The Metamorphose Sickness

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  1. Prologue: The Hit-list of the Future Rebellion

    wherever you were the darkness filled your version, It was black for so long, and no matter how far you walked, or how fast you ran, the darkness never left your version. It must have felt like hours, or even days that the darkness was covering you, but finally the darkness was dissipating, reveling a large foreign room before you with unknown number of people inside it. Of course with it being rather large, the ceiling was so high that not a single one of you could reach it, slender futuristic benches ran along side giant plots of dirt holding tress of all different species.

    The Trees (open)

    Upon looking towards the ceiling you could see large glass panels, but the part that was beautiful was what they were letting inside. It was billions of stars, letting the emptiness of space emit a slight feeling of warmth into it. However, in the corner of the glass you could see the faint light of a baby blue sun. but that wasn't the strangest part, the shops that ran along side the sides of the walls were empty, and with the metal floors no one could hear a single footstep other then the people in the group. Upon walking towards the end of the hallway, you noticed that red hologram tap covered every other hallway and doorway. In the distance, you could see a man and a women standing side by side in a large coracle room. They were to far away to notice any facial features, but it seemed like they were just standing there. No matter, these were the things it seemed you could current do.

    Walk around the hallway and look at the tress and relax or even socialize, go shopping its not looting I promise, or Go talk to the man and the women in the distance.

    The Prologue will last 2 days!

    @Thuro Pendragon as Desmond Miles[Assassin's Creed] & Cameron Phillips[Terminator]
    @Kaykay as Noel Vermillion[BlazBlue]
    @Verite as Joseph Joestar[JoJo's Bizarre Adventures]
    @Jeremi as Penny[RWBY]
    @TheBlueBurch as Nemesis T-Type and Jack Krauser[Resident Evil]
    @Gummi Bunnies as Add[Elsword]
    @york as Marie Korbel[Skullgirls]
    @Mighty Roman as John Connor & T-800[Terminator]
    @Bomb as Xenon & Angelic Buster[Maplestory]
    @BarrenThin as Gregory House[House MD]
    @Klutzy Ninja Kitty as Riley Anderson[Inside Out]
    @ShadowPrime as Heimskr[Skyrim]
    @TheColourlessRainbow as Anna and Regina Mills[Once Upon A Time]
    @Hospes as Ridley Duchannes[The Caster Chronicles]
    @Arcadia Lumina as Booker DeWitt[Bioshock] and Artemis Luna[OC]
    @Atomyk as Ms. "Mom" Lalonde[Homestuck]
    @The Tactician as Shizuo Heiwajima[Durarara!]
    @Schnee Corp Lawyer as Sienna 'Squigly' Contiello/Leviathan[Skullgirls]
    @Velvetclaw as Lapis Lazulli[Steven Universe]
    @DapperDogman as The Rookie[Halo]
    @CCC Kouhai as Ririchiyo Shirakiin[Inu x Boku SS]
    @OrlandoBloomers as Vino[Baccano!]
    @Emperor Palpachu as Dylan[Terminator]
    @CrunchyCHEEZIT as The Predator[Alien vs. Predator]
    @Unlimited RP Works as The Pyro[Team Fortress 2]


    Mid-Round Update

    Round One - Mid-Round Update

    Round Two - Mid-Round Update

    Round Three - Mid-Round Update

    Round Four
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  2. Riley Anderson: Prologue

    A good day in the life of 12-year-old Riley Anderson consisted of many things. She would get up in the morning, get dressed for school, and have a decent breakfast. She would then goof off with her parents for a few minutes before she had to leave for school. If all conditions were ideal, it would be rainy and wet so that Riley could wear her favorite pair of boots to splash around in a few mud puddles with along the way. At school, the day would continue to go well so long as the teacher didn't call on her and broccoli wasn't served for lunch. After school, the evening would turn out awesome if she had a hockey game--and won--along with little to no homework.

    But what would a bad day consist of? A bad day could occur if Riley was late for school, forgot her homework, got detention, missed the winning shot for a hockey match, or got in trouble with her parents somehow. But, in the mind of young Riley, there weren't a lot of bad, life-shattering situations she had to deal with lately. Once she had settled in her new home after her parents big move from Minnesota, life was going swimmingly again. Joy was her reigning emotion and Riley was her parents' happy girl once again.

