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    Some Quick Facts
    I'm looking for someone who is around Elementary to Advanced, but the roleplayer can be adaptable as well.
    I post around 1- 8 paragraphs per post, sometimes less but it depends on how interested I am when it comes to type of roleplay I'm doing.
    I do both male and female genders.
    I do Yuri and Straight and want to try to do a yaoi roleplay
    Please space out your paragraphs, I hate reading a long slump of words cluttered up.
    I love romance in my rps and sexual content is fine with me. (Plot > Porn)
    I prefer my rps to be in conversations but I'm willing to try thread rps.
    I'm active though sometimes I'm a bit busy with school.
    (sample is from the succubusxprosituite plot)

    She's watching me isn't she? , No but that can't be right, I'm just a normal everyday guy, My name is Justin...Justin Hoatel, I just turned twenty one and I go to college and she's a goddess, dark emerald eye's the color of the brightest gems, long black hair that stretches down her back like a veil. She's looking at me and she's smiling, her tongue darts out and she brushes it against her lips almost as if she's hungry for me, she lowered her gaze and I can see how her dark lashes carass her cheekbones. She has flawless skin with a beauty mark under her right eye and then she speaks.

    The words are soft and gentle almost as if each word is a carass. "Is something wrong darling, you look like you've had too much to drink, how about you come with me and my friend and we can help you relax." she in front of me, her cleavage brushing against my chest, My eye's dart to her friend who is standing there motionless as a statue watching as if she's this woman's student. I allow my eye's to meet her own and notice that she's wearing eyeliner and it sparkles under the lights of the club. "I....I'm waiting for my.." the man's words fall flat as the woman presses her two finger's to his lips, shushing him.

    Alumina chuckles as she finishes her mind reading and leans back, brushing her hand through her hair and turned toward's her student. "You see, men are perfectly easy to tease and once you have your hand on there pressure point is it hard for them to be able to let go, he's almost under our control and his thoughts are completely muddled, if you want me to make him more....pleasured, all you have to do is ask." Alumina said turning her head to look over her shoulder.
    vampire x human / demon / hunter / phoenix / newly turned vampire
    demon x human / hunter / goddess / sacrifice / half breed
    phoenix x hunter / princess / human / scientist / sick villager
    werewolf x vampire / werecat / potential mate / abandoned werewolf (pregnant or non)
    witch x prince / princess / summoned demon
    angel x human / dark angel / devil's daughter / dying person / guardian angel
    master x slave
    celebrity x manager / agent / musician / abandoned celebrity / fan / homeless fan / pregnant woman /
    band mates
    Arranged Marriage
    teenage pregnancy
    pregnant woman x student / teacher / vampire / werewolf /scientist / dark angel / goddess /
    demon queen x mad god
    Butler x Mistress / Maid
    Butler x Master's Daughter
    Survivor x Survivor (zombie apocalypse/dystopian future)
    photographer x model / pregnant woman / bride
    escort x bride / pregnant woman /
    stripper x succubus / client / demon / pirate
    Reincarnated Lovers
    Fairy Queen x Kidnapped Knight/Prince
    Upper Class x Servant
    Broken Family
    Starting a Family
    Performing Arts Boarding School
    dancer x teacher / instructor / injured partner / pregnant partner
    woman who lost her memories x lover / best friend / new love interest
    woman with lost memories / story writer / goddess / pirate / prince
    prince x knight / prince / goddess / god / demon prince / dragon
    dragon x knight / mate / goddess / priestess / priest / scarfice
    priestess x demon prince / mad god / pirate / dragon
    Student x Exchange Student
    political marriage between members of different species
    an experienced submissive mentoring an inexperienced Dom/Domme in the lifestyle
    Supernatural Hostess Clubs
    Pitt fighter X care taker
    gargoyle x princess
    circus performer x roustabout
    circus preformer x circus freak
    circus performer or freak x magician
    mad god x goddess / treasure hunter / pirate / princess
    Prisoner of War / Interrogator, Cell mate or guard
    Ranch Owner / Lost Woman (pregnant or non)
    CriminalxLolita Assassin
    Mass Effect






    Shepard (Paragon)

    Dragon Age














    Ever After High

    Teen Titans














    Rock Lee


    Black Butler








    Final Fantasy VII





    Final Fantasy X





    Final Fantasy X-2





    Kingdom Hearts






    Doctor Who

    Steven Universe







    Final Fantasy XII





    Final Fantasy XII & XII-2







    Harry Potter




    Remus Lupin



    [girl ] is beautiful, talented, and sure to go places in life. Her parents only want the best for her, so they arrange her marriage to a very successful, stuck up, perverted boy that doesn't care for her, only her body. [ girl ] goes to a cafe to get away from her life, and meets [ boy ], he’s the cute boy that works there. He's a break from her "perfect" life; he's charming, a bit clumsy, funny, and calls her beautiful instead of hot or sexy, like her fiancé. He knows she's engaged, since she told him in one of their get-togethers, but he can't help but to crush on her. Spending time together in and out of the cafe, [ girl ] can't keep herself for falling for him. The wedding day comes, and she invites [ boy ]. In the midst of the vows, [ girl ] notices him in the audience and her heart overflows with emotions. Will she go for [ boy ], or make her parents happy and marry their choice?

