind Samantha's murder, Rhonda went on the warpath. She called a council meeting to lay allegations against Enrique and Matt, but found fierce opposition in the form of Isaac. Neither side was able to convince everyone, leaving the group splintered as a result.

- A loud father of two boys.

- One of the younger members of the council. Was a medical student before the outbreak and now serves as Outpost's main doctor. Is now running medical classes for the people of Outpost. Tends to be very outspoken. When Rhonda accused Matt and Enrique of being behind Samantha's murder, Isaac countered her by accusing Myriah. He was firmly on Matt's side. Neither side was able to convince everyone, leaving the group splintered as a result.

Outpost Scouts

- A veteran member of the scouts. A big man who intimidates people with his muscular physique. Has an intense love for food and drink. Instead of choosing to join the others in saving Emma, he returned to Outpost in order to protect it.

- Was loyal to Sylar before he died. Instead of choosing to join the others in saving Emma, he returned to Outpost in order to protect it.

Charlotte "Charlie"
- Was loyal to Sylar before he died. Instead of choosing to join the others in saving Emma, she returned to Outpost in order to protect it. She broke her leg on a supply run.

- Was loyal to Sylar before he died. Instead of choosing to join the others in saving Emma, he returned to Outpost in order to protect it.

Owners of The Pub

Hazel Lawrence
- Found an abandoned hotel on her travels and decided to clean it up and set it up as a resting place for survivors. She decided to call this place 'The Pub', which has since become a resting place for many people from the community of Outpost.

Cody "Doc" Heiler
- A member of the scouts with an intense crush on Hazel. Cody found himself at The Pub and he became fast friends with Hazel Lawrence and Meghan Cordon. After Sylar Macey brought a group of scouts to The Pub to carry out a mission, Cody joined them. When offered the chance to save the girl, Emma, Cody went for it. He, along with the other members of the group trying to rescue Emma, ended up captured by Magnus. Cody was one of the few to escape, though his right arm was crushed during the event. He ended up travelling back to New Orleans to live with Hazel.


- Originally an ally of Robert's, Anthony changed his mind to support Daniel when he felt Robert had grown unstable. Though he supported Daniel, Anthony still feels Daniel is unfit to be Haywood's mayor. Anthony once held feelings for Audrey and was jealous of her closeness to Henry Donnell. Managed to survive the battle between Robert and Daniel but was forced to sacrifice the life of Surge when surrounded by the undead. Feeling guilt, Anthony left Haywood and headed North.

Riley O'Connor
- Works as both Haywood's main doctor and a man within the militia. His job and skill set have allowed him to reach out to many of Haywood's citizens and become the caretaker to those in need. He, along with the other citizens of Haywood, ended up joining Abram in his rescue attempt of Jessalyn.

Amelia "Rose" Stephens
- Was ransacking Daniel Crowe's base of operations when he, Shannon Greene, and James Feryana found her. Daniel was impressed by her military background and asked her to join the group. As Daniel's sister had been kidnapped by Tyler's raiders, the group travelled to Haywood to assist in their attack. After this, Amelia became a part of Haywood's militia. She supported Daniel over Robert and managed to survive the battle between them. She, along with the other citizens of Haywood, ended up joining Abram in his rescue attempt of Jessalyn.

- Previously a veteran member of the scouts. An untalkative man who was heavily loyal to the scouts and Reggie. When Reggie died and the scouts voted Tyler to take his place, Phon grew disgusted and left Outpost.

Valentina Vetrov
- Entered Haywood with the intention of stealing food. Held the mayor of Haywood, Daniel, at gunpoint but was incapacitated without anyone getting hurt. Was later treated at Haywood's infirmary but lashed out and stabbed a nurse, Brianna. After being treated, she befriended Emma but has been quiet and fearful of Haywood's other residents ever since. Managed to survive the battle between Robert and Daniel by being in the infirmary group. After Tyler's attack on Haywood, Valentina left Haywood with Shannon, Emma, and James. A month later, Valentina ran away from them and hasn't been seen since.

- A teenager who respects Enrique and looks up to him. Enrique favored the boy due to his great potential as both a leader and a marksman. He left Outpost with Enrique, ending up captured along with the others when they traveled by Baton Rouge. Colton managed to survive the encounter and escape.

Deceased NPCs

Ash Williamson [Deceased]
- A man who rarely, if ever, talked. His loyalty to Tyler found him leading an operation to clear out a shopping mall where he encountered Daniel Crowe, Amelia, and Shannon. Ash's team was killed while he was taken capture and interrogated. After learning of Haywood's relationship with Tyler's raiders, Daniel killed Ash.

Brad [Deceased]
- A man with poor anger management and extreme paranoia. Was Tyler's first-hand man and had an unhealthy obsession with his boss. Was bitten by an undead Lynn and killed by Tyler.

Ben [Deceased]
- A teenager with little combat experience and a novice member of Outpost's scouts. Was shot and killed during a battle with a group of raiders.

The Bull [Deceased]
- A giant bearded man who resembled a lumberjack. Was previously one of Tyler's men and in a relationship with his fellow raider, Lauren. When Lauren became dissatisfied with working for Tyler, she sought to escape with Tyler's daughter and brought Bull along with her. After Lauren was shot and the trio were brought to Haywood, Bull agreed to be locked up in order for Lauren to get the help she needed. Was interrogated and killed by Robert.

Henry Donnell [Deceased]
- Was a close friend to Audrey Castle. Supported Daniel over Robert but was murdered by Eric during the battle.

Eric [Deceased]
- A member of Haywood's militia. Pretended to be on Daniel's side, but in actuality was working for Robert. Was shot and killed by Daniel after murdering Henry.

Samantha Baxter [Deceased]
- Found herself in Outpost around the same time as Reggie. She joined the sign language classes and helped the group break into Reggie's cabin with her lock picking skills. In his plot to overthrow Outpost, Matt ordered Samantha killed. Enrique murdered her inside Myriah's cabin and the murder was later blamed on Reggie.

Simon [Deceased]
- Previously a veteran member of the scouts. Was known to be rather crude. Was killed by a grenade during the art museum attack.

Arthur [Deceased]
- Was an arrogant novice in the scouts. His lack of ability led to his death during the art museum attack.

Reggie [Deceased]
- The previous leader of Outpost's scouts. He foiled the mutiny soon after becoming a member of Outpost and was quickly regarded as a man to be respected. In very little time he had become a member of the council and the leader of the scouts. When Matt grew dissatisfied with Reggie's sway around Outpost, he devised a plan with Tyler to frame Reggie for Samantha's murder and the mutiny. During the art museum attack, Tyler shot and killed Reggie, later claiming it was the bandits that did him in.

Lauren [Deceased]
- A woman who had striking red hair. Was previously working for Tyler and in a relationship with her fellow raider, Bull. When Lauren became dissatisfied with working for Tyler, she sought to escape with Tyler's daughter and brought Bull along with her. After Lauren was shot and the trio were brought to Haywood, Lauren ended up in a coma for a short amount of time. She awoke during the battle between Robert and Daniel and managed to survive by being in the infirmary group. When she learned that Bull died while she slept, she blamed the survivors of Haywood and planned to take Katie away from them when her leg had recovered. During Tyler's attack on Haywood, Lauren was shot and killed by Enrique under Tyler's command.

Hector "Hex" Bradshaw [Deceased]
- Previously one of Tyler's men. He sexually assaulted the imprisoned Emma but was found out by Bex. Tyler was going to execute Hex for his actions but Haywood's attack on the catacombs cut that short. Hex escaped with his life, managing a month later to find himself at Outpost. He arrived just before Outpost quarantined itself in order to find Samantha's murderer, so he was trapped there. He then joined the scouts, though Bex and Tyler informed him privately that he would pay dearly if he stepped out of line. During Tyler's attack on Haywood, Emma was taken hostage. When Bex tried to free her, Hex confronted them, and Emma ended up shooting and killing Hex.

Allen [Deceased]
- Was once a scout loyal to Sylar. After a heavy storm interrupted their supply run, Allen ran his vehicle into a tree, killing him instantly.

Amanda [Deceased]
- Was a thoughtful woman and a friend of Arthur before he died. Was in a relationship with Enrique before her death. The fire that burned down Myriah's cabin also caught Enrique's cabin, and Amanda died as a result.

Joe [Deceased]
- Previously a watcher on the wall. Fought with Elliot and was the reason Elliot was taken off the wall. Once Elliot got his job back, Joe was forced to keep his mouth shut, even if he didn't like it. When Myriah and Amanda's cabin burned down and Enrique let a group of undead into Outpost, Joe confronted Elliot who had grabbed a gun to assist in the fighting. Joe berated him and told him that he was going to get someone killed, not noticing that an undead Aoife was coming for him. Joe was bitten in the neck before Elliot could kill Aoife, and Elliot was forced to kill Joe as a result.

DeSean Moore [Deceased]
- Originally a member of Hank's group and a good friend to Hank. DeSean was wary of moving the group when the situation called for it, but eventually gave in. When the group came across Richard Treis and his men in Baton Rouge, DeSean was killed for being African American.

Jennifer Smith [Deceased]
- DeSean's wife, who was originally a member of Hank's group. She generally allowed the others to lead her wherever they went, having little to add to the group. She fell into an unrelenting depression when Richard Treis killed DeSean and ended up being killed by the man as well.

Seth Nguyen [Deceased]
- Originally a member of Hank's group. Seth was an upbeat young man who brought a lot of heart to his group. He ended up being captured by Richard Treis, leading Michael Tremblay to try and negotiate to take Seth as a worker, as Treis was known to kill people of color. In the end, the deal went sour and Seth was killed.

Michael Tremblay [Deceased]
- Once a citizen of Outpost, Tremblay was dissatisfied with Myriah's leadership and was happy to assist in her plan to stage a fake mutiny so that the community would appoint a council in her place. When Jonas flipped on the plan and decided he wanted to kill Myriah for real, Tremblay fled the community. He moved around New Orleans for some time, gathering a new group of people. He then traveled North to Baton Rouge, where Tremblay united the two feuding raider groups and established a unified group that then controlled the city. However, even the absolute control that Tremblay exhibited couldn't last forever, and he found he had made more enemies than he could have imagined. One of the previous raider group had a leader named Richard Treis, who decided he'd had enough of this new system. A civil war was brewing between the two groups, but Tremblay would never live to see it, as he was suddenly assassinated by an unknown individual.

Jackson "The Jackal" Cassidy [Deceased]
- Was one of the people who joined Tremblay back in New Orleans. Was known as an eccentric guy who was difficult to get along with. Due to his sheer size and strength, Tremblay often kept him close as a personal bodyguard. When his leader was assassinated, Jackson grew numb instead of angry like Jon had. Unfortunately, Jackson did not end up living through the following attack on the community.

Richard Treis [Deceased]
- Leader of one of the two groups Tremblay united in order to control Baton Rouge. Richard was a white supremacist who did not hesitate to order the deaths of people of color once the apocalypse had offered him the opportunity. His alliance with Tremblay was shaky at best. Tremblay did not approve of Treis' behavior, and so often cut a deal with the man of trading non-white captives for supplies. Growing tired of this, Treis eventually decided rise up against Tremblay. Though Tremblay was assassinated before Treis and his men could attack, the assault went ahead anyway. Treis ended up killed during the battle.

Berkley [Deceased]
- Was a former member of the scouts who left Outpost with Enrique. Was known for being a loose cannon, which ultimately spelled his doom during the time he and the rest of Enrique's crew were captured by Magnus. Berkley's loud mouth ended up putting him first in line to be experimented on, and killed, by Magnus.

Richard [Deceased]
- Was the older brother of Elliot and shared his dissatisfaction with Outpost's community. Was once teaching sign language classes. After Myriah's murder and the resulting chaos, Richard left the community with his brother. He later joined Danny's group in rescuing Emma from Enrique, later becoming captured along with the rest of the group by Magnus. Aubrey, a woman working for Magnus at the time, grew annoyed with the captives and shot an arrow into Richard. Despite the groups' protests, Magnus took Richard as one of the first to be experimented on as a result of this. Richard ended up killed during the experiments.

Chris [Deceased]
- Was a capable and reliable member of the scouts. People tended to listen to him based on his sheer size alone. Chris was a powerhouse of muscle, but didn't often throw his strength around to get his way. When offered the chance to save the girl, Emma, Chris went for it. He also wanted to knock Jamie around for leaving with Enrique. Whent he group ended up in Baton Rouge, they were attacked by Magnus and his group. Chris ended up injured in the capture and ended up being Magnus' first experiment. Kept alive by Magnus, Chris' body was put through a great number of stress tests, Magnus using this to gather data on a body so close to death. Chris managed to survive longer than Magnus even thought possible, though he eventually ended up in a near-catatonic state. Jamie, figuring him to be harmless, wished to taunt Chris in his final moments of life. Against all odds, Chris used his last strength to grab hold of Jamie and bite deep into his neck. Chris turned almost immediately upon death, and this ended up turning Jamie moments later. This event started a chain reaction that eventually led to the downfall of Magnus.

Jamie [Deceased]
- Often was sarcastic and displeased with the people around him. Jamie panicked on a supply run that went south and inadvertently caused the death of an innocent bystander. Jamie was struggling with regret over his actions, leading him to choose to leave Outpost with Enrique. However, Jamie didn't feel that he fit in with Enrique's crew. He felt ignored and marginalized, even though it was he himself who kept himself at a distance. When the group neared the Baton Rouge area, Jamie left them and ended up in Tremblay's group, where he told the man all he knew of Outpost. He then later became entranced with Magnus' ideals and became his loyal follower. After Magnus had captured the two groups from Outpost traveling through Baton Rouge, Jamie often taunted them, In particular, Jamie focused his hatred on Chris, a man Jamie had loathed during his time among the scouts. Chris had been badly hurt and subjected to Magnus' torture for a long time, and Jamie assumed him an easy target. Jamie ended up letting his guard down and was attacked by Chris as the man turned into a walker. Jamie was turned as well, and this event set off the chain of events that led to Magnus' downfall.

Markus Finch [Deceased]
- A man who came across Emma and Shannon's camp site in January. He'd been sticking with them ever since, even joining them in their rescue attempt of Emma. Markus managed to survive the imprisonment, but ended up killed during the eventual escape.

Lucas [Deceased]
- Was a veteran member of the scouts. Looked to be a geek of sorts and was underestimated for this reason. He usually had a level head and manages to be calm in even the most intense of situations. When offered the chance to save the girl, Emma, Luke went for it. He, along with the other members of the group trying to rescue Emma, ended up captured by Magnus. Luke ended up sacrificing his life for the others in the eventual escape.

Magnus Elea [Deceased]
- Leader of one of the two groups Tremblay united in order to control Baton Rouge. Magnus had been a doctor before the apocalypse, and he initially took great joy in putting these skills to good use after the world went to hell. However, Magnus grew distraught over the patients he couldn't save-- those that ended up bitten and turned. The man eventually grew obsessed over finding a cure to this nasty disease that everyone seemed to have. As Magnus formed a group around himself in Baton Rouge, he took to performing experiments on the sick and dying in the name of finding a cure. As he grew more desperate, Magnus began experimenting on healthy people as well. When Tremblay took control of the city, Magnus was forced to stop this, as Tremblay found the practice disgusting. Magnus tolerated this at first, but eventually began working in secret under Tremblay's nose. With Jamie's help, he managed to capture both Enrique's group and Danny's group as they traveled through Baton Rouge. Unforeseen consequences eventually resulted in his plans becoming compromised and Magnus lost control of his captives. During the escape, Magnus ended up killed.

James Feryana [Deceased]
- Alone and frightened, James had run into Shannon Greene shortly after she had lost a friend of hers. Not wanting to leave the boy alone, she had him tag along with her, but the pair were soon attacked by Tyler's raiders. They escaped and eventually ran into Daniel Crowe, Amelia Stephens, and Polyester Homes. As Daniel's sister had been kidnapped by Tyler's raiders, the group traveled to Haywood to assist in their attack. After this, James became a citizen of Haywood and began to look up to Shannon as a mother figure. He was kept safe during the battle between Robert and Daniel with the help of Shannon and Daniel. After Tyler's attack on Haywood, James left Haywood with Shannon, Emma, and Valentina. Later, they came across Enrique's pack, who shot at them for getting in his way of finding Tyler. Enrique ended up kidnapping Emma, and James was adamant that they go rescue her. He, along with the other members of the group trying to rescue Emma, ended up captured by Magnus. The group eventually managed to escape, but James was captured by Magnus once again in the chaos. Shannon attempted to rescue James, but Magnus had rigged the building to explode, killing himself, James, and Shannon.

Trey [Deceased]
- A former member of the scouts who left Outpost with Enrique. He ended up captured along with the others when they traveled by Baton Rouge. Trey managed to survive the encounter and escape, but unfortunately would end up dying to a surprise Walker attack a few weeks later.

Audrey Castle [Deceased]
- Was a very close friend of Henry Donnell and looked up to him as a father. Supported Daniel over Robert and managed to survive the battle between them, however she was forced to witness the death of Henry. Audrey has since grown distant and quiet since the incident. She, along with the other citizens of Haywood, ended up joining Abram in his rescue attempt of Jessalyn. After that, her and the other Haywood survivors stayed with the other survivors of the Baton Rouge battle as they moved North. Once in Natchez, the group eventually was forced to split during a Walker horde attack and Audrey ended up devoured in the chaos.

Brianna [Deceased]
- Was a nurse within Haywood. Was stabbed in the stomach by Valentina and unable to continue working. Managed to survive the battle between Robert and Daniel by being in the infirmary group. She, along with the other citizens of Haywood, ended up joining Abram in his rescue attempt of Jessalyn. After that, her and the other Haywood survivors stayed with the other survivors of the Baton Rouge battle as they moved North. Once in Natchez, the group eventually was forced to split during a Walker horde attack and Brianna ended up devoured in the chaos.

Rick [Deceased]
- Was a quarterback for the Ohio State University. With his girlfriend, Asya. Rick travelled South after the outbreak occurred and ended up joining Fan's apartments community. Rick's schizophrenia developed further until he became a danger to others and Fan was forced to kill him.

Alison [Deceased]
- Even though she was trained in psychology, Alison spent most of her days tending to people physically. She could be an intense and quiet woman at times, especially when deep in thought. Her gaze could pierce just about anyone. The community she was a part of came under attack, Alison managing to survive the ordeal. As she had nowhere else to go, she ended up falling in with the other survivors as they moved North. After the group split up, they came across the Morgantown community and was fired upon, where Alison ended up dying from a stray bullet.

Jon Evans [Deceased]
- Was one of the people who joined Tremblay back in New Orleans. Jon was loyal to Tremblay and respected the man greatly. He believed Tremblay truly acted in the best interest of his friends. When a civil war was brewing between Tremblay's group and Richard Treis' group, Jon was distraught when Tremblay ended up assassinated and was vicious in his efforts to find out who had done it. Unfortunately for Jon, the community came under attack and his attempts ended up in vain. He managed to survive the ordeal, and as he had nowhere else to go, he ended up falling in with the other survivors as they moved North. After the group split up, they came across the Morgantown community and was fired upon, ending up in the death of Jon's friend, Alison. Upset over her death, Jon blamed Hank for the death of Tremblay and, indirectly, Alison. Jon ended up confronting Hank with a gun, but was shot and killed as a result.

Carlos [Deceased]
- A former guard within Morgantown who went on a scouting mission with John, Scarlett, and Philip. Scarlett had been led to believe by Claiborne that Carlos had a hand in her sister's death, so Scarlett forced a situation where Carlos was killed.

The roleplay has exclusively taken place within Louisiana up to this point. Though Seasons 1 and 2 primarily took place in New Orleans and the immediate surrounding area, Season 3 and 4 had extended the roleplay toward the Baton Rouge area. The reboot has since moved the RP to the Alexandria area, as well as the state of Mississippi, particularly the city of Natchez.

