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Elswen, Washington is a quaint little island town that is, well... weird. From Bigfoot sightings to alien abduction to underground cults, it takes a special sort of person to live in a place like this!

Right in the heart of downtown Elswen is everyone's favorite coffee shop Freedom of Espresso and for the past 20 years, come hell or highwater that shop has opened without fail. That zombie uprising that no one but the kook down the street seems to remember - open. The great Bumble Blight of 2004 - open. The fog that took out half of downtown and made everyone super randy - open. You can rely on Freedom of Espresso to give you that cup of joe.


You and several very cranky caffeine addicts have arrived to the doors of the coffee shop to something is amiss. If it doesn't open, we're not responsible for what might happen to the town...


WHO: Everyone is invited! Character Bios/Pics are not required, but totally encouraged! Post 'em if you got 'em.

WHAT: This is a modern supernatural setting in a town called Elswen, Washington, where many peculiar things are always going on.

WHERE: Join us in the FREEDOM OF ESPRESSO channel on Discord.

HOW: This is a SOCIAL SETTING WITH IMPROVISATIONAL GAME MASTERING. That means the object of this roleplay is to interact with other characters, and from those interactions I will create a plot and story around you. There may be action moments, where strange events will happen and your characters will have to work together to resolve it. With this ChaRP "lol random" behaviors are discouraged -- what your character says and does will have in game consequences, so choose wisely!

My roleplays are always NEWBIE FRIENDLY so even if you are terrible at roleplay or have never participated in a ChaRP before, this will be easy for you to get involved in. :D Ask questions, let me know when you need help. I often give tips and direction out of character in the main chat room when people need a little direction. You can also reference our MINI CHARP GUIDE!

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My TARDIS is on the fritz, so I don't think I'll be able to make that Feb. 14th date, but I'll do my best to come up with a character for April 2nd. 😂
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Name: Elara Fawnwisper
Occupation: Wildlife Conservation Officer, DFW. Also handles hunting and fishing licenses for city hall.
Nickname: The kook down the street calls her Venison. She says it's because of the job and steel toed boots.
Age: 28
About: Elara is a granola sort of WCO but with a more practical outlook of responsibly managed hunting and forest safety that the local vegans might disapprove of. A strong distaste for hunters that have a history of not checking their targets but is otherwise a wild fan of the outdoors and outdoor living at least other than climbing or rafting. Well known for wearing steel toed hiking footwear that make loud clacking sounds on floors while simultaneously sneaking up on poachers reported for hunting out of season. In the forest she's agile and fast but in the city she's a bit of a fish out of water and has a habit of accidentally knocking things over behind her in spite of the ruder goons about the city complaining she knocks things over with her hips while having no butt to speak of. Has a preference for coffee as a result as the shop tends toward a less handsy clientele.
Description: A tanned outdoors type with strangely soft skin though matronly figure dislikes being touched by anyone much less any grabby goons and is clearly strong enough to put them down. Often delivering a notoriously painful kick to the groin from out of nowhere. The long hair is is usually worn down in the city to hide paler round spots on her face that look like they might be old scars. Though in the wild she wears it in a pony tail to keep the hair out of the way while working. She is always described as wearing her 'favorite hat' with its WCO label and won't take it off.

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Name: Elise Faircourt
AKA: "The Traveller"
Occupation: Whatever it is, she doesn't do it in Elswen.
Age: Appears to be in her early twenties
About: Elise mostly keeps to herself, though she is an "irregular" customer at the coffee shop; she visits it regularly when she's in town, but she is not in town very often.

She gets her nickname from the way she is often seen walking with a vintage suitcase in equally vintage clothing, as if she is about to board, or has just disembarked from, a steam-train to London. Yet, she is never seen using a vehicle. Nonetheless, she does seem to be embarking on, or returning from, trips of some sort when she is seen this way.
During one of her first appearances in the town, she bought an old lighthouse, and seems to do some sort of work there when she is not traveling.

The kook down the street claims to have seen her vanish into thin air, as if walking through some invisible doorway.

