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Klutzy Ninja Kitty




Joshua, the Composer of the Reapers, one whom struggles with his immortality and isolation, keeping his throne as the Reaper's Composer with a firm yet just hand. He now seeks harmony within his realm, fearing greedy, bloodthirsty eyes lay upon him.

Teresa, one of the few survivors of the Reaper's Game, having now ascended to be one of the closest companions to Joshua in the Reapers. She now seeks power yet peace, one of the few loyal hands to a man besieged in his own home.

Arya, a fallen princess, dethroned and the last known servant of the Archdemon to be among the living. She now seeks redemption, or more accurately, purpose, lest she blinded for the rest of her accursed days.

Follow these three and more in a spinoff, post Ultimate Murder Game project through the combined efforts of Klutzy Ninja Kitty, Hospes, and Krieg. With more characters to come from us, the tale of Shibuya begins- the tale of the Reaper Squad.

1. All of Iwaku's rules apply

2. This is a closed roleplay. The only people allowed to post are this roleplay's current members ( @Hospes , @Krieg , and @Klutzy Ninja Kitty) or anyone we may choose to invite.

3. This roleplay is canon to the Murder Series universe and takes place directly after Murder VII: The Ultimate Game.

Picture of Character:
Role: (is this character a reaper or player?)
Short bio:
How they died:
Entry Fee: (If they're a player)
Other info:
List of pins: (In Shibuya all average reapers and players attack using pins. Each individual is allowed to have three. A list of all the possible pins and their attacks can be found here: Pin List (Simplified ver.) )

Played by @Klutzy Ninja Kitty
Beth Greene
Clara Oswald
Coco Atarashi
Jaune Arc
Joshua Kiryu
Sanae Hanekoma
Sho Minamimoto
Saya Minatsuki
Link to Klutzy's Character bios

Played by @Hospes
Asuna Ayase
Larkin Kent
Primrose Everdeen
Pyrrha Nikos
Teresa Agnes
Link to Hospes' Character bios

Played by @Krieg
Arya Stark
Asher Forrester
John Marston

Played by @Gummi Bunnies
Akira Nishikiyama

Played by @Yun Lee
Juzo Sakakura

Played by @Atomyk
Lucy Kuo
Nathan Prescott
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[The following character bio's contain spoilers for certain events in each character's history. If you'd rather not be spoiled, be careful about reading them. :3]


Name: Yoshiya Kiryu aka Joshua

Age: Unknown (Appears around 15 in his younger form)

Canon: The World Ends With You

Personality: Joshua is clever, sarcastic, smug, witty, prissy, and arrogant. At times, he can even come off as an ass to people. This sort of behavior from him can often be a ruse, however, as Joshua has a more caring heart than he first lets on.

How he died: At the age of fifteen, Joshua committed suicide due to the turmoil he dealt with in his own life. He was troubled by being able to see sprits of the dead while still being alive, and couldn't handle how different he felt and was treated because of this. After his death, Joshua succeeded in winning the reapers' game and chose to become a reaper. [More to come soon explaining how he became Composer.]

Role: Composer of Shibuya

Short Bio: Joshua is the Composer of Shibuya and was first introduce in The Murder Series lore in Murder V: The Reapers' Game. He also aided the Coalition in defeating Arch Demon Akibahara. After the arch-demon was defeated, he recruited Arya Stark to join the reapers and returned to Shibuya with Teresa and herself.

* He lieks butts. Or does he? It could be a quirk he simply uses to tease people (like Minato) with.
* He hates dirt, germs, stains, and filth.
* He hates ice cream, donuts, and some other sweets.
* He likes coffee, but not as much as Mr. H does.
* He admires Mr. H and sees him as a father figure of sorts.
* This Joshua is NOT canon to the events of Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance.
* A link to Joshua's wiki: Joshua - The World Ends With You - Wikia

Player Pins: Link


Name: Sanae Hanekoma

Age: Unknown. He is very old, practically ancient, and will never give anyone a straight answer when they ask him how old he is. He'll change the subject. He's been alive far longer than Joshua, and had been around longer than any reaper in Shibuya. Although he is this old and wise, he doesn't always act his age.