Plot-Relevant Locations/Groups

Natchez - Morgantown
Formed in November, the people of this community have created a society within a fortified school building called Morgantown. Three leaders that deliberate and decide on decisions together. It contains its own clinic, quarters, and operations room. The community maintains scouts on the ground and maintaining a watch on the roof to catch hordes or survivors. A scavenging team is also on duty to gather supplies from the surrounding area.
Morgantown Leaders
- Tyler*
Morgantown Original Residents
- Alannah*
- Angeline*
- Vincent*
- Philip*
- Becky
- Sam
- Stacey
- Carley
- Mrs. Valeria
- Cage
Morgantown New Residents
- Katie*
- Liam*
- Kerry*
- Aiden*
- John*
- Caleb
- Adam
- George T.
- Jace
- KK
- Becca
- Noah
- Anthony
- Shan
- Ryder

Floyd's Group
- Scarlett*
- Floyd*

Fan's Group/Apartment Complex
- Fan*
- Danny*
- Rob*
- Elliot*
- Joe*
- Lia*
- Myriah*
- Emma*
- Cutter*
- Reese*
- Mel*
- Riley*
- Thom*
- Hank*
- Enrique*
- Adeline
- Carter
- Damian
- Holly
- Greg
- Cindy
- Asya

Thom's Scouting Group
- Thom*
- Abel*

Natchez - Home Depot
A Home Depot currently being used as a living space for Jackson and other survivors.
- Jackson*
- Abram*
- Jess*
- Benjamin*
- Turisa*
- Heather*
- Imogen*
- Matt*
- Sky*
- Dawn*
- Grace*
- Andrew

The Fayette Community
Led by Ethan Shaw, this community is only half of an even larger community. The location of the other half is unknown to anyone, even members of Fayette, aside from Ethan and a select few. Fayette works almost independently, however. Fayette is self-sufficient community, working on a very efficient Scavenging/Pillaging system. Almost everyone in the community is expected to go out on supply runs as the community runs on a rotational system. The community has taken up a sizeable chunk of the town, leaving Fayette almost clear of the undead. Fayette works on an Assimilation/Destroy system. You either assimilate to become part of Fayette, or else they will kill you. And even then, they have high standards to acceptance.
- Ethan*
- Claire*
- Sofia*
- Cricin
- Trevor
- Derek

Helena Outpost
One of the bases controlled by Damien Orwen's group. It is an abandoned CDC building. Already secure with fences around. Good vantage points from the T-shaped roof(s). The building itself is wide and open like a warehouse, containing around three floors.
- Damien*
- Colton*
- Aubrey*
- Hemsworth
- Christopher
- Scott
- Verona

Brookhaven Community
The main community that Damien runs. It is big and has many houses surrounded by man-built walls. A big steel gate stands on both ends.

- Isabelle*
- Rose*

Alexandria - "The Kingdom of Alexandria"
The community contains a "royal building" which consists of a large four floor hotel, and the only ones who live within its halls are the four "royals", their families, and any servants who wish to serve them. So far, the only royal families is set in stone are the Sprit and Emerald families. The building has anything that the royal's may need. Surrounding the hotel is the "Royal Courtyard". This is where anyone who isn't royal lives. Tents and huts consisting of anyone who does not serve the royals are located here. The courtyard also contains sections for an outdoor kitchen and a medical tent. The leadership of the community consists of four "royal" famiies. The king/queen acts as the representative of the family, and votes with the other family members about any issue(s). Once the king/queen dies, the oldest is placed as the new king/queen as the representative of their family. Voting must be at least 3/4 to pass, and if a standstill happens for longer then two days, then all royal families vote upon the issue(s).
- Ellis

Natchez - Morgantown Plaza
A plaza down the road from Morgantown Middle School. Contains a clinic.

Natchez - Walmart
A Walmart located South on the highway from Morgantown.

Other Locations - Not Currently Plot-Relevant

New Orleans Area - Outpost
A community located in the woods nearby New Orleans. Built out of a wildlife management area/camp, Outpost has large wooden walls built around it in order to stave off walkers and other enemies. There are a couple concrete and brick buildings near the center that's being used for council business, but spreading from that there's a lot of log housing. They have a system where potential new members are put on 'probation' before they can enter Outpost properly. There is a scouting group that searches for supplies, new recruits, and possible incoming threats. The scouting group is largely in charge of putting the new recruits through the 'probation' process. A second group patrols and secures the community's walls. In a bid for power, Matt Shard plotted the downfall of Reggie, the leader of the scouts. A mutiny and a murder was pinned on the man, but he was killed in a mission so that he could never defend himself. Myriah Bay knew the truth, however, so she attempted to reveal Matt for who he really was. Her efforts ended up getting her killed and a group of scouts defected from the community as a result. Matt left soon after, leaving Outpost in a broken state.
- Nicolas
- Blake
- Alice
- George M.
- Tina
- Elyse
- Leah
- Sarah
- Derick
- Rhonda
- Randy
- Isaac
- Jerry
- Charlie
- Zane
- Phineas

New Orleans - The Pub
Located in the middle of New Orleans, The Pub is an old motel that Hazel Lawrence has fixed up and started to maintain as a resting place for other survivors. It is still looking rather dilapidated and most rooms do not contain furniture, but construction is under way. Power to the motel is coming along nicely and it has its own indoor garden.
- Hazel
- Cody

Baton Rouge - Magnus' Facility and Holding Cells
Once Magnus' main base of operations that was originally used as a hospital before Tremblay had the infirmary moved to his plaza. Magnus had turned the place into a prison of sorts where he conducted his cruel experiments in the name of finding a cure for the virus. After becoming overzealous and capturing more people than he could handle, the situation went out of control and many of the captives made their escape. All that resides here now are walkers and death.

Baton Rouge - Bar and Apartment
An abandoned pub with an upstairs two-bedroom apartment. Tina, Jace, and Caleb had been living there for some time and had secured a good number of supplies and their very own greenhouse behind the building. The trio took on a varying number of people throughout their time there and eventually were forced to evacuate the location due to the rising tensions throughout the city. Tina had started a mural in the living room, but never got to finish it. One of the building's occupants, Adam, also had a secret stash of drugs within the apartment.

Baton Rouge - Tremblay's Plaza
A plaza with a large parking lot between three sides of stores. The front walls are boarded up, but open to a large furniture store across the street. A small medical tent, as well as various gardens, are stationed in the parking lot. A more dedicated infirmary sits in one of the stores. This place was the setting for a major battle between Richard Treis and Abram Chamberlin. Both men led their groups to attack Tremblay, unknowing of the others existence. Abram's group and what remained of Tremblay's group united and won, but the community became unlivable at that point. The majority of the group decided to heard North in search of a new community, leaving the plaza a ghost town.

New Orleans - Haywood
Previously a community and trading post in the middle of New Orleans. It is centered around an apartment complex and the immediate surrounding area (including any houses) are within its walls. The previous leader, Bruce Levi, was overthrown by Haywood's citizens when it was revealed he had been selling off the community's women for supplies. After, Daniel Crowe took over, but a man named Robert Dalton grew paranoid and unhappy with Daniel's leadership. He eventually split Haywood's militia in two and started a fight between them. The fight was catastrophic, allowing large groups of walkers into the settlement. A large percentage of Haywood's population was killed and only a dozen people resided over the remains. Abram Chamberlin sought help from Haywood some time later in order to rescue Jessalyn. In exchange for their help, Abram offered to start fresh with the citizens of Haywood and offer them a new home somewhere else. The people of Haywood agreed to help, and after the operation was complete, Haywood was left empty.

New Orleans Catacombs
Once was cleared of the undead and used as a hideout for Tyler and his group of raiders. Since then, the area has been assaulted upon and stained with the blood of countless deaths. It has since become infested with the undead.

The New Orleans Museum of Art
Once used as a hideout for Marcus Booker and his group of raiders. The group was attacked and now the museum stands uninhabited.

Unknown Location/Other
- Nathan

- Alex
- Andrew F.
- Zoë
- Amelia
- Riley
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Here is where info will be provided on the past RP. Keep in mind that this info does not need to be read by new members.

Season 1

In this season, two main communities were established. Six months into the apocalypse, a group of raiders run by a man named Tyler were a menace to the other communities within the city. The group became known for kidnapping women for Tyler to impregnate in order to breed the next generation in a way he believed would save the future. Another community named Haywood was run by a man named Bruce Levi, who secretly sold women to Tyler in exchange for supplies. The people of Haywood learned of Levi's sordid affairs and killed him. An assault was then taken on Tyler's group, who were almost completely wiped out. Tyler's daughter from before the apocalypse, Katie, ended up being taken away by one of his own raiders, a woman named Lauren. She couldn't stand to see Katie grow up with such an awful father any longer.

This season took place over three days IC.

Season 2

Approximately three weeks have passed since the last season. Having survived the assault on his group, Tyler, now referring to himself as "Thomas Zuchowski" to avoid his reputation, ends up becoming a part of a community called Outpost on the outskirts of New Orleans. Outpost is run by a council, though it was originally run by one woman, Myriah Bay. There was a mutiny and an attempt on Myriah's life, but this was thwarted by a man named Reggie. The council was put in place in response to this matter, which is what Myriah was seeking from the beginning. She orchestrated the mutiny in order to get away from the responsibility of sole leadership, but one man in on it went too far. In the aftermath of all this, Reggie became a respected member of the community with far more sway than any other council member. Matt Shard did not like this, and sought to gain authority for himself. Rallying others, Matt began to convince others that Reggie had been behind the mutiny, even though this was far from the truth. The group found evidence of this in a diary, but Matt, who was working ultimately with Tyler, had planted this evidence. The pair went so far as to have someone within the community killed so that they could blame it on Reggie. On a scouting mission, one of Reggie's scouts was killed by a small raiding group, which led Reggie on a path of revenge. During the assault on this group, Tyler ended up alone with Reggie and turn on the man, killing him. With Reggie believed to have been killed by the raiders in the assault, Tyler had gained the trust of the others enough to become the new leader of the scouts. Back at Outpost, Matt revealed the details of the diary now that Reggie was dead. The mutiny and murder were both placed on Reggie's shoulders, and Matt gained the respect of the community for revealing this info.

In Haywood, Daniel Crowe is made the new leader for work in leading the assault on Tyler's group. Robert Dalton is enraged by this, for Daniel is just a new member of the community. Seeking to undermine Daniel, Robert orders his men to kill whoever they meet on their next scouting mission. They end up running into Lauren, Katie, and Lauren's boyfriend, Bull. The trio are saved by a pair loyal to Daniel, but Lauren ends up seriously injured. They are taken back to Haywood, where they are recognized to be Tyler's raiders. Bull ends up negotiating with Haywood, offering his life so that Lauren got the medical treatment she needed. Bull ends up locked up, but Robert undermines Daniel once again by murdering Bull. This leads to a civil war between those loyal to Daniel and those loyal to Robert, with the people of Haywood unfortunately caught in-between. Daniel's side ends up victorious, but at the loss of the majority of Haywood's population. The group barely have time to recover from this tragedy when they find Tyler on their doorstep.

Now in charge of the scouts, Tyler led the people of Outpost to believe Haywood was another raider group that needed to be eliminated for they had kidnapped his daughter. Fulfilling his end of the bargain, Matt made sure approval of the plan went through the council. A new assault began on Haywood, where Tyler demanded they give his daughter up. Though the people of Outpost quickly began to suspect something was wrong with all this, Tyler managed to get away with his daughter in hand. The fighting led to the deaths of both Daniel and Lauren.

This season took place approximately over two weeks IC.

Season 3

Approximately one month has passed since the last season. Outpost is shattered from the revelation that Tyler had led them astray. Myriah, knowing Matt set Reggie up as she had been the one to orchestrate the mutiny, began to connect Matt and Tyler together. Though Tyler was long gone, Tyler's loyal follower, Enrique, was still around. Having gained the trust of the scouts and stating he was ignorant of Tyler's true intentions, the people allowed him to stay. While it was not a lie, it was true that Enrique had been the one to commit the murder, not Reggie. On a scouting mission, the scouts meet a man named Michael and bring him back to Outpost. Once there, the people recognize him as the man who disappeared the night of the mutiny, Michael Tremblay. Matt anticipated Myriah eventually accusing himself and Enrique by taking Tremblay under his wing. The tables were turned on Myriah at a council meeting where Michael confessed to being in on the mutiny, but also revealed that it was Myriah who orchestrated it. With twin accusations flying, no one knew what to believe, so no direct action was taken either way. In exchange for his confession, Matt arranged for Tremblay to leave, but not before the man threatened Myriah. That night, someone set fire to Myriah's cabin, killing her. The fire then caught the next cabin over, and this ended up killing Enrique's girlfriend. Completely enraged, Enrique took the scouts loyal to him and left, deliberately leaving Outpost's gate open as he did so. A walker horde entered the community and killed many. Swearing revenge, a man named Sylar rallied a group of remaining scouts to follow after Enrique and bring him down.

Enrique's group ends up coming across another group and is dissatisfied when they are wary of him. He opens fire on them, but Sylar's group arrives to save the day. Sylar ends up demanding Enrique duel him, boasting about setting the fire to get Enrique to agree. The plan backfires on Sylar, who ends up losing the duel and killed. Enrique leaves after this, but not before kidnapping a girl named Emma for collateral. A number of the remainders decide to continue following Enrique in order to save Emma.

Tyler and his daughter Katie end up in Baton Rouge. They meet up with a number of people, eventually learning that Baton Rouge is controlled by a group named after their leader, Tremblay. This turns out to be Michael Tremblay, who after leaving Outpost in the aftermath of the mutiny, ended up traveling throughout New Orleans, learning of the other communities situated there. Tremblay eventually came to Baton Rouge, where he found himself in the middle of two rival factions. Tremblay up occupying the lesser of the two groups, Magnus' group. With that group out of the way, Richard Treis was willing to work with Tremblay instead of fight him. With this, Tremblay united Baton Rouge and essentially took control of the city. The man then decided to take a trip back down to New Orleans to fulfill his curiosity, where he became involved in the affairs of Matt, who left to join Tremblay's group after Enrique's blow-up.

Despite his best efforts, both Treis and Magnus grew tired of Tremblay controlling them both. Magnus was a man obsessed with finding a cure for the virus, and performed cruel experiments on people in order to achieve this. Tremblay had put a stop to this, but Magnus sought to continue this work without Tremblay knowing. Enrique's group ended up passing through Baton Rouge, and Magnus decided to capture the group in order to experiment on them. When the group seeking to rescue Emma followed them into Baton Rouge, Magnus captured them as well. The men and women Magnus captured ended up escaping from him, though many lives were lost in the escape.

Season 4

This season occurs directly after the last season. Treis was a white supremacist who took enjoyment out of killing people of color. Tremblay tried to negotiate supplies for these captives in order to avoid their deaths, but Treis was capturing more than Tremblay could afford. Treis had captured Hank Galey's group as they passed through Baton Rouge. The negotiation was a disaster, and four members of Hank's group ended up murdered.

In retaliation, Tremblay decided he'd had enough of dealing with Treis. He knew his people would not enjoy going to fight, but he had a plan to rally them together. Knowing of Tyler's history, and knowing he was in the city thanks to Matt spotting him, Tremblay had Tyler captured. In front of his entire group, Tremblay listed off Tyler's many sins, and reasoned that evil men had to be eliminated from the world. He asked the group to bear witness to the execution of Tyler and for them to follow him in then taking down Treis. Tremblay's group did not approve of this, and Tyler denounced Tremblay's claims, calling them lies. Tremblay was forced to hastily end the meeting, unsure how to proceed from here. Treis eventually caught wind of what occurred and prepared to battle with Tremblay. However, before this occurred, someone assassinated Tremblay, possibly in hope of ending the feud before it began. This didn't help, however, as Treis went ahead with the attack anyway.

Kerry, one of Magnus' men, had captured a woman named Jessalyn and had brought her to Tremblay, thinking the man would be pleased. Jessalyn's friend, Abram Chamberlin, sought to rescue her, and so rallied troops from both Haywood and Outpost. As he began his assault on Tremblay, he unintentionally ended up in the middle of the fight between Treis and what remained of Tremblay's people. Abram's group assisted them in taking down Treis' group. The community was left unlivable, and no one wanted to live in Baton Rouge anymore. A large majority of the combined group decided to head North in search of a new community...

Season 5

Approximately a month and a half has passed since the last season. Leaving Baton Rouge behind, a large number of the Louisiana survivors travelled north in search of a more reliable community to take shelter. Their journey ended when they arrived in Natchez and came upon a survivor group situated in a high school called Morgantown. The group split at this point, some choosing to trust Morgantown and seek shelter within its walls. This group was not initially well regarded by Morgantown's leaders. One of these leaders was Claiborne Borden, who often was at odds with the other leaders of his community. He and Nathan Davidson decided to remove Melanie Saracco as the third leader, as the young girl had never been one to get along with them.

The other members of the Louisiana refugees went their own way, but ran into a horde that was moving through Natchez. The group become further split, some of the survivors dying in the chaos. Those who survived eventually travelled back to Morgantown, but Claiborne ordered his men to fire on them as they approached. The group was forced to flee, but not without suffering losses. Claiborne managed to convince the people of Morgantown that he was fired on first, but he still fell under suspicion of a few people.

Meanwhile, the survivors of the group who had been captured by Magnus found themselves in Natchez as well. They eventually landed themselves at a community run by a woman named Fan Roberts. It was here that Danny and Elliot ran into their friend, Myriah, who was forced to reveal that she had faked her death as well as being the one to plan a fake mutiny back in Outpost, earning the distrust of Danny and Elliot. A man arrived at the community sometime later named Thom Wallace. He claimed to be a representative of the Kingdom of Alexandria and was looking for people to join his community...

NOTE: Bolded names are when a new character first entered the story. Underlined sentences indicate when a character permanently left the story.