Diana Ò◇ÓOPToday at 8:34 AM

A spunky coffee shop in a strange little town called Elswen, Washington.
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  • Diana Ò◇ÓOPToday at 10:52 AM

    FREEDOM OF ESPRESSO... not the only coffee shop in Elswen, but it IS absolutely a town favorite. The baristas are passionate about their craft. The owner is a pretentious boho hipster. So you know the coffee there is fantastic, ethically sourced, and with a price to match. Without fail, it's open every day, rain or shine, peace or chaos... EXCEPT THIS MORNING. WHY THE FUCK IS THE FRONT DOOR LOCKED. ...why are there so many burned tire tracks out in the parking lot? Is that a MESS inside with tables up turned and coffee spilled?

🌈Ochalla🌈Today at 10:56 AM

Leann Dullahan, daughter of the Lord of Thorn and Bramble who ruled over the Sluagh, the Silver voice of the unseen, and currently stressed out accounting student just wanted to work on her class assignments and get a triple 16oz mocha with sprinkles. Was that so much to ask for? "Nooooooo!"

Lucky, Phantom of the DiscordToday at 10:56 AM

Jaxob Forest was not a local to the town. He was visiting Elswen both on business and because his girlfriend asked him to get her a coffee from the local coffee store. It was actually her only request. He ran a hand through his hair, taking a deep breath. " Well, that's probably not a good sign," he replied, glancing at his reflection in the mirror.

  • littlekreenToday at 11:02 AM

    Elara's heavy boots clack against the concrete sidewalk in rhythmic front to back movements before seeing the gathering group and checked a old wind up wristwatch face on the inside of her wrist. Slowly turning around to face into the glass, pressed her head closer to look in at the mess with a scrape perhaps from the badge hung on her hat. The heavy boots scrape on the base of the wall as she lightly boots it, "I need to run some of the trails to check the bridges. Anyone see what happened in there? Should I call the sheriff?"

  • ❌Yuuki ❌Today at 11:08 AM

    Robin Hayes turned the familiar corner toward his regular coffee shop for his usual coffee only to see a small crowd gathered around front. "What?" he rubbed his eyes, thinking it was the sleep that still lingered playing tricks on him. When the crowd was still there, he moved closer, and found the shop closed, tire tracks running from the shop, and a gigantic mess inside. "What?"

  • 🌈Ochalla🌈Today at 11:09 AM

    Behind Leann she heard another disgruntled coffeeholic on their phone "I'm going to be late opening the shop…. There's no coffee…. No way I am not using that coffeemaker it's cursed!… Fine but your husband is the only one that likes it that dark… … …. Fine but just bring some flavored creamer when you come in. Talk to you in a few hours Sasha." Well wasn't it nice someone was going to get their coffee. If she had listened to her father and brought a few minions she too could send someone to fetch her coffee… but… it would be substandard. Wait what did that other person say. "No cops! I mean, obviously if cops were needed the employees would have already called…"

  • Zarko StraadiToday at 11:11 AM

    Elise walked up to the coffee shop, vintage suitcase in hand and wearing equally vintage clothing. Seeing the crowd of frustrated caffeine addicts peering through the windows with quizzical looks on their faces, she arched an eyebrow and peeked through the window. Her gray eyes took in the details of the scene, then she went to examine the door lock for signs of tampering or replacement. She set her suitcase down, popped it open a crack, reached in, and pulled out a large brass hand-lens to get a closer view of the lock, then snapped the suitcase shut.

  • Lucky, Phantom of the DiscordToday at 11:11 AM

    Jaxob would start rustling through his pockets looking for something. " It should be right around here," he replied, pulling what was a lock picking kit. " Maybe we should perhaps open the door," he said, looking at the woman examining the lock.

Diana Ò◇ÓOPToday at 11:14 AM

A loud POP POP POP went off followed by the sound of several motorcycles revving their engines... somewhere at the back of the building? Maybe in the employee's parking lot and where the back dumpsters were? If someone just happened to also be magically inclinded they'd feel a little tingle of goosebumps along the skin. Otherwise, the smell of burning rubber was quite prominent!

❌Yuuki ❌Today at 11:14 AM

Robin stared at the two individuals examining the door, his eyebrows raised even higher when the man pulled out a lockpick. "I'm desperate for coffee too, but I would imagine what's going on here is a more pressing matter."