Canon: The World Ends With You

Personality: Sanae is a laid back, just, enigmatic, and fatherly type of person. He's a pretty good representation of a hipster. Sanae is a very wise, kind, and helpful individual with a very creative side. He's always willing to offer help and advice to anyone who needs him.

How he died: Like his age, this isn't something anyone could get Mr. H to tell them if they tried. He is a very mysterious man who keeps his secrets close to himself. And, even if he did ever tell anyone information about him, its hard to say if it would be true or not.

Role: Producer of Shibuya

Short Bio: Sanae Hanekoma (also known as Mr. H) is the self-described "hip café barista" of WildKat and is also the successful, multi-talented artist CAT.

* His job as the Producer is to watch over the Reapers' Game and make reports about it--which he sends to those ranked above Joshua and himself. He is also a guardian of the game and Joshua. His main goal is to make sure everything stays in line. If a problem were to occur, even with the Composer himself, Sanae would be ordered to destroy him. But his interference in their world is strictly a last resort.

* According to Hanekoma himself, he was born on March 3, has a blood type of A, is Pisces, a big gambler, and loves the word "windfall," and the word "natto" gets his tummy rumbling.

* The Japanese word for cat, ねこ (neko) is embedded in his last name, はねこま (Hanekoma), as is hane (feathers) and thus hints at his identity as Shibuya-famous artist, CAT, and to his other secrets.

* Coffee and art are his two absolute favorite things.

* A link to Mr. H's wiki: http://twewy.wikia.com/wiki/Sanae_Hanekoma


Name: Coco Atarashi

Age: Unknown (appears child-like 8-10 years old)

Canon: The World Ends With You

Personality: Coco is bubbly, friendly, happy-go-lucky, childish, and fun-loving.

How she died: While canonically, in TWEWY, Coco's death is never mentioned I will come up with a backstory regarding her life and how she died. This will be mentioned later in the roleplay.

Role: Harrier Reaper / Illegal Shopkeeper

Short Bio: After dying and completing her own reapers' game, Coco became a reaper and rose in ranking due to her socially charismatic personality. Seeing something special in her, Joshua promoted her to a unique job known as a guide reaper. Her duties included processing souls after they died and explaining the rules of the reapers' game to new players.

Coco did well with her job, and became fond of the players she met. Because of this, Coco began collecting rare artifacts that would greatly boost the performance of the players participating in the game, and opened a secret shop to sell these items to them. After a while, however, she was caught doing this and demoted from her job as a guide reaper back down to a regular harrier reaper. To replace her, Joshua decided to simply give these duties to his acting Conductor.

Coco was told that if she were to be caught selling these illegal products again, there would be consequences. However, she still continues to sell them during games without Joshua knowing. She feels that helping the players is worth risking herself, and she really enjoys making all of the extra money.

* Her favorite color is pink, and she loves a lot of things little girls would love.
* Coco speaks similar to a valley girl. She throws the words "like" into her sentences quite often.
* Coco loves money or anything worth any money. She's addicted to earning it, flaunting it, and hoarding it.
* A link to Coco's wiki: http://twewy.wikia.com/wiki/Coco_Atarashi


Name: Sho Minamimoto

Age: 18

Canon: The World Ends With You

Personality: Sho is brainy, obsessive, egotistic, and acts like a know-it-all. Like Joshua, he can be an ass at times. His insults, however, are less sarcastic and more blunt in your face.

How he died: While canonically, in TWEWY, Sho's death is never mentioned I will come up with a backstory regarding his life and how he died. This will be mentioned later in the roleplay.

Role: Game Master

Short Bio: Sho Minamimoto Game Mastered for Joshua twice in the past, once for the original canon reapers' game Neku took part in during TWEWY, and for part of the game during Murder V: The Reapers' Game. He died both times, so he really shouldn't be around anymore, but Joshua bent some rules and revived Sho again... simply because he found the man amusing and wanted to be further entertained by his antics.

Other: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRMBC2KStn0

* 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751058209749445923078164 062862089986280348253421170679821480865132823066470938446095 5058223172535940812848111!!!




* Math, beauty, and garbage is all that matters.