Tuesday, November 5th
  • It has been roughly six months since the apocalypse began. Jack "Mr. Grimm" McKormack rides into New Orleans on his motorcycle. He encounters Jessalyn, a pregnant woman, and her friend Lynn living in old broken railway cars. The two women worry he is a man known as Tyler Salem.
  • Floyd Conlon survives a close encounter with walkers. He overhears Grimm's motorcycle from afar and spies on the man.
  • Jack "Sully" Sullam encounters a boy named Harrison. After walkers descend on the pair, only Jack survives the encounter.
  • From the rooftops, Damian Copperton spies on the group in the train yard. After deciding not to deal with the group, he encounters a woman named Holly.
  • Also having spied the train yard group, Tom "Tommy" Brown hides in the bushes and takes aim at the unfamiliar group.
  • In search of a new shelter, Rob O'Dara spies Damian and Holly on the rooftops. He cautiously attempts to get only Holly's attention, but manages to just put the rooftop pair on edge. After an awkward standoff, the trio discuss the idea of traveling together.
  • In a rundown convenience store, Shannon Greene mourns the loss of her friend Lexi. After leaving the store, she soon encounters James Feryana, who asks to join up with her.
  • Grimm asks Jessalyn and Lynn for water, food, or shelter. Lynn tells Grimm that they don't have anything to spare, but that he can stay in one of the other train cars. Lynn makes it clear that she doesn't trust him. The two women then talk about doing their laundry, and Grimm offers them a ride into the city. Floyd reveals himself and tells the group that it's too dangerous inside the city. He then tells Grimm to leave.
  • Damian informs Rob and Holly of his base inside the bell tower. He tells the pair that if they don't pull their weight he will quickly abandon them.
  • A man being attacked by a walker wanders into the train yard. Lynn goes to take care of both of them and Jessalyn sits down to talk with Grimm and Floyd. She tells the pair that Lynn doesn't trust new people, especially men. She believes she still has a few months before her baby is due.
  • Frustrated with the attitudes of Lynn and Floyd, Grimm leaves on his own. After raiding a 7/11, Grimm drives off to parts unknown.
  • Shaken by the little boy's death, Jack runs into the train yard group. He begs them for assistance. Tom chooses this opportunity to also introduce himself to the train yard group. Floyd reacts negatively to the pair, telling them to move on. Jessalyn begs the men not to fight. When she realizes Jack is a doctor, she asks the man to examine her and tell her if her baby is okay.
  • Brandon "Scott" Brown and his companions Julia, Alexander, and Quinn are making a shelter out of a church. A man named Polyester Homes hears the commotion from the church and spies on the building. Raiders attack the church, demanding the group of their supplies. Up in the bell tower, Brandon waves to Damian's group, asking them for assistance.
  • Having dealt with the walker threat, Lynn overhears the gunshots from the church. Worried it is Tyler's group, Lynn rushes to check out the situation.
  • Aleck Wyrde sees the church fight from his location. He decides to lay low and see how things turn out. His sister, Gwen Wyrde, is blissfully unaware and wonders if she will be making ravioli or lasagna this evening.
  • Annoyed with Jessalyn trusting the two new men, Floyd leaves the train yard. He comes across a horde of walkers drawn toward the church. Following them, he eventually finds Lynn.
  • Drawn by the gunfire from the church, Emma Crowe finds herself wandering into the train yard. She finds herself attacked by a walker and tries to call out to the train yard group for help. Having wandered away from the church, Aleck finds Emma and manages to save her. The pair retreat into a nearby store.
  • Brandon's group fight back, managing to kill one of the raiders. One of the raiders introduces himself as Brad, telling Brandon that he will spare his group. Brad mentions having to get back to Tyler before leaving, taking the other raiders with him.
  • Having been wandering the streets, Shannon and James are attacked by walkers. During the attack, the pair are also attacked by raiders. They manage to narrowly escape.
  • Attracted by the gunfire, walkers descend on the church. Brandon and his group manage to jack a car and drive off to parts unknown. Lynn and Floyd manage to escape back to the train yard. Polyester manages to escape to the woods. Rob ends up becoming separated from Damian and Holly, who both go missing.
  • Having tended to Emma's wounds, Aleck gives the girl a walkie-talkie so she can communicate with him. He leaves her to go back and check on the church again. Emma leaves the store and is found limping by the train yard group on the railroad tracks. After finding the church ransacked, Aleck returns to Emma.
  • Having taken shelter in a nearby building, Shannon sees the train yard group outside and confuses them for more raiders. She fires on the group, who fire back on her. In the confusion, Floyd puts Jessalyn on the back of his motorcycle and escapes with her into the woods.
  • Drawn by the gunfire, Daniel Crowe breaks into the building and subdues Shannon. He decides to assist her and James. He takes them back to his base, an auto garage. James sees his parents amongst the walkers that attack them.
  • The trio find Amelia "Rose" Stephens ransacking Daniel's base. Daniel is impressed with the woman's military background and asks her to join them.
  • When Daniel asks James if he's seen a girl matching his sister Emma's description, James informs him that he saw a girl who looked like that back at the train yard. Enraged, Daniel immediately leaves to go back and find her. Ashamed she fired on innocent people, Shannon asks Daniel if she can go with him. She asks Amelia to look after James while they are gone.
  • Drawn by the previous gunfire, the train yard group is attacked by walkers. Both Jack and Tom die in the attack. During the attack, the raiders come and kidnap Lynn and Emma. Brad steals Emma's knife and carves out a piece of Lynn's clothing. He leaves both the knife and the piece of cloth behind. Having watched the event from afar, Aleck uses the directional tracker in the walkie-talkies to track Emma and the raider group.
  • Floyd and Jessalyn's camp is attacked by walkers. Floyd commands Jessalyn to run back to the railroad tracks. When he becomes overwhelmed by the walkers, he escapes deeper into the woods.
  • Daniel and Shannon find Emma's knife at the train yard. Having scouted the raiders hideout, Aleck returns to the train yard. He overhears Daniel calling out for Emma, and tells the pair that he can lead them to her, as she had been captured by a group of men. Polyester runs into the group and asks to follow them.
  • Daniel tells Aleck no, that they won't be working with him. Daniel and Shannon leave with Polyester. They head back to the garage to inform Amelia and James of the situation. Shannon asks them if they will help rescue Emma and they all agree to help. The group decides to sleep and come up with a plan in the morning.
  • Disappointed by Daniel, Aleck goes to loot a liquor store. He decides to abandon the idea of getting Emma back, hoping that Daniel will be able to get her on his own. Drunk, Aleck makes his way to the thrift store where he and his sister, Gwen, have been staying. Aleck falls dead asleep.
Wednesday, November 6th
  • The sun just starting to rise, Floyd runs into Elijah Haywood in the woods. Having met before the outbreak, Eli asks Floyd to join his camp, but Floyd doesn't trust the man. He declines Eli's offer and tries to continue his search for Jessalyn, but is shot in the leg by Eli. Floyd spots Jessalyn off in the distance and is forced to watch Eli and his group capture her. Eli tells Floyd not to follow them.
  • Jessalyn confuses Eli's group for Tyler and his raiders. Eli informs her that he is taking her to Haywood, a refugee camp and trading post for survivors. While Jessalyn is acclimated into life at Haywood, Eli informs the mayor of Haywood, Bruce Levi, that he's brought a pregnant woman to the camp. Bruce tells Eli that Jessalyn will be a goldmine for their community.
  • Lynn and Emma are brought to the raider hideout located underground in the catacombs of New Orleans. The two girls are placed into cells. Tyler tortures and interrogates Lynn, trying to find out where Jessalyn is. When she won't give her friend up, Tyler knocks the woman out and tells her he's sending her to the arena. Tyler then calls on Beckett "Bex" Everett and a few other raiders for a mission to clear the local shopping mall. Bex convinces Tyler to instead let him guard the new prisoners. The other raiders, led by Ash Williamson, are sent on their mission without Bex.
  • Floyd is captured by a group of raiders out on a hunt. They take him back to the hideout.
  • Daniel and the others wake up at the auto garage. Amelia is worried about the group's supplies so suggests they go out for a supply run before working out a plan to rescue Emma. Shannon convinces the group to try out a shopping mall close by, but a man named Enrique Ortiz intrudes on the group. After a standoff, Enrique offers to help the group take the mall for a cut in return. The group eventually agrees to the deal and Shannon, Daniel, Amelia, and Enrique leave in Daniel's truck, leaving Polyester to look after James. Daniel reveals he never wanted Enrique to come with them, but wanted to avoid a confrontation in front of James. He kicks Enrique out of the truck on the way to the mall.
  • Aleck wakes up and informs Gwen of the events of yesterday. He tells her he wants to save Emma, and the pair drive off.
  • One of Haywood's soldiers tries to force himself on Jessalyn who stabs him in retaliation. It is revealed that Haywood is trading women to Tyler and his raiders for supplies. Tyler is using women for breeding stock, hoping to foster a generation of children who follow his ideals obediently. Jessalyn is very important to Levi, as Tyler will be willing to pay extra for her. The man who came on to Jessalyn, Antonio, is killed.
  • Lynn is shoved into the arena by Tyler. He sicks walkers on her and demands to know where her friend Jessalyn is. It is revealed that Tyler and Lynn had once been lovers, but that Lynn left Tyler after he started his collection of women. When Lynn won't back down, Tyler promises that he will break her, and sends her back to her cell.
  • Having been brought back to the hideout, Floyd is then shoved into the arena by a raider called The Bull. Armed with only a knife, Floyd manages to take down four walkers. This impresses Bull and the other raiders. Floyd is taken back to his cell, where the only female raider, Lauren, gives Floyd a ration of food. He chews her out for being with the raiders, but Lauren tells him she only does it to survive.
  • Daniel's group arrives at the mall. Unbeknownst to them, it has already been cleared of walker's by Ash's group. Inside Target, Ash's group attacks Daniel's group. Daniel's group manages to kill two of the raiders and capture Ash, though Shannon is shot during the skirmish.
  • Levi announces a town speech for the citizens of Haywood. At the gathering, Jessalyn sees Levi for the first time and realizes he is the father of her eventual child. She goes into shock during the speech and the doctor attempts to calm her down by taking her away from the gathering. Levi orders the doctor to be taken in for leaving during the speech. Levi informs the doctor later that this is because he left during a speech, but the doctor suggests that this is for some other reason. When the man brings up Levi's sordid dealings with the raiders, Levi kills him.
  • Isidore "Surge" Orson looks for supplies in the outskirts of Haywood. He enters the community soon after and is met by Haywood's guards. Rob also comes across Haywood.
  • Eli arrives at the raider's hideout to discuss the next trade with Tyler. As per usual, Eli asks about his wife, who was one of the women Levi gave to the raiders. Tyler assures him his wife is happy and tells Brad to get the supplies ready for the trade. Eli leaves the hideout, fed up with it all.
  • A young girl named Katelyn "Katie" Salem calls out for daddy from within the catacombs. It turns out her father is Tyler, who lost his wife and son in the early days of the apocalypse. He keeps Katie locked away in the hideout, sheltering her from the outside world's horrors and his own twisted schemes. Katie tells Tyler that she misses him and that she wants him to play with her. Tyler is unable to say no.
  • A young man comes to Jessalyn and tells her that they should leave Haywood. He tells her that girls have been disappearing and that Haywood isn't safe. The young man attempts to sneak him and Jessalyn out of Haywood, but Jessalyn is caught while the young man gets away. Levi becomes fed up with Jessalyn causing trouble and he reveals to her that he plans on selling her to the raiders. Jessalyn is then held in captivity.
  • Eli returns from the trip to the raider's hideout. He enacts a plan to overthrow Levi. With the backing of Haywood's militia, Eli reveals to the community the deal Levi has had with the raiders. Levi shoots Eli in the uproar, and the militia lock Levi into the cells. Eli eventually dies from his wound. Jess is freed and given a crowbar to use on Levi as she sees fit. Tied up to a chair, Levi yells at Jess. He tells her that they will still use her for supplies, even after he is gone. He then tells her to kill him, so his death is not in Haywood's hands. Tired of feeling hatred, Jess tells Levi that she forgives him.
  • David Johnson arrives in New Orleans with no one but his small dog companion.
  • Defeated, Levi begins to confess to Jess. He tells her that he left her with child because he was unable to cope with the idea of bringing a kid into this new world. He tells Jess that he is sorry and begs her to let him live, for the sake of giving the child a father. Jess tells him she will help him and unties him. Levi hits her and reveals that he was lying. He tells her that there is no way they will let him live, so he may kill what begrudges him: her. After a brief struggle, Jess escapes from Levi, and he is shot and killed by the guards.
  • Needing to prepare for the upcoming trade, Tyler leaves Katie. He tells Bull to go ahead and offer Floyd a spot within the raiders. Tyler then meets up with Brad.
  • The remains of Haywood decide to take down Tyler and rescue his captured women. They decide to use the upcoming trade to lure Tyler out and kill him. They recruit Rob to help them with the plan.
  • The Bull offers Floyd to join the raiders. Wishing to instead kill the raiders, Floyd sees no other choice and joins them.
  • Katie sneaks out of her room to find a raider named Harley stealing supplies. He realizes she's seen him so he chases after her. Katie seeks protection from Floyd, who is being shown around by Bull. Floyd sees something familiar in Katie, and In a fit of rage, Floyd attacks the man and breaks his nose. Bull takes Harley to the cells and leaves Katie under Floyd's supervision. He tells them to go to Katie's room and find Lauren.
  • Floyd decides to take Katie to go get cleaned up. She lets slip that there is a new girl in the hideout and Floyd becomes desperate to know where this woman is, thinking she might be Jessalyn. Katie tells him that she doesn't know where she is. Floyd decides that Lauren would know where this new woman is, so he and Katie look for her.
  • Tyler and Brad meet with Robert Dalton, a member of Haywood's former militia, for the deal. As the deal is done in an unorthodox place and under strange circumstances, Tyler and the raiders are put on guard. Jessalyn learns that Tyler has Lynn captured, so she tells the Haywood men to let her go quietly for now so she can see Lynn. The Haywood men begrudgingly agree and back off on assassinating Tyler, who is overjoyed to have Jess in his hands so easily.
  • Daniel and Amelia take their prisoner, Ash, and Shannon to an abandoned building. They interrogate Ash before eventually killing him. They learn of Haywood, and the deal that Haywood has had with the raiders. When Shannon wakes up, they all pick up James and Polyester before heading to Haywood. Enrique and David also find themselves at Haywood.
  • Daniel tells Robert what he learned from Ash: that the raider hideout has a back entrance. Robert gives Daniel command of some of his men for the upcoming raid. Enrique and Amelia are put into Daniel's group.
  • Shannon is taken to the infirmary, where David tends to her wounds.
  • Tyler and Brad bring Jessalyn to the cells. Tyler tells Bex he can go now and to give them some privacy. Guilty over Emma's eventual fate, Bex listens in on the conversation outside. Tyler has Brad move Emma to a deeper part of the cells so they have complete privacy. He shows Jess off to Lynn, who is saddened that Tyler has gotten what he wanted. He tells Lynn that she is wrong about him and he takes Jessalyn away.
  • In the deeper part of the cells, one of the raiders, Hector "Hex" Bradshaw, decides to take advantage of Emma's position. He sneaks inside and sexually assaults her, but is scared off when Bex arrives to check up on Emma. He apologizes to her and promises her that the man will be punished for what he did. Emma asks Bex to help her escape, but Bex tells her he can't do that and leaves.
  • Tyler shows Jess to the woman's quarters. The other women are excited about a new girl, but Jess is put off by it all. Tyler then takes Jess to the arena to explain to her that it his men are the true monsters, not him. He tells her that he needs them to achieve what he wants, but that he must let them have some degree of freedom, and so he lets them have the women from time to time. Jess is not convinced by Tyler's words and is disgusted by him. Brad arrives to tell Tyler about Hex and Harley's actions. Tyler leaves to punish the men and Jess is taken back to the women's quarters.
  • The Bull, after locking Harley up, comes across Floyd and Katie. He shows them to where Lauren is. Floyd demands that Lauren take him to the new girl and Lauren is quick to agree. It turns out that she has been unhappy with Tyler's rule for some time. As she sees Floyd as a way of potentially deposing Tyler, she shows him to the women's cells. Katie sneaks away from Bull and follows them. Floyd is initially angered that it is Lynn and not Jess, but when Lynn tells him that Jess is somewhere in the hideout, Floyd attacks Lauren, demanding she tell him where Jess is. Lauren calms Floyd down by telling him that she's on his side. They talk about taking down Tyler, but Katie overhears and becomes upset at the news.
  • Tyler enters the cells and sees Katie. He becomes enraged and screams at her, prompting her to run away in fear. Lauren is ordered to go find her.
Thursday, November 7th
  • Under the darkness of early morning, Haywood attacks the raider's hideout. Robert leads a group of men to attack the front and distract the raiders while Daniel leads a group into the back. During the battle, Brad confronts Lynn and accuses her of being behind the attack. He accuses her and the women of being the reason why the raiders are in such a bad position and attacks her. As well, Daniel's group manages to rescue Emma from her cell.
  • An explosion goes off, opening the gates to the caged walkers in the arena. The explosion was caused by Aleck, who left Gwen safely outside. The explosion rocks the hideout, giving Lynn a chance to escape from Brad. As well, Emma, being led out of the facility by a man named James, comes across Bex and asks him to escape with them. Bex tells them that he can't do that and tells them to hurry outside. They leave Bex, but run into a group of walkers. The man Emma is with is killed and his gun accidentally fires on her in the process. Emma goes unconscious from the pain.
  • Lauren finds Katie and takes the girl under her care as they escape the hideout. They run into Bull, who Lauren asks to go with them. His love for Lauren trumping his loyalty for Tyler, Bull leaves with them. As well, Enrique, who veered off from the main raiding party, runs into Aleck after sustaining injuries. Mistaking Aleck for another raider, Enrique kills Aleck before stumbling into the cells.
  • Jess manages to escape from her distracted guards, but she returns to Tyler's group of women in order to help them. Unfortunately, the walkers find the women and kill most of them. Floyd finds and saves Jess, then tells her they must leave immediately. Unhappy with leaving Lynn behind, Jess goes with Floyd.
  • The battle nearing its conclusion, Lynn finds a blood soaked and weaponless Tyler. She taunts him about his plans falling apart around him and then reveals a wound she sustained in the arena, a walker scratch. Lynn reveals that she is about to turn and attacks Tyler. During the struggle, she completely turns into a walker, but is pulled off of Tyler by Brad. Brad wrestles with a zombified Lynn before killing her. Tyler sees that Brad was bitten by Lynn during the struggle and Brad begs him to cut off his arm. Tyler instead kills Brad.
  • Tyler comes across an injured Enrique and demands to know if he is bitten. Enrique manages to tell him that he is not and Tyler decides to help him. He introduces himself to Enrique as 'Tom' and proceeds to pretend that he was one of the prisoners at the hideout. The pair runs into Bex, who decides to go along with the charade. The trio escape the hideout.
  • The sun now high in the sky, Floyd and Jess escape the hideout and head into the woods.
  • Lauren and Bull escape with Katie into the woods. Not wanting to tell her about her father's sins, they tell the little girl that Tyler died during the battle.
  • Emma awakes outside under the care of Riley O'Connor, one of Haywood's militia. He messages to Robert that Daniel's sister, Emma, has been rescued. Robert is angered by this, believing that the objective of killing Tyler was botched by Daniel's priority of saving his sister. Poor Gwen Wyrde becomes lost in the chaos around the catacombs and goes missing.
  • Daniel and his remaining men search the hideout for Tyler but come up with nothing. They are forced to leave, the raid only a partial success.


