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ILLUSION GAME Illusion Game III: Little Trouble in Neo-Tokyo

Discussion in 'STORY ARCHIVES' started by Minerva, Nov 2, 2015.

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  1. ((Alright, sorry this is long. Just read the parts you are tagged in, and you should be fine.))

    Prologue: Bright Lights, and loud fights

    Tokyo, Japan, July 17, 2019

    The figure stood at the train station. People moved around the figure, pushing each other, and clamoring. The figure held a briefcase in their hands. They stood quietly, and watched as the train approached. An announcement was made, and the figure knelt on the ground. The train pulled out of a small tunnel. The figure opened the briefcase. A mess of wires and other instruments fell out. The train's front pulled up to the edge of the station. The figure fumbled with several buttons. They twisted knobs and typed some things in. The train was almost at a stop, it screeched as it tried to break. The figure hurriedly closed the case, and twisted the numeric lock at the top. It slowly turned itself, counting down seconds. 60, 59, 58, etc. The train finally stopped and opened its doors. Another announcement was made, and the figure stepped on. They placed the briefcase in an inconspicuous location. 29, 28, 27, etc. the figure stepped back off the train, and walked into the crowd. The figure disappeared. 5,4,3,2,1. A nuclear detonation rocked the city, killing many. Three bombs in strategic places, and a large war began. No one knew who set the bombs, or why, but they were destructive.

    Society bounced back.

    The United Nations and several corporations saw potential in Japan, and decided to clear it of radiation, and make it a place of commerce. They built the shining City of Neo-Tokyo. It is now 2049, and Neo-Tokyo is a bustling, shining city.

    Neo-Tokyo, 2049

    The Headquarters of the Yuki-Yume Corporation:


    Annaliesia sashayed her way out of Hanako's Stepfather's office. She was so carefree and elegant. She danced through the pristine hallways of the minor corporation. She danced through the hallways until she nearly ran into Hanako and Katsuko.


    "Hi, Hanako!" She said seriously. She didn't seem too happy to see the boy. "I was just talking to your stepdad. He doesn't seem too happy." She turned a bit playful, and she brushed her hand through her blonde hair. She was dressed fairly strangely, but that's just how she dressed to get the media's attention. That way she could manipulate them. She straightened a bow on your hair. "Do you think you could talk to him, Pretty please?" She begged, she clasped her hands. "I really need the company. You can still be on the board!" She ruffled the boy's hair. She looked at Katsuko. "And I'll keep you the face!" She giggled, and crossed her arms. "What will you say?"


    @CCC Kouhai @york

    Neo-Tokyo, Harbor District


    Yamagata entered the bar. He passed several people, and finally made his way to the back of it. Kaneda was standing over a jukebox.


    Kaneda looked at him, and tapped some things into the jukebox.


    He then exited the bar behind Yamagata, and looked at the gang. He shouted something at Tetsuo, who was on Kaneda's bike. He turned to the rest of the gang. "Let's beat the shit out of the Clowns!"He held up a tire iron. (The same one used to beat the shit out of Lord Ghirahim.)

    A woman appeared behind him.


    The Saber class servant from the Zelda Murder Game, being supported by Kaneda's girlfriend's psychic powers stood behind him, and raised her sword. "We, destined to die, Salute you!" She shouted, before dematerializing.

    Kaneda nodded at Meiko, Ken, and Karin as he got onto his motorcycle.

    @Kaykay @Mari @Bomb

    Neo-Tokyo, The other side of town


    A man with Make-up on his face sat on a chopper. "Let's go kick the asses of those Capsules!" He held up a baseball bat. "For far too long they've ruled the streets! Not tonight! We knock Kaneda from his throne!" He held up the baseball bat "CLOWNS! LET'S RIDE!" He revved up the motorcycle, and began riding towards the center of the city to take on the Capsules.

    @Mighty Roman @Gen. Godzi Senpai

    Neo-Tokyo, Central.

    Several Riot Control vehicles patrolled the streets. The rioters had been growing increasingly angrier, and we're soon targeting celebrities and other faces of the corporations. Makiko Haneyama was to hold a concert that night at a nightclub. Several rows of Police and United Nations troops had set up a perimeter around it, to control protestors.