Zarko StraadiToday at 11:16 AM

"That's rather a non-sequitur," Elise said. "The employees might not have been in a position to call for the police." Then a young man produced a lockpick set and suggested opening the door. "While I am sure the proprietors appreciate our enthusiasm for their coffee, they might appreciate it less if we broke in--" Her head snapped toward the sound from behind the building."Pardon me," she said, picked up her suitcase and started heading toward the back.

littlekreenToday at 11:17 AM

Elara bent up and hooked a thermos to her hip looking back toward Leann, "Well if it was a bear or wildlife it might be messy but they'd probably be trying to beat through these windows to get out. Somebody left this place in a hurry."Her hair shuffled then her head looked toward the noise with a side eye on the inside looking for lurkers as she headed to peek around the side of the building with that rhythmic clackclack of her smooth gait, "I'm armed WCO if it's neccecary. There's something off here."

❌Yuuki ❌Today at 11:17 AM

Robin jumped at the loud noise. "What was that?" he asked, his hand immediately going for the small bracelet around his wrist

  • 🌈Ochalla🌈Today at 11:21 AM

    Meddlesome, that's what so called lawkeepers were, but Leann kept from snapping as she heard and felt something coming from the back. Others did too. "Obviously we should see what is happening before we bother poor 911 operators," and she walked in the direction of the disturbance.

  • Lucky, Phantom of the DiscordToday at 11:21 AM

    Jaxob felt a little tingle of goosebumps on his skin. He still didn't ever quite understand how he was intuned to magic. He thought that it perhaps had something to do with the field trip or maybe his adopted dad knowing magic. Either way, it probably wasn't a good sign. " Well, I could alays offer to repay it-" He didn't get to finish the sentence before the woman was off. He would lean down and start to try and pick the lock without breaking it.

Diana Ò◇ÓOPToday at 11:27 AM

As they rounded the corner to the back of the property, there appeared to be motorcyclists everywhere! Not just motorcyclists, but bikers. Two different leather clad biker gangs wearing their own style of matching leathers and patches. On one side appearing to be the Holy Rollers, ladies and gents in whites and golden yellows and holy regalia decking out their leathers and bikes. The otherside a motely crew of a wicked looking gang in black and red with a devlish symbol under the name of Hell Riders. They were human, of course. Human and apparently having some sort of informal BRAWL while a pair of very world weary baristas sat on a pair of upturned trashed cans - apparently not allowed to leave until this current "discussion" was over. "This is OUR shop, you degenerates!" shouted a white bearded chap from the Holy Rollers."FUCK OFF, you jesus freaks! We got here first!" bellowed a red hooded goon from the Hell Riders.There's no telling how long they'd been out there!

  • ❌Yuuki ❌Today at 11:27 AM

    Robin watched the two women go, then looked towards the guy picking the lock. "Picked lock might be the least of their worries," he said with a shrug. "I'm going with them to check it out. Not liking the smell of rubber"

littlekreenToday at 11:28 AM

Elara didn't like dealing with humans that might hit her and disturb the mask and liked some of the law enforcement officers. The strong scent of ozone and burning rubber made her rankle her nose and looked back to Jaxob, "Is that a motorcycle? Sounds like a good idea to have a look before we drag Bill here. If you can get in see if there's anyone hurt."She headed along with Leann though kept a more careful pace behind her stopping as she heard the voices in view.

Lucky, Phantom of the DiscordToday at 11:30 AM

Jaxob would nod. " It sounds like one and I will definitely check to see if anyone is hurt in the store if I can get in," he replied.

❌Yuuki ❌Today at 11:33 AM

Robin turned the corner to see the chaos of the biker gangs in the middle of the pavement. Off to the side were the shop employees. Explains why there were no cops at the scene. he thought. He glanced between the gangs and the employees? Could he? If his older sister were here she would have already barged in, maybe taken out all of them by now, but he wasn't his sister or any of his other older siblings. "Any ideas?" he whispered to the group.

  • 🌈Ochalla🌈Today at 11:36 AM

    Great! Just GREAT! It was a turf war. Why in the Underhill was it a turf war. She did NOT want to get involved. She just wanted her coffee. She crossed her arms with a frown. "If it's anyone's shop it was those of us who are now being deprived of our coffee"

Zarko StraadiToday at 11:38 AM

Elise stepped forward to address the bikers. "Excuse me, is this conflict really necessary? You can't really have angels without devils, or devils without angels now, can you? I suppose things might be more difficult if some of you were riding for Kali or Coatlique, but you're all part of the same mythopoeic structure..."

