Beneath the Armor Shop [A Fantasy Prohibition RP]

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Fel of the Eternal Forest

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[Dash=Red]Twenty years ago, in the human country of Solaire:

The magistrates of five cities and twenty towns came before the king. They had all come to the same conclusion: Alcohol was ruining the country. In one town alone, it was deemed the cause of five murders a week. Barroom brawls spilling into the streets caused many, many Sols in damage. And so they spoke.

Initially king Corwyt was hesitant. He was deep in his cups often enough that he didn't want to lose the privilege so some commoners could survive. A day later he saw it in his own palace, when his eldest two sons challenged each other to a drunken duel. One died, the other lost use of his sword hand. [/dash]

[Dash=blue]Now, the port town of Listain:

Ten thousand or more people live here, humans, dwarves, elves... And they all have a common enjoyment. Drinks. Some, as foreign entities are entitled to have so much alcohol on their person. Others, as citizens, have become adept at hiding it.

Behind (and beneath) a dwarven armorer's shop is a blind pig called the Rathskeller. Here, you can buy booze from both international and local wares.[/dash]

  • Frostwine
  • Dwarven Garnet
  • Dwarven Mead, Stout
  • Golden Light (gnomish beer)
  • Elven Mead
  • Moondrop (made from fresh dew and moonlight)
  • Mushroom wine
  • Pulsch Brown ale (halfling made)


[b]Character Name:


[b]General Appearance:


[b]Current Goal/Purpose:
General Personality:
Inner Personality:


[b]General History:[/b]

[b]Present Life:[/b]
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Acceptable Races:
Dwarves favor earth tones in their clothing and prefer simple and functional garb. The skin can be very dark, but it is always some shade of tan or brown. Hair color can be black, gray, or brown. Dwarves average 4 feet tall and weigh as much as adult humans.
Dwarves speak Dwarven. Most who travel outside dwarven lands (as traders, mercenaries, or adventurers) know the Common tongue, while warriors in the dwarven cities usually learn Goblin to better interrogate and spy on those evil denizens of the deep caves.
Most dwarves encountered outside their home are warriors.
Humans are sophisticated and flexible, adapting to situations much more quickly than any other race. They are often well-traveled for their short lifespans and have the trust of many of the other races on a person-by-person basis.
Elves average 5 feet tall and typically weigh just over 100 pounds. They live on fruits and grains, though they occasionally hunt for fresh meat. Elves prefer colorful clothes, usually with a green-and-gray cloak that blends well with the colors of the forest.
Elves speak Elven, and most also know Common and Sylvan.
Halflings stand about 3 feet tall and usually weigh between 30 and 35 pounds. They have brown or black eyes. Halfling men often have long sideburns, but beards are rare among them and mustaches almost unseen. Halflings prefer simple, comfortable, and practical clothes. Unlike members of most races, they prefer actual comfort to shows of wealth. Halflings reach adulthood in their early twenties and generally live into the middle of their second century. Halflings speak Halfling and Common.
Gnomes stand 3 to 3-1/2 feet tall and weigh 40 to 45 pounds. Their skin color ranges from dark tan to woody brown, their hair is fair, and their eyes can be any shade of blue. Gnome males prefer short, carefully trimmed beards. Gnomes generally wear leather or earth tones, though they decorate their clothes with intricate stitching or fine jewelry. Gnomes reach adulthood at about age 40, and they live about 350 years, though some can live almost 500 years.
Gnomes speak their own language, Gnome. Most gnomes who travel outside gnome lands (as traders, tinkers, or adventurers) know Common, while warriors in gnome settlements usually learn Goblin.
These orc–human crossbreeds can be found in either orc or human society (where their status varies according to local sentiments), or in communities of their own. Half-orcs usually inherit a good blend of the physical characteristics of their parents. They are as tall as humans and a little heavier, thanks to their muscle. They have greenish pigmentation, sloping foreheads, jutting jaws, prominent teeth, and coarse body hair. Half-orcs who have lived among or near orcs have scars, in keeping with orcish tradition.
Half-elves are not truly an elf subrace, but they are often mistaken for elves. Half-elves usually inherit a good blend of their parents’ physical characteristics.

[BCOLOR=#f23f3f]Other races will be considered depending on compatibility with the above races, as well as the logic behind their existence.[/BCOLOR]
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We talked in Chat, a misunderstanding grew into the development of a character.

Name: Perch

And I'll finish the rest later.
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