    Little did Riley know, however, that this happiness of a simple childhood was about to change. And no, sadly these changes had nothing to do with the adolescent curse known as puberty. The changes which were about to happen in Riley's life were catastrophic, and entirely not what one would expect...

    The changes began on an average morning, which seemed to start off as a completely ordinary day. Riley awoke to a chilly morning, deciding to put on her favorite yellow jacket to keep herself warm during her walk to school. She then got around for school, packing a few extra essentials for the day. It was going to be a busy one. Backpack already on her shoulders, the pre-teen made her way downstairs from her room in a hurry, rushing around the corner to poke her head into the kitchen. "Hey, mom, hey dad! I gotta go! I'm gonna be late!" she exclaimed, a sheepish smile on her face.

    "Late? But you're actually up earlier than normal, Riley. Why don't you sit down and have some breakfast? I made pancakes!" her mother said, holding up a plate stacked with the cakes. Riley's stomach rumbled upon looking at them, but she shook her head in refusal.

    "I'm late for being early! Today's the big field trip, remember? Everyone's supposed to come in early!" Riley exclaimed, walking backwards toward the door.

    "Hey, well, at least take something for the road, Monkey," Riley's dad said with a grin, opening a cabinet to pull out a package of poptarts which he tossed in her direction, making a few teasing monkey noises in the process.

    Riley laughed, stuffing the poptarts in her backpack. "No time to monkey around today, dad! I really gotta go!" she said, anxiously looking at the door.

    Riley's mother eyed her up with a smile. "Aren't you forgetting something?"

    The young girl paused, eyes widening after a moment. "Oh yeah!" she rushed over to her parents, hugging them both tightly for a moment. "Bye, I love you!"

    "Have a good day!" her dad said, letting her go and watching her head for the door.

    Running as fast as she could, Riley made her way for school. Along the way, however, something strange happened: everything suddenly went dark. Riley stopped walking, looking around in confusion as this happened, wondering if a storm was coming. She wrapped her arms around herself, squeezing her eyes shut before opening them again in the hopes that everything would be back to normal.

    Instead of seeing a normal sight before her when she opened her eyes, however, Riley was greeted by a strange sight she didn't recognize. This place... most definitely wasn't her school. Riley's wide eyes stared around in bewilderment as she clung to the straps of her backpack. She couldn't think of anything that might've explained this situation either. Was she dreaming? The young girl felt hopelessly confused. She even pinched herself to see if she was dreaming or not, but sadly she was awake.

    "Ouch! Okay, I'm definitely awake," she said with a frown.

    Now what?

    Riley simply inched herself forward, anxiously hoping to find someone who could help her with her situation.​

    Riley's Mind[​IMG]
    Mood Meter: | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |
    Prognosis: Confused / anxious

    Emotions (open)
    Meanwhile, the emotions within the inner reaches of Riley's mind--known as Sadness, Anger, Joy, Fear, and Disgust--found themselves dumbfounded by their situation. They stood in front of Riley's mental control panel, wondering the same thing their girl was wondering: Where in the world where they?


    Joy placed a hand against her forehead, frowning. "This doesn't look like our school, but maybe they did some remodeling?"

    Anger grumbled. "Don't be ridiculous! We're obviously lost! Riley was so excited she probably took a wrong turn down a different street!"

    "Oh no, now we'll miss school, be late for the field trip, and we'll never get to take a picture of those monkeys to show Mom and Dad. Oh the agony," Sadness chimed in.

    "WE'RE LOST! DANGER! DANGER! WE'RE GONNA DIE!" Fear screamed as he began to run around the room.

    Disgust rolled her eyes. "Ugh, this is ridiculous..."

    "Oh, please, please, just everyone calm down now!" Joy shouted. "We can think positive about this. It might be a dream. It is rather dark out. So I suggest the pinch test."

    Anger nodded. "Fine, we'll do the pinch test. Initiating: PINCH TEST!" he cried, pressing a button on the console.