* He's cray cray. >.>


Name: Saya Minatsuki

Age: 19

Canon: Black Cat

Personality: Saya is a friendly, talkative, confident, cheerful, and positive young woman. She is charismatic and has a good effect on people around her. Saya enjoys going wherever the wind blows her, often stating she feels that she has the personality of a stray cat. Saya is also bright, energetic, and has a fairly decent amount of street smarts.

Short Bio: Sweeper Saya befriended a young assassin, named Train Heartnet, on a rooftop one night. She taught train he had a choice between killing and not killing, causing him to have a more human outlook on life. They then began to have regular meets on the same rooftop. Their friendship affected Train greatly, causing him to disobey orders from Chronos, his assassin organization, before eventually leaving it entirely. After leaving Chronos, Train chose to become a sweeper.

How she died: On the night of a fireworks festival that Saya intended to visit with Train, a jealous former colleague of Train's, Creed, went after Saya. Creed blindly believed Saya to be an enchantress who was bewitching him, deciding the only way to break the spell on Train would be to kill her. Creed stabs Saya with a blade, causing her to die shortly afterwards in Train's arms. Here's a link to a clip of her death: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9xdS7A_HIM

Role: Harrier Reaper

*Saya loves milk, sitting on rooftops, staying up late, singing, and running.

* Saya only likes to wear kimonos, believing they make her look good. She refuses to admit they may not be the most practical thing to wear while sweeping.

* A link to Saya's wiki page: http://blackcat.wikia.com/wiki/Saya_Minatsuki


Name: Beth Greene

Age: 18

Canon: The Walking Dead

Personality: Beth is usually a shy, soft-spoken, timid, and caring girl. She can be rather pessimistic and prone to breaking down emotionally when she can no longer take any more stress. But once she overcomes the things that stress her out, she becomes more assertive and stronger-willed at times. She isn't the most intelligent or tough, but she has a gentle spirit.

Short Bio: Beth was an average teenaged farm girl before the apocalypse hit. Afterwards, she witnessed the death of family members, her mother in particular, and was horrified when her mother rose from the dead. For the longest time, Beth was suicidal afterwards and struggled to find a reason to live. Around this time, a group of apocalypse survivors came to her farm. Eventually Beth, her father, and her sister Maggie left the farm with this group of survivors so they could search for a safter place to live. They found a prison and made it their home.

Eventually, Beth toughened a little and became a more vocal member of the group of survivors she lived with. She wasn't the toughest person, but she contributed to the group by taking care of Judith, a baby belonging to the leader of their group, and often sung to everyone with her beautiful voice to help boost morale.

After a while of living at the prison, it was attacked by an outside enemy and overrun by walkers. She finds herself stranded in the woods with one other survivor, Daryl, where she begins to toughen up and learns how to kill walkers better. This doesn't last long before Beth is kidnapped.

When Beth wakes up after having been kidnapped, she finds herself in Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta. She meets a group of survivors who claims to have saved her life, saying that she owes them for it and must stay at the hospital to pay off her debt. Truthfully, she discovers there is no way to escape, but befriends another young man named Noah who intends to escape. She works together and helps him, but only he ends up escaping in the end.

Noah then meets up with Beth's group, and explains the situation to them. So Beth's group hatches a plan to rescue her from the hospital...

How she died: As a plot to rescue Beth from the hospital, her group captures men from the hospital in order to use them in a hostage exchange. The exchange goes well, until their leader, Dawn, demands that Noah be given back to them. Angered by this, Beth takes out a pair of scissors she had hidden and stabs Dawn with them. The strike was ineffective, but caused Dawn to pull a pistol on Beth and shoot her in the head. Angered, Daryl does the same thing to Dawn. The survivors of both sides were able to end the conflict with no further fatalities. Maggie arrives in the aftermath and is brought to hysterics over the sight of her dead sister, cradled in Daryl's arms. Video clip of Beth's death scene (warning: graphic violence): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xr1zf88KySQ

Role: Player

Entry Fee: Her sister, Maggie.

* Clip of Beth singing. :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMnZkSG5BBo

* Beth hates drinking due to the fact her father was an alcoholic.