    The Riot troops were there as both a protective measure, and a show of force. They wore the body armor of the newly established Neo-Tokyo Defense Force. The lights were set up for the concert. A Security Guard saluted in front of Makiko "Ma'am, everything has been set up as per the corporation's instructions. We will do our best to keep you safe!"

    @Atomyk @Jeremi @Anybody who wants to be at the Nightclub

    Some Location in the Financial District


    Motoko aimed her pistol at the man. He held a hostage, a young girl taken from a nearby restaurant. The man wasn't letting go. Several other teams waited outside.

    Public Security Section 2 had been after this man for a while for a number of petty crimes. Several detectives stood outside wearing armor, including Kana Hanazawa. They stood outside the door ready for a chance to break in.

    A SWAT team sat outside monitoring the conversation. The captain looked at their own genetically modified soldier Tony. He said "Move on my signal." He handed him a pistol.

    And finally, Section 3 had sent another team. They wanted this man on several more charges. Namely kidnapping. The team was lead by Abra, a brilliant man. One of the soldiers placed a breach on the door, ready at any time.

    @Verite @TheSpringwoodSlasher @DapperDogman

    Neo-Tokyo corporate district


    The boardroom overlooked a part of the city. A man in a suit sat at one end of the table, various men and women sat talking amongst themselves at the mahogany table. Finally, the man turned to Hayden. "Our sales have been declining. Especially in China. We have to do something about this, or we'll go bankrupt. Your frivolous spending is driving us into the pit!" He said. Little did he know, a member of the board had been embezzling. "You're going to ruin your company, as well as your father's legacy, and... We'll have to sell to Ekaterina." The man seemed both panicked and angry. "What are you going to do, Hayden?"


    The Doctor checked the clock. He began zipping up a bag of research, and moved some Petri dishes to an incubator. He removed an arm. "How much do you think you can get for this?" He asked David. "And why haven't you disposed of it yet? We have another god damned inspection tomorrow. We need to act legitimate." The man picked up the arm, and carried it to the incinerator. "Do you need me to do it before I go? Or do you have plans for it?"


    United Omnidyne-Cross Headquarters

    Dr Kim made her way through the hallway, her high heels snapping authoritatively on the floor. She moved into an office, and shouted something in Korean at the terrified salaryman. He nodded, and began copying some papers. She slowly made her way to Bailey, and leaned on the desk. "I need this page analyzed. Shiawase has a new project, and I need your help in figuring it all out." The CEO began chewing gum. She brushed her lab coat off, and looked at Jurikono. "I need last week's sales reports sorted, please." She said authoritatively. "As soon as possible!"

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  2. Daniel tilted his head slightly. He recognized the arm. Ah, yes. That. Another prostitute off the streets, and stored in various parts of his lab. That justified what he did in itself, in the scientist's book. He had no qualms about killing anyone, really, but, as long as he limited his targets to the riff-raff no one would miss, why should anyone care? The good doctor was right, though. Keeping such a thing with an inspection so close wouldn't go over well. Not at all.

    In an English accent, he spoke up with a slightly more callously amused tone than one might expect; though, perhaps, his fellow doctor had grown used to it by then. "Unfortunately, the market for severed limbs isn't very robust. You can't quite do as much as with organs," The doctor gestured to an empty container where they'd house freshly removed organs. Of course, they didn't stay in long; organs had a deadline, after all. The doctor then, after another moment's thought, added a wry comment. "Unless you count the fetish market, but even I find that distasteful."

    He took the arm from his colleague, moving over to their incinerator at the back of the lab. It saw a lot of use. The arm already should have been disposed of. He'd have to find whoever'd missed it. Use them next. Make an example. Carelessness would not be tolerated. For now, though, he just studied the arm. It had smooth, almost flawless features, save the wondrously ghastly wound where it had been... removed. "... A beautiful specimen, was she not?" By now, the doctor surely knew his colleague didn't mean this in the physical sense.

