Murder Tale IV: The Sovionok Camp Incident

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  1. Reminder! Please remember to visit the signups page after each new round/mid-round session! I may have updated the signups to fit new information! Since this roleplay can move really fast past the Prologue and Epilogue stages, it's wise to check the signups every now and then for some possibly new information! PS: If you haven't already, please check out the signups page for the rules and premise and stuff!

    Round 1
    Mid-round(1) Update
    Round 2
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    Round 3
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    Round 4
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    Round 5
    Round 6 (Final Round)

    Prologue: The Recurring Dream

    A dream... Many, in different places, even times, have been having this exact same dream every night... A fuzzy image of them standing at the gates of some sort of camp... It's name was written in a Russian language, one which, everyone somehow knew read "Sovionok". Each time, the image grew more vivid, and one could almost touch the gates, feel the coolness of the night air, or... Maybe, even enter them. However, no matter how hard the dreamer tried, no matter how many times, they just couldn't budge from their spot... And instead, they woke up. This strange cycle continued for night after night, eah time, the dramers could remember more and more about their dream.... However... One day, something changed. Each dreamer, sharing almost identical dreams, even in different dimensions, planes of existence, suddenly felt tired. All it would take was a single moment, before they each dozed off... Their consciousness slowly slipping away as everything grew dark, and absolutely still.

    Day 1

    Faint, but somehow familiar sounding music could be heard, at the edge of everyone's consciousness, and the faint humming of a bus's engine could be heard. The feeling of a soft fabric underneath everyone indicated that they were sitting in some sort of bus perhaps... A faint, feminine voice could be heard, but, while it's words couldn't be made out, the words had a calming effect on everyone in a way. The strange, half-conscious ride lasted for around an hour or so, some may have fallen fully asleep in the meantime, however, when the bus finally screeched to the stop... It was sure to wake everyone who had been sleeping, or semi-conscious on it, that's when everything truly started to sink in...

    Now that everyone was awake, it became apparant that they were in some sort of bus; and Ikarus model to be precise, commonly used in the late 1980's in Soviet Russia... Blinding sunlight shone through the bus's windows, and an apparant heat lingering in the air conveyed clearly that it was summer here. Memories of the ride that came before was quite a blur, the most anyone could remember was closing their eyes in a familiar environment, wherever that was, and then...
    A field of some sort, and the rising sun... What was this place? Who knew, but, all anyone really did know was that it was no longer their home, or wherever they had been before they had fallen asleep. Someone could be heard freaking out near the front of the bus, punching himself a few times, slapping his face... He was standing in an empty space between the seats, staring in disbelief at the spot, as if he had thought there was a door there or something. Then, he ran out the front of the bus, looking to be in a panicked frenzy; perhaps he too was one of the new arrivals? No-one could manage to get a good look at him just yet, so, who knows...

    It looked like there were a few options here right now;
    A) Run after that panicked fellow; It might be in one's best interests to get to him before he hurts himself or something... Maybe you could find out what had happened to him? And, more importantly, if he had been brought to this camp in a similar fashion the rest of you have...

    B) Head out the bus; Perhaps, even if you aren't going to chase after that disgruntled guy, it would be for the best to at least get to know where this bus had ended up... Maybe get your bearings? Or if anything else, strike up a nice conversation with others who had decided to do the same.

    C) Stay in the bus; Well, one can't blame you if you're staying in the bus; the seats are rather comfortable, though, admittedly, it's quite hot in here... Maybe you could get to know your peers? Well, you can do that outside too, but, maybe inside, you're a little more sheltered from the heat.
    Remember... Bold and Underline your choice to make it easier for the GM to decipher o.o