*Link to Beth's wiki page: http://walkingdead.wikia.com/wiki/Beth_Greene

Player Pins:
Blink Step: Allows the user to become invisible for a short period of time.
Egg Bomb: Allows the user to turn certain items they touch into bombs.
Healing Bunny: A pin made for self healing.


Name: Ashildr

Other names: Me and Ash

Age: Infinite

Canon: Doctor Who

Personality: Before she acquires immortality, Ashildr is a sweet, naive, but brave girl. After she acquires immortality and begins calling herself "Me," Ashildr becomes cold, dark, and more intelligent.

Short Bio: Ashildr, who later began calling herself Me due to her immortality, was a Viking girl encountered by the Twelfth Doctor and Clara Oswald. After a battle with the Mire, Ashildr died, but she was resurrected by the Doctor via a Mirerepair kit. As a result of this, Ashildr became immortal. She went on to live a long life, becoming very experienced and familiar with the universe and its various species in the process. Ultimately, she lived through the remainder of human history and to the end of time itself, and in the process, managed to outlive every other immortal in existence.

Ashildr lived to the end of the universe, maintaining a reality bubble to keep her alive. She then boarded a TARDIS stolen by the Doctor, and watched silently as Clara wiped the Doctor's memories of ever travelling with her. She and Clara then took the Doctor to Nevada, disguising the TARDIS as an American diner where Clara pretended to be a waitress. After Clara realised that the Doctor's memories of her were fully gone, she and Ashildr left Earth to travel the universe.

How she died: Presently, unknown. She was supposed to be immortal, after all. Later in the story, we will discover how she died.

Role: Player

Entry Fee: Her memories

* Ashildr is a half human, half mire (alien) hybrid.

Player Pins:
Live!: The user can create a shock wave with their voice that damages and occasionally paralyzes enemies.
Fiery Spirit, Spirited Fire: Pyrokenesis, or the ability to move and create bursts of fire for a short period of time.
Teleport Warning: Allows the user to teleport themselves short distances.


Name: Xion

Other Names: No. XIV

Canon: Kingdom Hearts

Age: Unknown

Personality: Somewhat shy and anxious before opening up to others, Xion can also be cheerful, kind, and generous. She is rather smart as well, being observant and perceptive of situations that go on around her. She also has a rather strong sense of justice and can be outspoken, but deep down she is rather fragile emotionally.

Short Bio: Xion was the fourteenth member of Xemnas' Organization XIII. She was not a nobody like the other members, but instead was a replica of Sora, made by Vexen, and was created from Sora's memories. Being a mysterious individual with a long, complicated past Xion has a rather long bio. More Information on her past can be found here: http://kingdomhearts.wikia.com/wiki/Xion

How she died: Xion was destroyed by Roxas when the two fought at the end of Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days. More information about her death can be found on her wiki page.

Role: Unknown


Name: Jaune Arc

Age: 17

Canon: RWBY

Personality: (Copy/Paste from his wiki. XD) Jaune is not exactly the most suave individual in Beacon Academy, though he does try to portray himself as such. He is a kindhearted, amiable person and means well, as shown when he helps Ruby stand up after her initial confrontation with Weiss. When asked why, he simply notes that it seemed like a good opportunity to make a new friend.

He has been shown to maintain his unselfish manner regardless of the situation; even going as far as to defend Cardin Winchester, who had been blackmailing him and forcing him to do his work. When needed, he is even willing to deliberately put himself in awkward situations such as wearing a dress in public without a hint of embarrassment in order to keep his word. According to him, it is part of his family motto of not going back on one's word.

Jaune is an outgoing, goofy, and all around friendly person. He treats people equally and has no problems expressing himself to strangers and bonds with them easily, showing a lot of confidence. However, his confidence can get out of hand and backfire during his pursuit of romance: something that his voice actor, Miles Luna, admitted himself; saying that Jaune tries too hard which causes him to be misunderstood. Following his father's advice, Jaune usually comes up with silly schemes and pick-up lines in his attempts to get a girl's attention. Despite having confessed to having feelings for Weiss Schnee, Jaune has tried to win over Pyrrha Nikos and Yang in the past as well.