    Outside of her mind, Riley suddenly got the urge to pinch herself to see if she was asleep or not. She unrolled one of the sleeves of her jacket, pinching her left arm with her right hand. "Ouch!" she squeaked, rubbing her arm. "Okay, I'm definitely awake," she said with a frown.

    Anger grumbled, slamming his fists onto the console. "Pinch test Results: Awake. This isn't a dream, folks! We have a real situation here!"

    "WEEEERE GONNA DIIIIIIE!" Fear screamed, tripping over his own feet as he ran, falling to the ground.

    "So, we're awake then. No need to panic. Let's just... have Riley explore the area. Surely we can find someone to help us get her to the school, right? Don't worry, I've got this, guys. Today is still going to be another good day!" With that, Joy moved Riley forward, having her look around the new area.
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  3. [​IMG]

    "What the hell?" Shizuo groaned as he found himself in the unfamiliar place. It certainly wasn't anything that would strike him as too familiar given to him living in Ikebukuro nearly all of his life, but the most striking sight was the stars. Damn, it's actually nice being able to see the stars for once... Though that doesn't change the fact I don't know where I am...


    He sighed as he looked away from the sky and towards the couple far from him. Maybe they've got some sort of idea of where I am. That, or they work for him and I can get some answers about where he is from them. He walked over to them casually, replacing his sunglasses as he went which hid his eyes well, and waved at them with a scowl, "Hey, you two wouldn't mind explaining where I am, would you?"​
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  4. [​IMG]

    Shizuo noticed the lost girl and changed course in an instant, "Hey, kid, you lost as well?" His voice was rather gruff and might frighten the child, but it was simply how the rather lanky gentleman spoke naturally. He kept his hands in his pockets as he looked down at her, giving her a questioning glare, "You gonna answer or not?"

    @Klutzy Ninja Kitty
  5. Xenon + Angelic Buster

    "...Tell me why the Maple Alliance sent us here again?"

    "Silly, we're here for some kind of... why were we here again?"

    "Umm... I guess we were here to collect something for a quest... was it a cure or something?"

    "Well I'm gonna find that cure as soon as possible, and I'll save the day!"

    "Don't forget that we need to actually find it first."

    "Oh yea..."

    After that long-ish rant, they decided to just hang back for a while and socialize with the others first.​
  6. Prologue: A sister far from home

    Anna wasn't scared of the dark, well she was, but not as much as being scared of where she was going, or why the darkness covered her venison in the first place. When the darkness covered her venison, she was in the middle of sword training, but alas, she was now somewhere far from home. Looking to the empty shops, Anna quickly ran between each one, hoping to find some sign of a way back home. Or even a sign that her sister Elsa was here. Anna quietly and quickly walked between each shop, hoping to have a glimpse of a way back home, or even something signaling that her sister was here.
  7. Riley's Mind[​IMG]
    Mood Meter: | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |
    Prognosis: Confused / anxious

    Emotions (open)
    An unknown man seemed to have approached Riley, asking her if she was lost. Fear jumped in front of Riley's mental console, quickly taking the reins. "Stand back, everyone! Stranger danger! I've got this! We'll proceed with caution!"

    "Sure, keep our girl safe, but don't go overboard," Joy warned, hoping that Fear wouldn't cause Riley to panic straight away. If he did, it would be more difficult to asses their current situation.

    Riley flinched upon hearing the man speak, unsure how to go about replying to him. The young girl's parents had always taught their daughter not to speak with strangers, however, in a strange place where she was lost maybe now wasn't the time to follow that rule if she wanted to find someone to help her. "Uh, yes, I'm lost. Do you know where I could find a phone or maybe a police officer I could talk to? I'm supposed to be going on a school field trip and I need to find my way back before the bus leaves without me," she explained. She frowned, feeling uncomfortable with the way the man glared at her, so she tugged nervously on her yellow jacket.