    The boy and the girl are complete party animals. They show up to everyone, if they'll get drunk or not. One night the two meet each other and fall into so called 'love'. The boy has a girlfriend and is really liking her. But shes not giving him what he wants, so he decides to get a 'sex' buddy. The girl being who she is, accepts. The two have 'fun times' almost ever few days. What happens when they both secretly want a better relationship between them? Will they confess, or will it never work out between them?

    Character A is a girl who loves to dance, her family is nothing but dancers and her mother is a famous dancer, but then one night everything she knows changes, a rogue vampire by the name of [character B] has bitten her and changed her into one of his kind. But she takes this powerful possesion in pride and soon becomes known as "Lumina" an enternal guardian of
    the stage, can she and her new companion find love outside the stage

    Muse A is fresh out of school and isn’t quite sure what they want to do with their life next. Before they can start shopping their resume around, they get a call from the casting department at a major TV network. Muse A almost forgot about the impromptu audition tape that they made for a Real World-esque reality TV show several weeks ago. To their surprise, they’ve been chosen to be a cast member! With no obligations holding them back, they pack their bags and fly out to the house where they’ll be living with 6 other people for the summer. Muse B is one of their cast mates—the first person Muse A meets upon arriving at the house. With a little coaxing from production, it isn’t long before Muse A and Muse B are in a full-blown show-mance: cuddling in the common areas of the house, kissing in the confessional booth, fighting about the other flirting with someone else at the club and so on. Overall, the experience is a blast for Muse A and the relationship with Muse B is fun, but it’s nothing Muse A anticipates to last once the show is over. Everyone parts ways when the show wraps at the end of summer, including the house’s it-couple. One week after taping ends, Muse A hears a knock at their front door. It’s Muse B, who’s just moved across the country in the hopes of continuing their romance with Muse A.

    A guy finds a girl unconscious in the park, long scars and track marks down her arms. He takes her to a local hospital and he claims to be her brother so she can have the required treatment with him as her responsible adult. She comes round and he's still there. He continues to visit her to keep up the pretence, and she starts to open up to him. Eventually, the hospital discharges her to his care, so she moves in with him, and they have to attend
    regular check ups

    [ boy ] is the son of rich parents; his dad owns a successful chain of factories, and his mom is the head of a company. [ boy ]'s siblings are also successful, marrying other rich people and taking up great paying jobs. All [ boy ] has ever wanted to do is play music, which his parents don't think is going to get him far in life. One day when [ boy ] is going into the theater to play the piano, since he can't at home, he finds that the piano is occupied. There is a girl, and music has always been a comfort to her. Already having something in common, there is an almost instant attraction. [ boy ] and [ girl ] play music together and become good friends. [ boy ] finds himself slowly falling in love with her and he admits his feelings for her, to find that she feels the same. He introduces her to his parents, and they do not approve.

    She was always seen by him to be the cute little sister, just another one of the boys almost. He was always careful to include her to the point that he talked about the girls he liked, and how far he got with them. He didn't know it killed her inside. She has a massive crush on him. Eventually, she decides to do something about it, and comes back from the summer holiday all made up and in short skirts. Definitely a girl. He can't believe his eyes. Suddenly everything's changed. He can't talk to her about girls, because she's the girl he wants. She enjoys teasing him with it.

    [Character A] is exactly the type of girl that every guy wants in their life, She is beautiful,
    seductive and very sexy and enjoys doing the simple things that every man enjoys.
    Character B] is the envy of the guys, he's dorky, shy and awkward when it comes to romances and can't even get through a romantic movie without blushing and stating something stupid. So how did the hottest girl in town get hooked with a shy boy like him? Well for one he's her butler and her bodyguard and two her father is basically paying for his affections towards her but what happen's when things go to far with daddy's girl and she ends
    up pregnant, is goodbye sweetheart or hello new love

    .[Character A] is the son of a rich and wealthy businessmen, he has everyone he ever wanted, money, riches, three vacation homes. But there is one crucial thing about him, he's completely oblivious to everything that goes on around him, he barely gets out of the house, expect when he performs with his band and he has never kissed a woman. So when he meets the singer/model [Charater B] he's completely smitten with her and for some strange reason, she feels the same way. But can these opposite sides of fame fall in love?