Role: Player

Biography: His bio can be found here on his wiki: http://rwby.wikia.com/wiki/Jaune_Arc

How they died: After Pyrrha Nikos died, she played the Reapers' game for the 1st time and Jaune was her entry fee. She lost her first week, thus loosing her entry fee and causing Jaune to die too. Pyrrah wins her second reapers' game and is able to become a reaper, but was unable to recover Jaune.

Entry fee: His own memories.

List of Pins:
Masume: A basic slash attack from from a sword of a knife.
Crackle Pop Barrier: It creates a shield of flames used for protection that can also damage enemies if they get too close.
Zantetsu: A charge attack that launches the user at a great speed toward their enemies so that they may mow some of them down.
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WARNING: A majority of these bios will include spoilers of the characters' respective canons! If you do not wish to have these spoiled, it's likely better not to read them.

Reaper Resa.jpg
Name: Deedee "Teresa Agnes"

Age: 18/19

Appearance: Teresa was described as very beautiful, and looks a bit younger than her actual age of around eighteen. She was described in The Maze Runner as being "thin, but not too small," "roughly five and a half feet," with "burning blue eyes" and skin that was "pale, white as pearls." She had silky "tar black hair" with "long legs" and "perfect pink lips." In the film adaptation, Teresa is portrayed by Kaya Scodelario. She also, as a Reaper, has very small black wings.

Canon: The Maze Runner(Introduced in The Kill Order, killed in Death Cure)

Personality: Even at the age of six, Teresa was described by some staff of WICKED as 'a little fireball'. With the world she was raised in, she had to toughen up fast due to a vast list of events that led to her only living friends- Mark and Trina -handed her off to WICKED at age four in a pretty little package. She was always extremely bright and clever. She toughened up a lot. She built walls(as tall as those of the Maze, itself) to hide all her feelings, experiences, and emotions from everyone else around her to keep from getting hurt. Despite this, she always displays courage and passion in everything she does, and she still slips up and lets herself get close to others sometimes. This particular female also has a fire in her like none other, and plenty of sass and sarcasm to go alongside it. But, above all else, Teresa is a fighter. She'll throw her life on the line without a second thought to defend and protect others - especially those that she cares for.

Role: Conductor

Pins: Sexy D, Thanx,

Not-so-Short Biography: In The Kill Order, a year after the Sun Flares, Teresa(or Deedee) was living in a village with a large group of people, including her parents and brother Ricky. When The Flare began to spread, everyone in her village shunned and abandoned her when they found out she was immune to the virus, believing her to be a demon of some sort. In the end, Teresa told Thomas that her original name was Deedee. Teresa showed up in the glade a day after Thomas; happening to be the first and only female there. After this, no more gladers came out of the box. When they made the escape, Teresa was placed in a separate dorm than the males, and seemingly vanished(though she communicated telepathically with Thomas). There were few encounters involving her and her 'pack' of gladers, but when there were, she seemed to have gone crazy. Later, in the Death Cure, she met her death(after retrieving her memories) pushing Thomas out of the way of the collapsing ceiling.

However, Teresa re-awoke in an odd dark room.. What turned out to be a murder game! Asked to participate(at the price of losing her most treasured possession; her memories of Thomas[leading to her entire being changing because of how big a piece he was to her]). During this, she typically stuck to herself, aside from travelling with a few choice friends. These friends including Ashley "Ash" Williams(Evil Dead Trilogy), Jenny(Doctor Who), a wolf noise pup she saved and dubbed "Little Guy", Frank Reagan, and Hurley(Lost). She didn't make many friends, but cared deeply about these few and a couple others. Her ultimate goal was saving as many people as possible(and slightly above this goal is keeping her friends safe), and hopefully staying alive trying. However, killing Ryu became her goal upon seeing him torment Ash into oblivion. After challenging Ryu to a duel, in which he admitted to being one of the traitors, Teresa met her death when Ryu used her internal conflict over whether or not she should kill him or simply keep him under close watch as opportunity to shock her to death. However, this death did not go in vain; as Teresa managed to take Ryu out with her.

