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Big love for Fandom roleplays. I enjoy settings that go from adventurous high-fantasy to fully generic slice-of-life modern. I'm not particularly good with Sci-Fi, mostly because the technology can confuse me a bit, though if I like the setting enough I will give it a try.
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Hiya, and thanks for clicking on my search! I've had good success already with a few RP's but wanted to make a thread of my own to find a few more. I'm 26 with he/him pronouns, though I don't particularly worry about that too much. This thread isn't particularly targeted towards something specific, as I'm open to quite a lot. From slice-of-life to a world-wide adventure, I'm usually pretty eager to just try something and see if it works, mixing various themes both basic and occasionally more dark with the backing of some cutesy romance.

About Me

  • I'm pretty talkative. I like keeping up with my partners on discord or messages on-site just to chat about our roleplay or see how they're doing. But I understand that's possibly not for everyone, and that's okay too.
  • If I can reply daily, I will. Though sometimes I simply don't have the time or energy to get a reply out quickly. Usually at worst the wait will probably be a few days, though I will keep you updated if it goes farther than that. I'm also super patient, though, and know life can get busy. So you don't have to worry about quick responses with me, even if I check in on ya.
  • My writing length differs based on the situation, but I generally write responses that go over 600+ words on the regular. Not that I particularly keep count while posting, but I try to be fairly detailed. I also only write in third person/past tense.
  • I usually don't do face claims, rather I write appearances. But if you decide to use one I'd prefer if it was an anime-styled picture rather than something realistic.
About You

  • Sometimes people don't click, and I get that, so if you are not feeling the RP or feel something needs to change, I ask you to please communicate with me! It's supposed to be enjoyable for us both, so don't feel like I'll have an issue with you for wanting to call it quits or change something up.
  • Please make sure to tell me about themes or situations that cause discomfort for you. I want to avoid such things as much as possible and as it can vary vastly between individuals, I like to always make things clear so there's no problems down the road!
  • I'd like my partners to be literate, and share the same third-person/past-tense writing format. I don't mind how you type OOC but when actually roleplaying I ask for capitalization and proper grammar/spacing. We all make mistakes of course, so don't expect me to hound you or anything. I also like longer responses, though know they aren't always applicable. But I politely ask for nothing like one-liners as they just give me nothing to work off of enjoyably.
  • I'd prefer partners who are 21+, just a comfort thing on my end.
Roleplay Stuff!

Now that all of that is out of the way, we can talk about the meat and potatoes, get into actual roleplay stuff. I'm mostly a game/anime fandom-centered writer but I like to sometimes simply take inspiration or go down the route of something original. There's also not a lot of my mind right now fandom-wise though I'll add more as inspiration strikes me. I prefer M x F pairings with my character being the male, though if I like a character dynamic enough or something I might be able to switch it up. I also mainly do OCs, though there's an occasional canon I do like to play, usually alongside another canon (Or an OC if I like 'em), though if it's not here it's best to assume I won't do it.

As far as plots go, I tend to work from scratch though sometimes I have an idea or basic concept in mind. I'm also open to being sent stuff by you! If my short list doesn't catch your eye, feel free to send me your own lists or search threads if you think we'd otherwise make good partners! Sometimes I just miss a good thread where I could've found someone cool.


I'm a huge fan of both, and would love something at least inspired by either. A slice-of-life romance between someone new in a small community and another that's lived in that community their whole life. Who'd play what is up for discussion, but I'm strongly willing to play either side.

This is one situation where I'd love to play a canon character: Elliot Witt/Mirage against a female canon of your choice. This can be a simple playing of dynamics outside the Apex Games, or perhaps the bulk of the roleplay can actually happen within the Games themselves. Or a mixture of both! I love the characters though and would be ecstatic to find someone who'd do this with me. I might accept an OC as well, depending on the idea behind it.

What can I say? I grew up with it, and I still love it. It's a fun world with a lot of possibilities, and I like the simplest of it in an adventure involving two people growing and learning about themselves on the road. A more dense plot can be made, of course, but even the basics are super enjoyable to me. And while I like adventures, it doesn't exactly have to be new inexperienced trainers either, I'm fine with a more experienced duo venturing together instead. Or making a story more based off a spinoff game? I love many of them, including Mystery Dungeon which is it's own beast.

I am quite far behind on the manga, but I love the general setting and would love to explore a dynamic of some OC heroes, or maybe a hero and villain that run into each other much too often. U.A students would be fun as well, I'd be happy to go wild with plotting or just keep it simple. A lot could be done here!

I'm a big fan of Persona, and SMT in general. I'd love to roleplay something new with the Persona vibe specifically, though I might be convinced to play some canons (Yu Narukami/Kanji Tatsumi especially come to mind). Something new could be crafted from the mainline Shin Megami Tensei universe as well, but it's really not in my main interests at the moment. It's mostly noted for if I end up really inspired.

That's it from me, for the moment. I will probably update this as I go along, but if anything interests you or you think we might make good partners on something of yours, PM me! I'm more likely than not to be interested, though we'll never know if we don't try.
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