    @The Tactician
  8. [​IMG]

    Dammit, you scared another person and this one's a kid too, dumbass. He sighed, taking a deep breath before speaking again, "No idea, kid. I'm just as lost as you are." Though I have a feeling I know who's responsible for this... "Right now, I'm going to ask those two," Shizuo gestured to the couple that were standing far off, "And see if I can get some answers. You can come along if you want, but you might want to keep with the bigger group for now. No idea what those people could be up to."

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  9. It was dark. He knew not for how long. The blackness, all consuming and surrounding. His normal methods of telling time were lost to him, with no access to the sun moving across the sky to signify the passing of time. But he, he was not afraid. Not for one moment.

    For Talos was with him, always.

    He simply knelt and did the only thing that seemed right. He prayed. For as long as the darkness remained, he prayed for mighty Talos to hear him, for wise and powerful Talos to clear the darkness from his eyes, so he would not be blinded by the false shadows. And lo and behold, see how his faith was rewarded.

    The true patron Nordic god had revealed his humble patron's location, a most mysterious room indeed. He rose from his kneeling stance, nodding at the others.

    "Hail! Have you come to hear the word of Talos?"

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  10. Prologue: Marie Korbel - The Tower of Terror
    @Anyone @TheColourlessRainbow

    "YOU WON'T GET AWAY THIS TIME... LORENZO!" Roared Marie's fearesome voice as the skullgirl held an entire building; the Medici tower to be exact, with the help of various undead minions, and two gigantic hands... A skullgirl had control of all of the dead... Or, at least so she thought. The fleeing blimp in the distance, was obvious her target, her hatred for the Medicis had stemmed from a time long ago, even before she herself became a skullgirl, and now... This was her chance to take revenge against one of the Medici leaders! Letting out an enraged shout, she prepared to fling the entire building towards the blimp, but, suddenly... Her vision went dark, and despit ethe andrenaline that had once flowed through her undead body, she suddenly found herself unable to move a muscle for a while. The moment her eyes opened again, she looked around, realizing she was somewhere completely different, and instead of holding the massive Medici tower with the help of her undead minions, she was sitting on a chair, looking up at the sky... Wait, sky?! That wasn't the sky, or at least not the sky she knew. Glass panels were above her, and, the sun was... Blue? And what was the sun doing in the night sky?

    Marie abruptly got up "What the hell is going on here?!" she exclaimed, shaking the bone vacuum's tube a little, the little "face" on it got spirals in it's eyes for a moment, as if it was getting dizzy. Eventually, she calmed down enough to assess the situation, and sat down once more in the process. She had a choice of where to go in this strange place, though shopping was an option, she didn't feel like doing that at the moment... Though, approaching those two strange individuals was an option too, and, curiousity getting the better of her, she stood up abruptly and went to go talk to the Man and the Woman in the distance.
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  11. [​IMG]

    "Sorry, I'm not here to join your crazy cult or whatever," terse and to-the-point, Shizuo was not going to have shit like this so earlier in the morning.

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  12. "Crazy cult? I say to thou, nay! The worship of Talos is not a cult, most assuredly. It is the sacred religion, stamped out by the treacherous Thalmor and cowardly Imperials. It is truth I offer, for why else would mighty Talos have brought you and I together if not to hear his sacred gospel and join him on the true path?"

  13. Prologue; Good To Be Bad

    Ridley Duchannes was... Well, let's just say she was more than used to the darkness. At the end of the day, it was the one thing she knew she would always be able to rely on. The closest thing to a friend she had. One could even go as far as to say it was comforting to the young blonde woman. So, the days(that felt like ages) of being stuck in it were more than welcomed.. Or, they were at least better than the seemingly neverending torture the woman had endured from a number of people; Sarafine, Abraham, Silas...


    Ironically, the quarter-incubus boy- the only one who hadn't physically harmed her -was the one that had done the most damage to the nineteen-year-old. He'd done something far worse than physical damage to her... He'd shattered the last remaining sliver of a heart that the girl had had without a single care. As if this weren't enough, he proceeded to leave her to be trapped and tormented by Abraham, while all she could do was spiral deeper and deeper down into the pit of darkness that the Curse had sparked within her.