In the end, Teresa gave a speech upon John White trying to get her and the others to side with him, convincing a majority of the folk to side, rather, with Joshua. With the aide of some select few from this bunch distracting White, including Reagan, Minato, Asha, and some others, Teresa managed to destroy John White's power source, killing the monster once and for all. After this, upon realizing she was unwanted and purposeless back where she used to call home, the glader decided to stay and become a Reaper.

-Teresa doesn't like coffee
-Her feelings are most always conflicted, after having been merged with her 'other self'
-Due to said 'other self', Teresa has a slight aversion to touch, and is a bit more on-end and easily embarrassed
-she totally wants dat composer


Name: Primrose "Prim" Everdeen

Age: 14

Canon: The Hunger Games Trilogy

Personality: Prim has always been a very sweet and caring young girl, forced to grow up fast due to the circumstances. She has always been a helper, treating the ill and/or wounded around the District by her mother's side, even going on to become a rebel medic.

How they died(optional): A bombing

Role: Player

Pins: Cornered Rat, Thanx, Guardian Angel

Entry Fee: Memories of Katniss Everdeen

Short bio(optional): Katniss Everdeen's younger medic sister, Prim was raised in District Twelve, originally reaped to join the Hunger Games. After her sister volunteered in her place, chaos ensued.

-Her death occurred while she was trying to treat children that had been bombed just before her


Larkin Kent

Age: 17

Canon: The Caster Chronicles

Personality: Larkin is, in short, a piece of crap. He loves playing pranks, earning a fright or shock out of others, and much more. However, to compliment this jerk side of him, he has a rather gentlemanly somewhat less snarky side that he often goes with, going far enough to occasionally do good deeds or help out. However, don't let that fool you - he loves to piss people off.

How they died(optional): Larkin's death was part of a price of a curse on his family.

Role: Reaper

Pins: Blink Step, Creepy Weepy Barrier, Ice Blow

Short bio(optional): The second child of Barclay Kent and Delphine Duchannes, older brother to Ryan and Ridley Duchannes whilst also younger brother to Reece Duchannes. Since he was a male, and thus a Kent rather than a Duchannes, the family curse did not affect him and he was able to choose Light or Dark upon his Claiming. He chose to be Dark, but as an Illusionist, maintained a facade of being Light for a long time, helping out the good folk while also secretly working for Sarafine Duchannes.



Name: Asuna Ayase

Age: 16

Canon: Shigofumi

Personality: Asuna's personality is greatly difficult to explain. Due to having grown up in a horrible household, let's just say she got a bit messed up. She seems to have very conflicted feelings, acting sweet, kind, and helpful at some times whilst cold and malicious at others.

How they died(optional): Shot fatally

Role: Player

Pins: Onikiri, Zantetsu, Ice Blow

Entry Fee: Her memories of her kid sister, Miku Ayase.

Short bio(optional): This will be established throughout the roleplay.

-I might be biased, but Asuna looks pretty killer :|


Name: Newt

Age: 16

Canon: The Maze Runner Series

Personality: Newt is a good person, to say the least, if one that met an unfair fate. While he's very sarcastic, he always has good intentions.

How they died(optional): Newt begged Thomas to kill him, and eventually got Thomas to shoot him through the head.

Role: Player

Pins: Onikiri, Fire!, Kaleidoscope

Entry Fee: Minho or something honestly not sure

Short bio(optional): Almost nothing was revealed about Newt's past before he was sent into the Maze, other than that he had a sister, a dog, and a best friend - not even his real name. Since then, he escaped the Maze with the others with the aid of Teresa and Thomas, and was put through many other trials and struggles. He was revealed, eventually, to not be Immune - and The Flare began taking effect, slowly driving him insane. However, before he could become too far gone, he used his remaining sanity to convince Thomas to kill him.

-Newt has a tattoo on his neck that is almost identical to Teresa's
-Newt has a very strong British accent, and frequently uses the word 'bloody'
-He developed a limp while in the Maze, due to attempting suicide
-Due to there being little to no fan art using the book description of Newt's appearance, I'm gonna say screw it and say he cut his hair upon arrival in Shibuya or something


Name: Pyrrha Nikos

Age: 17

Canon: RWBY

Personality: Almost overwhelmingly kind, courteous and respectful. She shows care and kindness to all, and is willing to die for those she loves.

