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  1. Bunny


    Like the title I want to do a group zombie apocalypse rp, just wanted to gauge interest in it. I'd like it to be pretty relaxed, people can come and go as they please with no pressure to write paragraphs but ideally a minimum of 4 lines or so. I'm thinking it should also be pretty free form, but...
  2. Auden

    Evangelion group RP? Or Devil survivor group RP?

    How would you guys feel if there was a possible evangelion RP? Or maybe one based off of devil survivor?
  3. panterra

    INTEREST CHECK GROUP RP PLOTTING warrior cats group?

    im not sure if anyone would end up having any interest here, but i thought i might throw a lure out there. im a warrior cats nerd. we all have our guilty pleasures. i was wondering if i started a group rp on here, if there'd be any interest for it? if we want fancy coding for the thread it shant...
  4. PavellumPendulum

    What have you been waiting FOREVERRR for?

    There are various things that I have been waiting for that feel like they've been taking forever to come out, so here's a place for us to yell about things we want to exist but aren't released yet. I have been waiting for the next Elder Scrolls game to come out FOREVER. There are only so many...
  5. Paper Darling

    [Discord group] Tides of Destiny

    18+ | Multi-para | Literate | Romance | Adventure | Create your own story Worldbuilding | Many roles available | Sample post required upon entry Last Update: July 25, 2023 The Veridian Isles, a realm of untold wonders and hidden perils, stand at the precipice of a destiny-changing event. The...
  6. ImaginationGoneWild

    ADDITIONAL INFO CHARACTER INDEX WORLDBUILDING A Collection of Goodies about the Group Roleplay Lescatia - War of the Vampire

    Lescatia - War of the Vampire Link to Our Sign-Up Page This thread will be to keep track of my characters (currently two) and to keep notes about the Lore and Storyline. Coming Soon in this Thread: Character Sheets Information about the Blockhouse gifted by the Vampire Prince Information about...
  7. The World of Nibel Awaits

    A call to adventure... A call echoes from the labyrinth of towering trees. From the harsh savannah to the necrotic swamplands. Within this harsh climate lurks wonderments and beacons of hope speckled across the antagonistic backdrop. The leafy canopy looming aloft, to the distant crooning of...
  8. MiharuAya

    Give me your best pickup lines

    Please give me your cheesiest and cringiest pickup lines 😂
  9. Bornfire

    The Selection: The Magical Journey

    For 27 people, The Selection is the chance of a lifetime. The opportunity to escape the life laid out for them since birth. To be swept up in a world of glittering gowns-suits and priceless jewels. To live in a palace and compete for the heart of a gorgeous Prince and Princess. To live the dream...
  10. Diana

    CLOSED SIGNUPS Iris Landing: Chapter One - We Are Not Alone (Team A)

    IRIS LANDING Captain's Logs Stardate 982366965 I honestly thought this commission would be a joke. Lost Earth? We've been telling stories about that place for centuries as if it's some kind of biblical Garden of Eden. Ye Olde Land of Promise type bullshit. Now I've got to eat my own damn hat...