  • littlekreenToday at 11:40 AM

    "I'm mostly interested in which group of you herd animals are holding up the coffee. It's not going to run out that easy." Elara squinted in an accusatory tone.

  • ❌Yuuki ❌Today at 11:41 AM

    It was then that Robin noticed the contrasts between both biker gangs. Angels and devils. He couldn't help but smile a bit. How interesting...

  • Diana Ò◇ÓOPToday at 11:43 AM

    The entirity of both gangs turned to look at these new interlopers into their fight. Both of the two baristas looking hopeful that help was finally here! Cause apparently, they weren't allowed to go in and finish making the day's brew until this fight was settled!"Hey! Without our most holy of elixers, we can't protect this town from the evils of THEM!" shouted the lead of Holy Rollers."Eat shit, windbag!" shouted one of the Hell Riders. "We just want our damn coffee without having pamphlets thrown at us!"Then those two started swinging fists and the crowd erupted into shouting again! This was chaos! What could they do!

  • ❌Yuuki ❌Today at 11:46 AM

    While the gangs were distracted with each other, maybe they could take a chance to get the poor baristas out of here! Robin waved to the baristas on the trash cans. "Come over here!"

  • Lucky, Phantom of the DiscordToday at 11:46 AM

    Jaxob would continue to work with what was probably the world's most complicated lock in opening. There was a tiny small part of him that would look to see if anyone was around before he would punch the door open if the lock didnt open.

Diana Ò◇ÓOPToday at 11:52 AM

Jacob had no issue whatsoever in breaking into the coffee shop. It's just a lil coffee shop.Everyone in the back though? Hot mess city! "HEY! THOSE BARISTAS ARE STAYING PUT UNTIL THIS IS RESOLVED!" yelled a biker! While another one went swinging what looked like a damn wizard staff at Robin's head to make him back off. These bikers were going to fight everybody, it seemed!

Lucky, Phantom of the DiscordToday at 11:55 AM

Jaxob was relieved when he broke nto the coffee shop, and would start taking a look around and also fixing the mess as he moved along.

❌Yuuki ❌Today at 11:56 AM

Robin barely dodged the staff that was thrown at him. "Excuse YOU!" he yelled back. A staff? These guys . . . Robin grabbed the staff regardless and started to back away. He wasn't like his sister with these things, but maybe he could whack someone if he managed to get close enough

littlekreenToday at 11:57 AM

Elara wasn't the active magic sort of being as much as a doom cloud it pushed around but could smell the burning haze on the both of them. Bill definitely would make things worse if these two got to the kind of fisticuffs that threatened the veil. She clacked up to one of the rumbling pairs with the more neutral sort of druidic nature apparent to her strength in a different sort of passive magic shouting, "Beating the name of a patron or into others is for AFTER coffee! Don't hunt at the waterhole!"

🌈Ochalla🌈Today at 11:57 AM

Getting the baristas out of this conflict was the priority but it seemed the idiots were keeping an eye on them even as they fought. Leann took several steps back. Maybe what needed to happen was they couldn't see. "Unseasonably but we are on an island. Fog can roll in from the Seas at any time." It would take a few minutes from the docks to their street but Leann could afford a few minutes even if others could not.

❌Yuuki ❌Today at 12:02 PM

"I hope it happens soon," said Robin then added sheepishly, "though, I might be quite useless in fog." He stared at the staff in his hand. He tapped it twice on the ground. Nothing, but not surprising for him.

Zarko StraadiToday at 12:07 PM

Elise sighed. This was supposed to be the place she came to relax between adventures! She opened her suitcase again, put the hand lens inside and pulled out an acoustic megaphone. "Couldn't you at least let the baristas go in and start getting the shop ready while you fight? Or do you really want to have to wait for them them do it after you win?"

Diana Ò◇ÓOPToday at 12:11 PM

These boker jerks were for sure not going to listen to reason. It was almost like they were completely entranced into a caffeine withdrawel rage or something! The more the others tried to intervene, the more bikers that started getting involved too in the fist fighting. Some now trying to attack the patrons that only wanted their blasted coffee!Jax's snooping and tidying in the coffee shop itself was proving to be a nice quiet little endevour. Except... there was a strange musical humming coming from the back of the shop. In the kitchen? In the employee's lounge? What WAS that strange sound? It certainly wasn't music!