How they died: Protecting the man she loved.

Role: Reaper

Pins: Guardian Angel, Thanx, Lightning Storm

Short Bio:
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I probably have enough characters on here, but for some reason I added one more. XD I-I just had to...
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Nathan Prescott


Life is Strange

Nathan's family is rich and influential, owning the majority of the town of Arcadia Bay. This has attributed to Nathan's arrogant and flippant behavior toward other; a trait likely passed down from his overbearing father, Sean Prescott. Like his father, Nathan has often used his family's influence to escape any responsibility for his cruel actions, thinking himself and his family above the law. Despite the privilege Nathan has been granted as part of a rich family, he is pressured heavily by his father to live up to the Prescott name, leaving Nathan to feel self-conscious about himself and pushed to act out against others.

However, Nathan's violent and unstable behavior can not be attributed to his father alone. He is a deeply troubled youth who seems to lack empathy for others and shows no regard for the suffering of those he deems a threat to his authority. Nathan shows signs of suffering from both anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder. He goes to therapy has a prescription for these issues, though he doesn't take either very seriously. Nathan's parents seems to be willingly disconnected from their son and their son's mental health, and instead pacify Nathan's outbursts with threats to the school and its financial support given by the Prescotts.

At Blackwell, Nathan retains the position as one of the main Vortex Club representatives, and, by most Blackwell students, a recreational drug dealer. Nathan is known to cut his drugs with powerful laxatives. Nathan is also a known partier and drinker, and usually supplies the drugs and alcohol present at the parties he attends.


Entry Fee
His memories of Victoria Chase

On one fateful day in Blackwell Academy, Nathan Prescott came close to killing Chloe Price. The pair had an altercation in the school's bathroom, where Nathan would eventually pull a gun on Chloe. He was stopped, of course, by Maxine Caulfield, who set off the fire alarm, providing a distraction to defuse the situation. He would later go on to confront Max and demand to know what she saw, firmly settling a grudge against the girl in his mind.

As it would turn out, Nathan had been dealing drugs to the students of the academy. He was working with Mark Jefferson, a teacher Nathan looked up to as a father figure, in order to drug female students at Vortex Club parties to put them in such a state where Jefferson could later photograph them in vulnerable states. One of Nathan's friends, Rachel Amber, became a victim to Nathan's overzealousness. Nathan held Rachel in high regard, whether out of love or lust, and decided to use her as his personal subject in an attempt to imitate Jefferson's work. Nathan ended up giving Rachel an overdose in the process, killing her. Jefferson covered up the whole thing... at least until Max started getting too close to the truth.

It was Jefferson's intent to then kill Nathan and use him as a scapegoat for everything they had done, but something put a pause on that plan.

After sending Max a tearful voicemail, Nathan found himself in a facility called Aether.

How they died

During Nathan's time in Aether, he came across a wide variety of others who were trapped in the compromised facility as well. Monsters and mutants were let loose in the facility by one Cole MacGrath. Nathan ended up surviving the majority of the dangers, but he began to fall into despair at his situation. Hating himself and knowing that going back home was a death sentence, Nathan allowed himself to be trapped in a room being filled with poisonous gas, killing himself.

List of pins

- Go 2 Hell
- Storm Warning
- Follow Suit, Fall in Turn​


Lucy Kuo


Late Twenties




Kuo promotes order and good morals whenever she can. A good person at heart, Kuo encourages others to promote compassion and kindness whenever possible, though she herself during certain times demonstrates utilitarian views. She tries to maintain a calm and collected demeanor whenever possible, though she can crack under pressure whenever it gets to be too much. She has shown a strong sense of devotion and conviction to her workload, given the magnitude of said workload. Kuo, despite her adherence to upstanding morals, is willing to break rules to get job done, to the point of alienating herself from her employers entirely. If the end result is something Kuo believes is good, she will cut corners to get there if she has to.




Lucy Kuo was an undercover agent working for the NSA to investigate the organization known as the First Sons, stationed at New Marais while working with an inside man, Dr. Sebastian Wolfe. Afterwards, experimentation performed on her activated Kuo's Conduit abilities, causing her to be able to manipulate ice and fly.