    "So fake. So desperate for survival. A perfect picture of the human condition. I think my favorite part of the procedure, before we prepare them, is always seeing what they do in the face of death. Few have been brave, eh? That's good. Stoic bravery always reminded me of foolish stupidity. At least the ones that try fighting, clawing for life, or sobbing, begging to stay, own up to what they are. What did this one do again? Oh. Yes. Poor Donovan stood too close. Ah, well. He didn't need that eye for his job, anyways."

    Daniel looked at the arm for a few seconds, then threw it into the incinerator with a dissapointed sigh. Ah, well. No way to keep it, as much as he wanted a trophy. "Be a dear and make sure the lackeys find another one in a week or two, would you? You know how bored I get." He turned on the incinerator, then smiled over his shoulder at his colleague. "Isn't death wonderful? The way some thrash. Those last few moments as light leaves their eyes. Better than any play I've ever seen. It's so beautiful, I almost cry when I see it."


    A few moments in silence, and Daniel ended up staring at the ceiling for a few seconds. His eyes lowered to his colleague, a more dispassionate look returning to his eyes. "Make sure everything is ready for the inspection, and find me whoever I had doing that before. They're fired. Don't let them leave, of course. I want to deliver their severance package personally. No loose ends, after all."

    @The Silver Paladin
  3. Jurikono shivered. "Y-y-yes Miss..." He stopped. How was he to address this woman? He couldn't risk insulting her and end up on the streets again; with all the gangs about he wouldn't last an hour, let alone a lifetime. He decided to fling as many polite titles as he could together in the short space of time he was given to think "Yes Miss-Lady-Doctor-Madame-Boss-Ma'am Kim!" Perfect; nobody could be insulted by such a complement! "I'll, erm... Be right on it...it'll be on your desk soon, I swear!"

    Waiting for her to turn her gaze from him, Jurikono sank into his chair; he couldn't take much more of this stress! So much work to be done 'as soon as possible', it was tearing him apart! He ran his boney fingers through his leathery, greasy lined hair, and took in a deep breath. He should be greatful for his job, but it appeared that that wasn't the case. He removed his glasses and buried his head in his hands; he could scream.

    He jumped with a start; if his hands were over his eyes, how could he work? He was going to get fired! He had wasted valuable seconds! Full speed ahead!

    @Gummi Bunnies @The Silver Paladin
  4. "R-Right... I understand," Bailey mumbled as she quickly went to work, shying herself away behind the files and her computer monitor. Not wanting to be slacking off on the job, the ravenette immediately began to skim through the page, typing down the analysis of the contents. At the same time, she would take moments to tug at her hoodie, trying to hide her face. It might seem unprofessional, but at this rate, Bailey's habit of wearing hoodies became rather normal here., and no one seemed to bat an eye over it.

    Occasionally, she would look up from her desk to see Jurikono stressing over the work he had received for the time as well. As much as she wanted to assist him, she wasn't an expert in his field of work... only her own. So... she hid her head behind the computer monitor once again before working the time away with this data to analyse.

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  5. Akio on que jumped onto his own bike and hollered over the gang "Aha! Today we face a tenacious and numerous enemy! The anticipation is killing me! Let us show them our Strength! ALALALALALAL!!" as he rode off as fast as he could, Machete in hand and not even bothering to see if the others were catching up or not.

    @The Silver Paladin @Mighty Roman

  6. (Miles' character in one song). :P
    Miles kicked his cycle into gear. As it grinded into life, he played with his lighter in his right hand, cockily holding the handlebars with only his left. As they turned a corner, he put both hands on the handlebar again. 'Ha, fratz yeah! Hey, when we beat Kaneda's gang, I call dibs on his 'cycle!'
    Stripped for the best parts and save the rest for scrap. That was Miles Duchovsky's way. Build the best bike, that was his goal. Well, that and destabilising Society, but everyone had to start somewhere.