  • Lucky, Phantom of the DiscordToday at 12:14 PM

    Jaxob was enjoying the tidying up so people in the future wouldn't have to do it. It felt like a nice thing to do. He would hear the hummng. " I really hope that isn't something that will kill me," he mumbled, searching the back for the source.

🌈Ochalla🌈Today at 12:15 PM

Leann HOPED tempers would cool as the first icy tendrils of fog wrapped around her ankles. It would need to be thick enough to confuse the senses of the brawlers. She hoped the baristas would be able to be safely extracted at that point. She also hoped a warm chocolate chip cookie was in her near future.

❌Yuuki ❌Today at 12:19 PM

One guy broke from the brawlers and rushed at Robin. He dodged the guy, following up with a whack to the head with the wizard staff. He formed a hand sign, then touched the bracelet, a faint yellow glow forming a half glove around his fingers. If he needed to pull out his bow, he would need to act fast

littlekreenToday at 12:28 PM

Elara crouched just slightly as the biker went at her with wild eyes as her boots clacked somehow too wide. Hands braced together in a boxer pose one leg snaked around the frenzied holy roller's leg somehow keeping stable like a tripod as she traded fists with a hell rider. More than able to take what she gave as she landed a punch with a stare of green eyes to blow away the thoughts of frenzied animals into a daze. They were more than angry. They were damn near rabid. Something was very wrong.

🌈Ochalla🌈Today at 12:36 PM

Leann tried to stay out of the line of fire as it were but one of the obnoxious Holly Rollers decided to finally take a swing at her. The fog was now hip high, depending on stature of course, and she couldn't exactly hide as she caught the fist and stared down, or rather up, at the paladin. "You oathless swine how dare you try harming a weaponless bystander!" She pushed back and the holier than thou thug fell into the fog bank.

Zarko StraadiToday at 12:44 PM

Elise sighed again. Chilly wisps of fog arrived like evanescent tentacles, swirling and churning as they gathered strength and thickness, promising to become an all-embracing blanket. A motorbike came roaring at her out of the mist swinging a baseball bat at her head. Elise quickly crouched, setting the suitcase down. The bat hissed over her head, hitting her hat with just enough of a glancing blow to send one of its decorative berries on a home-run course.Elise shoved the wide end of the megaphone onto the motorcycle's handlebar as it passed, holding fast to the handle. The sudden backward jerk on the handlebar caused the bike to make a sharp turn into a circle with Elise at its center. Centrifugal force threw the biker off in the opposite direction. Without him to balance it, the bike also tipped over, sliding away from her across the pavement.Given a moment's respite, she put the now-ruined megaphone into her suitcase and came out with an elegant walking stick ( and raised it to a guard position.

Diana Ò◇ÓOPToday at 12:56 PM

Thank goodness for the thick fog rolling in... while it didn't seem to simmer down the strangely violent tempers of these bikers it DID prevent them from being able to see each other very well. Leaving it a strange bunch of shuffling through the fog of people stomping around trying to catch whomever it was they wanted to punch. Shouting confuses curses, hexes, and was that spellscraft? Someone got ZIPPED by a light spell and shouted out something nasty. A fireball might've been flung here or there. How chaotic and messy!Inside the shop with Jax snooping about, that strange sound brought him into the back where a trail of glowing green footsteps(?) leg into the employees lounge. On peeking around the door there appeared to be a very short little man in a silvery space suit and fishbowl style helmet. Maybe there was a gas leak, cause this seriously looked like a little alien gnome trying to do some really weird shit with the employee's only fridge. BEEEP BOOP BEEP BEEP BOOOOOP.

❌Yuuki ❌Today at 12:59 PM

Fog rolled in and man was it thick. Robin heard motorcyle engines within the midst, more shouting, and more brawling. And he couldn't see a single thing! He finished the hand formation, and the the half glove fully formed, followed by the appearence of a bow and quiver decorated with the crest of his family. He shoved the staff into the straps of his quiver. Maybe he'll need something blunt, or maybe someone else might need the staff. Maybe that lockpicker? Whatever. Loading an arrow and charging it with some magical energy, he searched for the familiar forms of the group he was with. "Like I said, I might be a bit useless here," he held up his bow.

