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  1. wren.

    FREE SHOP OPEN BB CODE SHOP GRAPHICS SHOP Hydrangeas ও Daylilies {media shop}

    [slide] [slide] [slide] code by wren.
  2. Hana

    Roleplaying Aesthetics: Posts That Please The Eye + Do's and Dont's

    Roleplaying Aesthetics: Posts That Please The Eye + Do's and Dont's Here on Iwaku, we have lots and lots of formatting options and BB Codes to beautify our posts. From something as simple as picking out different fonts, font sizes, and colors to the incredibly detailed ways we can use tables...
  3. Sen

    A Beginner's Guide to the Rich Text Editor!

    Don't know how to use the fancy buttons in your Rich Text Editor? Well, you've come to the right place! This is a friendly beginner's guide to the Rich Text Editor! You might want to use these in your future posts! Text bold text - highlight the text you want to bold and press the button...
  4. The Mood is Write

    LESSON Yet Another Guide to Seeking 1x1 RP

    "Help! I can't get any RP!"Hello! This is my third attempt at writing this guide. My first attempt derailed when I realized that I was still very new to Iwaku and didn't even know the community too well yet. My second attempt failed when I got distracted by something shiny. Hopefully, this...
  5. moffnat

    HOW TO: Make a great request thread! [1x1's]

    HOW TO: Make a great request thread! Welcome, welcome! My name is Sansa, and today we're going to talk about making those horrifically tedious albeit necessary request threads. :D I've seen a lot of people become confused as to why their interest checks never reward them with the partners...
  6. Holmishire

    Colour Guide!

    A new version will be going live sometime this month, with all five styles and a boatload more colours. It's a massive undertaking, though, so—be patient! Colour Guide 2.0 is live! I've had this beauty sitting around in my inbox for a couple months now, greedily kept to only myself and some...
  7. fatalrendezvous

    Iwaku's Old Text Editor Color Palette

    A little while ago, Iwaku's text editor was changed. The new one is superior in virtually every way, except that it doesn't have as deep of a color selection. This is a resource for the old color palette which might be useful if you have a color you really liked to use, or if you have existing...
  8. Diana

    LESSON Attractive and Readable Signups and Out of Character Threads

    Your OOC Thread (The Out of Character thread where you post all of your plot information) is THE most important thing you can do for your roleplay. This thread provides all of the details about your roleplay storyline, the characters, and how people can get involved. Obviously, it's imperative...
  9. Diana

    RESOURCE Signup and Out Of Character Thread Templates

    These templates are to help Game Masters provide potential and new players with detailed information about their roleplays. Adapt these templates to your needs, depending on the sort of roleplay you are running! SIMPLE OOC TEMPLATE These are the "bare necessities" that give a quick glance about...