Taking place in and around a shop and dealing with the dynamics of regular customers, employees, and proprietors.
  1. wren.

    FREE SHOP OPEN BB CODE SHOP GRAPHICS SHOP Hydrangeas ও Daylilies {media shop}

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  2. Indabayou

    CLOSED FOR NOW - New Year, New Memes (18+ mxm originals and others)

    Indabayou is in da building! Terrible wordplay aside, I am on winter break, so I’m looking to do some 1x1s! Rules *Be 18+ !!! I am in my 20s, so I'm really uncomfortable rping with bluestars/teens. I can do PM or forum thread, but I strongly prefer PM. I also like to keep a separate PM for...
  3. VisceralVixen69

    Violet Thrall ~ Many Open Slots!

    Welcome to the Recruitment Thread for “Violet Thrall”. A Plot Based Master and Slave RP. If you haven’t guessed, you can click the link below to the actual thread. Feel free to check it out. Whether you’ve been leashed or walk in voluntarily, enjoy. Just don’t piss off the wrong...
  4. F

    Beneath the Armor Shop [A Fantasy Prohibition RP]

  5. I

    Irradiated Zone Survival RP

    Hey everyone! Throwing out a quick interest check to see if anyone would be interested in a plot like this. Mood Music Plot: In an alternate version of Earth, the Chernobyl disaster was a dangerous but contained radiation leak that was cleaned up after several years, but the Three Mile...