maze runner

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Based on or borrowing elements from The Maze Runner book series and/or movies.
  1. Em Kit

    CHARACTERS Emmie's Thread of Fandoms and Characters

    Fandoms: These are the fandoms that I currently roleplay, I'm looking to add more in the future though so if you have something in mind and think we'd be a good match let me know Fandom Category Status Characters In The Mood To Rp? Writing Sample Chronicles of Narnia Literature, Film...
  2. winnie

    the scorch [marygold and wxnderlust]

    @MaryGold and @wxnderlust minho Minho couldn't keep track of how much time they had all been out in the Scorch. They'd just been walking, in search of... what? They didn't even know what they were going to find. They hadn't come across people, and they'd lost people from their group already...
  3. A

    Adriana's Fandom Search [always open]

    Hello, and welcome to my search thread! I'm currently on my break which means I have a lot of time to respond except on Christmas Day itself and so I'm looking for a couple of partners to roleplay with! Now I am mainly looking for fandom pairings as of now because the romantic side of me that...
  4. M

    Reaper Squad

    Please see the wiki for more info. The Reaper Squad by @Krieg , @Midnight Maiden, @Klutzy Ninja Kitty, @Yun Lee, @Gummi Bunnies and @Atomyk Sign-ups thread link here Table of Contents Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 ~THE REAPER SQUAD~ Joshua, the Composer of the Reapers, one...
  5. B

    No Serenity to be Found

    Serenity really did look like a floating piece of junk to most of the 'Verse. It wasn't very impressive in any sense. Not to people used to the sprawling colossi that were Alliance ships. To Malcolm Reynolds and crew, though, she was more than that. She was home. She was refuge. She was...