    Camp Arrivals (Cast):
    Played by:
    @york Name: ??? (NPC) canon: ??? Status: Alive Role: Unknown
    Played by: @york Name: ??? (NPC) canon: ??? Status: Alive Role: Unknown
    Played by: @york Name: Semyon (NPC) canon: Everlasting Summer Status: Alive Role: Unknown
    Played by: @Mighty Roman Name: N (NPC) canon: Pokemon Black & White 1/2 Status: Alive Role: Unknown
    Played by: @BarrenThin Name: Tallion (Gravewalker) canon: Middle-earth; Shadow of Mordor Status: Alive Role: Unknown
    Played by: @The Tactician Name: Hajime Hinata canon: Dangaronpa 2; Goodbye Despair Status: Alive Role: Unknown
    Played by: @Krieg Name: Krieg the Psycho Canon of Origin: Borderlands 2 Status: Alive Role: Unknown
    Played by: @TheBlueBurch Name: Gaara Canon of Origin: Naruto & Name: Beowulf Cannon: Skullgirls (Duo) Status: Alive Role: Unknown
    Played by: @Raven Name: Wednesday Adams Canon of Origin: The Addams Family Status: Alive Role: Unknown
    Played by: @DapperDogman Name: Bell Cranel Canon of Origin: Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon? Status: Alive Role: Unknown
    Played by: @Verite Name: Kyon canon: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Status: Alive Role: Unknown
    Played by: @Mari Name: Yukio Canon of Origin: Marvel Universe Status: Alive Role: Unknown
    Played by: @ResistingTheEnlightened Name: Captain Ronald Speirs Canon of Origin: Band of Brothers & Name: George Luz Cannon: Band of Brothers (Duo) Status: Alive Role: Unknown
    Played by: @Bomb Name: Kang Hee-Gun Canon of Origin: Running Man Status: Alive Role: Unknown
    Played by: @Klutzy Ninja Kitty Name: Ryoko Asakura Canon of Origin: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Status: Alive Role: Unknown
    Played by: @CrunchyCHEEZIT Name: The Scout Canon of Origin: Team Fortress 2 Status: Alive Role: Unknown
    Played by: @FireDrake150 Name: Claire Farron (Lightning) Canon of Origin: Final Fantasy Status: Alive Role: Unknown
    Played by: @OrlandoBloomers Name: Shiki Ryougi Canon of Origin: Type-Moon Status: Alive Role: Unknown
    Played by: @Wedge Antilles Name: Alex Summers Canon of Origin: Marvel Cinematic Universe Status: Alive Role: Unknown
    Played by: @Korra Name: Katara Canon of Origin: Avatar: The last airbender Status: Alive Role: Unknown
    Played by: @The Silver Paladin Name: Cecil Harvey Canon of Origin: Final Fantasy Status: Alive Role: Unknown
    Played by: @Kaykay Name: Yellow de Tokiwa Grove Canon of Origin: Pokemon Adventures Status: Alive Role: Unknown
    Played by: @Gummi Bunnies Name: Neo Canon of Origin: RWBY & Name: Sukuna Shinmyoumaru Canon of Origin: Touhou (Duo) Status: Alive Role: Unknown
    Played by: @ShadowPrime Name: Jinx Canon of Origin: League of Legends Status: Alive Role: Unknown
    Played by: @Jeremi Name: Ori Valadier Canon of Origin: Under Night In-Birth & Name: TOHSAKA Canon of Origin: Type Moon (Duo) Status: Alive Role: Unknown
    Played by: @ProxyMoron Name: Tsukimi Kurishita Canon of Origin: Princess JellyFish Status: Alive Role: Unknown
    Played by: @Schnee Corp Lawyer Name: Blake Belladonna Canon of Origin: RWBY Status: Alive Role: Unknown
    Played by: @Infinatis Name: Bill Cipher Canon of Origin: Gravity Falls Name: Canada Canon of Origin: Hetalia (Duo) Status: Alive Role: Unknown
    Played by: @Josh M Name: Hank Venture Canon of Origin: The Venture Bros Status: Alive Role: Unknown
    Played by: @Atomyk Name: Karol Capel Canon of Origin: Tales of Vesperia Status: Alive Role: Unknown
    Played by: @Meira Name: Anima & Name: Asahina Samidare Canon of Origin(both characters): Lucifer and The Biscuit Hammer (Duo) Status: Alive Role: Unknown
    Played by: @Rock Knight Name: Idoun Canon of Origin: Fire Emblen: The Binding Blade Status: Alive Role: Unknown
    Played by: @Siontalk Name: Haruka Kokonose Canon of Origin: Kagerou Project Status: Alive Role: Unknown
    Played by: @Lizzy Name: Yatogomi & Name: Yukine Canons of Origin: Noragami (Duo) Status: Alive Role: Unknown
    Played by: @Unlimited RP Works Name: Johnny Marcone Canon of Origin: The Dresden Files Status: Alive Role: Unknown

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  2. Ryoko Asakura: Prologue


    When one would look at Ryoko Asakura, they would see an average, rather popular high school student. She had beautiful, long flowing blue hair, a pair of blue eyes to match, and a slender pretty figure for a young woman of her age. She also always seemed to wear a smile on her face--happy enough to cheer up her fellow students when they were feeling down. Her personality, grades, and skills as an athelete were also top notch. Even the boys admired her, one of them giving Asakura an AA+ ranking on their hottest girls list.