Lucky, Phantom of the DiscordToday at 1:00 PM

Jax would notice the glowing green footsteps that would lead to the employee lounge. It kind of reminded him of that one Scooby Doo episode with the Spooky Space Kook with the orange glowing helmet head that scared him as a kid. It did even look like that when he entered the room. " Well, that's weird."

🌈Ochalla🌈Today at 1:04 PM

"Priority is the baristas. Let these fools annihilate each other. Save the staff from having to ban them all." Leann said as she inched to the edge of the parking lot towards the building to help her guide her.

❌Yuuki ❌Today at 1:06 PM

Robin was in absolute agreement. It was his main goal before he almost got a concussion from a staff minutes ago. He followed after Leann, bow raised in case another cyclists started charging them

Diana Ò◇ÓOPToday at 1:08 PM

Those poor baristas were clinging to each other, still in their captured space. Ever so often having to duck when something weird (or a body) went flying over their heads. Even with all the confusing fog, nothing seemed to be shaking these bikers out of their brawl.Meanwhile, that little alien gnome spun around at Jax's intrusion and the shriek that he shracked sounded a lot like 90s dialup. Worse, he pulled out a laser pistol. Jax had seemingly intruded upon SOMETHING.

Lucky, Phantom of the DiscordToday at 1:10 PM

Jaxob would tilt his head and look at the green little alien and really take it in for a few second, focusing on all the little details about it and... probably to the things confusion, Jaxob would look exactly like it, a doppelganger even with his own laser pistol.

littlekreenToday at 1:12 PM

The fog swirling around Elara had a odd shape as if she was larger than she first was when the men lost track of her in the fog and started throwing fireballs she moved about the field in milky cover. There wasn't negotiating with them, that's for sure. Elara appeared from the fog moving toward the Baristas until she saw them huddling as she blinked at a flare spell backlighting as if she had four legs. She recovered and said to the two, "There's territorial and whatever the hell this is. Even the these supposedly holy people ought to have more sense. come on, we need to get you out of here and inside."

Diana Ò◇ÓOPToday at 1:15 PM

Jax's weird mirroring somehow fooled the alien into believing this was one of his compatriats in disguise. BRRRRR KEEEEEEE BRRBRRR SCREEEEEEE. Where fuck have you been, Meepzor, the Galactic Portal is on the fritz again and if we don't fix it, it's going to send all the humans into a new age of fuedal warfare! He was pointing at the open employee's fridge, that seriously just looked like a normal fridge. The hell was wrong with this town.

  • 🌈Ochalla🌈Today at 1:17 PM

    Leann found a door finally as she moved along the wall. Perfect they found the employee entrance. Now they needed the employees. She then heard the voice of Elara. "I think it should be a straight shot," the fog thinned and the baristas could be seen and they the door back into their shop. "Go!"

  • Lucky, Phantom of the DiscordToday at 1:18 PM

    Jaxob was surprised that the werd mirroring had worked, but hid his shock by answering the weird human. The loud bikes made it diffcult to access the coffee shop with all of the humans around. What do we need to fix the Galatic Portal? Which, I obviously know, but need a reminder if you do." He hoped that he was able to be understood, he rarely used his power in this way.

❌Yuuki ❌Today at 1:19 PM

Robin shot a biker with a pair of devil horns on his head and a belt with a segment that looked like a pointed tail. For added effect, he too was also red. Robin wasn't sure if that was from all the fighting or if he was just like that. "Go!" he repeated after Leann.

  • Diana Ò◇ÓOPToday at 1:24 PM

    With the opening, the baristas followed te others in scrambling back into the coffee shop! Anything was better than getting stuck in the middle of some weird biker war.The alien with Jax sighed heavily. We need to tweak the BEE FWEEEEE WOOOP WOOOOP ZEEEERRG until the light comes back-- hey wait! You're not Meepzor! Uh oh, Jax was found out! The alien's pistol aimed again!

  • Lucky, Phantom of the DiscordToday at 1:26 PM

    Jax would be thankful that he had a weird gut feeling he would be found out and had ducked and slide, retransforming back into himself to knock the alien back into the fridge and then slamming it quickly closed.