Tuesday, November 26
  • Three weeks since the attack on the raider hideout, Bex, Tyler, and Enrique meet with a group from the community of Outpost, situated in the woods. Tyler introduces himself to them as 'Thomas Zuchowski'. The men, Reggie, Luke, and Rudy, tell Tyler's group that they are on probation before they can enter Outpost properly. Enrique worries that these men might be trying to trick them, but Tyler assures him not to worry.
  • Reggie's group arrive back at Outpost. A respected member of Outpost, Myriah Bay, informs the trio that there will be an important meeting later. Afterwards, Rudy runs into Matt Shard, a member of Outpost's council. The two of them proceed to have a conversation where Rudy tells Matt that he thinks Reggie will be running Outpost soon enough.
  • After conversing with Matt, Rudy leaves to check up on his friend, Elliot. Elliot is deaf and communicates only through sign language. Though he can read lips, it's exhausting for him to do so all of the time. Elliot tells Rudy of his first day on wall duty and how one of the men was unhappy with the idea of working with someone who is deaf. When he further expresses his frustration with hearing people, Rudy decides to talk to Myriah about it later.
  • A girl named Hazel Lawrence finds an abandoned hotel and decides to check it out. She finds an old couple inside taking care of a group of undead children. Sickened, she is forced to kill the old couple and their children. She later then cleans up and begins to fix up the hotel. She decides to call it The Pub, and use it as a resting place for other survivors.
  • At Outpost's council meeting, Reggie informs the group that a horde of the undead were on their way to Outpost. Reggie asks the council that they halt their construction plans to work on giving Outpost a real fighting force. The other council members are at first hesitant as many of Outpost's citizens were counting on the wall's expansion. Both Matt and Myriah speak up and disagree with Reggie. After further discussion, Reggie eventually convinces the council and they vote in favor of Reggie's plans. Afterwards, Myriah informs the council of what happened with Elliot on the wall and says she wants to start sign language lessons. The other members of the council are unsure about this idea, but Myriah states that Elliot's brother, Richard, will be giving lessons regardless.
  • Later, at a town meeting for Outpost, Myriah announces the language lessons and offers anyone to teach any language other than English that they are willing to teach. Reggie then speaks next, informing the crowd of his plans to bolster his scouts. He tells the crowd of the incoming threat and makes an impassioned speech asking for people to sign up for the defence force. Reggie's words get to the crowd and they applaud him.
  • Tyler, Bex, and Enrique suffer a walker attack on the cabin they're staying at. They defeat the walkers easily, but Enrique grows further worried. Tyler decides to celebrate their victory with a bottle of wine. Bex is conflicted, having previously been sober for eight years before he became a raider, but he ultimately decides to drink the wine anyway. To assure Enrique things will be fine, Tyler tells the man that they will watch each other's backs, no matter what.
Wednesday, November 27
  • Within the last three weeks, the people of Haywood have come to see Daniel as the hero who killed Tyler. He is voted in as the new mayor to replace Levi. Robert, knowing that Daniel did not succeed in killing Tyler, has come to hate Daniel. Trying to drink his troubles away, Robert is confronted by his friend and another of the militia, Anthony. He tells Robert to be patient, that someday he will be the leader and not Daniel.
  • A young girl named Valentina Vetrov sneaks into Haywood with the intention of stealing food. She breaks into the home Daniel shares with his sister. Shannon, who is visiting Daniel at the time, and Daniel catch her in the act. She ends up pulling a gun on the pair.
  • After spending some time in the infirmary, Emma is told that she has asthma. She leaves and runs into Robert, who walks her back to her house. With their added presence at the household, Valentina is frightened and attempts to run away, but she is stopped by Rob. She is then taken to the infirmary by Rob, Shannon, and Emma.
  • Daniel stays behind to talk with Robert, who tells him the young girl must be kicked out as soon as possible. He further lays into him about Haywood's dwindling supplies and increasing population. Daniel tells him that they won't kick out the girl, as then they would be no better than Tyler or Levi. He informs Robert that they have found a potential farm and that he hopes to recruit any potential farmers that may be living there.
  • In the infirmary, Valentina pulls a knife on a nurse and stabs her, forcing the doctor, O'Connor, to handcuff the girl to the bedpost and sedate her. Shannon and Emma volunteer to help with the procedure while the nurse is incapacitated.
  • Despite Daniel's order to check out the farm in the morning, Robert orders Anthony and a few other men to take the farm. They are ordered to kill whoever is there, those individuals being Ben Haggerton, Jacob "Flynn" Haggerton, and Samuel "Tyler" Haggerton.
  • As the militia men approach the farm, it is spotted by Bull and Lauren. They take Katie to the farm, hoping to find shelter there. The Haggerton family fires on the militia men, causing Bull and Katie to run back into the foliage. During the firefight, the farmhouse is set on fire and the Haggerton family manage to escape and set off for parts unknown. One of the militia finds Lauren hiding out at the side of the house and she makes a break for it. Though he only means to scare her, he accidentally shoots Lauren in the leg and she falls down and strikes her head on a rock. Bull and Katie run to her to find that the fall has rendered Lauren unconscious. The fighting is seen by Henry Donnell and Audrey Castle, who were out scouting for Daniel. When Anthony notices them, he kills the surviving militia in order to make it look like he wasn't with them. Henry and Audrey find Lauren, Bull, and Katie and decide to take them back to Haywood.
  • After Valentina's ordeal, the doctor begins work on the stabbed nurse. Daniel enters the infirmary and Shannon tells him that things worked out okay. Later, Henry enters the infirmary with Bull, Katie, and the unconscious Lauren. Shannon recognizes Bull as the man who attacked her and James a month ago and she informs everyone that they are raiders. Emma sympathizes with Lauren and she asks that Lauren still be treated. Shannon begrudgingly agrees but tells Daniel that Bull should be locked away, saying that if the people of Haywood discovered who he was, it would be safer for him if he was imprisoned. Katie becomes upset about everyone talking about her dad, Tyler, and they all realize that she is his daughter. Only wanting help for Lauren, Bull agrees to be locked up while Katie runs away.
  • Anthony meets with Robert and informs him what happened. After an altercation, Anthony tells Robert that he is finished with him. Later, Audrey confronts Robert about his orders to kill the farmers. Robert threatens her and tells her that he is the only worthy person to be running Haywood. He then proceeds to seek out the imprisoned Bull.
  • Matt is frustrated with how the council meeting went the day before. He decides that if he wants any power in Outpost, he must get rid of Reggie. Matt decides to pay Myriah a visit to warn her that Reggie has too much power and that the council is doing little more than going along with Reggie obediently. Myriah reflects on Outpost's past and remembers the time when she was the sole leader. She had never wanted the position, but it had fallen in her lap anyway. After an attempted mutiny that Reggie almost single-handedly thwarted, Myriah made it so that a council would rule Outpost and not just herself. As she has faith in the system, Myriah disagrees with Matt.
  • Having been ransacking the city for supplies for most of the day, Reggie and his scouts are planning to start heading back into the forest. Before they do this, Luke's group (containing Bex) encounter a boarded up hotel. They enter what turns out to be The Pub and surprise Hazel, who is happy to provide them a place to stay. Luke informs Reggie over the radio that they don't have to rush out of the city so soon. Unsure if Hazel is a trustworthy individual, Reggie has Rudy's group (containing Enrique, Ben, and Simon) secretly watch the hotel from across the street until Reggie's group (containing Tyler and Phon) arrives.
  • A boy named Nicolas Sarkozy arrives at the hotel seeking shelter. Unbeknownst to him, he was being tracked by a group of armed men who proceed to surround the hotel. Rudy informs Reggie of these developments, but soon Sylar Macey and Meghan Cordon, two other citizens of Outpost, come over on the radio and tell Reggie that they've been tracking the armed men all day. Unable to make it to the hotel in time, Reggie tells his team that they must leave one of the men alive. During the fight, Simon is shot in the arm and Ben is unfortunately killed. Even though the scouts win the fight, they are saddened with the loss of one of their own.
  • Reggie interrogates the man they captured and asks him where the rest of his gang live. Reggie promises the man they they will let him live if he gives up this info. The man gives up their location, but is promptly shot in the head and killed by Tyler. As Reggie was going to keep his word to spare the man's life, he is furious. Tyler is defiant and tells Reggie that they couldn't let the man live. He tells Reggie that men like him were evil. Tyler then breaks down into sobs and informs the group that it was men like him that took his daughter away. Reggie forgives Tyler for the transgression and informs the group that this gang is now a potential threat to Outpost and must be dealt with accordingly.
  • As Meghan was critically hurt in the battle, Sylar brings her into the hotel on the verge of tears. Sylar is told that they have no doctors within the scouts, but Reggie has Phon look after Meghan as he's the best they have. Enrique then asks Reggie if he can assist in training the scouts as he has a military background, but he warns he may have to treat the men roughly. Reggie is fine with this and agrees.
  • Daniel holds a town meeting for Haywood, where he informs everyone that they shorten the current rations, leaving the community in poor spirits. Shannon catches Daniel after the meeting and offers to hang out with him in the evening after the crazy day they've had. Daniel agrees.
  • Emma finds Katie and helps comfort the girl. Emma agrees to take her to see Bull, who they find being interrogated by Robert. Robert demands of Bull to tell him where Tyler is. Bull and Katie tell the man that Tyler is dead, but Robert refuses to believe that. He leaves with the two girls and asks a guard to move Bull to a more secure location
  • Emma then takes Katie to her home where she puts the girl to bed. Shannon and Daniel arrive home soon after with supplies. As Daniel puts the supplies away in the kitchen, Shannon waits in the living room. Emma soon joins her and the pair talk about the past and what they miss the most. Katie wakes up and joins the pair. When Daniel finishes in the kitchen, Emma and Katie leave to go to bed and there is a knock at the door. Daniel opens it to find a distraught Audrey who informs Daniel of Robert's warning to her earlier. She tells him of the attack on the farm and that Robert believes Tyler is still alive. Daniel tells Audrey to lay low and that he will eventually figure things out. Daniel then returns to Shannon, who asks him what his conversation was about. Daniel lies and tells Shannon that it was nothing. The pair then proceed to have an evening of card games.
  • After burying Ben, removing the corpses from the street, and eating a meal, the scouts have a moment of silence for their fallen friend. Reggie tells the group that no matter what Outpost's council thinks, they will begin to bolster their forces and enact a plan to wipe out the art museum gang. Afterwards, Luke suggests to Reggie that they take Nicolas back to outpost and establish Hazel's Pub as a new Outpost. Reggie agrees.
  • Finding Sylar, Reggie informs him that Meghan should be fine, but that she will be bedridden for a few days. Reggie says Sylar is welcome to stay, but that the scouts have to leave in the morning no matter what. He then offers Sylar a position amongst the scouts, who tells Reggie that he needs the night to think on it.
Thursday, November 28
  • In the morning, Reggie and his scouts awake to a breakfast cooked by Hazel. Reggie asks Sylar once again about joining the scouts and this time the man agrees.
  • Myriah's language classes begin, but she finds that attendance is sadly underwhelming.
  • In the woods, Floyd finds a potential abandoned house for him and Jess to stay. Jess attempts to treat Floyd's hand, but he becomes distant, not wanting to grow close to anyone, even her. When they enter the house, Jess starts to believe that Floyd means to abandon her there. Distraught, she confronts him about it. Floyd grows upset that she would think he's no better than people like Levi. He grabs her by the wrist and drags her into a baby's room, having found it earlier drenched in blood. To a soon-to-mother like Jess, Floyd intends for the sight to be horrific. Jess grows further upset and leaves him to go to bed.
  • Feeling bad about his actions, Floyd decides to clean up the baby room covered in blood. Afterwards, he tells Jess that he is sorry. Jess gets up, prompting the pair to open up to each other and talk about their pasts and their personal demons. They then share an intimate kiss, but they are soon interrupted by someone at the front door. Floyd confronts the man, who tells them that he's being chased by a walker. Floyd leaves to deal with the walker but finds a revolver pointed at his face when he returns. After an altercation, Floyd kills the man, but he is left wounded. Floyd then leads Jess in removing the bullet and treating his wound. The pair then fall asleep together.
Friday, November 29
  • A man named Abram Chamberlin comes across the house that Floyd and Jess are staying in. The pair awake to the man's knocking and are wary of his presence. Floyd asks the man what he wants and Abram responds that he was only looking for a place to stay the night. After he sees the state of the pair, Abram offers to share with them his food and medical supplies. Floyd begrudgingly agrees for the man to stay, but ends up falling unconscious from his wounds.
  • Abram and Jess tend to Floyd and put him to bed. Jess then cooks Abram a meal and they spend the day conversing. Eventually, Floyd wakes up and is still obviously wary of Abram. In retaliation, Abram assures the pair that he's willing to help them out. Jess soon leaves to go to bed and Floyd asks Abram where he came from and how long he expects to stay. Abram reiterates that he's willing to stay and help out as long as they want. He says that with Floyd in his condition, it would be an asset to have him around. Abram then expresses doubt that Floyd is the father of Jess' child and reveals to Floyd that he's seen Jess before. He had been monitoring the catacombs, witnessing the girls being taken there and eventually the attack that had taken place there. Floyd becomes irritated with Abram and tells him he can only stay the night before going to bed himself. During the night, Jess enters Floyd's room and sleeps next to him.
Saturday, November 30
  • Floyd and Jess awaken and begin to have breakfast. Jess asks Floyd about names for her baby, but she is interrupted by Abram. Abram gives Floyd a pistol as a gift and tells Floyd he will be leaving like he asked, though Floyd rejects the pistol and leaves it on the counter. Jess becomes concerned and asks Abram for a moment alone with Floyd. Jess then tells Floyd that she is worried about his condition and that she thinks that Abram should stay at least until Floyd is fully healed. Floyd tells Jess to tell Abram that herself before leaving the room. Jess is disappointed with Floyd's mood, but she informs Abram that he can stay.
  • Robert visits Bull's cell and begins his interrogation anew. He asks again where Tyler is hiding and Bull can only tell Robert that he does not know. In response, Robert takes a crowbar and breaks Bull's left leg. Robert tells Bull that he knows Tyler is alive and that they can use his daughter against him now that Bull has delivered her to them. He then tells Bull that he believes him when he says he doesn't know where Tyler is. Despite this, Robert proceeds to kill Bull anyway.
  • Shanelle "Shan" Horner and Ryder Answell are found by one of Haywood's scouting groups. Because of the condition of her lungs, Shan is unable to live without a steady supply of oxygen. The leader of the scouting party, Eric, tells the pair that they should come with him back to Haywood, where they have a doctor.
  • No longer wanting to be associated with Robert, Anthony gives Rob a note that states Robert's true intentions to murder Bull/Lauren and to turn the town against Daniel. Rob then passes the note on to Audrey, who passes it on to Daniel. Furious, Daniel goes to find Anthony.
  • Jess wanders the house for a while. The pistol Floyd left on the counter eventually catches her eye. She decides to take the gun with her into the woods while she washes the clothing. Floyd follows Jess and berates her for going out alone and bringing a gun she didn't know how to use. Floyd then grabs Jess by the arm and drags her back to the house. Jess becomes angry with Floyd and tells him off for treating her like a helpless child. Floyd begins to feel guilty for his actions and tells Jess that he is sorry and that he is trying to change. Floyd leaves the house to clear his head and tells Abram to look after Jess while he's out.
  • Jess approaches Abram and asks him for advice about men. She confides in him that she may be falling in love with Floyd, but that she doesn't understand how he thinks. Abram assures her that despite their bumpy relationship, he believes things will work out between them.
  • Daniel confronts Anthony and demands to know where Robert is and where he's keeping Bull. Anthony tells Daniel that killing Robert outside of Haywood would only lead the community to being suspicious of Daniel. Anthony tells Daniel to forget saving the raider and instead take down Robert within Haywood. If Daniel tells everyone of what Robert plans to do and the community sees what goes down, then they will trust Daniel.
  • Rob finds Katie picking flowers outside Haywood's wall for Emma. Rob tells her that it's dangerous to do that and Katie begins to cry. Rob tells Katie that they can pick flowers together and give them to Emma. Later, when they present the flowers to Emma, Rob whispers in Emma's ear that she must hide Katie for a while and that Robert will be looking for her when he arrives. Rob then leaves to join Daniel's soldiers.
  • Daniel gathers together the people of Haywood and begins to inform them of Robert's treacheries. He also informs them that unlike they were led to believe, Tyler was not confirmed dead during the raid on the catacombs. The people of Haywood become angry at Daniel for this but Eric speaks up and defends Daniel, telling Haywood that Daniel is ready to die for them if he has to. Daniel tells the community that even if they don't want him to lead any longer, that he wishes for them to allow him to fight for them. With that, Daniel prepares his soldiers for Robert's return.
  • In Haywood's infirmary, Lauren awakens in a dizzy state. She asks where Bull and Katie are, but O'Connor quickly puts Lauren in a wheelchair and tells her that the citizens are taking shelter. O'Connor hands her off to Rob and asks Eric to bring Shan and Ryder to the shelter as well. After O'Connor grabs the last remaining oxygen tank for the girl, he informs Daniel that he'd rather be fighting alongside him than hiding away.
  • Tipped off by one of his men working undercover, Robert prepares for his fight with Daniel. With a rousing speech, Robert leads his men toward Haywood.
  • As Abram and Jess talk, Abram spots a herd of walkers descending on the house. Deciding that they would be unable to hold the house on their own, Abram tells Jess that they must hurry and run. Jess tells Abram that she won't leave without Floyd and suggests that Abram lead the walkers away with his vehicle. She tells him to go find Floyd and that she'll be fine inside the house. Abram refuses this idea and tells Jess that they should leave together and search for Floyd. Jess agrees and the pair pile into Abram's truck.
  • As Robert's group approaches the gates, Daniel's group stands nervously waiting. Eagerly, Eric takes the first shot, firing on Robert's vehicle, signalling Robert to order his men to fire. Both groups then fire on each other heavily and Rob ends up shot. Daniel sees Amelia become exposed and he risks himself to pull her out of danger. A grenade Daniel throws then destroys Robert's vehicle, though the man himself manages to escape the blast. Robert then has his men ram the gates, allowing them to invade Haywood. Using the cover his men provides, Robert escapes further into Haywood, only to be stopped dead in his tracks by Henry. Before Henry can pull the trigger, he is shot and killed by Eric, who was working for Robert all along. Audrey and Daniel then run into the alley. Overcome with grief, Audrey can't pull the trigger on Eric and Daniel is forced to tackle the man to the ground. During the altercation, Daniel manages to kill Eric.
  • Robert charges Daniel and a fight ensues. The two berate each other as they fight, Robert eventually taking the upper hand. Before Robert can deliver the killing blow, he is shot in the abdomen. As he turns to see who shot him, Robert finds Emma holding a gun standing beside a grieving Audrey. A moment passes and Emma fire again, killing Robert for good.
  • In the chaos that follows, walkers descend on Haywood. Katie finds herself unable to hide and so go looks for Emma, but she is shot in the crossfire. The walkers then proceed to overwhelm the remaining Haywood militia and they are forced to flee from the gates, allowing the walker horde to enter into Haywood.
  • Daniel's group (Consisting of Audrey, Emma, Riley, and the hurt pair of Katie/Rob) hold out in Daniel's office. From a window, Daniel spots Anthony attempting to close Haywood's gates so fewer walkers will get through. Daniel creates a distraction for Anthony using gunshots and a molotov cocktail before going to the gate himself to help push it closed.
  • The apartment building where Haywood's civilians are hiding comes under siege by the walkers that wandered into the town. Trapped inside, Shannon attempts to bring James and Polyester to safety on the third floor, but Polyester ends up grabbed by a walker from behind and is bitten. Shannon and James make it to the third floor safely, where the remaining survivors are holding out. Under the direction of doctor David, Shannon and the other civilians start barricading the stairwell with furniture.
  • Anthony decides that the best course of action is to burn the building and take out the walkers inside. In an attempt to save the remaining survivors, Daniel climbs up on to the third floor using the fire escape from the adjacent building. He manages to make a bridge out of the fire escape's ladder for the survivors to escape across. Daniel then tells everyone inside the plan to burn down the building and assists them in blocking off the stairwell. David ends up slipping and falling down the stairs where he is trapped and killed. After the others escape into the adjacent building, Daniel ushers them into his office where the others are hiding out.
  • With the help of propane tanks, Anthony sets off an explosion to burn down the building. His satisfaction is short-lived as he remembers that the gate must be fully closed up. Daniel, with Emma and Riley, leave the others to assist Anthony. They manage to use Daniel's truck to block the gate, but the group is concerned they won't have enough ammo to take out the remaining stragglers inside.
  • Anthony takes Surge and the pair head away from Haywood and attempt to draw the surrounding walkers away. As they leave, Daniel rallies Emma and Riley to pick off the stragglers and patch up the remaining holes. The group come out successful.
  • As they drive, Jess spots a smoke trail off in the distance. Jess believes it may be a signal from Floyd, so she urges Abram to head in that direction. Abram believes that Floyd would not be so thick to broadcast his position like that, but decides to appease Jess anyway.
  • Daniel gathers everyone back into the office to wait for Anthony and Surge, but leaves soon after in frustration. Riley follows him later to find Daniel drinking. Daniel speaks to Riley, expressing his sorrow of the lives lost that day his worries over who Emma will become in this new world. Later, the pair begin to move everyone to Daniel's house so that they can rest.
  • At the house, Riley tells Lauren about the death of Bull and the woman breaks down, crying. Shannon brings her to the living room alone to calm her down, but Lauren lashes out and grabs Shannon by the collar. She tells Shannon that it is her and the people of Haywood's fault that Bull died. Lauren also tells her that the death of the women imprisoned by Tyler is on their hands. Shaken by this, Shannon tells Riley that they need to keep an eye on Lauren at all times.
  • Abram and Jess arrive at their destination, which turns out to be Haywood. Daniel meets the pair and it turns out that Abram was once a part of Daniel's unit in the army. Jess asks Daniel if Floyd has showed up, but Daniel tells her that he hasn't met anyone named Floyd. Jess becomes distraught and says that they can't abandon the search for Floyd. Having respect for Abram, Daniel tells Jess that they will help her find Floyd however they can. Jess is relieved and asks if she can rest. Emma brings her inside the house.
  • Shannon has a meeting with Daniel, Emma, and Amelia. She explains to them that they can't protect Haywood with their few remaining numbers. With a group of mostly children and injured, Shannon explains that they must leave some people behind if they wish to have a surviving chance.
  • Anthony and Surge become surrounded by walkers. Things start going badly for the pair, forcing Anthony to take drastic action. While Surge isn't looking, Anthony stabs him, ending his life. As the dead feast on Surge's body, Anthony manages to escape.
  • Lauren awakes during the night to Katie tugging at her arm. She is forced to inform the girl that Bull has died, and Katie has a tantrum as a result. She runs out of the house in anger and Lauren is unable to chase after her in her condition. Emma eventually finds Katie and calms the younger girl down.
  • Noah and Anthony Kendrick approach Haywood while under attack from walkers. Daniel, who is giving Lauren a lecture on how they have her best interests at heart, hears the fighting and gathers Abram/Riley to assist. The son and father pair are rescued, later becoming members of Haywood.
  • After spending the day evading the dead, Floyd finally returns to the house after night falls to find Jess and Abram gone. He finds Abram's truck missing and comes to the conclusion that they left alive. Floyd begins to believe that they aren't going to come back for him after his fight with Jess in the morning and he prepares to leave. Back in the forest, Floyd ends up falling over a ridge and knocking himself unconscious.
Sunday, December 1st
  • Turisa Saunders, a police officer previously stationed in Chicago, travels to New Orleans in order to reconnect with her family.
  • Floyd is found unconscious by Hank Galey and DeSean Moore, who decide to bring him back to their camp to heal him. At the camp, Jennifer Smith, Heather Quinn, and Seth Nguyen wait for them to return. Heather laments over her failed relationship with Hank.
  • Hank and DeSean arrive at the camp and bring Floyd to their nurse, Aaliyah Rivera, who proceeds to take a look at him. Also a medical worker, Heather looks over Floyd as well. The pair discuss how they should treat him. During this, a woman named Imogen Woods arrives back at the camp after doing a perimeter patrol and questions the group about where they found Floyd. The group argue momentarily, most thinking that Hank or DeSean were the ones to injure Floyd, but the pair explain that they only found him in the woods and that they wanted to help him. Aiden O'Dara, the group's cook, asks them what they plan on doing once Floyd wakes up. Hank argues that Floyd should stay, believing that Floyd would die out on his own.
  • Alex Clark returns to Outpost after being out on a scouting mission and heads to the dining hall, where he strikes up a conversation with Sylar.
  • Rumours spread about Matt's dissatisfaction with the council, perking the interest of Tyler. Wanting to better integrate himself in the community, Tyler joins up for the sign language classes and chats up Matt about the state of Outpost. Rudy gets in on the conversation and they discuss that Reggie and Myriah are dividing Outpost in two. After class is over, Tyler talks to all of the students and argues that Outpost's leaders aren't leading the community right. He brings up the discrimination against Elliot and the dissatisfaction of the citizens. Matt then explains to the group that he believes Reggie was behind the mutiny attempt a month ago and that Reggie foiled it in order to gain easy admiration. The group decides to find evidence of these claims by sneaking into Reggie's cabin during the night.
  • Enrique begins to train the new scout recruits, but his harsh demeanor begins to rub people the wrong way. Reggie pulls Sylar aside to send him on a scouting mission to spy on the art museum gang. Sylar agrees to the mission, but tells Reggie that he doesn't trust "Thomas". He asks that Thomas/Tyler go on the mission as well to get him out of the way, but Reggie says it would be better to keep Thomas/Tyler close so he can keep an eye on him. Afterwards, Reggie approaches Enrique and they discuss needing the new scouts ready in a week for the attack on the art museum.
  • At The Pub, Meghan and Hazel are playing board games to pass the time, but are interrupted by Cody "Doc" Heiler, who asks them if he could take shelter with them. They agree and Cody joins the pair for dinner, where they discuss their past and where they came from.
  • With Reggie out on a night mission with the scouts, Tyler leads the group in breaking into his cabin. They find a journal written by Reggie, but one of the group, Samantha Baxter, is caught. Afterwards, Rudy reveals to Tyler that his name Rudy is just a nickname, but he continues to keep his real name a secret
  • Unable to cope with what he'd done, Anthony leaves Haywood without telling a soul, following a radio broadcast leading him to a supposed community to the North.
Monday, December 2nd
  • In the morning, a hungover Bex is awoken by Tyler. They head to meet Matt and Enrique. Tyler reveals to Bex that he has a plan set in motion to gain favor among the people of Outpost so that he can coax the scouts into attacking Haywood. When they later meet Matt and Enrique, it is revealed that Enrique forged parts of the journal found last night in order to blame the mutiny on Reggie.
  • Sylar leaves with his group of scouts to scout out the art museum.
  • Myriah and a few of the council members question Samantha about what she was doing last night. While there was no rule against going out, it wasn't something anyone normally did. When Samantha answers their questions nervously, Myriah becomes nervous and decides to have Samantha tag along with her while she does errands.
  • Floyd awakes to find himself tied up in a medical tent. Angry at his situation, Floyd lashes out and creates a large amount of noise, drawing Hank and the others to the tent. Hank agrees to cut Floyd loose if he'll calm down, which the redneck agrees to. The group try to question Floyd about what he was doing before they found him, but Hank asks them to leave him and DeSean alone with Floyd. Hank explains how they'd come to rescue him and bring him to their camp. He argues to Floyd that he should stay, which Floyd eventually agrees to. Outside, Hank asks the group if they should let him stay, or just kill him. The group decide to let Floyd stay.
  • Reggie, out on a scouting mission with Jerry, Lucas, Alex, and Aoife Madra, encounters a man, Nelson Jenkins, in a crashed vehicle. The group rescue the man, though Alex makes mistakes and almost gets himself killed. Reggie is unimpressed and asks Alex to talk to him back at Outpost.
  • Under orders from Tyler, Enrique sneaks into Myriah's cabin and murders Samantha. When Myriah almost spots him, he knocks her out and flees the scene.
  • Reggie returns to Outpost with an unconscious Nelson. The man is brought to the nursing station and Reggie pulls Alex aside to tell him that he can't be a part of the scouts any longer. They are interrupted by a freaked out Isaac, who informs Reggie to see the council immediately. The pair leave Alex with Nelson, who soon wakes up and strikes up a conversation with Alex.
  • When Reggie speaks with the council, they inform him of Samantha's death. Reggie grows enraged when the council tells him of their plans to quarantine Outpost until the killer is caught. Now with his plans to attack the art museum in jeopardy, Reggie goes on a rampage to find the killer.
  • Hex finds his way to Outpost. He's brought inside before his probation can proceed. He runs into Bex who threatens him and tells him not to interfere with himself or Tyler.
  • A community meeting is had where the murder and quarantine is brought to everyone's attention. The community is panicked at first, but Reggie fires into the air to put a stop to their commotion.
  • Reggie returns to the nursing station and orders Alex back to the scout cabins so that he can be questioned.
  • Johnathan MacTavish and his daughter, Emilly MacTavish, become separated on the New Orleans streets as they escape a horde of walkers. Emilly hides away in a building, where she is soon found by Turisa.
Sunday, December 8th
  • Rumours began to circulate that Reggie had a hand in Samantha's murder. Fed up with being unable to find the real murderer, Reggie breaks his scouts out of Outpost in order for them to attack the art museum gang.
  • Elliot, George, and the rest of the sign language class come forward with the journal implicating Reggie in the mutiny and in Samantha's death. The community believes that Reggie was the murderer. Matt becomes known as the man who took down Reggie, and his sway within the council and the community rises immensely.
  • Reggie and his scouts launch the assault on the art museum gang. Marcus Booker, the gang's second in command, follows his leader in the fight. The scouts quickly take the upper hand, though lose Simon and Arthur in the fighting. Eventually the gang is reduced to Marcus and a few of his remaining men. They flee, but are pursued by Reggie and Tyler. Marcus is eventually cornered and killed by Reggie. Tyler sees an opportunity and then murders Reggie with a bullet to the head. He later tells the men that Reggie was killed during the fighting and no one has any reason to disbelieve him.
  • The group discuss appointing a new leader. Rudy, having been impressed with Tyler in his short time with the scouts, says that they should make Tyler the new leader. He then reveals to the scouts that they found evidence indicating Reggie was the cause behind the mutiny. Most are convinced, but Phon leave the scouts and Outpost out of disgust. Adam follows him soon after. With both Enrique and Rudy backing Tyler up, the group agrees to make Tyler the new leader.
  • Back at Outpost, the scouts return and inform the community of what went on. Tyler tells the council of a second gang he wishes to remove from the city. With Matt's pushing, the council approves of the idea.
  • That night, Myriah confronts Matt and informs her that she knows he or someone working with him killed Samantha. As it turns out, Myriah knew that Reggie being behind the mutiny was a lie, as she was actually the one who had set it up. It had been to establish to the community that a single leader wasn't what was best for them, but one of the men that Myriah had planned with tried to kill her for real. Myriah informs Matt that she can't tell on him, as that would implicate her as well. Matt warns her that her place in the community will soon die out and that he would replace her as the most respected member of Outpost.
Monday, December 9th
  • Tyler leads a group of scouts to attack Haywood. Setting up scouts to surround the perimeter, he is happy to find that the community is in shambles.
  • Emma spots the incoming danger, but becomes trapped in her room. Sylar, who had infiltrated the community, comes upon her and decides to take her as a hostage. He takes her to Tyler who recognizes her from the time she'd been trapped inside the catacombs. Tyler doesn't let on that he knows her, but worries that Hex might try something like he once did in the catacombs. He assigns a pair of guards to watch her before they commence the assault.
  • The assault commences, The scouts blowing up Haywood's front gate and rushing in using vehicles as cover. At possibly the worst opportunity, Jess begins to go into labor. Riley and Audrey take Jess to a place out of the way so that she can birth her baby, but Alex ends up encountering them. It doesn't take much to convince Alex to help the pair deliver the baby as he was already thinking something was fishy with Tyler's plans.
  • As the vehicles are positioned outside the building the Haywood survivors are holed up in, Tyler demands they give him his daughter in exchange for Emma. Katie spots Tyler from the window and rushes outside to him, though Shannon runs after her and grabs her outside the building. She begs Katie to come back inside, but this just angers Tyler, who demands that Shannon lets her go.
  • From a window above the scene, Daniel cries out for a free trade without any bloodshed. Rudy, still hiding from view, asks Tyler why they are calling him 'Tyler' and not 'Thomas', though Tyler can't give a satisfactory answer. Daniel's hopes are dashed when Lauren comes running out of the building with a gun, demanding that Katie be taken inside instead of being given to Tyler. Tyler becomes enraged upon seeing the woman and orders someone to kill her. Enrique takes the shot, killing Lauren instantly with a shot to the head.
  • The event shocks Shannon, who lets go of Katie. The little girl cries and runs to Lauren, thinking that the woman's death was all her fault. As Tyler calls to Katie, Shannon takes the opportunity to rush the line of vehicles and hop over the hood of the car Tyler is hiding behind. Rudy moves to intercept Shannon, but the pair are frozen when they realize they recognize each other. As it turned out, Rudy was Shannon's long lost friend, Danny. Deciding that he didn't like what Tyler was doing, Danny takes Shannon and forces her into the building.
  • Tired with the distractions, Tyler tells Bex to step forward and grab Katie, warning the others that if anyone tried to stop him that Emma would be killed. Katie recognizes Bex and trusts him enough to let him take her hand. It's then that some of the scouts decide to turn on Tyler, realizing they had been tricked. In the confusion, Bex decides to make a run for it with Katie. Enrique, still loyal to Tyler, goes on the rampage and a battle commences between the two groups of scouts.
  • Inside, Shannon tells Danny of Tyler's real identity and the sins he'd committed. Danny grows despondent over the fact that he'd advocated for Tyler to be their leader.
  • Having carried Katie outside the gates and toward the building where Emma was being kept, Bex asks the girl to stay still as he heads in to rescue her. Bex ends up receiving a fatal gunshot wound in the process, but he manages to have enough strength to free her. He is confronted by Hex in the process, but Emma saves Bex by shooting Hex dead.
  • As Bex and Emma head back to where Katie was left, they are stopped by Tyler, who had managed to follow Bex in the chaos. Brought to tears, Tyler tells Bex that he doesn't want to kill, that he only wants his daughter back. Slowly dying from his wound, Bex can do little to stop him. Unfortunately, Daniel arrives and Tyler shoots him out of surprise. With no one left to stop him, Tyler takes Katie and leaves. Bex then succumbs to his wound and dies.
  • Though some of the scouts die in the fighting, everyone soon comes to the realization that Tyler had used them all. The fighting stops, and Enrique vows to never stop fighting until Tyler is dead.
  • Emma supports Daniel and helps him walk back into Haywood, though he collapses in the courtyard. Surrounded by his friends and family, Daniel dies. At the same time, Jess' baby is born, and she names him Benjamin. Danny and the other scouts take this time to disarm the bombs they had set up around Haywood.
  • As Tyler flees the area, he's confronted by Rob, who aims a gun at him. Rob blames Tyler for all the pain Haywood's endured, but Tyler deflects his claims. Tyler argues that both of them would die if either took the shot, and that Rob had the possibility of hitting Katie. Reluctantly, Rob is forced to let Tyler and Katie go.
  • Bringing Katie to a safe and secluded location, Tyler breaks down in front of her, realizing he's not the role model his little girl should have. Having focused so much of his time on sustaining a group and sustaining his idea of the future, Tyler decides he only had to live for Katie from now on.
  • Later in the afternoon, everyone who had died in the assault, including the scouts, are buried in Haywood's graveyard. The scouts are convinced to stay for the night before they depart back to Outpost.
  • In the evening, Danny and Shannon speak and talk about where they would go from here. Danny tells Shannon that he can't leave Outpost, but that he wants her to come live with him there. Shannon tells him she can't force herself to live with large groups any longer after knowing the pain of seeing one fall apart all around her. The two best friends begrudgingly agree that they have to stay apart.
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  • Name: George Townsen