    Yes, Ryoko Asakura almost seemed perfect. At times, perhaps she seemed a little too perfect, which may have been a good way to look at her. Ryoko's perfection--the way she was viewed by outside eyes--wasn't entirely so. There were always two sides to a story, two halves of a whole, and two sides of a coin. If one were to examine the flip-side of Asakura like the young woman were a coin, they would've been genuinely startled and disturbed by what they found...

    One day, after school, Asakura stood in the classroom waiting for a boy to meet her. Perhaps this would appear ordinary to anyone watching, but this meeting was no ordinary one. The boy she summoned was one she had plans to kill.


    It all stemmed down to one simple fact: Ryoko Asakura was not human.

    Asakura was in fact an alien life form, sent to earth in order to observe a human known as Haruhi Suzumiya and learn more about the extraordinary dormant powers the girl possessed. Asakura was an android of sorts, a back-up unit who worked under another alien known as Yuki Nagato. Why they chose Nagato, a quiet bookworm with no personality, to be the main unit instead of herself was beyond Asakura, but she quietly obeyed her orders and posed as a average high school student as she carried out her orders.

    At least, until now.

    Growing tired of waiting around for Haruhi Suzumiya to show more of her abilities, Asakura decided to take it upon herself to kill one of Suzumiya's favorite humans, a boy nicknamed Kyon. Perhaps then Suzumiya would display her abilities! The thought of Asakura finding out something before Nagato excited the alien. Perhaps then her superiors would see that they should have chosen her instead of the bookworm.

    And so, Asakura carried out her plan. She even told the boy what she truly intended to do.

    "I'm going to kill you and see how Miss Suzumiya reacts."

    Asakura attacks! (open)

    Regardless, the boy didn't seem interested in dying. Such a pity organic life forms were cowardly when it came to death. It was needless to say he fought against dying, and attempted to run from her. But the boy running from Ryoko's attempts to kill him wasn't her only issue...

    Somehow, Nagato broke into the classroom, stopped Asakura's attempts, and terminated her data. Asakura faded from existence, leaving like particles of sand blown away with the wind.


    And that was the last thing Asakura remembered. The next thing she knew, the chipper android found herself waking up in a place she didn't recognize: on a bus.

    So it looks like I'm not destroyed after all. How wonderful. I'm uncertain why that is, but maybe when I figure my way out of here my superiors will tell me why. For now, I'd best act the way an organic life form would in a situation such as this.

    Ryoko teared up, looking around with a frown on her face. "Wh-Where am I? I'm scared. I don't have any idea why I'm here. I don't ever remember getting on a bus..."

    Fear, organic life forms are always so afraid, always so dull and predictable. I'll blend right in pretending to be afraid.

    Anxiously, Asakura stayed on the bus to see what the others would do first.

    @york @Anybody. :)​
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  3. [​IMG]

    Where am I? I was... Asleep? No, dozing off, that's different. Then... Everything began to spin, just like before the island simulation, so... Another simulation? Hajime warily opened his eyes, looking about the cabin. There were others, just like last time as well. For a moment, he thought of talking to them but shook his head at the thought. No, first find out where we are and who's in charge. They need the file before it's too late.

    Thankfully, his bag was still in the floor by his feet. He also heard the ticking of his watch as well, an older-style one with physical hands and face. So I can keep track of time easily, good. Picking up his bag and standing, he hurried off the bus without speaking to the others. There'll be time to introduce ourselves later.

    @york @Bomb @Gummi Bunnies

    --A few days ago--

    Kang Gary was on his way home. He had just finished finished another race on Running Man, and boy was it tiring.

    When he got home, he rested for a while.

    "아..." (Ahh...) He sighed. He had lost in the final race, and he even gave it his all.

    *brrrrr* It was the sound of his phone vibrating in his pocket, at 12PM at night.

    "아? 누가 나에게 이 말 을 문자 메시지 이야?"
    (Huh? Who's texting me this late?)

