Looking for a Few Partners (Currently Closed)


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I am looking for a few partners to create some exciting stories with. I took a brief break to better manage my schedule, but I am ready to get back into it. And despite my long list of rules, I promise I am more lenient and friendly than I may seem.

  • As I am 24, I require that my partner be at least 18 because I tend to include mature content in my roleplays whether that be violence, language, or smut.​
  • For posts length, I tend to write at least 3 paragraphs or more per post and ask that you try to do the same. Sometimes writing less than that is appropriate for certain scenes especially if there is a lot of dialogue, but a minimum of 3 paragraphs is typically what I prefer. I also tend to write about 5 or more paragraphs quite frequently.
  • Some grammatical errors are not a big deal to me as I make them as well especially when I write on my phone, but I do ask that you have decent enough grammar that it does not distract me from what I am trying to read.
  • I am very lenient on how frequent you post as I have a life and realize that others do as well. I normally post a minimum of about once a week, but I am pretty inconsistent because I write based on how busy or inspired I am at the time. Sometimes I will post once or twice a day, sometimes once or twice a week, it just depends. If you are looking for a partner who consistently posts every day, that is not me.
  • Try to keep in contact with me if you are gone for an extended amount if time, and I will try do the same. If you have plans or can't post for a while just send me a pm. I understand that life happens.
  • Romance stories are my favorite so every rp I do must have some romance involved because it is what I enjoy writing. That being said, while I do enjoy having some smut in my roleplays when the time calls for it, I do not do roleplays focused solely on smut. I like to have a story with character growth and a real plot, even if it is mainly a romance.
  • I only do mxf pairings for my main characters.
  • I am a female and can play both male and female characters.
  • I prefer to do descriptions for my character sheets rather than using faceclaims, but I have no problems if you wish to use faceclaims for your characters.
  • I will roleplay over pm or thread.
  • Please don't comment in this thread, simply send me a pm and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Roleplay Ideas

An eccentric artist discovers his muse and drags her into a world she did not know existed. She resists at first, both to him and his ideas, but she cannot ignore the strange and exciting feelings she has experienced since she met him. The more she becomes involved with him, the more she begins to question her life and if she is following the right path.
  • I will play the male character for this rp and he will be either a painter or a fashion designer depending on your preferences.
  • I am thinking the rp will have some darker themes with unique characters that I do not usually play so I am very interested in trying this idea out.
  • This idea is inspired by an anime called Paradise Kiss, but you don't have to know anything about the show for this rp.
2. Two people who are secretly desperate to experience love both sign up to be test subjects for the advertised 'love potion' that is reportedly close to being finalized. They were told the effects would be temporary, but they can't stop thinking about one another long after the one day they spent together while under the influence of the experimental product. When they meet again by chance, they wonder if their feelings are real or due to the drug.
  • I can play either the male of female character for this idea.
  • I did not plan this idea out very much aside from the basic concept, but I thought it could be fun to explore the theme of love and what it means.
  • Can have a modern or futuristic setting.
3. A prince meets and becomes fascinated by a woman who is unlike anyone he has met. It does not take long for his fascination to turn into obsession. Driven by his desire to have her, he makes some extreme decisions that change the history of the kingdom.
  • I will play the role of the prince for this idea.
  • This will be more of a dark love story with a medieval setting.
4. A witch and wizard with clashing personalities are constantly competing for the top spot at their job, but what happens when they are forced to work together after being assigned the same case. Can they become an unbeatable team if they put aside their differences and combine their talents, or will their egos get in the way of their success?
  • I will play the role of the wizard for this idea.
  • I am thinking this idea will have a lot of humor and quirky characters. I do not have set ideas for the world they love in, so we can decide that together.
5. Desperate for funds to keep his dwindling kingdom from crumbling, a King arranges a marriage between his beloved daughter and a wealthy lord surrounded by mysterious rumors. Once married, the princess begins to suspect that the rumors regarding her husband may hold some truth to them, but what the lord does not know is that she has secrets of her own.
  • I can play the role of the princess or the Lord.
  • This rp can have fantasy or supernatural elements depending on your preferences.
6. When the King of Alynthia dies in a mysterious accident, his eldest daughter takes the throne as he never had a son. With enemies surrounding her kingdom, the new queen makes the decision to marry a rich and powerful man so that she can use his wealth and authority to better protect her kingdom. When she marries, she thinks her husband only wanted the title of King, and while that was true, his main objective was to get a closer look at the royal castle that has been rumored to be enchanted for centuries. During his search to discover the secrets of his new home, he unknowingly releases the magic that had been locked away for years along with the man that had been trapped with it. As the young King and Queen find themselves becoming closer as time passes, they must fight to protect their kingdom, and each other, from the human and magical forces that rally against them.
  • I can play the role of the new King or the Queen.
7. Tired of her life, a woman moves away to a small town in the country and buys a small farm. While living there she realizes how grueling that line of work can be, but also falls in love with the land and the people who live there.
  • I will play the male character for this rp.
  • This idea was inspired by the game Stardew Valley (You do not have to have knowledge of the game), and I want the rp to have the same chill and lighthearted vibe. However, that doesn't mean the story can't have darker themes if we want to include them.
  • There will also likely be a lot of side characters, but we will both have only one main character
8. A wounded man is captured by a tribe and taken prisoner when he is found stealing a horse on their land. The daughter of the chief begs to tend to his injuries, her mind full of curiosity about the foreigner and the world outside of her tribe. The injured man wishes to return to the home he misses, but the longer he is held captive the more he falls in love with the daughter and her people.
  • I can play the male or female character for this idea.
9. What started as a random one night stand, turns into a complicated and destructive relationship between two very broken people. They both have a dark past and bad habits that can't seem to shake, and a serious relationship is the last thing on either of their minds, but for some unknown reason they keep going back to each other. No matter how awful they treat one another or how angry they get, they always end up waiting on each other's doorsteps. Can they grow up and help each other out of the darkness, or will they drag each other down even further.
  • I will play the male character for this rp.
  • This roleplay will have darker themes.
  • Love
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