Zarko StraadiToday at 1:26 PM

The biker scrambled to his feet. "You scratched up my BIKE, bitch!" he shouted, fishing about in the fog for his bat.Elise reached up with her free hand to jauntily adjust her hat. "Most unfortunate, but I think you've damaged my hat, in an effort to do worse to my head. You'll have to pardon my absence of guilt." The Hell Rider found his bat and came charging at her with an angry yell, bat raised high over his head. Elise thrust at him with a deep fencer's lunge, planting the tip of her cane into his sternum. As his bat came down, she raised her arm over her head and bent her elbow so she could catch the bat with the downward-slanting shaft of the cane. Air emptied from the biker's lungs in a huff as his body bent around the tip of the cane. The bat came down, but without much force. Elise's deflection was enough to knock it from his hands and send it spinning away into the fog. Gasping for breath, the biker started making hand gestures, sparks of fire gathering at his fingertips."Klaatu...barada..." he croaked, using the last of his wind. Coughcough! He thrust a hand toward her, but the would-be fireball fizzled into a less-impressive sparkler-spray that spiraled toward her and landed in her hat and set it on fire."Hey!" Taking off her hat and seeing that it was a loss, she gave the man a cross look. "Right, that does it!" She tossed the hat aside frisbee-style. By some strange coincidence, it landed on the fallen bike. A runnel of leaking gas caught, led a trail of fire to the gas tank, and set the bike on fire with a loud FWOOSH! "Well. It seems we're even," Elise said, giving him a fencer's salute with her cane. She stepped back, bent her knees to pick up her suitcase, and followed the others into the coffee shop almost as if nothing was amiss.

❌Yuuki ❌Today at 1:32 PM

Robin rushed inside the shop with the employees. Out of the corner of his eye he saw the lock picker standing before the fridge in what looked like an employee lounge. So he got in somehow. "Hey don't go back there!" he called to the man, pointing with his thumb from where he came from. Robin weaved through the stacks of coffee sacks and bottles of syrup to try and get to the other side

littlekreenToday at 1:33 PM

Elara arrived with the baristas as they moved through the fog though the noise of feet was certainly hooves for a moment with a faint turn of her head to clear what wasn't quite a hat through the door until fully out of the magical mist. As the mask reasserted itself and found herself in the kitchen with a havoc of rumbling bikers behind her the door slammed closed as something hit the door to close it behind her. If the other woman was out there they could let her in but the last thing she needed was the bikers destroying her coffee even more. Then came around the corner to see a tiny creature holding a gun. The polycarbonate grip nickel-plate was a particular pistol that avoided steel surfaces as she took a firing stance and pointed it at the creature. spells were one thing but she wasn't going to let the lockpick guy get shot as the click of a safety echoed in the kitchen, "Hold it right there! put the weapon down, whatever you are!"

  • 🌈Ochalla🌈Today at 1:38 PM

    Great! Just great! Little green men and weapons drawn! The poor baristas. "Is that another regular?" She asked sarcastically. She wasn't expecting a yes.

  • Diana Ò◇ÓOPToday at 1:40 PM

    BWEEEEOP BOOP! Something sure happened inside that fridge after Jax shoved the alien inside it. And by the way it was shaking, it wasn't anything good... In fact, they were running out of precious time. What was meant to be routine maintenance on something simple had turned into a wholeass fiasco...

❌Yuuki ❌Today at 1:42 PM

Robin watched the fridge shake. "I don't like the look of that."

  • Lucky, Phantom of the DiscordToday at 1:43 PM

    Jaxob would look over at the fridge and take a look around, running his eye across the entirety of the room, looking for the power cord and once he was sure that he had found it, he would yank it out of the wall as quickly and fast as he could. " This will either make things better or worse."

  • littlekreenToday at 1:47 PM

    Ella had a welt on her head and the pistol pointed to the ground as Jaxob slid into frame to kick the weapon bearing creature into the fridge. She clicked the safety and holstered her sidearm, "What even is this day? I just want some coffee."She reached into her pocket and pulled out an archaic key with the symbol of a vine headed horned figure depicted there and held it firmly, "If it doesn't stop shaking I'm booting it out with the wizards."

  • 🌈Ochalla🌈Today at 1:47 PM

    "Soooooo…." Leann said looking at the fridge. "Can we still have coffee with a fridge down?"

