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Hey everyone! Throwing out a quick interest check to see if anyone would be interested in a plot like this.

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Plot: In an alternate version of Earth, the Chernobyl disaster was a dangerous but contained radiation leak that was cleaned up after several years, but the Three Mile Island accident was a catastrophic event that wrought environmental devastation upon a large swath of Pennsylvania. Radioactive material was dispersed over a wide area and even nearly 40 years later there are still areas of lingering radiation of various degrees. Far worse than that however, the tragedy left the landscape scattered with bizarre reality-warping Distortions that pose a serious threat to any who encounter them. The precise nature of the Distortions- and the physical, sought-after Specimens they manifest- are still poorly understood, but they are most commonly believed to be gateways to alien (and extremely dangerous) landscapes.

Needless to say, the area had to be evacuated. All civilians within a 50-mile radius around the Island were relocated and the TMI Exclusion Zone established and fortified by the US military. It is surrounded by a border fence and road checkpoints and the skies defended by anti-aircraft weapons, but no wall is impenetrable and no quarantine protocol can keep out the most determined. The TEZ draws scientists, treasure seekers, and looters as well as mercenaries and body guards, who wish to break the veil and enter the unstable region that covers nearly 3,000 square miles of treacherous land.

Style: This won't be an incredibly writing-heavy game like my other RPs are. I still expect proper grammar and spelling, but posts don't need to be super long for this. Sometimes posts of only one sentence detailing a plan of action might be appropriate. This is still a roleplaying game however! You will be playing a character, a person in this setting, not a collection of stats and dice rolls. Conversations will be fully written out, so there will be no instances of: "My character tries to convince the trader to lower his prices." *rolls dice*

Mechanics: I do intend for this RP to have a game mechanics system. I haven't finished it yet, as I don't know if this will be a popular idea or not, but I do want to include several elements:
  • Base-building, starting off on a small-scale hideout shelter and growing to a base or camp for NPCs to populate as well.
  • Resource management, governing food and water, building materials, crafting ingredients, etc.
  • A skill system, where characters can start with and develop their knowledge in different fields such as medical, covert, combat, athletics, social, construction, technical, etc.
  • An equipment system where you can find and wear/wield gear that provides bonuses to skills or stats or protection from certain damage types. This covers weapons, armor, protective clothing/equipment, and of course the harvested Specimens utilized for their physiological effects.
  • And of course a combat system, which will be dangerous and fast-paced and resource expensive, meaning that planning and tactics are a necessity, and stealth, negotiation, or retreat are always worth considering.

Inspirations: You don't have to have played these (and in fact it's probably better if you haven't!) but I got a lot of inspiration from the weirdly named S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series as well as This War of Mine. And to a lesser extent, the Fallout series.

So yeah, let me know if you're interested! 18+ and up. Preferably 1 post per day (keep in mind they aren't going to be huge posts most likely!) and you should have a Skype account as there will be a group chat made for this. If enough people are interested it might even be possible to do a group chat roleplay session once a week too.
What, no Fukushima? Kidding, kidding--though meltdowns are no joke. *rolls a 3* Damnit, gotta wait to buy that electric company.

So! How are you gonna make players not feel like a 'statistic' when you're going to be using weapons, clothing/ armor, including resource managent and skills, which ALL deal with statistical data? surely your shirt wouldn't provide as much defense as a ballistics vest--not that, that would do anything for you when youre combating..? 'Reality-warping manifestations of distortions and/or specimens'?

Huh.Well that's a mouth full. Can we call them RMDS?

Now that I re-read the part about harvest specimens---made think of a player beserking, ripping the arm of one creature and clubbing another. xD I'd so do that, but I'd make it a badass last stanhd moment.
Oh, I don't think I'll be making this after all. It'd probably be better as a live, chat-based, session-run roleplaying game rather than a forum game.
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