    Girl is abused by her boyfriend, in private and in public, so she turns to the school's advice column in the newspaper. In the paper is a list of pen names of students that offer advice for whatever problem another student might have. So she picks a name and writes a letter to them, explaining her situation. Back and forth, she and this pen pal exchange letters, getting to know each other as they talk about what she can do to get out of her abusive relationship. From what she's described, her pen pal knows exactly who she and her boyfriend are, but she still doesn't know him. Soon, after pretty much falling in love with each other over paper, they decide to meet. When they do, it's instant sparks. The two end up dating after a while. While dating behind her abusive boyfriend's back, she worries: What would her boyfriend do if he knew about them?

    Having just turned 18 and gotten out of high school, [ boy ] and his friends, equipped with fake ID's, head to Vegas to celebrate finally being adults. [ girl ] and her friends are on their way to Vegas to do the same, fake ID's at hand. [ boy ] & [ girl ] meet at a casino and hit it off, and get completely drunk. Absolutely wasted, they leave the casino together. The next morning, they wake up in a hotel room, in the same bed, half-naked, wearing wedding rings.
    [Character A] is one of the wive's of a wealthy family, her husband is a powerful businessman and almost the leader of a large group of gangs that control most of the town's outside of the main city. [Character A] finds out she's expecting the leader's child and that makes the boss lust after her even more. [Character B] is the one of the lower rank guard's men of the gang and notices how different his boss is acting around her, so one night he "accidently" lets her escape, but when he sent is to chase after her, what happens when these two spark a connection.

    [Character A] is a wealthy business woman who has everything that she ever wanted in life, her mother owns several fashion companies and her father is seen on the cover of most business magazine's. But she is lonely and desperately seeks companionship and even a family. While traveling down the streets of London (or some other city) she meet's an older pedlar woman who gives her amulet with a large stone the color of a stained glass window and ask's her to wish on the next night when the moon is full. [Character A] confused on what just happened decides to listen to the woman and partakes in the ritual, a cloud of silver smoke surrounds her and she soon finds herself in another world, and not just in another world but as a kitsune, and soon as chosen as the new mother of the lord of the land's children. [Character B] is the lord of "Helvetia" a land that lives bellow earth's street and has been searching for the one person to become his bride, he is kind but can seem to be cruel-hearted at times, so how will these two world's collide

    [ girl ] is an 18 year old and her parents are going on a business trip for a few weeks. They think she needs a babysitter since she can’t be trusted alone – at all. Last time they left her alone she threw a HUGE party with her little snobby friends. Now they’re smart enough to prevent that from happening, and so they hired a babysitter to watch over her. But what happens when the babysitter they thought would be another female is actually guy the same age as [ girl ]? [ Boy ] is 19 and now a freshmen in college, he has babysitting as a side job to pay for his books. He took the job of taking care of [ girl ] thinking she was some five year old little girl. But what happens when they become a tiny bit attracted to each other? Will they be hardheaded and act like they hate each other? Or sleep in each other’s arms every night?

    16 years ago, a girl goes to Europe on a class trip. One night, she and her roommates left the hotel and explored the city, all by themselves. Her less than intelligent friend gets them involved with a man they don't know. You might know where this leads? They get kidnapped and sold into prostitution. Weeks go by, they are drugged, beaten and forced to pleasure strange men. The girl that I started with, she is the only one of her friends that hasn't died of drug overdose, lack of food, or an STD. She is considered the best merchandise that this brothel can offer. A boy, who’s about 17, is rich and spoiled, and has enough money to get whatever the hell he wants. His family goes to Europe on their annual trip, and he finds out from a special source that there is a place where he can get the hook-up on sex. Being the rich little pervert he is, he uses the big bucks to get only finest girl he can get: our girl from the beginning. He sees her every weekend, never paying attention to how sickly she is. One day, he comes into her room to find her in fetal position, pale, nauseous, and clammy. When he sees her like this, he forgets about what he wanted from her. From then on, every time he sees her, he brings her medicine, food, and other things to help her get better. Instead of sex, he comforts her, and listens to her speak about what her life is like. He feels an immeasurable amount of emotions toward her; sorrow, pity, and maybe… love

    . (Girl] is at the mall with her friends, when she spots her ex-boyfriend, who abused her a few months ago when they'd been going out. She still has scars on her arms and one on her forehead, but she always covers them up. To avoid her ex approaching her, she walks up to a random guy, ( insert dude ], and begins pretending that they're dating. ( guy ] has no idea what's going on, but plays along, and after a few minutes she clues him in. They end up spending the entire day together, pretending that they're dating, and eventually she tells him about her ex

    Boy and girl move into an apartment together. They’re happy until money starts getting tight. Boy starts to cheat on his girlfriend, but his girlfriend has a secret. She’s pregnant with his child. She knows there’s something going on with him and she fears that if she tells him she’s pregnant, he’ll completely leave her. But will he? Or will it rekindle the flame between the two of them?