  • Zarko StraadiToday at 1:50 PM

    Elise spun her cane to tap its tip on the floor, and took it by the handle, almost as if she'd just stepped down to a railroad platform. "Please can we not--" she began in calming tones in hopes of persuading those with guns not to begin shooting. Instead of a gunfight, one of the...little green men?...transformed back into the young man with the lockpick and knocked the other into the fridge.Some of the energies coming from the refrigerator felt...familiar...others, not so much. She raised an eyebrow at the young man's comment. To her way of thinking, one ought to have at least some idea of which result would eventuate and why before taking such direct action.Elise gave a nod to Ella; if she had some way of 'booting out' the fridge (presumably, sending it far away), that seemed like it might be the most practical course of action, in accord with the inverse-square law."Is that a 'fridge?'" she replied to Leann.

Diana Ò◇ÓOPToday at 1:52 PM

For a few moments even after being unplugged the fridge gave an OMINOUS shaking and rattling, seeming to be glowing red and green from the insides until.... silence. It went dead. Whether that actually solved the problem or not.... who knows.Outside, though, the two waring biker gangs did seem to slowly come to their senses. In at least that none of them were itching for a fight and were more than ready to back off with a few insults and middle fingers thrown back and forth. The two baristas exchanged looks with each other. Strange looks, but after a beat gave heavy sighs. "It's just the employee fridge... if every one can get out of the back here, we can start opening up the shop.""Boss is going to be real pissed when he gets back," muttered the other quietly.

  • Lucky, Phantom of the DiscordToday at 1:55 PM

    Jax was relieved when the fridge would only shake for a few seconds and it looked okay. He wasn't about to open it and test it at all to see if he was right though. " I am so sorry about that, some sort of like weird smell was coming from back here, probably some bad food in the fridge that I followed, I do try to help clean up," he replied. Hopefully, he could get tea and a cookie aftr this to go with the coffee he was picking up for his girlfriend.

❌Yuuki ❌Today at 1:55 PM

The fridge glowed. It glowed. Red and green. Robin rubbed his eyes, half wondering if he was still sleepy. Not quite ready to reseal his bow in case something magical popped out of that fridge (or otherworldly), Robin shook his head. "I really need something after everything"

🌈Ochalla🌈Today at 1:58 PM

That sounded like a dismissal which did not sit well with Leann, but artist were like that. She would be gracious for they did their job, and did it well. She wondered what the owner and little man's connection were but not enough to let it bother her. Instead she swept out of the back room to find her favorite table, facing the front door. "Tsk tsk," she muttered to herself as she righted her table that was tipped over and grabbed one of the better chairs and brought it over. Time to unpack her… why wasn't her assignment in her bag!?!

littlekreenToday at 1:59 PM

A moment of hesitation in shifting clacking boots as to whether the damn thing was shutting down or exploding it finally quieted from the strange colors and shut down. Good. She really didn't want to hurl that thing into the Hedge.Elara looked at the kitchen then the baristas and shaped the context she referred to like they were supposed to, "Ah, sorry about your fridge. It seems to be making things off though. At least the bikers outside seem to be quieter now. You want me to get... animal control for your critter?"

Zarko StraadiToday at 2:02 PM

Elise nodded to the barista, and raised a quizzical eyebrow to Jax. His 'rational explanation' hardly appeared necessary in a situation where everyone present was more than they seemed. She headed out into the front area and perched herself primly on one of the stools at the coffee bar. A strange music-box twinkle sounded. Elise reached into her pocket, pulled out an elaborate pocket watch and popped it open to check. It seemed she would still have time for a triple mocha!

Diana Ò◇ÓOPToday at 2:04 PM

One of the baristas opened up the dead fridge to reveal... just a fridge inside! Not even a little alien! Just some extra gallons of milk and yesterday's lunch order leftovers. There was another heavy sigh. BUT! GOOD NEWS! Everything else was in working order! The pair shooed patrons back where they belonged, insisting that everything was okay now (or would be) even offered a free first coffee for everyone there that morning. Even a couple of those bikers from both gangs had come in to get their coffees finally, and there was no further trouble other than a few uncomfortable glares.A month later Jax received a bill for 3.2 million dollars for "Damages to expensive property."THE END.....?