    He was an angry young man, armed to the teeth and ready to hurt something.
    'Shockin' Hell, this is great! Let's light 'em up!"
    He laughed. Nothing ever felt quite like zipping around Neo-Tokyo on a 'cycle. That reminded him of today's second goal. He couldn't wait to see Kaneda's face after one of his mooks was set ablaze!
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  7. Hanako Musoka
    @CCC Kouhai @The Silver Paladin
    Hanako had his hands raised as Annaliesia bumped into him, seeming to be about to assume some sort of childish looking "battle stance", however, as he recognized who had just bumped into, he suddenly dropped his posture, trying to pretend that never happened. "Oh uh... You're not a mugger..." Hanako said, rubbing the back of his neck as he listened to what the woman in front him had to say; it looked like he had heard this more than a few times, but, probably not from just her. "Oh! Uh... You're trying to buy our company?" He said, wringing his hands together momentarily before he spoke "Well, my father's not having any of that... Heh, even if I agreed with this... My father's not gonna budge." he said, raising his hands in a sort of helpless gesture, it looked like he had grown accustomed to doing things like this... He stole a sideways glance at an conveniently palced billboard with his face plastered on it; well, it was to be expected since they were outside of the company... Though, well, his father seemed more reserved about his own part in the logo, by portraying himself as a Hanako's shadow... Creative...​
  8. Meiko screamed out in a high pitched voice and jumped onto her motorcycle. While screaming, she devoted her thoughts towards a mental communication to the bike.

    "Be strong, faithful, and true. And I will do the same for you." She thought those thoughts with her mind and all her heart, as she looked at the others on the Capsule gang.

    "Let's go!", she shouted with her voice as loud as she could scream, and she pushed the gas pedal to the metal and rode off swiftly towards what would be a classic clash with the Clowns.

    @Kaykay @Bomb @The Silver Paladin
  9. While a majority of the celebrities were dressed to the nines, there was one particular girl that walked among them wearing a plain black hoodie and a beanie pulled down so far you weren't quite sure if she even had any hair.

    "Oh hi, how's it goin'? Jerrrrrry I see you over there! Meet up in the gazebo, okay? Okay!" The girl would smile and wave at anyone that she walked past or walked past here. I have no fucking clue who anyone of these guys are. She thought to herself as she maneuvered herself in the crowd.

    Joan Jaffa, a minor Internet celebrity who reviewed random ass stuff wanted some action and hopefully something she wouldn't have to whine about in a vlog later so she decided to head to the Nightclub for some night of debauchery. "Or goin' home early and lyin' in a corner and cryin' Who knows the night is still young!" She really needed to stop talking to herself.

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  10. [​IMG]
    "Of course I'm not a mugger, silly!" She said playfully. "You know me! And I'm not one!" She sat silent for a moment.


    "You're saying... You don't want to sell?" Annaliesia asked. "Why not? Tell me, Hanako!" She smiled at Hanako again. "It's fine. I won't be hurt."

    @york @CCC Kouhai
  11. "Someone once said Death was an art. I agree. We live in a broken and corrupt world, but we can find beauty in things." The doctor said. He taught at a nearby university as a Medical School teacher. He was fairly respected. He could come off as a sociopath to those who knew him well, though. "Yes, sir. I will. I'll also begin cleaning up for the inspection." The Doctor wrote some stuff on a clipboard, and looked around the room.

    "Where did your secretary go, anyway? She said she had to leave yesterday. Something about her mother? Wasn't she the one who checked on the inspections?" The doctor said turning around.
  12. Tony nods slowly, his lips forming into a small scowl as he takes the pistol carefully, checking the safety and then the magazine, before nodding and gripping it firmly "Understood, Sir" his firm, unmoving stance betrayed the motorized muscles and enhanced systems lying beneath his skin, allowing him almost perfect stillness as he stands, waiting for the signal to move, whether to apprehend the criminal, or to defend the public from his attempted escape

    The pair of orange sunglasses on his face gleamed in the light as his eyes narrowed in on the building, focusing on the door he may have to rush at a moment's notice

    'Finally about to get this guy, I'm sure he's going to enjoy his time in prison for being such a low-down piece of scum'

    @The Silver Paladin

  13. "... A pity. I was starting to like her. Ah, well. Sedate and contain her when she next comes in after the inspection. Perhaps we'll find something interesting to test on her." He didn't seem to care for her reason for leaving. Not that it would be surprising; Daniel had a remarkable lack of appreciation for human life and family, as his colleague would know, and didn't care what was going on in your life. It was all the same to him. "On the subject of death being an art... I concur. It's a force of nature, unstoppable and indiscriminate. A sight to behold, truly."