    Not that Ridley cared anymore.. She couldn't. The claims she had made about her being unable to feel and incapable of love had rang true, ever since that day. Julia Duchannes- the kind, caring, and innocent girl that Ridley had been before her Claiming -was completely dead. Now, with nobody who cared and no one who loved her, Ridley had become.. Empty. Entirely alone and completely broken.

    Of course, Link wasn't entirely to blame for this woman's shattered soul. Another person to blame was... Well... Herself. Not.. Her. An alternate her. A version of her that she hated with every ounce of her being, that she had sworn to enact revenge upon.

    It was.. A complicated thing, really; but this other Ridley had made this one pay a massive price. Because of the other Ridley, this one had gone through months and months and months of torture and suffering, on top of the suffering and pain that Sarafine and Abraham and company had put her through. Now, Ridley had been kidnapped by a despicable and torturous man that had been abusing her for so long now.. But at least, now, she was finally free. Just that thought alone brought a small, smug grin to her lips.


    Quietly, that sore and broken Siren stretched out, her minimal amount of clothes showing off quite a bit.. And while she was very attractive, part of the view included a LOT of visible scars of all kinds. What looked like whiplash, cuts, burns, bruises, and all kinds of other abrasions. They all looked like they'd been from varying times, rather than the wounds being from all at once. Some of the injuries still bled.. Though Ridley hardly seemed aware of this.

    Then again, she was clearly in a pained daze.. Maybe even on the verge of just outright passing out.

    Another very visible thing was the black tribal tattoo around her navel. It seemed.. Odd.

    But, the most noticeable thing about this girl was the very strong alluring aura she gave off. Something that was very difficult to resist, for most; that more often than not sparked a very strong infatuation. At the moment, though, Ridley was hardly interested in trying to flirt.. Though that would likely change as soon as her head cleared from this daze.

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  14. Riley's Mind[​IMG]
    Mood Meter: | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |
    Prognosis: Confused / anxious

    Emotions (open)
    Fear furrowed his eyebrows, uncertain as the man replied to Riley. "He's inviting us to go with him! What should we do? I-I'm not sure if it's a good idea."

    "Hey, he says he might be able to get some answers. I say go for it!" Joy chirped, pressing a button on Riley's mental console to make her comply.

    "Yeah, sounds good to me. Better than listening to that creepy guy chanting about Talvos or whatever," Disgust added, rolling her eyes.

    Riley paused, thinking over what she wanted to do when the man presented her with options. "I, uh, no wait! Let me come with you! I want answers too! I need to get to my school," she said, "or at least back home." She continued to anxiously fiddly with her jacket, hoping the man wouldn't tell her no.

    @The Tactician
  15. [​IMG]

    "Listen, asshole, I'll make it simple," the Strongest Man in Ikebukuro cracked his knuckles, frowning at the priest, "I've never heard of Thalmor or Imperials. However, I think both would agree that your bullshit worship is a load of crap and that you should shut up about it before I kick your ass. Not everyone wants to hear about it."


    He glanced down at the girl and nodded, "Come on, kid, let's go. This crazie's getting on my nerves like that old monk a few months ago..." He turned and began to walk away from the priest, slow enough for Riley to keep up. "Hey, kid, by the way," taking out a cigarette and trying to light it, Shizuo never looked down as he asked an important question, "What's your name?"

    @Klutzy Ninja Kitty @ShadowPrime @TheColourlessRainbow
  16. "Very well. I will not force my words on deaf ears. Talos knows the paths that everyone travels upon and sooner or later, all that desire and come to deserve his salvation will find his words true and his actions just. All roads lead to Talos, hidden in one form or another. The darkness receding from thine eyes is proof enough of this claim, that it is." He stated simply, following in their wake without another word. If nothing else, he could admire the holy nature of this place and get to know the other inhabitants that arrived here.

    "These trees are truly majestic."
  17. The Predators Prologue
    "The Hunt Begins"


    The travel through the multiversal portal was not as simple as expected. A simple challenge before a Hunt even begins; expected. The Blooded has been a prideful member of the Jungle Hunter clan for centuries, a descendant of the legendary hunter who faced the human "Dutch" upon the thick jungles of Earth-- he who gave the clan its namesake. His strategies were not adherent to the code, but his reputation would speak volumes of the clan.