    Boy and girl were best friends. The two of them experienced everything together. But lately, at their high school, pretty much everyone was talking about the birds and the bees. About how they'd 'gotten it in' last night, or how they'd misplaced their v-cards. The two best friends, both virgins, were sick of hearing about how everyone was having sex, and being made fun of for still being virgins. One night, the boy & girl were hanging out at one of their houses, and got onto the subject of sex and how they were still virgins. So they thought what the hell. And they took each other's virginity. But the satisfaction of not being virgins anymore doesn't last too long, before the girl finds out she's pregnant.

    . You're a very successful celebrity at the age of nineteen. Your handler and manager think your fame is beginning to fade though, so they talk to another celebrity's people, deciding to create a faux relationship between you two. They start having you two go to premieres and parties together, and then you two begin doing photo shoots and such. In the midst of all this, you're beginning to become close friends with the person that you're supposedly dating, and then you become attracted to this person. But what happens when the handlers and managers think that the relationship can finally end, and you don't want it to?

    (Insert girl's name here) has liked (insert boy's name) ever since the first day of freshman year. They've flirted a lot since they were 14, but as they grew older she never ever confessed her love for him. Not even to her friends. But what happens when she discovers that he has a girlfriend who is also known as; HER BEST FRIEND.- fast forward; 2 months later into their relationship and (girl) is completely miserable. She hates every moment that they're together and she can't help but wish that would be her. But now she's sick and tired of all the pain she has suffered. Now she promised herself to do anything she can to have him back; even if it'll ruin her relationship with her best friend.

    . Around the office having a relationship beyond it is totally unacceptable. There is no such thing as dating or having sexual contact with your co-works. But what happens when (insert guy name here] has a pretty new secretary named (insert girl.] She's absolutely gorgeous and any guy would do anything to get with her. But they already knew that they can’t because its office rules. Thankfully, (guy] gets to be with her often since she's his worker. So he kind of takes advantage of that situation. After she spilled coffee on his white shirt on the first day she can't help but apologize for what she had done and after a while they start joking about it. He soon sees that she's absolutely amazing and he can't get his mind off of her. What will happen?

    Girl) gets into a horrible car wreck and is in the hospital in a coma. Her best friend, whom has always been secretly in love with her, stuck by her side the whole time. The nurses that were there always assumed he was her boyfriend, and so when (girl) wakes up without any memory the nurses tell her that her boyfriend can help her. Her best friend is surprised they think he is her boyfriend at first, but decides to play along with it anyways. Will things go smoothly? Or will someone jog her memory?

    She was the girl who never got boyfriends; she thought she looked pretty average and she was just decent at everything but only one person that she was spectacular - her younger brothers best friend. He was only a year younger than her , but he admired her from afar - never doing anything with his feelings but keeping them deep down inside of him ; until the night of a masquerade ball where everyone is wearing masks and he tries his luck with her ; in disguise. She falls for the mystery guy hard, but he doesn't think she is going to like who he /actually/ is.
  2. Hello! You've caught my eye with the following pairings and plot:

    -witch x prince / princess / summoned demon
    -Arranged Marriage
    -Reincarnated Lovers
    -Fairy Queen x Kidnapped Knight/Prince
    -political marriage between members of different species

    -[Character A] is a wealthy business woman who has everything that she ever wanted in life, her mother owns several fashion companies and her father is seen on the cover of most business magazine's. But she is lonely and desperately seeks companionship and even a family. While traveling down the streets of London (or some other city) she meet's an older pedlar woman who gives her amulet with a large stone the color of a stained glass window and ask's her to wish on the next night when the moon is full. [Character A] confused on what just happened decides to listen to the woman and partakes in the ritual, a cloud of silver smoke surrounds her and she soon finds herself in another world, and not just in another world but as a kitsune, and soon as chosen as the new mother of the lord of the land's children. [Character B] is the lord of "Helvetia" a land that lives bellow earth's street and has been searching for the one person to become his bride, he is kind but can seem to be cruel-hearted at times, so how will these two world's collide
  3. the second or third pairing or the plot works fine with me, would you mind sending me a message so we could discuss what we are going to do and what roles we should play?
  4. Still Searching for One x One Partners.​
  5. Please send me a sample before we begin roleplaying with one another. I will only roleplay with people who can at least write 3 structured paragraphs. I know that sounds rude but I'm tired of getting short paragraphs.​
  6. I know this is completely off topic, but who is that girl from the gif you use in your opener? She gives me ideas for a character.
  7. She's from anime called the idolm@ster Cinderella girls
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