    @The Silver Paladin
  14. "Yeah... let's go." Ken said as he jumped into his bike and revved up the engine.

    @Mari @Kaykay @The Silver Paladin
  15. "Right! We ride!" Karin shouted at the rest, hopping onto her bike like the rest of them. Off to another fight, it seemed.

    @Mari @Bomb @The Silver Paladin
  16. True to form, Hayden was remarkably uninterested in the ongoing talks. She sat at the opposite end of the table, not even facing the board and instead admiring the view outside and below. The machinations of the investors and shareholders were as always, dreadfully boring. It was almost like political nonsense levels. Her ears pricked up when one of them accused her directly of being responsible for declining sales. And more so when he brought up her father. "...Quiet!" She demanded, finally spinning her chair around to face them. "My spending is not driving us anywhere but up. I'm the inventor. I'm the reason this is a company at all. I took an idea, some elbow grease and a wrench and made it a great selling product. You want someone to blame?"

    She gestured out with both hands, forming finger guns and mockingly shooting down both sides of the table at each and every board member until she reached the very other end, both finger guns pointing right at the complaining man. "Bang." She lowered her hands. "What do you see here? Cause what I see is a bunch of greedy, self-centered men and women riding on the coattails of my family's work. Only concerned with the bottom line. I didn't make a product to be some stuck-up rich kid. I made it for the enjoyment of others. That's what my parents agreed to when I pitched them the idea in the first place. So accusing my of ruining my father's legacy is quite honestly...so much bull." She sniffed, wiping the back of her hand across her nose.

    "I'll tell you what's what though, yeah. See, I'm not the perfect business mogul but I'm not stupid. I know my numbers and even better, get this? I hired an accountant as well! Somebody who'll love to talk so much, beat you over the head with the numbers if they got to. Found some interesting things." She reclined in her seat, propping her sneakers on the fine mahogany. "Money moves in mysterious ways. Sometimes it almost feels alive. But not in this case. It's moving cause someone in this room wants it to. I don't know who the rat is. But I'm going to find out." She crossed her arms.

    "Unless this perpetrator decides to come out and admit it. I would be more lenient then."

    @The Silver Paladin
  17. ___________

    Katsuko placed her hand upon her hip as she stood beside Hanako, raising a slender brow towards the oddly dressed female. She would softly laugh at the thought of the girl buying the Yuki Yume Company. "Why would you want to buy the company?" She then looked towards Hanako becoming quite upset that he allowed this weirdo to mess with his hair. Taking out her phone, she decided to start planning out her schedule for modeling appointments. That seemed more important than listening to someone wanting to buy the company that helped her start her career. Maybe she was trying her best to ignore the lady?

    @The Silver Paladin @york
  18. A man on a computer in the truck turned around. "You're gonna need to be careful, Tony. Section 2, Section 3, and Section 9 are all after this guy. 2 and 3 have teams outside, and neither knows the other one is there. Section 9 already has a man-err... Woman inside. We gotta get to him fast, but we can't go until we have the go ahead." He typed something into the computer. The officer pulled out a cellphone. He dialed a number and held for a second. "When 2 breaches, you get the go-ahead." He finally said.

    @Verite @TheSpringwoodSlasher
  19. Jurikono looked across the room to see the the girl standing across from him. "Oh no..." He muttered, pulling at his hair. He was visibly sweating. He didn't exactly have much of a track record with women, not romantic, not as friends, not as coworkers, he would simply tense up, act as awkward as possible and stress the hell out "Miss, do you have a stapler?" Panicked thoughts filled his head. Why did he ask for a stapler if he was working at a computer? Why did he try speaking to her at all? Why was he wasting precious work time and risking getting fired? These were the building blocks of a disaster....
    @Gummi Bunnies
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  20. The boardroom fell completely dead silent. All the men and women looked at Hayden, surprised. One of the men let out a choking sound.

    "Ma'am, We knew nothing about this. Do you have any suspects." One of the women on the board said. The rest of the group began arguing amongst themselves, rather than wait for an answer.
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