    The Predator is but a step from entering elite-hood; he has already cleared a vile serpent hive that sadly held only 100 members and lacked a true Queen. The arbitrators and clan heads decreed that should his Hunt be successful...then all the glory and rights that come with being not only an Elite, but the first Yautja to ever step outside the bounds of their universe would be his. This reward alone is the driving force of The Predator, he would soon be called by The Multiversal Predator by those who dwell within the new realm.

    The Predator arrived through the gate, emerging upon the scene some ways away from the rest of the group. Opening its eyes, it examined its surroundings with basic vision; trees of many species. A glimpse into a starscape above. No obvious prey to be scene at the moment. The Predator snarled, lifting its right arm opening its Wrist Device and revealing a network of strange alien controls beneath. The controls displayed alien symbols that only a Yautja could understand, and the Predator pressed its finger to several of the symbols, activating the now dwindling sat-com system


    A Yautja signal was received, a male voice speaking in a guttural alien language. For the purposes of this human entertainment act, it would be translated to;
    "The gate is closed, and your Hunt begins. May you return successful with an ample trophy, Blooded."

    The Predator nods to nothing in particular, closing the sat-com connection. It presses a few more pads upon the wrist device, engaging its cloaking system. Light bends around the Predator as an electrical crackle marks the activation. The Predator seemingly disappears from the view of a naked eye, appearing translucent and mostly invisible. It closes its wrist device and initiates thermal vision through its bio-mask, tracing a group of heat signatures to the east. The Predator stalks among the trees, cloaked and moving towards the heat signatures.

    With the charge completed and the equipment set, the Hunt has officially...begun!
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  18. Prologue - Penny


    "Penny, I am entrusting you with a very important mission and that is-"​

    And that was the last thing Penny remembered before she rebooted on the cold metal floor she was now laying on.


    "Salutations!" She replied still laying on the ground, not even knowing if there was someone else in the area.​

    "I'm not quite sure where I am but - Ooooh look at the pretty stars!" She exclaimed in excitement pointing up to the sky. "Wait are those trees?" She get up on her feet and skip towards the trees. "Oh they're so beautiful as well! The leaves really bring out the brown in the trunks" What was this magical place she had woken up in...and why for the life of her couldn't Penny tell why seemingly 24 hours had been eliminated from her memory?

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  19. [​IMG]
    Rookie, as usual, was silent, breathing calmly enough that his presence would be unknown to anyone who'd not lad eyes upon him, not even the sound of him moving about was audible, as he leaned on the tree gently, causing it's form to shift sightly from the weight of his gear, and the force of such a simple action was leaning on it

    Then he noticed a small blip on his motion tracker, only for a brief second, his eyes span quickly around, facing where it had been, he knew it wasn't a glitch, call it intuition...but he knew something was skulking about in the trees, he'd seen enough active camo users to know when there's a blip that suddenly's something that just went invisible

    He didn't speak a warning o the group, of course...he never spoke..instead he placed a hand on his sidearm, the silenced magnum, and kept his eyes open, scanning the trees slowly for a moment, frowning to himself

    'I don't trust this place already...and I've woken up in much worse places...'

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  20. The Predator would continue to move with upmost stealth, stalking among the beautiful tree's like a pretty young gazelle-- except the Predator is not pretty, young nor a gazelle. It gets closer to the heat signatures, keeping its cloaking system active and observing the signatures. The Predator copies the signatures and proceeds to match them up with a previous signature. The results are not surprising..


    The creature watches the humans look about the garden, unaware of the Predator. Typical cattle, even in a new universe they are ever more docile. However, learning from the previous Hunts of his ancestors, the Predator knows not to underestimate humans as they are known for being dangerous in groups and getting unreasonably emotional over their fallen kin. The Predator ceases its scanning as it notices a single human warily watching the tree's, wielding a firearm and armor. It is perceptive, did it see the Predator stealth?


    The Predator focuses on The Rookie, zooming in on him with his Bio-Mask and remaining cloaked. Perhaps he will be the first prey of this Hunt.

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