    Age: 31

    Skills: George is skillful with auto repair and electronics, as he owned an auto shop. He is also decent at shooting, learned through surviving the apocalypse.

    Personality: George was known as a nice and charismatic individual before the apocalypse began, but he has never seemed to inspire much confidence in the people he's met since then.

    Bio: George owned an auto repair shop in San Diego before the outbreak. Since then he has found himself in Baton Rouge. He found a bingo hall containing supplies before encountering Tyler Salem and his daughter Katie. George offered to travel with them before their group added Jacob and Liam as well. Their group eventually fell in with Tina's group, though George never became very well-liked with the others. Despite this, he has stuck with them through and through.

  • Name: Damian Copperton



    Age: 28

    Skills: Combat with his blades, Climbing/getting around, speed.

    Preferred Weapons: A katana (or wakizashi's) named Penelope

    Personality: Damian is quick to judge and quick to anger, though his ability to make decisions and form opinions quickly has certainly come in handy during the apocalypse. Small transgressions or mistakes on his part are quickly forgiven or forgotten, however he carries a major grudge towards large issues. Thanks to his skills, he is arrogant, but confident of himself ad his skills. His trust is a hard earned thing, however once one were to obtain it, one would be able to find a fierce and loyal friend or ally in Damian, protective of those he cares about and are worth it. His suspicion in strangers is high, and often is of the opinion that a job will only work well when he is the one doing it. His determination to survive knows few limits, though is guided by a strong set of morals still. His morals are not completely the same as everyone else sometimes tough, greed and self-preservation often getting the better of him. He will do what it takes to survive, but make sure that what survives remains worth fighting for.

    Bio: Damian is silent abut his past. Before the world went to hell, Damian was tangled up in the criminal underworld, involved in car thefts, pit fighting, drug deals and robberies big and small.The scars on his left arm even today are an indication that he used to be a drug addict. Thankfully, he managed to start to break free from his addiction before the outbreak, while afterwards there simply was no chance for him to relapse, ironically something that helped him break free from his less than perfect life even before it became a simple struggle for survival.

  • Name: Noah Kendrick



    Age: 45

    Skills: Cooking

    Preferred Weapons: Colt revolver and crowbar.

    Personality: Hard and untrusting. Is determined on survival for himself and his son and will make necessary sacrifices.

    Bio: Noah lived a good but rough life with his wife and four kids. He was the owner of a local restaurant in the city he lived. When the outbreak hit, Noah was fishing with his son and they couldn't ever find the rest of their family.

    Noah and his son, Anthony, stayed with a group for a long time during the apocalypse but a simple mistake ended up with everyone in the group dead except for the two of them. After running low on supplies, the pair wandered New Orleans hoping to find anything useful. After drawing a large amount of walkers, they ended up inside of Haywood after being saved by Abram and Daniel. A week later, Haywood was attacked but the two were outside of Haywood at the time scavenging for the town and by chance missed it. Both the father and son, along with the other citizens of Haywood, ended up joining Abram in his rescue attempt of Jessalyn. It was largely due to Anthony's influence that Noah decided to go along with the move.

    The pair went with the surviving people of the Baton Rouge fight and travelled North. When the group encountered the Morgantown survivors in Natchez, Noah decided to join Morgantown in hopes of giving his son a safer place to be.

  • Name: Anthony Kendrick



    Age: 14

    Skills: Climbing

    Weapon: Hunting knife

    Personality: Nervous around people he doesn't know and facing walkers alone but is growing with confidence. Keeps a steady attitude and tries to not make any public shows.

    Bio: Anthony lived a regular life in school with little social interaction. While his grades were up and the teachers somewhat liked him, he wasn't too good at making friends. His parents and siblings always treated him above though and he tried to get the most out of it. Then, after a fishing trip with his dad, Anthony's world changed for the worse.

    Anthony and his father, Noah, stayed with a group for a long time during the apocalypse but a simple mistake ended up with everyone in the group dead except for the two of them. After running low on supplies, the pair wandered New Orleans hoping to find anything useful. After drawing a large amount of walkers, they ended up inside of Haywood after being saved by Abram and Daniel. A week later, Haywood was attacked but the two were outside of Haywood at the time scavenging for the town and by chance missed it. Both the father and son, along with the other citizens of Haywood, ended up joining Abram in his rescue attempt of Jessalyn. It was largely due to Anthony's influence that Noah decided to go along with the move. Anthony had called Haywood "suffocating".

    The pair went with the surviving people of the Baton Rouge fight and travelled North. When the group encountered the Morgantown survivors in Natchez, Noah decided they would join Morgantown in hopes of giving Anthony a safer place to be.

  • Name: Shanelle "Shan" Horner



    Age: 17

    Skills: She's a five time nation champion archer, but has some issues carrying a bow, due to her disability. She's also well educated in Biology and Zoology and knows much about the local flora and fauna.

    Preferred Weapons: A recurve bow (because it's the only thing she could reasonably carry on her back) with six arrows, a small folding buck knife, and a .380 semi automatic Sig Sauer pistol that she randomly found along the way (no ammo).

    Personality: Shan is a very dry and slightly callous person, at times. She's actually very sweet and nervous around people she doesn't know. However, she's realistic about the fact that there aren't many good people left, in this world. There's not much hope of surviving, if she lets people get too close. So, she takes herself, and steps away from all attachments, other than Ryder.

    Bio: Shan is very sick, and has been for a while. When the outbreak first started, she was in the hospital, her lungs fully collapsed and her body relying on treatments to stay alive. Now, she scavenges what she can from medical supply stores and (God forbid) hospitals, rationing her oxygen as much as possible, to try and hold on just a little longer. Isn't that what everyone else is trying to do? She carries an oxygen tank in her backpack, along with her weapons and water bottles.

    She was being taken care of by her friend Ryder when they encountered a Haywood scouting party. They went back to Haywood and decided to live there. She managed to survive the battle between Robert and Daniel by being in the infirmary group. She, along with the other citizens of Haywood, ended up joining Abram in his rescue attempt of Jessalyn. Unfortunately, due to the strain put on her body, Shannon has become bedridden ever since settling into the new community. Who knows what will happen once her breath is gone. She could die, or she could fight a little harder, and hopefully survive one slow death, only to meet another.

  • Name: Ryder Answell



    Age: 18

    Skills: Running. He can run faster than anyone he's ever known, and can slip in and out of places unseen.

    Weapons: A Remington 870 12 gauge shotgun (with a complete box of shells in a backpack), a Gerber Jr. Machete, and a flare gun.

    Personality: The most caring and honest person you'll ever meet. Ryder cares for others more than himself, most of the time, risking his own ass to make sure they stay alive, if only for company. His only flaw is his willingness to sacrifice those he doesn't know…for those he loves.

    Bio: Ryder went through the first leg of the apocalypse locked in a tiny hospital room. He survived (barely) a severe car crash, that killed his parents, and left him with only a fracture in his ankle, which still gives him fits, today. He tore his oxygen mask off of his face, removed his I.V. and made his escape from his own room, only to find himself cornered, and backed into another room. This is where he met Shan. She wasn't going to survive. She was hooked up to more machines than he had ever seen, and there was no way to take these machines out onto the roof, where they were escaping to. She gave him a reason to fight hard, and fight he did. He unhooked her, and carried her out onto the roof, where he left her to go find supplies. The dead were everywhere, and even though he had joked about wishing for the zombie apocalypse…this wasn't what he had in mind. He ran, with speed, all the way through the hospital stairwell, around the scratching and moaning of the dead, and into the central supply. That run, which initially kept Shan alive, solidified a relationship that will last until their last days on this earth.