She began to work with Cole MacGrath in order to put a stop to the unrest in the city and stop The Beast.

How they died

Cole decided to use Ray Field Inhibitor to put a stop to John White, The Beast, and the plague, though using the device would kill all Conduits, potential or otherwise. Kuo lost her nerve and joined John in his attempt to stop Cole, but she lost to him in the end. An injured Kuo then approached Cole right before he activated the RFI, telling him to do it. Kuo admitted that hr was right from the beginning, admitting that she was just afraid to die. After Cole comforted her, Kuo told him to carry it out. She then watched as Cole activated the RFI, killing the Beast, Cole, and herself, and subsequently, saving all of humanity.

Other info

- Despite becoming a Reaper, Kuo has never encountered John or Cole in the afterlife
- In death, Kuo has retained her Conduit appearance

List of pins

- Ice Blow
- Blink Step
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Asher Forrester



Game of Thrones


Asher is an impulsive and passionate man. This impulsiveness led to a hot-headed temperament in his youth, where Asher was known for his rebellious streak. Asher's relationship with his father became strained and one too many mistakes resulted in his exile. He's a charming man who has become quite jokey and humorous since his exile, though his aggressive side still shines through in situations of combat. He is loyal to those who earn his trust, but utterly merciless to his foes.



Entry Fee
Short Bio
Asher had always been a rebellious youth-– brawling in taverns, sleeping with whores, and finding ways to raise his father's ire. But his life took a dark turn when, at age seventeen, he fell in love with Gwyn Whitehill, the eldest daughter of his father's bitter rival. Bloodshed ensued and Lord Forrester faced a grim choice: go to war, or exile Asher across the Narrow Sea. He chose the latter.

Allying with a sellsword named Beskha, she and Asher fought side-by-side for four years, making enemies of the Lost Legion. Finding themselves in Yunkai, Asher reunited with his Uncle, Malcolm Branfield, who stated that Asher was needed at Ironrath, where the Forresters were under pressure from their mortal enemies, the Whitehills. Asher, Beskha and Malcolm began a journey to recruit an army of Sellswords from Daenerys Targaryen. Asher eventually acquired gold and used it to recruit Pitfighters to fight for him back in Westeros. With fighters on their side, Asher and Beskha set sail for Ironrath.

How they died

Asher meets his brother, Rodrik, once they land. He'd arrived to protect Asher from an incoming ambush, but the pair get caught up in fighting anyway. A gate is dropped and they are cut off from the others and their only escape. Asher and Rodrik run to try and push open the gate, but find it won't hold. Rodrik states that only one can stay behind to keep the gate open, and Asher decides that he will be the one to stay behind.
List of pins
- Onikiri
- Velocity Tackle
- Chaos​

John Marston



Red Dead Redemption

Strong and bullheaded, John Marston is the ideal image of the classic Wild West gunslinger. He is a conflicted man, striving to do what is right, but sometimes inevitably doing what is wrong. Nevertheless, John holds a distinct personality, having little patience with the eccentrics of others but often having a set of codes and morals. Harboring an extreme politeness to women and the young and harboring little faith, John is a serious man, biting at the hypocrisy of the world that surrounds him and striving to wrong his convictions.


Short Bio

The Wild West is dying

The era of gunslinging outlaws in a lawless oasis is fading, civilization and federal agents swooping in from eastern coastline of America to enforce order and peace. For John Marston, he is but a relic of a bygone age, a man trying to retire from his life of petty crime and starting anew. After being abandoned by his posse in 1906, the man retired to his family, putting up his guns and living the life of an average cowboy. With the death of his only daughter in 1909, left only with his son and wife, John fell into depression, often finding himself on lonely rides through the barren beauty of the countryside.

Unfortunately, nothing is ever well for John Marston.

With threats of the death penalty for his crimes, John is ordered to find the old members of his posse, hunting them down and convicting them with rightful justice. With his family held hostage by federal agents, John wanders the deserts and swamps of southwestern America, bringing justice to bring his own redemption.

How They Died
Looking down the barrel of a Deadman's Gun

Other Info
"Ye better' ask, lest I put six in you before you blink"

Natural Magnum
Strong n' Proud
Speed Factor

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