    Gary took out his phone and looked at the message.


    "응? Sovionok?"
    (Huh? Sovionok?)

    The next thing he knew... he was asleep.


    When Gary woke up, he was on a bus seat, not knowing where he was.

    "What is this place? Huh? Why do I know how to speak English? What's going on?"

    That was when he saw the panicked figure.

    "Is this another race? Really? Wait, where's my VJ?"

    Gary looked around. Other then the others that are here, he didn't see anyone remotely like a staff member.

    "You gotta be kidding me."

    Gary realized that he has a backpack with him. He checked the contents, and looked surprised for a moment that the items in his backpack granted him "superpowers" or in other cases, cheesy effects and tricks.

    "Well. YAH! Come here!"

    Gary put on his backpack and went after the panicked figure.

    @The Tactician @Gummi Bunnies @york @panic button​
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  5. Jinx Prologue


    She yawned, exhausted after a good day of rampant randomness. Robbing the candy store of all it's jawbreakers but nothing else. Taking that last ride of Piltover's formerly fastest roller coaster while her carefully set explosives made each section of the track collapse as she zoomed on by, right up until the end when she used the car train as a skateboard as she landed on the ground below. What passed for cops in Hat Lady and Fat Hands chasing her, if you could even call that chasing. It was all exciting and equally tiring. But she refused to easily fall asleep.

    For that brought about something she absolutely hated.

    A set pattern. A routine. Monotony. Every single night lately. Each time she found a new spot to rest her head and closed her eyes, she was plagued with the same dream. A camp, Sovionok. Blurry and ill defined at first but each day gave it more clarity. She had no idea what it was supposed to signify. A subconscious desire for set normality? A reflection that she was becoming less and less random with her criminally fun actions? Fishbones would nod and say yes. Silly Rocket Launcher.

    "No. No way." If there was anything she prided herself on, it was her sheer unpredictability. She was an agent of chaos, a servant of coolness, an assistant to explosions. An eye opener of a pathetically dull population. So each day she woke with a promise of increasingly more elaborate and new acts designed to wreak havoc in the most exhilarating way possible.

    Despite her best efforts to keep herself awake, including hopping into the penguin exhibit at the local zoo and swimming in the ice old water to stimulate her senses and jolt her awake every time her eyelids begin to droop...she eventually found herself keeling over onto the soft grass and zoning out. And all for seemingly naught, as...

    This night ended up turning out pleasantly different.

    The faint sound of music like a dead man's symphony. The soft feeling, like a cloud. A light, lilting female voice on the edge of perception. She couldn't make out the words and it didn't sound like Hat Lady or Fat Hands. Neither did this place feel like a cold, damp prison cell. Which meant...which meant this was something else! And that brought a smile to her face, even asleep as she was.


    A stark improvement than the same dream over and over and over in a cacophony of dull. Welcome to Snoresville, population: Jinx! But now, as she awoke...blinking twice...

    "I'm on a bus." A succinct statement as she took it all in. Some guy was losing it near the front. And she hadn't even done anything yet! I like it already.

    She hopped up, rolling her neck around as she stretched and limbered up...before she sought to kick out the window of the seat she had been in and get out of the bus to better inspect things with a curious eye.


    @york @everyone
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  6. [​IMG]

    "W-What the hell?" Hajime stuttered as Jinx hopped out the window that she had broken. Well, that's one way to do things... Though I wonder if she realizes how she's dressed. He averted his eyes, keeping them on her eyes as he approached her with a confused expression, "Not to disrupt your excitement, but you wouldn't know where we are, would you?"

    @ShadowPrime @york @Gummi Bunnies

  7. Seeing these two, Gary stopped for a moment to talk to these two.

    "Wait, are you guys the guests? Oh, and my name is Kang Gary. Who are you guys though?"

    @ShadowPrime @The Tactician @Gummi Bunnies
  8. [​IMG]

    "Guests?" Hajime gave the man a confused and almost disturbed glance, not sure of what the guy was talking about. If these two are any indications of who is on this trip, and I think I'm going to be the lone sane man again... "I have no idea what you're talking about, though my name is Hajime. Nice to meet you," The latter part seemed insincere as he was still thrown a little off by the question.​
  9. Prologue - Orie & TOHSAKA


    "This is the place..."