    Soon after, he and Shan encountered a Haywood scouting party. They went back to Haywood and decided to live there. They managed to survive the battle between Robert and Daniel by being in the infirmary group. He, along with the other citizens of Haywood, ended up joining Abram in his rescue attempt of Jessalyn. As Shan became more sick as a result of this move, Ryder has come to strongly resent Abram and the former Haywood citizens.

  • Name: Adam Evans



    Age: 24

    Skills: Stealth/Speed

    Preferred Weapon: 12 gauge shotgun, .45 pistol

    Personality: Has an addictive personality, cowardly, caring, loyal

    Bio: Adam was a college drop out with no job, he lived at home with his parents and spent most days playing video games or getting high. He doesn't have any job skills but he's always tried to be a nice person and help out whenever he could.

    At some point, Adam found himself in the community of Outpost and came to look up to Reggie as a hero. When Reggie died and the scouts voted Tyler to take his place, Adam grew angry and left Outpost. Adam began to travel North, where he first met up with an older woman, and then found himself among a new group of survivors. This new group traded supplies with a group who ran Baton Rouge called Tremblay. Some of these supplies included drugs, and Adam couldn't resist stealing some of these for his own personal use. Tina discovered what Adam was doing eventually and grew disgusted with him, but never had time to confront him over the issue. Now that the two have parted ways, it's unlikely Adam will be confronted with this any time soon.

  • Name: Holly



    Age: 17

    Skills: Fishing

    Preferred Weapons: Knife and Umbrella. (Umbrella good for rain and whacking zombies, not killing them)

    Personality: Friendly and sympathetic of others, but often fearful and easily tired.

    Bio: She was just a normal kid before the outbreak. She joined the group in hopes to find his mother and brother, who she lost when driving away from a horde in a separate car. She hates being alone.

  • Name: Carter May Johnson

    Appearance: Carter has thin, blonde hair that falls a bit passed her shoulder. She has hazel eyes that compliment her pale skin. She always wears a black, cheap cloak she had gotten from a Halloween store as well as jeans, a plain shirt, and tennis shoes underneath. She always tries to cover up her face, so she wears the cape's hood up as well as a black handkerchief tied around her head that covers her nose down to her chin. She is very thin and lanky but not too terribly short. She stands at 5'3", weighing 96 lbs.


    Age: 13

    Skills: Carter's quite skilled at sneaking. She can move around swiftly and her steps are close to silent. Of course, a 13 year old girl couldn't have accomplished mastery of the skill, but she's rather talented at it. She has a very keen sense of hearing, so she has rather sensitive ears that can pick up noises. Carter is very good at climbing. She often does it so that if she's cornered, she may have a way to escape.

    Weaknesses: Carter is very stubborn. She doesn't like taking orders from others, which makes her a terrible follower and an awful listener.She also gets light-headed and weak-stomached at the sight of blood. She can't stand anything of it-- the irony smell, the feel of it, the sight-- nothing. Despite this, she can power through it if she's frightened enough, which is one of the only things that has helped her survive.

    Preferred Weapons: Carter doesn't like killing, and will only do it when she has to, but if she does, she'd rather it be long ranged so that she doesn't have to get up close. She normally uses a sling-shot and just shoots rocks so that she doesn't have to get too close. She doesn't have good aim, sadly, so she isn't as far she she would've preffered-- and they don't do a good job of killing things-- so her favorite weapon would mostly be running away if it's ever possible.

    Personality: Carter is a very adaptable girl. She can go move from one side of the world to the other and could be living there without feeling homesick in a matter of a week or more. Even though she's adaptable, she's a coward. In a 'fight or flight' scenario, she'd be in the category of 'flight' She's very patient, though. She can be told to sit down and stare at a wall for a certain amount of time and would get impatient about it. Bored, yes. Impatient, no. She's very secretive. She doesn't share any personal stories or tells anyone anything about herself unless she's being threatened. To got along with her secrets, she's a bit untrusting. It takes her a bit of time to warm up to someone, but after a certain amount of time, she'd become more comfortable. In a scary situation, she can look around and make a plan on where she's going to go. Despite her being untrusting, she's very warm-hearted. If someone was suffering from hunger, and she had one can left, she'd give it to that person without a word. But-- she's quite oblivious when it comes to other's feelings. She doesn't recognize it when someone's upset or if they're happy. So if you want something from her, or want her to ask something, then you may just want to say it anyways because she won't be catching on.

    Bio: Carter was never too social. She didn't talk to her family or anyone she knew from school. She rarely had any friends-- or any she considered friends. Even if they thought she was their friend, that would quickly be changed by the constant 'pushing people away'. Most of her time was spent upstairs in the attic, where her room was. She would lay on her bed and close her eyes, just listening to the noises. She enjoyed listening to what people were doing. Carter used to do it so often that she was trained to recognize whether her mother pulled in the drive way or her father. Whether or not her mom was walking in or out of the kitchen or if it was her brother.

    It got to the point where Carter would wander the busy streets and listen to people's conversations. She'd pick a person on their phone or preoccupied with something and just follow them around. At first, she was really bad at it. She often was seen following them either A. Too close, B. Staring at them, or C. Obviously listening to them. It may seem like stalking to some people-- which she has been accused of-- but she only sees it as a way of passing time. Soon enough, of doign enough of her 'stalking', she got really good at it.

    There wasn't any apparent reason for her doing any of this either. She just did it randomly. Her family wasn't mean to her. In fact, they tried to spoiler her many, many, many times. They bought her everything that she wanted. The only thing she ever had thanked them for was a dog. He wasn't a puppy, but Carter didn't care. She named him Red because of the color of the Retriever's fur. They became very close, and Red was her first friend. They spent all of their time together, to the point where Red couldn't stay in one place without her. He's very obedient to her and seems to understand her. He's also very protective, not allowing people to get clsoe to her.

    Even during the apocalypse, she still has Red by her side.

  • Name: Andrew Mercer



    Age: 25

    Skills: Andrew is a brilliant liar and can manage to fake almost any emotion. He excels when it comes to sleight of hand and is rather capable when it comes to picking someone's pocket. He has average aim with a pistol, barely enough to drop a walker. Andrew's stamina and endurance is higher than most peoples because he is very fit for his age and he has strong legs. While not a skill, his height of 6'3 and weight of around 190 give him a light muscular appearance and allows him to be slightly intimidating at first glance.

    Preferred Weapons: Andrew carries a .38 Revolver, since revolvers don't jam. Andrew also carries an axe with a wooden handle.

    Personality: Andrew has a very selective personality, meaning his character changes, based on the situation he is in. He isn't always the most noble person ever, but his intentions are usually in good interest. He can be described as a tragic hero, meaning he has proper intentions but often goes towards them the wrong way. Because of his past, Andrew is still working to fix his personality. He often thinks selfishly, but does his best to put others first. While he often takes the darker road, he has a caring heart and is sympathetic to people in need.

    Bio: Andrew was born to an alcoholic father and a medically unstable mother. In his early years, he was neglected by his father, but his mother did her best to care for him even though she was sick for most of his life. The majority of his wellbeing was overseen by caring teachers at school.

    When Andrew was a teenager, he fell in with the wrong crowd, eventually falling into alcohol addiction like his father. He earned petty cash by stealing at selling the answer keys to tests and exams, but was ultimately caught in his 10th grade year and expelled from school. By then, his father had abandoned him and his mother; and his mother had been diagnosed with severe arthritis and could barely leave the house once a week.

    Because of the lack of support from his father and his mother's immobility, he had to put food on the table somehow. He ended up acting as a runner for a petty drugs dealer in his neighborhood, making enough cash to keep him and his mother from starving.

    About a year after his expulsion from high school, Andrew (with help from adults in his life) managed to re-enroll into another school and finished his senior year at 19. While he finished high school, he had little to no chance of getting into college, so he didn't even try. Eventually, he ended up as a runner again.

    A couple months later, he ended up being a dealer for the guys that employed him. His luck, however, ran out soon after and he was found out by the police. After negotiating terms, he ended up in prison for only a year and a half. While he was in prison, his mother fell sick again and passed away, only a month before his release. Andrew was released on conditions of parole, which he planned to take seriously and regain control of his life.

    When the outbreak came, almost three and a half years later, he set out on his own, trying to do nothing but survive.

  • Name: Angeline von Trapp



    Angeline stands at 5'5" and weighs a touch under 120 lbs, with a petite frame that shows she's clearly not used to much heavy work. Although she can play a nasty game of tennis or two. She has what can only be qualified as dirty blonde hair. In keeping up with her family's strict view on how they should appear, she usually keeps it up in a neat and tidy bundle. Despite it's labeling of 'dirty' it's far from it as Angeline takes special care to make sure she's always well groomed and prim for whatever may come her way. Be it her family or the walking dead. She has hazel eyes and she sees herself mainly as an Austrian-American due to haling from the Von Trapp line which went all the way back to Austria-Hungary and Maria Augusta von Trapp.

    Age: 18

    Skills: Hailing from a family who was known for being strict and on point to help perfect their musical career in Germany and abroad, Angeline is very musically gifted. Although her parents had taken up jobs that didn't involve singing as they hadn't found themselves as interested in it as those who came before them did, Angeline was an exception. She was absolutely fascinated by the history of her family and their musical roots in the Trapp Family Singers.

    Her parents respected Angeline's desire to stretch her vocal chords and began paying for lessons when she was in the fifth grade. By the time the infection had rolled around, Angeline wasn't one to toot her own horn by any means of the word but she felt very confident in her ability. That said however this wasn't her only prowess however for as the family continued to stretch into the modern age, religion became a heavy part of the family. Angeline's parents especially were very heavy handed in their religious expression. Such as having a painting of the above in their living room.

    In respect to those who may not share her beliefs or might not wish to be as open about them, Angeline is very understanding and will accommodate such views. That said however she's more than willing to speak to and help preach to those who do share the same views as her. This could come in handy when dealing with people who might be a bit on the crazy side but might be willing to lighten up when speaking to someone who understands their views.

    Also while it might go against what the good book dictates, Angeline has found the time to make use of her father/mother sending her checks for her birthday to pay for self-defense classes while wandering the streets in between singing practice/recitals and the like. Just enough so that while there is still a risk of a strong enough man being able to overpower her, she does have a greatly increased chance to defend herself against any potential attackers.

    Preferred Weapons: She usually carries around some pepper spray in her purse around if necessary. But considering it's relative lack of usefulness on the undead, she's more than willing to go hand to hand with whatever weapon she's capable of acquiring. Although she'd prefer it not to be a firearm of some kind. In her travels she's become quite adapt with using a stray steel fence rod for sweeping any undead aside if they become too clustered for her to feel safe in going hand to hand with them.

    Something like one of these bad boys.

    Personality: Think of the absolute sweetest candy you could ever possibly think of. The stuff absolutely rots your teeth if you were to have too much of it at one time. That would be the perfect analogy for Angeline. Knowing full well due to unfortunate past experiences, some people out in the world don't take quite kindly to her religious nature. Which would be fine in her eyes as long as her own views aren't challenged. She'll always try to be accommodating for any other person's needs, putting them before her in any situation. Even in a life or death one, unless there is no other plausible options at hand, Angeline would give her right leg to help out those who desperately need it. Thus she always tries to see the good in people even if they didn't demonstrate that they were nice people to begin with.

    But this hasn't always turned out the best results for Angeline. It's gotten her criticism from her friends and even her own family who believe she's making herself too much of a push-over and that while she can follow the good lord's words, she shouldn't subject herself to simply being the religious doormat they walk over and scrape their shoes on whenever it's convenient for them. Examples of this negatively effecting Angeline in such a manner have lead her to contemplate or even attempt something as taboo as suicide. Thankfully she's always been talked down or convinced otherwise of going through with said attempts. Taking the outbreak into account, Angeline has found it somewhat harder to try and be short with people or be more suspecting. When she realizes that entire families could have been ruined as a result, which included hers. But she tries to keep true to what she had been taught her entire life and help out those who plead for it. Even if it could end up biting her right on the rear.

    Bio: Maria von Trapp was born in the sovereign entity of Austria-Hungary and was considered the matriarch of the Von Trap Singing Group. But they didn't exactly have an easy start as history would go on to show. By the time the 1930s rolled around, the Trapps were not at the level of fame and fortune that they would have garnered later on in their careers. In fact one could say that the biggest enemy at the time was none other than money itself.

    Her husband Georg had tried to do what he could to bolster their funds by transferring his savings. The time wasn't exactly the best for making money just about anywhere, Austria included. Thanks to a little event known as the Great Depression, the world was down on hard times. In an attempt to try and stay on their feet, the Trapps decided they could do without a couple of people around the house to clean and cook. All things that they could handle themselves and save money on by not paying someone else to do the menial work for them. However it seemed luck would have finally found the Trapps for a local archbishop had heard of the hard times befalling the family and decided to throw them a bone. Which ended up helping to kick off their singing career!

    Moving on through the decades, we reach what is known as the present day. To the average person at least. Angeline Von Trapp is the latest daughter of the Trapps legacy. She was naturally a curious child who often went around searching for her toys and asking the questions of how they worked and why she was so lucky to have them when she had seen other children who didn't have toys like hers. Her parents being big on religion informed her that she was simply being smiled down upon by the good Lord which stayed with Angeline as she grew older. She read through the bible once she got a good enough idea of how she'd be able to take in the context of it all.

    But while religion may have had a hand in helping to create how nice and helpful Angeline was, it was doing some digging into the history of her family line that sparked her real passion. Which was to sing and sing she could. Her parents approved of their daughter finding herself a hobby to indulge herself in and one that related to their family! So they paid for her lessons and she'd go everyday barring the ones where she was simply too taken by the flu to attend as happened to most people.

    But while she always felt deep in her heart that good would triumph over evil, she couldn't help but feel nervous about taking the walk from school to the place where her singing practice was held. So using money that her father generously provided her, she was given basic knowledge which while it didn't make her an expert fighting master, did even the odds somewhat if someone tried getting frisky with her.

    Things seemed to be on top of the world for Angeline! At least until she hit rock bottom and hit it hard. Angeline had generally made it a point to avoid most parties set up at her school because she knew from secondhand knowledge that most of them were just ploys to try to get the richest kids going to get alcohol as the others had parents who would never approve of the idea. Hearing that another one of those parties was going to go down, Angeline was initially quick to brush it aside. She could find something to occupy her time. But after some prodding by her friends, Angeline finally decided to go. Because she had least had some idea of how to defend herself if things went south right?

    Well, for a while she did seem to enjoy herself! Having fun with her friends and singing on the karaoke stage that had been set up. But little did she know of the girls who themselves had gotten particularly inebriated and decided that taking photos of the girl who had made it a point not to touch alcohol until she was of the proper age taking a few swigs and posting it to their social media. Upon seeing the photos as the views on them increased they didn't escape the sight of Angeline's family. The fight that broke out left so many things said that Angeline would come to regret. But it ultimately concluded with Angeline deciding that while she still loved her family dearly, it was clear that they both needed some time separated from each other. Using what money she had to rent out a decent hotel room, Angeline tried to think about how to go about reproaching her family when the situation eventually cooled down. Unfortunately for her it only continued to heat up. She heard news reports of what sounded like people who resembled shambling corpses making their way around and attacking people.

    "Oh god! If these were true than.." She placed a hand quietly to her mouth as she never mentioned the lord's name unless it was in prayer. But this was more serious than any sermon she had been to. The dead rising to eat the living didn't seem possible. But it was then that the TV's image began to fade in and out of static.

    Scriiiiitch! Scrrrrrritch!

    Something was clawing at her hotel door! What if it was someone who had been injured by one of these, these 'walkers' as she had heard them labeled by some of the news casters. But what if it was a creature itself? She couldn't afford to take any chances. Not while her family's life still hung in the balance. So making her way into the bathroom as the scratching at the door began to grow more irritated and the door could have been heard idly shifting from side to side.

    Almost as if an undead creature who's sole desire was to consume the flesh of the living was having a difficult time with articulation. Noticing what appeared to be a window in the bathroom, she quickly grabbed a small stool that had been placed in here for the previous occupants she guessed. Balancing it as well as she could in such an unsteady location as the tub, she climbed up and unlatching the windows began to let herself out. Dropping down as lightly as she could which was still quite the challenge, she could have heard the distinct sound of shuffling turning in her direction and a low raspy moan escape into then nightime breeze.

    She was terrified out of her wits to say the least. But walkers or no walkers, she had to get to her family and fast! Who knew what kind of danger they could be in?

  • Name: Vincent Jackson



    Vincent clocks in at about six feet with brown hair and lightish brown hair. He has some stubble indicating he's had facial hair but always shaves it off before it comes out in full. Before the outbreak and even after it his attire is usually settled of a dull green t-shirt and purple jacket combined with a pair of jeans.

    Age: 29

    Skills: Vincent's actually pretty good with mechanics and the like. This is partly taken out of necessity due to him spending a bucket-load of cash before the outbreak to get a car that looked dead on point with Stuntman Mike's guy from Death Proof. Being a huge fan of Tarantino's work, he read up all he could on how to maintain the car and even took some automotive classes in college and such.

    But Vincent's real passion was in movies and more specifically Quentin Tarantino's films. Having taken a part in his college's film class, a lot of his speeches revolved around finding the messages or implications of some of Tarantino's films. Such as the superman speech Bill gives near the end of Kill Bill Volume 2! That was some pretty deep stuff and enough to fill an entire essay with in Vincent's eyes!

    This passion for movies has left Vincent quite the talker which could prove useful in tense situations which require someone to try and smooth things out. That and he could also try to use it to get in with people who might have things he or his group need but aren't too keen on sharing.

    Also his admiration for Tarantino's films has lead him to try and buy the closest things he could get to the actual weapons used in his ultra-violent movies! Some of which have proved quite handy in dealing with Walkers!

    Preferred Weapons: - 9mm Star Model B(Jules's gun!)
    - Winchester Model 1912 (Jacob's Gun from Dusk Til Dawn)
    - Buck 120 Bowie Knife

    Personality: You know how I asked you to think of the sweetest candy for Angeline? Carrying on that same analogy, Vincent could be described as a warhead. He's always bouncing off the walls with ideas and things to talk about. Namely around his idol Quentin Tarantino! This gives people the impression that's some kind of stuck up film snob who disregards anyone who's not up to Tarantino's standards. But this really isn't the case. Vincent is more than willing to plop down and watch a romcom with friends if he had the time. Or well friends who'd be down for that. He's still an easily approachable fellow however and is more than willing to listen to whatever problems you may have.

    But he hopes that you have something worthwhile to offer him or his group because otherwise your ass is getting booted. By booted that's referring to you being knocked down a peg or two down his list of importance. It's nothing personal really! But he's seen From Dusk Til Dawn and you don't get a pass 99% of the time for being the nice understanding guy who does everything for everybody!

    Bio: Vincent "Marion" Jackson was born and raised in Jackson, one of the largest towns in Mississippi! The capital in fact and while his parents had named him after the city, Vincent always claimed his name was inspired by Vincent Vega from Pulp Fiction and Sam L. Jackson. But nobody really bought it despite his insistence.

    Vincent was always an energetic child who couldn't be stuck to one thing for too long. He often took parts in plays when he got the chance to try and become an actor for the movies! So that when he got older maybe he could star in a big name movie and get lots of fans and money! His parents didn't really think much would come of it and they weren't necessarily big fans of the schlop Hollywood was turning out anyway.

    They were even less enthused when Vincent began watching Reservoir Dogs and claimed what a masterpiece it was. This lead to argument after argument from his parents about how Tarantino was a loud mouthed hack who didn't know his head from his ass. But Vincent claimed to understand the message that Tarantino was trying to send and it was from that point forward Tarantino would have become Vincent's shining beacon of admiration when it came to film.

    Taking as many film classes as he could in high school and eventually college, Vincent saved up his money as best as he could before eventually getting enough to buy a car alike to the one Stuntman Mike used.

    This was the bad boy that he felt everyone should have had in their yards! Someone's walking past and looks like a suspicious character? Flash the headlights at them and show off the skull resting right aboard the front of the car! That could be their skull if they weren't careful. Loving his car, Vincent learned all that he could about cars to maintain it as best as he could and taking it in for routine maintenance work and such.

    When the outbreak finally occurred however was when the car would prove most useful. As would Vincent's fanboying. Wanting to see if his family was okay despite the disagreements they may have had in the future, he drove off to greet them. Only to be confronted with the sight of walkers shambling towards him. It pained Vincent to no end about what he had to do. But if Quentin had taught him anything, it was that even your family wasn't safe. So taking out his 9mm, he turned towards his family and as his voice began to tremble he asked shakily.

    "English..Motherfuckers. Do you s-speak it..?"


    The collective sound of three thuds hitting the floor was enough to signify to Vincent that the deed was done and he'd never be the same again. But was anyone truly the same after they had to gun down their family to prevent them from turning you into one of them or munching on you like a t-bone steak? He honestly wasn't too sure. But he knew he couldn't linger around here much longer. His car was starting to run out of gas and that wasn't a good sign by any stretch of the imagination.

    So it may have been some kind of fate that brought these two together. For they had no idea who the other was and had they, one of them probably would have thought the other was too obsessive over this director. But stopping as he noticed what looked like some average looking girl making her way along by herself, Vincent parked the car and called out to her. Which in hindsight was probably a bad idea.


    The girl slowly came to a stop and shot a withering look Vincent's way. What was this idiot doing?! She hadn't been around these creatures for long but she imagined that some loud mouth yelling was probably going to attract them! Still he seemed pretty persistent. Watching him get out of his car and head towards him, she quickly started on her way again.

    "Would you hold on a second? I dunno if you noticed but it looks like rotting people are getting up and attacking us non-rotting people. You don't exactly look like the type who'd last too long out here. So why don't you come back with me to the car? I got weapons for us and still got gas for quite a while!"

    "My father said I should never go anywhere with strangers."

    "..For fuck's sake, did he say that applied in occasions of being chased or shambled after by these guys?" Vincent exclaimed exasperated as he placed a hand on the girl's shoulder which got him a quick shot to the nuts and repeated smacks to the head as the girl stood over him now that he was down upon his knees.

    "NO! MEANS! NO!"

    "Jesus Christ, fine! Go ahead and get yourself munched! I was only trying to help.." Vincent whimpered as he slapped her hands away and started of back towards his car. All the while holding one hand to his groin because man she really packed a punch for someone who seemed so frail. Looking over her shoulder as she saw the man make his way off, she could also see some walkers making their way closer as a result of the disturbance. That she hadn't really helped since she partook in some screaming as well. She supposed that hanging around in a car wasn't such a bad idea. She had also attacked the man without really getting to know him which went against her usual philosophy of trying to see the best in people.

    "Oh darn it..Excuse me!" She yelled as she made her way after Vincent once he had reached his car door. Shooting a brief glance to the glove compartment where he kept his pistol, he leaned on the door and threw up his hands.

    "What? Come to kick me in the gonads some more before the creatures eat us alive?"

    "N..No I actually wish to apologize for that and I'd like to tag along if at all possible."

    "Oh really! You'd like to come with me! I thought I was the stranger who you thought it was appropriate to kick in the nuts!"

    "I was wrong! I shouldn't have done that. It's just that I've been so high strung because of all this and my family.."

    Family. That brought to mind the images of what Vincent had to do to his own family. Were he on his own still the images may have been enough for him to contemplate giving up the fight. But with this girl seeming genuine in her apology, he groaned and motioned for her to get into the passengar side. Once she did so, he'd make his way in and quickly drove off before any Walkers got too close.

    "So...You got a name? Or am I gonna be content in calling you Ms. Ball Stomper?"

    "Ahem. I'd greatly prefer if you not call me such a thing. I'm Angeline von Trapp..What's your name?"

    "Vincent Jackson."

    "Oh! Like the city? That's cute..If you don't mind me saying anyway."

    "I actually kinda do. Because it's named after Sam L. Jackson. Not the city! No matter what my parents said.."

    "Oh. Okay."

    As the two settled into silence for their ride or however long it took to ware out the little bit of gas within Vincent's car, idly Angeline wondered if she'd made a mistake in joining up with this man. Maybe she had and maybe she hadn't. She supposed that the good lord would watch over her and hopefully him as well..

  • Name: Sam Min-Ho

    Age: 43



    Sam stands at 5'8" and weighs a touch under 160 lbs, with a nonetheless stout build featuring broad shoulders and a strong, athletic frame. Age took its toll on his countenance long before the dead started rising, and the stress of the new world hardly helped matters; a few wrinkles have started settling in on his visage, and the tips of his dark hair are starting to color a dull grey. He tries to keep himself clean whenever possible, but pays little attention to preening or grooming beyond that. His hair, a tangled jungle of locks, falls low over his eyes and ears, and he maintains a shaggy stubble on his upper lip and chin. He is of Korean ethnicity.

    Skills: Being a former boxer, Sam is highly capable in a straight-up fight; nothing flashy, but he knows how to hit hard and fast where it counts and defend himself in equal measure. He has fast hands and a high pain threshold, making close-quarters combat something of a specialty of his, particularly when faced with the slow-moving, shambling dead. He's agile for his age, and while by no means a surgeon, many a post-prizefight night spent sewing up split eyebrows and sterilizing cuts has given him a decent knowledge of treating minor injuries with whatever's on hand.

    Preferred Weapons: His fists; when the need arises, a hammer.

    Personality: "Enigma" would be an appropriate word to describe Sam; he cuts a stoic, solitary figure in pretty much any crowd he finds himself in, and always keeps to himself. He's practically the opposite of a leader, preferring to follow the lead of others if he deems them sound of mind, and generally distances himself from other survivors whenever possible. Despite this, he has no qualms with working with a group if it's practical, and will follow most orders without argument provided he understands the reasoning behind them. He is selectively mute, and rarely (if ever) speaks to anyone-- even those who travel with him for months on end would be lucky to hear him utter a single syllable. Not that it's much of an issue; he lets his actions do the talking for him. His disorder does, however, impede his ability to negotiate effectively, making diplomacy difficult in a world that almost demands it. As a result, he tends to simply avoid crossing paths with most survivor groups entirely, saving himself the hassle of determining whether they're dangerous or not and bypassing the threat altogether. Like most survivors of the apocalypse, he has witnessed firsthand what people are capable of when they're desperate, and has a somewhat harshened view of other survivors because of it. However, he does have a habit of developing soft spots for people he perceives as weak or unable to survive by themselves; which is what prompted him to take Becky, his traveling companion, under his wing.

    Biography: Sam's parents were South Korean emigrants who left their home country when he was a child to escape the tumultuous political instability of the time. Their intent was to settle in America, and after making their way across Europe they were able to secure passage to Louisiana by boat; unfortunately, living conditions on the ship were poor for such a lengthy journey, and Sam's mother passed away from illness little over halfway across the ocean. It was with heavy hearts that the remaining two arrived at New Orleans' port. Sam's father was able to provide for himself and his son, just barely, by getting a job working at the docks, and they moved into a cheap apartment downtown. Sam attended a public school to study and develop his English, but his diminutive height and inability to speak the language at the time made him the subject of frequent ridicule and abuse from the nastier among the other children, contributing to the development of his selective mutism; even after learning to speak English, he chose not to.

    Once his father noticed his son's pattern of coming home sporting cuts and bruises, he took lengths to ensure Sam knew how to defend himself. He was able to enroll the boy in a community boxing seminar, and, as it turned out, Sam had quite a knack for it; he learned to hold his own and then some, and after graduating from school some ten years later he was able to earn money by participating in, and frequently winning, unsanctioned prizefights. Competing at middleweight, he even managed to secure a few exhibition matches against professionals, and it wasn't long before Sam and his father were able to live off the money he was making.

    And still Sam never said a word.

    When his father fell ill in his elder years, Sam stopped fighting to pay rent and started fighting to pay hospital bills. He started accepting bouts more and more frequently to earn more money, and even when the injuries started to wear out his body, even when the competitors he fought got younger and younger while he grew older and older, his purpose gave him strength. He was able to ensure his father was taken care of, if barely.

    Then the dead started to rise.

    The first one Sam killed was his landlady, a middle-aged mother of three children. She came stumbling at him one night after he heard her clawing at his apartment door, maw caked with blood, and wouldn't stop. He threw her down a flight of stairs and her head cracked against pavement. Then she stopped. The door to her apartment was open. Inside, her children. He left them as he found them. In the hours that followed, one thing became abundantly clear... this wasn't an isolated incident. It was an outbreak. As soon as Sam became aware of this, he went straight to his father's hospital, proceeded to his room, and locked the door from the inside. The staff seemed far too preoccupied to worry about a visitor remaining after-hours.

    On the first day, they talked. Or rather, Sam's father talked to him. He was delirious, but cognizant enough to recognize that his son was here; he couldn't move from bed, but he talked about how proud he was of him. Talked about his mother, and how she would've been proud too. The hospital ward was chaotic that day, and during the night, he heard screams echoing from down the corridor... but he couldn't leave his father. His father had never left him.

    On the second day, the hospital was silent. His father slept, worn out from his energetic talking session the day prior. Every so often he saw shadows move under the doorframe, the muted sounds of groaning and shuffling as something shambled past the room they were locked in. When he looked out the window and down upon the streets below, everything was eerily still. The panicked evacuations the streets had seen previously seemed to have passed, those who remained staying locked in their homes out of fear. That night, the things outside the door came back, started banging on the walls and trying to come in. They eventually wandered off. The news was reporting a pandemic.

    On the third day, he smothered his father with a pillow.

    He whispered then, the first words he'd spoken in years; "I'm sorry." And, when it was finished, he left. The world was changing. He could see it from the hospital window. And in such a world as this... men like his father couldn't live. Couldn't survive. A painful demise awaited him, if not by the afflicted, then by sickness. There was only one thing Sam could do for him... and he did it. There was only one other thing he could do now.


  • Name: Becky Callaghan

    Age: 20



    Becky is a petite young woman with brown eyes and a wavy head of blonde, shoulder-length hair, reflecting her sunny disposition. She's 5'3" in height and weighs 106 lbs, which gives her an altogether slender and unimposing stature, and possesses rounded cheeks that tend to dimple when she smiles. She can often be found sporting the same crooked, radiant grin even in the most dire of straits, and not even ten straight months of living in the apocalypse have been able to dull her youthful glow.

    Skills: Prior to the end of the word, Becky had always been the inquisitive type; a childhood spent reading stories of the likes of Nancy Drew and Sherlock Holmes fostered wistful dreams of going into business as a private investigator, which stuck with her all the way through her teenage years and into adulthood. As a result, she has an innate talent for snooping and detective work, though clients have obviously been a little hard to come by since civilization collapsed. Logic is one of her strong suits, which makes her effective at keeping stock of supplies, and it wasn't uncommon for her to sneak onto crime scenes to take notes even as a teenager; while others her age studied textbooks and focused on grades and socializing, Becky studied case files and focused on solving mysteries. She can recall important facts and information with pinpoint accuracy, and her aptitude for spotting even minor details and inconsistencies in her surroundings makes her a competent scavenger and planner.

    Despite this, her skills when it comes to dealing with others are a little skewed, and she sometimes misses out on or fails to understand even the most fundamental of social cues. There are times when she doesn't seem to recognize whether it would be prudent not to speak, and her mouth has gotten her into trouble on more than one occasion. She's also not much use in a fight, though Sam has been trying to change that since she met him.

    Preferred Weapons: Swiss Army Utility Knife (though she rarely uses it as an actual weapon); will use a gun if she's given one, but doesn't keep one on her.

    Personality: Considered eccentric and weird by most who knew her pre-pandemic, Becky is one of very few who seemingly doesn't let the state of the world affect her positive outlook on life. She maintains a bubbly, peppy attitude in situations many would consider bleak, and doesn't seem to let negative emotions weigh her down for long. She possesses the sort of intrepid nature her love for playing detective requires, and will take exceedingly bold and daring actions if the situation calls for it, often not feeling fear until danger is staring her in the face. She's never afraid to speak her mind, and can sometimes say harsh or insensitive things without meaning to (or 100% meaning to, depending). Her youthful optimism and whimsical personality makes it easy for her to interact with children, though this is where the majority of her social skills end; she was diagnosed with asperger's syndrome as a child, which fuels her intense interest in detective work and gives her an obsession with lists, facts and information. She struggles in the areas of social reciprocity and reacting to situations appropriately; even though she's plenty talkative, the manner she engages in conversation is generally awkward and bizarre.

    Biography: Rebecca "Becky" Callaghan was born and raised in Flora, a small town seated in Madison County, Mississippi. Her mother was a carer who didn't spend much time at home and her father was a plumber in the habit of coming home drunk and early, which meant Becky spent an abundance of time locking herself in her room with naught to do but read. One of the people her mother was charged with looking after, a kind, elderly woman with no family living out her final days in a nursing home, was an avid fan of classical detective novels; when she passed away, her sizable collection of works featuring the likes of Holmes, Drew, and the Hardy Boys were left to her mother, who in turn passed them down to Becky. This influenced her passion for the genre, which subsequently translated across into real life. She was determined to live out her dream of becoming an investigator, and worked ceaselessly towards achieving her goal-- by the time her father went to prison when she was twelve, Becky was independent and motivated enough that she was in the habit of poking around in small police investigations for herself, trying to catch vandals and solve burglaries and the like. Flora's community was a tight-knit one, and the town's small police force generally considered her harmless enough to humor her - the fact that they all knew of her father, and the way he treated her, was motive enough to let the poor girl find some kind of happiness in life, even if it was through living a fantasy.

    And, to her credit, she actually did have a knack for this sort of work; she quickly developed a reputation around town as someone who could find lost phones, figure out who scratched your door in the supermarket parking lot, that kind of thing. Though she had no real friends her age to speak of, there was something terribly endearing about her lopsided smile and the enthusiasm with which she tackled her cases, and most never really had the heart to shut her down. There was a portion of her peers who detracted and mocked her, of course, but she had no trouble ignoring them, secure in the knowledge that her hard work was gonna pay off some day.

    When the dead up and started walking around, she didn't let it daunt her. She treated it just like any other case, if a little larger in scale.

    It wasn't long before it became clear it was much more than that, though. One thing led to another, Becky was caught up in evacuation procedures and she never really managed to meet up with her mother amidst all the chaos, finding herself moving south with a small military convoy in the apocalypse's early days. She spent most of her time scribbling notes in her journal, even when the convoy started to dissolve over the week that followed. They were supposed to be heading to an ostensible military safe zone outside New Orleans, but by the time they arrived there there were only four of them left-- one soldier and two other crude, unpleasant men, both of whom reminded her of her father. The camp was already gone at that point, its defenses overrun and those who survived there having moved on, and it wasn't long before the other two-- fueled by desperation and frustration, presumably-- made their sinister intentions known, attacking the soldier leading them and turning their attention to her. Thankfully, she was able to put up enough of a fight that the noise attracted some of the nearby dead, and in the ensuing confusion she was able to get away, capitalizing on their confusion to lose her aggressors. She eventually found her way to a small watchtower recently installed by the military, in a similar abandoned state as the camp, and took refuge inside.

    It was there that she met Sam, a quiet, patient man who treated her politely from the second they met, sharing the food and water he'd been able to salvage from the tower. They stuck together after that, the two of them drifting from place to place ever since. He wasn't much of a conversationalist, but that was okay. Becky talked enough for both of them.

  • Name: Claire Smith



    Age: 19

    Skill: Jack-Of-All-Trades

    Preferred Weapons: - Hunting Knife
    - Smith & Wesson 642 PowerPort Revolver

    Personality: - Good with kids
    - Adaptable in situations
    - Nice & Sweet
    - Honest
    - Stubborn
    - Short tempered
    - Self-Conscious
    - Not keen on using a gun

    Bio: After the outbreak, word broke out that at Washington D.C. was a safe haven, possibly due to a radio loop. After Clara and her family left Canada to see the possible safe haven of D.C. and then realizing that it was a sham, they began moving south towards New Orleans where other family of hers were situated. In a car accident after trying to escape a horde of walkers. After travelling for days, with little food or water, she found a community in Fayette, where she was situated with the Fayette community of survivors, the leader being Ethan Shaw.

  • Name: Skyler "Sky" Peters



    Age: 14

    Skill: Canoeing, Babysitting, Hiding

    Preferred Weapons: Her own personal metal paddle.

    Personality: Sky is a people person. Always has been, always will be, she just feels much more comfortable knowing somebody is nearby...well, somebody living, that is. The colorful girl wouldn't call it dependency, but at the same time she would never be able to survive if she was the only one left. She is a social butterfly, always liking to talk when possible, and most of the time comes across as annoying. Well, at least she used to be before this whole apocalyptic-thing happened, now she only gets real talkative when you try to get her to be. She tries to be a playful, energetic person when she knows she's safe, but most of the time she stays cautious and observes what's going on around her.

    Really, the only major thing the apocalypse has done to her character, is that she isn't afraid of hurting people any more. Sure, you can say that zombies aren't people, and that hurting people is still morally wrong, but that doesn't matter. Whether they be alive or dead, a person is just that, a person. It's this mindset specifically that allows the aqua-haired female to be able to physically harm another without feeling too guilty.

    Bio: Before the outbreak, Sky was travelling to a huge canoeing tournament with her aunt. Her mom was at the time working in Atlanta for an important promotion, so she couldn't take her. Needless to say, the car crashed, her aunt dying as a result. Alone and carrying nothing but her metal paddle (a gift from her uncle), she started walking along the road.

    Soon enough, she met one of them . A person, or what would have been a person had they not had half of their face burnt a sickening black, small moans escaping from their mouth. It attacked her, arms reaching out and jaw coming ever-closer to herself. In a panic, she managed to somehow wedge the paddle between it and herself, pushing it down and running for her life.

    Now, she's stumbled upon a group of survivors taking residence in a hardware store, who hopefully won't try and kill her on the spot...

  • Name: Reese Evans



    Age: 27

    Skill: Slow motion cinematography, incredible alcohol tolerance, average video game let's play skills, trolling, long distance running, basic life skills. Not much else

    Preferred Weapons: He can't drive so any car he gets into becomes a lethal weapon on principle. Otherwise he just keeps up with a metallic baseball bat and anything else he can find if he absolutely needs it. Running is much much much more preferable.

    Personality: Generally friendly, save when it comes to jokes and pranks in which case he's an asshole little troll. Known to be a little out there mentally, his eccentricities nevertheless give him a sort of charm. His weakness to anything soggy and or anything which he finds disgusting, temporarily incapacitates him as he vomits at the sight of it. He is even liable to retch if it's simply described. This, coupled with the fact that he is absolutely cowardly in regards to scary games/movies/things...have left it a bit of a puzzle on how he has been able to survive.

    Bio: Before the outbreak, he was a British Lad living in Austin, Texas and working at a video production/entertainment studio. The large population there necessitated leaving not too long after and he and a number of others took to hiking it across states, just trying to keep ahead of the dead.

  • Name: Melanie "Mel" Saracco



    Age: 19

    Skill: Pickpocketing, conning people, crude and rough skill with knives, survival.

    Preferred Weapons: A few types of blades typically hidden on her person in case she requires it. In this case, the three being: A KA-BAR she stole from some dumb hicks who signed up for the military because they had nothing else they could do. A custom spring loaded ballistic knife(thank god for rednecks) and her own personal shiv.

    Personality: Even before the apocalypse hit and the world went to shit even more than it already was, she was already a hardened loner by nature. Cold and sarcastic. Came with the territory of being abandoned on the streets before you could even walk. This has proven to be both a strength and a weakness.

    When the outbreak started and civilization began to break down, oh she was prepared for that. In all that chaos, nobody was going to miss any small food or drink or anything else. It all eventually added up into a nice surplus of hers, hidden away. Even better, unlike so many others she was not only street-wise, she also had no relationships these former humans now turned Walkers could unintentionally exploit.

    No family, no real good friends, no one she would really hesitate to kill if it came down to it. It was the way it had always worked for her. Just lookin' out for number one.

    It was only later, after the initial chaos began to settle and one began to be able to take stock of what happened and what the new world was like, that she came to terms with the fatal flaw with this view. Even when she viewed herself as a loner, she still relied on others. Someone to con, someone to steal from, et cetera. It'd never work long term. Civilized suburban idiots liked to call her type outcasts and hoodlums but even on the edges of society...she was still part of it. The food from markets, she could take all she liked. They'd rot eventually. And she knew shit all about cooking.

    She knew she'd never make it alone.

    Bio: Which was why when she had almost run out of her stock of food(thank god for long shelf lives), she'd taken to roughing it out on her lonesome on the move, until she found a sizable group worth it's salt. Favor for a favor if she had to contribute.