    It was a few days after the Hollow Night and the defeat of Paradox, Orie had received a mission from Licht Kreis, the organization she was working for.

    An anonymous tip had revealed that something supernatural was afoot in an abandoned warehouse near the pier so they sent Orie to investigate. Silently she'd stalk the area from a nearby roof. She'd been there for a few hours now and no one or nothing had entered the warehouse.

    "What?" The night sky would be illuminated by a flash of light emitting from inside the warehouse. Orie would leap down from the roof and enter the warehouse. As she stepped in Orie found symbols etched into the ground, like some sort of pagan ritual had been performed. Looking further in she'd spot something else, a woman standing in the middle of the symbols and wearing some very peculiar clothing.

    Suddenly the woman would spot Orie and acknowledge her with a few choice words.


    "You, girl! Are you the one that has summoned me? The Magical Witch TOHSAKA?"

    "Umm..." Orie wasn't quite sure what to make of her. "According to my intel there was supposed to be some supernatural occurrence in this building...are you the cause of this?"

    TOHSAKA in turn would cock an eyebrow before swaggering towards Orie, her high heels causing an echo in the building as they hit the floor. "I am the outcome of the supernatural occurrence! I have been summoned to this place by a master who seems to be long gone from this place." She would stop a bit away from Orie and give her a look over. "But I could consider giving you my services...for the right price of course."

    A sweat drop would appear on the side of Orie's brow...was this of those types? Her dress sense would implicate it, but she did sense something powerful emitting from her. "N-no that's all right Ms TOHSAKA. I only wish to question you further ab-"

    And that was the last thing Orie remembered before her world went black.

    As she opened her eyes again Orie would find herself on what appeared to be a bus. "H-huh? Where am I?"

    "Oh the nun is awake I see."

    Turning her head to the right Orie would find TOHSAKA sitting in the seat next to her. "How...what happened?" Orie had no recollection about how they had arrived her, the last thing she remembered was questioning TOHSAKA before her eyelids got heavy and now she was here.

    TOHSAKA in turn would just give Orie a casual shrug as she placed her legs up between the seats in front of them, not caring if it was an inconvenience to the ones sitting in front of them. "Beats me, darling. I remember as much as you do." She was annoyed though...she better see a good amount of money coming her way for this.

    Orie would turn her head to look outside through the window. Wherever this was it seemed to be pretty nice. Orie would be awoken from her thoughts by the outbursts of some unknown individual. "Please calm yourself!" Orie would leap over TOHSAKA into the walkway in the bus and ran after the panicked individual, maybe he knew something that she didn't?

    TOHSAKA would just yawn and stretch a little, much like a cat laying in the warm summer sun.

    @york @Anybody
  10. "Nope. But if I had to hazard a guess with the way my dreams have been lately, somewhere near a Sovionok? Yeah yeah, that sounds right."
    "Hello, I'm Jinx and this is Fishbones and Pow-Pow and Sparky and Chompies." She tapped on each of her weapons as she went naming them out. "They say hi too. And they might shoot you. Or they might not. They're kinda fickle."
  11. Cecil was in a dream. He carried his sword, and approached a sign.

    "Sovionok?" He said to himself. Was this a town? Where was he?

    The dream ended.

    Cecil woke up. He was in a metal room, with glass surrounding him. He shook his head a bit.

    "Where am I?" Cecil muttered. He looked around the bus, and saw the man panic. He didn't want to approach him, because Cecil wore armor, and might terrify him more.

    Cecil wanted to know where he was, and being cooped up in the bus wouldn't help. tossed his scarf around his neck. It was hot, but he always wore it. He put his hand on his sword again

    Cecil exited the bus.

    @york @anybody

    ((Sorry it sucks. I'm a bit busy preparing for camp.)
  12. [​IMG]

    "Wait, you've been having those dreams as well?" Hajime questioned, suddenly worried for what such a possibility of shared dreams could mean. At least, he was until that worry moved to be directed at the guns Jinx carried. How did I miss that? He mentally admonished himself before smiling weakly, "You, uh, mind putting in a good word for me with them? I like to not be leaking liquids right after I wake up."

    @Bomb @ShadowPrime
  13. @Bus Folks!
    @ShadowPrime @The Tactician @Klutzy Ninja Kitty @The others that I may have missed
    Though most may be too busy talking, some may notice that the drivers seat was empty... Where could he have gone?