    The street savvy petty thief and delinquent had her ways.

  • Name: Amelia "Rose" Stephens



    Age: 26

    Skills: Amelia tends to excel in keeping hidden and remaining out of sight and out of mind. By using her experiences from before the outbreak she has managed to remain distant from heavily infected areas and others who would seek to harm her for resources.

    Preferred Weapons: M4 Carbine, M9 Pistol, and a Combat Knife

    Personality: At first she is fairly reserved and quiet, preferring more to observe before making an opinion on her surroundings or a particular person. She can however, be quite talkative when and if she feels comfortable and usually this is a sign she is trusting you. She can be incredibly stubborn at times, especially if she feels she is right and will often walk away from a conflict then talk it out. From first impressions she will usually come across as kind, friendly and helpful however this is once you can gain her trust otherwise she will be abrupt distrustful and fairly cold towards you.

    Bio: Before the outbreak Amelia served as a RAF Regiment Gunner. She was flown into the US to help set up blockades to protect communities and lock out the infection. But it wasn't long before they were soon overrun and were out of time. They waited for backup to arrive, holding off as many as they could despite that the blockade wasn't even close to finished. But it was far too late, backup never came and it soon was understood that staying would mean imminent death. So a good portion of the blockade ran, Amelia among them. During the following week eleven had made it from the blockade alive, by the next week three remained. Soon, Amelia was the sole survivor.

    Months later, Amelia was ransacking Daniel Crowe's base of operations when he, Shannon Greene, and James Feryana found her. Daniel was impressed by her military background and asked her to join the group. As Daniel's sister had been kidnapped by Tyler's raiders, the group travelled to Haywood to assist in their attack. After this, Amelia became a part of Haywood's militia. She supported Daniel over Robert and managed to survive the battle between them. She, along with the other citizens of Haywood, ended up joining Abram in his rescue attempt of Jessalyn.

  • Name: Riley O'Connor



    Age: 38

    Skills: Physician level Medical Training

    Preferred Weapons: 9mm Glock Pistol

    Personality: Riley is very compassionate and wants to help people.

    Bio: Riley moved to America from Edinburgh, Scotland seven years before the outbreak. In the outbreak, he lost his wife and five year old daughter, leaving him alone. He eventually joined the Haywood settlement several months before the overthrowing of Bruce Levi, where he worked as both Haywood's main doctor and a man within the militia. His job and skill set allowed him to reach out to many of Haywood's citizens and become the caretaker to those in need. He, along with the other citizens of Haywood, ended up joining Abram in his rescue attempt of Jessalyn.

  • Name: Tobias Rieper

    Age: 37



    He just had to do it more often.

    Primary Skills: Krav Maga, Jiu-Jitsu and Escrima melded with a street fighters mentality and experience. Lockpicking(Criminal Background) and marksmanship(Trained skill). Free-Running and combat medical training.

    Secondary Skills: Can cook in over four different styles, multilingual in seven(Mandarin, Korean, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, ASL, French), Chauffeur and mechanic Experience, Diplomacy(Mostly of the Criminal Element)

    Weapon of Choice: Wilson Combat 1911 with custom bowie knife

    Personality: "My name is Tobias. Butler for the esteemed family De Vittorio. I take care of the mistress, run the manor and deal with little shites like these walking dead that appear everywhere. Do come in. Be sure to wipe your feet before you enter."

    Bio: A self-made man in every sense of the word, this character grew up on the streets of Las Vegas, where kings and commoners are made and borne with the flip of a card. Violence became his stock in trade, and he soon rose to the top, known for his brutal methods and remorseless ideas... Until the day he met someone.

    A figure he was supposed to break his kneecaps for, who ended up beating the crap out of him till he fell unconscious. When he woke up, it was in a hospital bed and the target waiting for him to offer him a job. Stunned, he accepted.

    He was groomed, he was trained... The Mafia Don wanting nothing less then the best. He got it, not wanting to disappoint, the man took to the training with everything he could muster. Italian Suits, Cordon Bleu cooking, martial arts and firearm utility- He learned them all, till he could fulfil the duty his new boss expected of him.

    Head butler and bodyguard for his daughter. For twenty years of his life, he served faithfully and well. When the zombie apocalypse came, well... What of it? He had always busted heads for a living.
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Name: Shannon Greene

Age: 23



She's a bit tall and slender for her age. She's about average weight for her height though, and she's got slightly toned legs/upper body through a regular workout she has. Most apparent about Shannon is her blonde hair. This is largely from her mother, though a touch of her father's red hair can be seen in the color of her own. Unlike her mother, who wears her hair far past her shoulders, Shannon chooses to keep her hair at shoulder length, or not much further beyond that. Her skin is rather pale and she tends to burn rather than tan when exposed to the sun.

Skills: Shannon likes to be athletic, and runs almost every day. She loves to look her best, and almost always eats healthy. She's also big into fashion, hoping to be a designer when she is older. Shannon is very good with her hands and has a good sense of technology/machinery. Her father always kept her informed of the kind of trinkets she worked with, and Shannon would often become pretty interested in his work.

Preferred Weapons:
- Knife (No serrated edge)
- 9mm pistol (little ammo)

Personality : Shannon has been described as "Perky and optimistic", which is quite the contrast when compared to her surly best friend, Danny. She has a sunny disposition most of the time, and tends to bottle her negative emotions away. It's because of this that Shannon isn't a big fan of drama. When people don't get along, it tends to get on her nerves. This is most apparent with her friend, Danny, who is a bit too surly sometimes for her liking. With most people, Shannon is perhaps a bit too agreeable, willing to stop what she is doing to go along with what she believes will make someone happy. The only person she tends to disagree with is Danny. Shannon fears not being important to anybody. She has a strong desire to be on good terms with people.

After the apocalypse started and Shannon found herself separated from everyone she cared about, her personality took a hit. The sunny disposition she was known for was now buried under some heavy sadness and hopelessness.

Bio: Shannon was an only child, born to two parents who never desired to have more than one child. Her father worked as a mechanic for as long as Shannon could remember, and her mom had always been in and out of waitress jobs. She stayed familiar with her parent's work, developing an interest in machines and technology from her father. When Shannon was in grade school, she met Daniel Heidecker, who she would always poke fun at. It wasn't until they were almost in high school that they became close. Danny was a bit less grumpy when he was younger and more accepting of the bubbly kind of person Shannon was. She liked to smile, always liked to smile. Her cheerful demeanor tended to rub off on her friends (even Danny, occasionally). Danny quickly became her closest friend, visiting her and hanging out with her whenever he could get a spare moment. However, Danny eventually became more closed off from others as time went on, and soon Shannon and her family were the few people he associated with. When Danny became estranged from his own family, he went to live with Shannon and her family. After high school, the pair moved to a different state to live with Shannon's pen-pal, Monica.
When the apocalypse started, Shannon lost her sometimes-kind-of boyfriend Brandon in the initial aftermath and she was forced to separate from her friend Monica. While attempting to get back to her parents, Shannon found herself separated from Danny as well. This greatly affected Shannon, who lost hope in getting in contact with her family. She's fallen in and out with various groups since then.
Name: Daniel "Danny" Heidecker / Rudy



Gender: Male

Age: 23

Bio: Of his family, Danny really only developed a bond with his younger sister, Joscelyn. He was never quite on the same level as his mother and father, who always seemed to want Danny to be something he wasn't. He was just never as smart as they wanted him to be it seemed. In some attempt to impress his parents, Danny started getting into sports when he got into high school, taking a particular interest in basketball and MMA. Through this, Danny found it easy to get friends. Still, in his senior year, Danny started to find himself closing off from most of the people he knew. The only person who was exempt from this sudden behavior was Danny's best friend, Shannon.

The pair had met in grade school and developed their friendship over time. It eventually got the point that Danny would spend more time at Shannon's than his own house. He enjoyed being around her parents far more than his own. It had been often whispered and joked about that Danny and Shannon were a couple, though truthfully their friendship had always been purely platonic.

For reasons known only to Danny, he had started acting out at home. He was never quite on good terms with his parents, but never to the degree of actively yelling at them. For a while, Danny's home life was a mess. When he realized this was negatively impacting his relationship with his sister as well, he started making plans to move out and live with Shannon's family. After a major falling out with his parents, Danny was quick to finalize the move. He lived with Shannon and her family for about a year, keeping in contact with only his sister. At 18, Shannon and Danny moved to a different state to live with Shannon's pen-pal, Monica.
When the apocalypse started, Danny and Shannon were forced to separate from Monica. While attempting to get back to Shannon's parents, Danny found himself separated from Shannon as well. Danny fell into despair for a time, believing Shannon to be dead. He eventually fell in with Myriah's group as they were initially starting Outpost. Danny came close to Myriah, who started calling him "Rudy" as a joke. Danny decided to keep the moniker and he eventually became known as Rudy among the people of Outpost.
Name: Tyler Salem / "Thomas Zuchowski"



Gender: Male

Age: 36

Bio: Tyler's life was wholly unremarkable before the apocalypse. He'd married his girlfriend, Helen, at 28 and came to live a middle-class existence with her and his two eventual children. He was a contract worker working in construction and his wife was an aspiring nurse with a small growing hobby as an author. Tyler didn't have the closest relationship with his parents, but the death of his mother when he was only 35 inspired Tyler to work toward a greater relationship with his father.

The apocalypse a year later put a stop to all that, where Tyler's father was one of the many initial victims of the outbreak. Tyler managed to get his family to a refugee camp, where he believed they would be safe. The situation around them quickly deteriorated and the refugee camp became smaller and smaller. A giant horde finally finished the camp off for good and took the lives of Tyler's wife and son. Tyler and his little girl, Katie, fell in with the other survivors. Tyler swore to protect his daughter from the horror surrounding her.

Their group were a disorganized mess at first, losing and gaining members haphazardly. Leadership of the group fell on many different individual's shoulders. When it finally landed on Tyler's shoulders, it was his status as one of the original members and a family man that put him there. He didn't desire to lead at first, and the few deaths the group suffered under his care only made Tyler dislike the position more. Eventually, Tyler saw his role as more of a protector and a leader, and he wanted to protect his people like they were family. It was around this time that a man named Brad joined the group, who quickly fell in awe with Tyler. Unfortunately, further death put the group at odds. They suffered bandit attacks and suffering at the hands of other humans.

Around the time a woman named Lynn joined the group, Tyler suffered betrayal by one of his group members, who stole supplies and ran off on his own. Tyler became depressed and vulnerable within his position as leader. He bonded with Lynn and eventually started a relationship with her. Still, his people were displeased, so after a large chunk of them went off on their own, Tyler decided he had to lead the group with a heavier hand. The group grew upset with Tyler getting harder on them and they lashed out, making him turn further into a dictator. Eventually, the kinds of people that tolerated Tyler's behavior were mostly men with shady morality. Tyler came to believe this was the only way for his group to survive, but he was still upset with the world around him. Tyler wondered if he could change it all.

Tyler was initially encouraged by Lynn to work toward a better future, but Tyler came to believe that future was unobtainable with the rotten people all around him. Betrayal eventually was met with death, and Tyler thought of a plan to ensure the survival of the next generation-- his daughter's generation. His group came to clear the catacombs underneath New Orleans, where Tyler eventually began to bring girls so that he could get them pregnant and raise their child in the manner he felt was best for the future. Tyler kept his daughter Katie locked away in the catacombs to shield her from what he had to do. Eventually, Tyler realized that the men working for him were restless and unpredictable. When even threats of execution didn't keep them in line, Tyler was forced to construct an arena for them to entertain themselves with. Even more, Tyler let the men have sex with his pregnant women. It was necessary, he believed, for the future he envisioned.

Lynn, already disgusted by Tyler's actions, felt that this was the final straw. She left the group and Tyler grew furious. He killed anyone that supported Lynn and sent a group after her, though they were unsuccessful in their search.

Tyler continued this way of life until he came across a man named Bruce Levi, the mayor of a community called Haywood. The two struck a deal where Levi would secretly give his women away to Tyler in exchange for supplies. This deal continued uninterrupted until the people of Haywood discovered Levi's secret and overthrew him. They sought to eliminate Tyler and planned an assault on his catacombs. Just before the attack, Tyler managed to capture Lynn, though he was ultimately unsure what to do with her. He hated her for leaving, but he still cared about her in some way. Still, he put her into his arena to entertain his men, believing Lynn was ultimately strong enough to survive. During Haywood's attack, Lynn escaped from her prison and revealed to Tyler she had been infected in the arena. She attacked him as she turned and began to overpower him. Brad saved Tyler's life and killed Lynn, but was bitten by her as a result. Tyler was then forced to kill Brad.

The attack resulted in many of Tyler's men being killed and the walkers in the arena being let loose. The walkers ended up killing his women, ending Tyler's hope for the future. One of Tyler's raiders, Lauren, had grown upset with Tyler and escaped with his daughter during the assault. She and her boyfriend Bull managed to survive with Katie in tow. Tyler, on the other hand, found an injured man, Enrique. Tyler told the man that his name was Thomas and that he was a prisoner. The pair then escaped the catacombs with one of Tyler's men, Bex, who went along with the charade.

A few weeks later, Tyler and his trio sought to enter a community called Outpost. Tyler now called himself "Thomas Zuchowski". Eventually, the three were let in and Tyler became a member of the community's scouts. He met a man named Matt who was tired with the leadership of Outpost and wanted more power. Tyler worked with him to frame the leader of the scouts, Reggie, for murder and mutiny. Matt became known as the man to take down Reggie and Tyler became the new leader of scouts due to his work in taking down Reggie and the friendships he had made.
Tyler then wanted the scouts to attack Haywood, where he believed his daughter had been taken. Matt convinced Outpost's council to approve of the idea and the plan was in motion. The stand-off between the scouts and the people of Haywood resulted in Lauren being murdered under Tyler's orders and Tyler's duplicity soon after coming to light. Still, Tyler managed to escape with his daughter, the person that mattered the most to him. He realised his mistake in hurting countless people to attain some hope for the future when his hope for the future had always been his little girl. Tyler then left New Orleans with Katie and traveled North, where they eventually came to Baton Rouge.
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Okay, now with all that out of the way, let's kick off some discussion. To reiterate, we need to establish a location for this community. Current candidates are Natchez, Jackson, Brookhaven, and McComb.

General plot ideas, characters ideas, and character relationships are welcome as well! We just need to set the ground work for this community.

Massive tag list for those I know in the RP/Interested in it: @Lady Myst @-QT- @Rithas @HellHoundWoof @Kirah @kittyluna45 @SheriffLlama @Damo028 @Klutzy Ninja Kitty @OrlandoBloomers @TheSpringwoodSlasher @Josh M @Hospes @TheColourlessRainbow


You can count me in, missed being part of this RP. Look forward to discussing everything to get it set up. One question to kick of though. With the lore of the previous iteration of the RP is lore for this new season 1 reboot. does this mean everything from that has definitely happened? ( I want to avoid bringing any characters back from the dead. )

I also reserve this spot for my character sheets that will be incoming.
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When making your character, keep in mind that the RP is currently approximately 10 months, since the apocalypse began and that the current general setting is the Louisiana/Mississippi area of America.


Name: Enrique Ortiz

Age: 28

Skills: Enrique is a gifted marksman, he's been using firearms since he was 13. He is also a naturally good cook, and dabbles in guitar.

Preferred Weapons (up to three): 1911 Service Pistol, La Pistola. He also carries a tactical axe, and he varies his third weapon based on ammo.

Personality: Though he is a good person and almost always has a good idea in his heart the apocalypse has driven him to a point where he isnt who he used to be. His mind goes into a state of pure unbridled rage and he often loses himself in the blood and guts as he cuts through the corpses. When not in this state he can be cold but will likely be a kind human being, provided he has someone to rely on as a friend.

Bio: He was given leave to see his dieing father and had returned from overseas just before the outbreak began, he made it to his fathers house but it was too late. He mourned his fathers death and spent the night in his fathers house, he woke up to the sound of a struggle outside his door. He sprung awake and pulled his pocket knife off his nightstand and ran outside. He saw his mother being devoured by a decaying man, Enrique didnt know what to think only attack.

He dug the blade into the creatures brain stem and twisted till it collapsed, he left the knife there and looked at his mothers dead body. He could have sat there for hours had he not heard the sounds of screaming outside his door and made a run for his fathers gun. It was kept in the closet in a locked box with plenty of clips, he grabbed the lamp off of his fathers nightstand and broke the locks. He pulled the pistol from its place in the box and put it in his belt then pulled the rest of the clips out as well the duffel bag that layed next to it, he set the clips into it and moved quickly bag to his room. He grabbed his dogtags and put them over his head, he then pulled on his fatigue pants, his combat boots, and stuffed some blankets into the bag. He ran into the kitchen and grabbed anything he could that wouldnt spoil for some time. He remembered something his father had made but kept secret from his children, Enrique ran into his room and pulled an object wrapped in cloth from under the bed.

He unfolded the cloth and the small snub nosed shotgun was exposed, Enrique picked it up and smiled broadly he checked the barrels and saw it was loaded, he spent a fair few minutes looking around for some ammo but only managed to find 4 spare shells. He stuffed it into the duffel and made his way to the garage, he found the keys on the dash and put them in the ignition he started the car and then opened the garage door. The light was a blinding contrast to the dark garage and caused Enrique to squint, when his eyes had adjusted he saw another corpse approaching the car and backed up crushing it under the car, he made a two point turn into his fathers grass and then sped off down the road.

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Just gonna put this here to reserve a spot. Looks like a blast! ^_^
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Atom u jerk thanks for tagging me!

Jk. I can't not be in this. I'm addicted. We're all going to have to put up our CS's on the ooc thread, right?
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Whoa, I can't believe Amelia and Lea are still survivors O.o

That was one hell of a nostalgia hit.
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You can count me in, missed being part of this RP. Look forward to discussing everything to get it set up. One question to kick of though. With the lore of the previous iteration of the RP is lore for this new season 1 reboot. does this mean everything from that has definitely happened? ( I want to avoid bringing any characters back from the dead. )

I also reserve this spot for my character sheets that will be incoming.

Everything's definitely happened. Turisa and Imogen are in the group that will have eventually ended up in the new community, but they don't have to both be there if you don't want to.

Atom u jerk thanks for tagging me!

Jk. I can't not be in this. I'm addicted. We're all going to have to put up our CS's on the ooc thread, right?


And yeah, we'll have to put them in this thread. One thing I'll concede about RPG's design, that wholeIC/OOC/Character tab.

Whoa, I can't believe Amelia and Lea are still survivors O.o

That was one hell of a nostalgia hit.

WOAH, WINTER, HEY. I didn't know you were on Iwaku nor did I knw you also seem to be a CV!

Yeah, they're both still alive, haha. In fact, Amelia is actually in the "main" group and everything.

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Name: John Lennings

Age: 23

Skills: Good at being a paper pusher. Very limited knowledge on fire arms. Has a higher knowledge on jurry-rigging and crafting

Preferred Weapons (up to three): Beretta M9 (x2 Ammunition), a small hatchet slung on a his belt loop, a small loop of razor wire (8 feet in total)


Is a very comfortable person to talk to
Playful and sometimes childlike
Suitable for administrative jobs (Organizing, counting)
Atleast able to hold a gun


After an injury in Afghanistan, Johns knee can occasionally begin to feel pain, and hinder simple functions such as walking or running.
Does occasionally have Post-Trauma
Sarcastic and Snarky sometimes
The Flirtatious Kind
Somewhat arrogant

Bio: Honing in from Le Ville De Quebex (Quebec City) in Canada, a vibrant and young Canadian Army man who only landed in Afghanistan for 8 days before receiving an on the job injury to his knee was sent back to Canada on administrative assignment as a Quartermaster, maintaining and checking that everything has a place, everything in its place. During the early days of the outbreak, John was sent down into the US to work again, as a Quartermaster on medical supplies, making sure everything was clean, sterilized, and ready to hand out. Thus, he simply wanders around, looking for any place of safe haven while cautiously tending to his own wound.
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That I did Josh. It is thus why I had also given him a severe injury to the knee that handicaps him, put him as a soldier who now can only repair and maintain equipment due to being a Quartermaster, and has little to no knowledge of the ongoing war due to being so taken out early upon deployment.
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