  14. "Oh, my bad. I thought this was a Running Man special. Nice to meet you too." Gary said, giving Hajime a handshake.
    "Wait, are they real weapons?!" Gary said, surprised.

    @ShadowPrime @The Tactician
  15. The Scout's Prologue

    The garage door opened with a metallic groan. Two figures stood inside, staring out into the industrial complex operating within the Gravelpits; the ones that were being fought over for years to come. Within the compound lies a complex network of defenses both by machine and man. BLU mercenaries stalked the halls, some very alert and others goofing off and having lunch breaks while on defense. The perfect opportunity for Scout to complete a mission.

    The objective? Capture the final control point and push back the BLU's from the Gravelpit. Killing them isn't required, but is permitted. Ensure all BLU defense are clear from the area and subdued before the rest of the team arrives. Ensure the relative safety of all teammates being assigned to assist you in this mission. Failure to complete the mission results in loss of payment and possible loss of life. You have your mission, Scout.

    Those were the words of the old white-haired lady with the scary voice. She didn't scare Scout, she was...too old. Yeah, too old. A quick analyzing of the ground before him and going over the plan in his mind;

    A engie and a heavy up on the platform; level 1 sentry included. One sniper on the battlements, soldier and pyro on the ground. All too easy.

    He laughed. In his mind

    Run up on the front, distract the sentry and that heavy. Duck the sniper. Get inside, bait the pyro and the soldier into the train. Pyro and the soldier get killed by the train; capture the control point with Soldier covering m--

    "SCOUT! ARE YOU OKAY?" Soldier's loud voice interrupted his amazing mission plan. An enemy engineer briefly looks in the direction of the garage. Scout panics and flies his bandaged hand over Soldier's mouth, yelling in a whisper "I was thinkin', you idiot! Get your crap ready, we move out in three seconds. Stick to the plan!"



    Soldier lowers his voice "The plan, right." Soldier readies his rocket launcher under Scouts command.


    Scout pulls out his Scattergun, checking the ammo.


    Pop open a nice can of BONK! Atomic Punch, eh?


    Gulp, gulp, gulp...

    "GO!" The Scout bellowed as he spilled the last few sips of the can, the small aluminium object crumpling to the ground under the quick feet of the boston bastard himself. Speeding bullets zoom past Scout as the enemy heavy and level 1 sentry unleash a wall of bullets unto him, not noticing Soldier behind them. Scout smirks, zooming left to right in a serpentine pattern and leaping about the air; a red blur zooming around the enemies vision and confusing them. Soldier takes the opportunity, firing a single critical rocket at the engineer and the heavy. "KABLAMO!" would be the signal Soldier gives as a shower of meat and gibs rain from the platform after a short explosion. Scout cackled with excite, barely noticing that he accidentally dodged an enemy snipers shot. The high-velocity bullet collided with the concrete and the sniper couldn't do much but curse as Scout and Soldier race into the compound.

    An enemy pyro and soldier are alerted to the Scouts presence, charging after the blur. The compound has a railway going through as industrial trains go by to ship their freight; uncaring to the mercenary war. Knowing this, Scout purposely leaps onto the train track and flips the bird to the pyro and the soldier, enraging the flamethrowing maniac into charging straight for him. HONK HONK would be the last thing the enemies hear, as a speeding train slams into the poor sods and spills a nice pool of blood onto the concrete and train track; with Scout leaping out of the way just in time. Scout runs up the ramp into the main control point area, as Soldier fires down a hail of rockets onto the panicked enemy sniper and engineer which had both just arrived.

    The sound of gibs spilling on concrete rang once more, as both Soldier and Scout stood on the control point and converted its old BLU glow into a nice, shiny RED. The control point dings as its color changes, the hologram above switching to the iconic RED logo just in time for the rest of the RED team and BLU team to arrive. Scout simply sits back and relaxes, completing his mission and watching hell rain down upon the shocked BLU team, successfully pushing them from the zone.

    The administrators voice pipes up on the intercom..


    It was about an hour later after the victory at the train compound, the rest of the team headed back to the main base after cleaning up the rest of the fleeing BLU's. Soldier, Heavy and Demo were in the main area watching some cheap television, Engineer was in the garage fixing up the van for the next mission,owned by Sniper whom was still up in the battlements. Spy was in his personal area probably being all fancy and the like and Pyro was god knows where.

    See, under normal circumstances Scout would be watching some TV too, relishing in his victory and rubbing it Spy's face because he has an ugly face (it's why he wears the ski mask, of course) and he smells bad. But why wasn't the Scout relishing in his victory and rubbing it in everyones face like the handsome bastard he is?

    Its because he is in the Medic's office, hearing some boring lecture about dreams or whatever.

    "Scout, zhis is a serious condition. Zhese dreams you have, zhey are not normal!" The Medic was obviously much more concerned about this then Scout would ever be. The Scout would be playing with a roll of bandages, tossing up and down while he sits on the bed. He looks over to Medic "It aint a problem, doc. Been havin' em for a week and im still fine, right?"

    Medic groans, rubbing his temples "Nein, you are -not- normal. You have been falling asleep erratically unt your heart rate has been slowing."

    Scout sits up, setting the bandages down "Pft, its probably jus' the atomic punch. I aint gotten cancer yet, so it aint that big of a deal.." Scout pauses "..I..I dont have cancer, do I, doc? Oh god, I do have cancer don't I? How am I gonna tell ma?" Scout begins to fake panic and tears.

    "Nein, you don't have canc--"

    "I don't? Then why da hell am I still in this office?" Scout says in a snarky tone, getting up off the bed to leave Medic's office.

    "...It could be because of your recent conflict with Ms. Pauling?" Medic says. Scout pauses, lost memories suddenly sneaking back into his head. He turns his head "No, it aint. Its the cancer."

    "But y--"

    Scout would give Medic no more quarter, opening the door and shutting it. Scout walks down the hallway, his face contorted into a glare. Who the hell is he is to suggest that? Scout is the bigger man, he doesn't get dreams about Pauling. That was months ago, its gone now, kaboosh, kabi--

    Scouts eyes suddenly flutter, as his surrounding suddenly grow blurry and undefined. A wave of fatigue hits him, the scrawny boy stumbling and slumping against the cold wall. He could of sworn he just saw something, a camp or something? Is his mom? Is it Ms. Pauling? Whatever it was, his world slowly plunges into a black abyss when his body finally collides against the ground and the snoring already begins.

    Because he is still sleeping, the Scout remains on the bus, sucking his thumb and curled up into a fetal position upon one of the comfy seats.
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  16. [​IMG]

    "Did anyone notice we don't have a driver?" Hajime pointed out with sweat beginning to form. My murder mystery senses are tingling and it says that this is bad news.

    @ShadowPrime @Bomb @york
  17. "Huh? Where did the driver go?"


  18. Standing up from her seat, the teen made her way to the front to glance at the bus driver's empty seat. "Right, we don't have a bus driver. Do you think maybe he left the bus? We certainly couldn't have been driven here without one," Asakura said, frowning.

    @york @The Tactician @ShadowPrime
  19. "Of course! It was very annoying." She confirmed with a sudden scowl. "And no promises."
    "Maybe he fled with that other guy when I woke up? It wouldn't be the first time! The fun is always in the chase though." She grinned, looking in the distance for the running guy.
    "...Did you hear that Fishbones?"

    "I sure did Jinx." Jinx said with a more low voice, giving voice to her weapon.

    "She asked if you were real!"

    "I know."

    "Do you know what that makes me want to do?"

    "Calmly explain that these are very real firearms that should probably be taken away from you and given to a more safe choice of wielder?"

    "Stupid dumb rocket launcher." She pulled out Pow-Pow and opened fire on the driver's seat, ripping it to shreds with an intense grin.



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  20. @People going after that panicked guy
    @Jeremi @Bomb
    Through the front windows, if they bothered to look, they could see the guy running off down the road... Persuing him though shouldn't be that tough though considering he was running a bit slow, but, if one were to look closely, they'd notice he was wearing winter clothes, as if he had popped straight from a cold environment... Exiting the bus to persue him further would eventually lead to him stopping in the middle of the seemingly endless expanse of road, he panted a little as he turned around, surprised to see that someone had been following him. His face was hidden by a low hanging "wave" of reddish hair. "What is... This... Place?" He asked between breaths; it was clear that he didn't have alot of stamina, but, it was unclear why... Though, at the very least, he seemed to have calmed down a little after that run, perhaps he had come to his senses?
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